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Diesel Gas Chambers;
Ideal for Torture—Absurd for Murder

Nizkor Lies about the Toxicity of Diesel Exhaust

Self-Assisted Holocaust Hoax

Zyklon-B and the German Delousing Chambers

Typhus and the Jews

Poison Gas Über Alles

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Is this the Erich von Stroheim version of an ordinary door? Door with monocle--it must mean something. Where is Sigmund Freud when we really need him?

This door was specially cast for the US Holocaust Museum where it is still on display in Washington, DC. Aside from many photographs and various pieces of “documentary” evidence (none of which amount to anything, or prove anything significant in themselves)–this door casting is, by far, the major exhibit for the entire museum. The on-line caption from USHM explains: “Each gas chamber in Majdanek was fitted with an airtight metal door and was bolted shut before gas entered the chamber inside. SS guards could observe the killing process through peepholes in the upper center of the door.” In reality, this exhibit is nothing more than an imitation of a standard, German bombshelter door--but it does represent the entire Holocaust mythology and psychosis, and ignorance of evidence rather well.
The casting ie a kind of Woody Allen metaphor for the ultimate Nazi–standing at attention, made of steel, never smiling and wearing a monocle? The monocle or peephole is, of course, a kind of “evil eye.” Supposedly, the Nazis were not merely mass murderers, they were also sadistic voyeurs; in addition to murdering Jews by the millions, the Nazis supposedly watched the naked Jews in their humiliation and agony. It is an insane melodrama of super-biblical proportions.

NO Peepholes anywhere!!  It's simply amazing--an obvious Nazi cover-up.

Real gas chamber doors had NO peephole. This famous picture shows two of eight delousing chamber doors used (and still on display today) at the former Dachau concentration camp. The doors are mounted on four standard, 10-cubic meter Zyklon-B delousing chambers (two doors, one on each end). The purpose was to keep people alive by disinfecting their clothing. These chambers are on the western end of the infamous crematorium building separated somewhat from the rest of the building by an open breezeway so as to help dissipate any possible cyanide gas from the Zyklon-B fumigation process. One obvious feature evident here: there is NO "peephole." Real German gas chambers did not use peepholes since they were never intended to kill people–and because peeping into such chambers would have revealed nothing since the lice were simply too small to be seen from a peephole. The USHM provides the following caption online for this picture: “A soldier from the U.S. 7th Army examines the door to a gas chamber in the Dachau concentration camp.” The museum deliberately hides the fact it has long been admitted by the Dachau Museum authorities and countless recognized holocaust “scholars” that no one was ever gassed, either in these gas chambers or anywhere else in Dachau. Shame on the USHM.

Could it be that the fiendish Nazis might have been trying to keep prisoners alive and healthy?  How could I let such a thought creep into my mind?

This picture was taken shortly after “liberation” by the Americans and shows the purpose of real German gas chambers–to delouse clothing and nothing more sinister than that. The four Zyklon-B delousing chambers are directly behind the covered walkway behind the clothing. The USHM caption admits as much: “Two American soldiers examine disinfected prisoner uniforms in Dachau.” However the USHM goes on to insist as their caption continues that these articles of clothing were from dead prisoners and were simply being cleaned before being redistributed. Some of the clothing may indeed have been from dead prisoners but periodic delousing of clothing was the normal procedure for everyone's clothing at Dachau and every other military camp (POW or German military) in Germany as well. Shame on the USHM.

He just escaped the gas chamber and has to tell the whole world. DIN-4104 forever and ever!  They were obviously getting ready to gas the entire world!  They were even building gas chambers in ordinary houses--how fiendish! Is this a recruitment ad for people to drop Zyklon-B into gas chambers filled with Jews? Why not?
Mauser, world famous for its rifles, also made emergency escape hatches as well as gas-tight, bombshelter doors (all with peepholes)–see lower right. This was not some “secret” or obscure Nazi technology. On the contrary, everyone was openly encouraged, and even required, to construct gas-tight shelters wherever appropriate--in all apartment and factory buildings, for example. The illustrations–above and above extreme right –are from Luftschutzraum Bauweisen by Dr. Ing. Frommhold, 1939. This ad seems self-explanatory? “It conforms to latest German standard DIN 4104.” Peephole is present as always. Mannesmann, world-famous for its seamless steel pipe and much more, also made emergency escape hatches. In this ad we see an emphasis on the gas-tight seals. The air raid warden is wearing a gas mask for protection against gas accumulations from broken gas mains, from partial fire combustion as well as from actual gas attack from the air. But, if one really wants to believe in the Holocaust myth, he could have been dumping Zyklon-B into the bombshelter.
  Obviously, this was all part of a long-range plan to exterminate everyone in the entire world except for their own kind. And the Nazis were so fiendish that they had literally many thousands of these gas-tight shelters ready and waiting to gas millions more–right there in their own backyards and cities.  Very interesting-Yes!
Typical advertisement for a steel, gas-tight bombshelter door–with obligatory peephole (Guckloch).
Another advertisement, one of many in the German construction literature for architects, engineers and contractors–with the same gas-tight, bombshelter door and peephole. Both advertisements above–left and right–are from Luftschutzraum Bauweisen by Dr. Ing. Frommhold, 1939.

A SUPER Peephole disguised as mail-box.

The ordinary peephole (Guckloch) was sometimes replaced with an automatic, adjustable high pressure valve which still allowed viewing into the bombshelter by an air raid warden. If any structural damage during a raid prevented opening of the door, one could by dropping the peephole assembly slightly still pass messages through as shown. Water could also be passed through a hose through any peephole with the sightglass removed. Medicines and food could be passed through as well. Pictures are from Schutzraumabschlüsse (Bombshelter Locking Devices) by Dr.-Ing. R. Scholle from 1939, page 32.

    Gas chamber doors with removable Monocles.  Erich von Stroheim would be so happy.
    On left: Two cross-sectional views of peepholes for different door thicknesses. The sightglasses are all mounted gas-tight and yet are still easily removable (no adhesives were permitted) for the passing of some materials through a closed door and also allow periodic testing of the rooms against gas leaks. On right: An air blower with pressure gauge is shown attached to the peephole (sightglass removed) in order to pressurize the entire room with air and test for gas-tightness. The arrangement allowed an inspector to measure the time elapsed for a specified pressure drop. If the pressure drop was too rapid, the building owner had to repair the shelter at his own expense and undergo a follow-up inspection. The above two images are from Schutzraumabschlüsse, page 21. The text of the same page begins by saying: “Every gas-tight bombshelter door must be equipped with a peephole.”

The major piece of evidence on display in the US Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC is a “replica” of a supposed homicidal gas chamber door from Maidanek which is nearly identical to the standard, gas-tight doors used throughout German-occupied Europe to keep people alive during air raids. The use of poison gas in such attacks on civilians was anticipated long before the war even started. The peephole as well as the gas-tightness of the construction must seem especially incriminating to most visitors. An ordinary door would have meant nothing--but add that peephole and suddenly one has, my goodness–“damning and undeniable evidence.” However, when one understands something about such doors and how widely they were actually used in Germany, it becomes obvious that the Holocaust museum officials and “scholars” are only showing, once again, their own gross incompetence and willful ignorance. Using their logic, there must have been tens of thousands of homicidal, gas chambers in active use throughout Germany. In reality, the museum “evidence” is “proof” of the utter stupidity–and nothing else–upon which the hoax is still based.

Bombshelters as Gaschambers. Every gas-tight bombshelter, of which there were many tens (hundreds?) of thousands in Germany and German-occupied Poland, could have been easily used to slowly asphyxiate any group of intended victims by merely shutting the fresh air supply vents and ducts. Also, instead of blowing air into such chambers using peepholes as shown above, poison gas could have also been introduced using the peepholes or any air intake openings. Instead of the test blower shown above (bottom right), one could have connected a hose or pipe to the startup-blower (Anfachgebläse) on any of the more than 500,000 producer gas trucks in service throughout Germany-occupied Europe–—the end result, death from the 35% CO in the producer gas. If mass exterminations had ever been planned, there was certainly no need to ship intended victims to remote locations in Poland to be gassed with diesel exhaust or Zyklon-B in makeshift cellars or wooden shacks. Everything needed, and more, was right there in Germany itself or, for that matter, anywhere in German-occupied Europe. If the Allies had ever bombed the supposed homicidal gas chambers in Auschwitz, they would have done the Nazis a favor. The dastardly deeds could have been done almost anywhere else –and the millions of Reichsmarks saved just on transportation could have been used to perpetrate other dastardly deeds instead. This is all the more good reason to reject the Holocaust gassing claims as absurd nonsense and unbelievable. Nazi Gassings Never Happened!


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Break the Law in Germany

Ultimately, the horrible hoax will collapse. Until then, revisionists will be driven by the evidence above everything else. Germany's laws to suppress even the mildest whiff of revisionism should be broken and condemned, every day and in every possible way by everyone. Break those obscene German Laws! Become a revisionist criminal, an outlaw, and achieve, at the very least, that level of enlightenment and freedom which frightens most people–but which will ultimately topple the real criminals. Germany is overdue for a real revolution.

We have recently seen a natural catastrophe in America, Hurricane Katrina, compounded by gross incompetence and neglect, perhaps willfull, by Americans. Especially after New Orleans, all Americans should apologize to the Germans.  New Orleans has become Bergen-Belsen on the Mississippi.

The recent, horrific conditions in and around New Orleans are a flash-back to conditions in Germany at the end of WW2. In Germany, the calamity was far worse–but one should understand what occurred there in light of the catastrophic circumstances Germany had been enduring.  The natural catastrophe in New Orleans has been compounded by the monumental arrogance and incompetence of America's leaders.

The great irony is, of course, that America has also been lecturing the
entire world for nearly an entire century on how countries, which are
nearly all far less endowed by nature than America, should solve all of
their problems.  Those lectures have again and again been enforced with
military adventurism and mass murder unmatched by anyone. For days, in New Orleans “command-and-control” were totally absent even though every squad of marines and soldiers in Iraq and Afghansitan seemed to be in almost constant contact with command in Washington, DC.

By contrast, in Bergen-Belsen at the end of the WW2, SS Kommandant Josef KRAMER and Dr. Fritz KLEIN were at their posts doing what they could to mitigate and control the disaster that had been unfolding there in the very last months of the war. For weeks before the British actually took over, the SS had tried to turn Bergen-Belsen over to the Allies in good order. Nonetheless, both KLEIN and KRAMER were hung by the British even though the catastrophe had been caused by British and American bombing and strafing.

Will Americans ever apologize to Germans for the insane lies
they continue to spread about the Germans? Will
Americans ever apologize for the horrendous crimes they,
inflicted upon Germans during and after World War 2?
Will Americans ever thank the Germans for saving America and the world
from communism when there were still no nuclear weapons?  The answers to all these questions is: “probably not.” The Americans, in general, are far
too depraved and stupid. They actually believe they were the "good guys" in World War 2.

Will Jews ever stop telling lies about the Germans? The answer is "no!" The Jews are depraved–but they are not stupid. They know that truth is their enemy—and must be resisted by all means, forever! Lies as grandiose as anything in the Old Testament are essential to their identity. Shame on the Jews.

The Christian Hoax

Christianity is cannibalism dressed up with great art, architecture and music. It is a kind of vampire cult. where eternal life and the drinking of blood are all connected. Many who are drawn to the revisionist arguments are Christians who hope to see Jews exposed and punished in some way by the revisionists. But they are misguided and unwelcome fellow travelers, at least for this writer. Christianity is an even greater hoax than the Holocaust. The idea that one can gain something by noshing on the flesh of Jesus and then washing it down with some of his blood is so disgusting and stupid that one should wonder how any, otherwise sane creatures could believe such lunacy–but they certainly do and there are lots of them out there..

Jews certainly were quite correct in many of their criticisms of Jesus. Jesus was a con-artist, a fraud, a shameless self-promoter as well as a scurrilous liar. Jesus also despised gentiles as he made abundantly
clear; only later did Paul warm-up the Christian belief system in order to
suck in gentiles without first requiring circumcision. The “symbolic” meaning of communion is a relatively modern interpretation to avoid the charge of cannibalism–but even with that revision, Christianity is still
“symbolic cannibalism (Menschenfresserei).” And as they wipe their lips with hankies after their gory snacks, Christians are not the least bit ashamed of themselves. What is even worse is that they proudly admit–as President Bush does–to letting their “religious” beliefs (insane as they truly are) guide their military actions–even regarding the use of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons. The mass murderers of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were Jews and Christians. Damn them all! As a species, we are in really big trouble!

Beware of America

Of all the nations on our planet, none has less to fear
from any invader than America–just on the basis of geography alone.  America has a vast ocean on the west, and east–and thoroughly impotent neighbors on the north and south.  And yet, this fabulously rich country is also the most paranoid nation on the face of the earth and armed to the teeth to crush every imagined threat from anywhere in the world.  This same paranoid nation has repeatedly waged aggressive wars against countries which meant it no harm at all. But even far worse than that, it has also committed the most heinous and cowardly atrocities with total disregard for international laws for which it, nonetheless, insists on holding
everyone else accountable. America is a nation of nuclear-armed paranoids and hypocrites; the world should shudder, and must resist sooner or later.

The Jews Condemn Themselves

As to the Jews, they condemn themselves with their hideous lies–and vindicate those who tried unsuccessfully to expel them from Europe forever. The enormous success Jews continue to have with their spectacular hoax proves that the fears HITLER, and many others, had regarding Jewish domination of the world's media was, and still is, entirely justified. Let us hope that as the current Mideast disaster worsens and spreads, the human race will finally revolt against the Jews. That revolt should include a revolution against Christianity as well. They are all outgrowths of the same primitive, racist lunacy–and should not dominate a world where science and technology have given us unlimited power to advance, and evolve–but also, to destroy everything.

Holocaust-belief, for want of a better word, is merely the newest Jewish religion in a line of several false religions which continue to plague our human race. That such lunacies are still embraced by the multitudes shows all too well that we are dangerously defective as a species. Genetic engineering and cloning should be recognized as our last hope. We must evolve rapidly, or else we will surely perish.

The Nazis Saved Us

The really bad guys in World War 2 were the western allies, especially the Americans. The monumental blindness and stupidity, unmatched barbarism and sadism of America and Britain nearly brought a new Dark Age upon a world dominated, not by them, but by the Soviet Union and communism. Although the Nazis and fascists lost the war–their heroic struggle with hardly any resources against overwhelming odds allowed western civilization to survive. After 1945, it was the atomic bomb, far above and beyond everything else, which allowed the west to survive, even to this day–but before that, it was ADOLF HITLER who saved us. For that he deserves our eternal gratitude and admiration. It was HITLER who built and inspired the small coalition of the willing to fight the good war against communism. By attacking the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941 with only conventional weapons, HITLER and Germany, and Germany's allies pre-empted a well-prepared, massive attack by STALIN to the west, and postponed a complete Soviet victory over all of Europe long enough for the US and Britain to finally come to their senses. The US and Britain eventually took up essentially the same struggle with nuclear weapons, or at least the threat of nuclear weapons, even when that meant possible destruction of all life on the planet. Without nuclear weapons as an ultimate deterrent, there would be no western civilization today. American impotence in Korea and Vietnam made that all too clear.

How the War Started and Why

WW2 began with Germany's attack on Poland in response to Poland's criminal and immoral ambitions to acquire Danzig which was more than 95% in favor of union with Nazi Germany. Danzig had been taken away from Germany after WW1 (in violation of Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points which promised self-determination as the basis for resolution of territorial disputes) and made it into a separate “Free State.” In fact, Danzig was not free to do what it wanted to do above all else. Since Britain, France and the JewSA made it clear that they would not allow union with Nazi Germany to happen peacefully–war was inevitable. The Poles actually welcomed such a war because they had been persuaded by the US that they would win (they ultimately did) and get even more German territory which they did also. Hitler simply gave the Poles and the US and Britain what they really wanted–war with Germany. They have no reason to complain.

Hitler–the Great German Prophet

The following paragraphs are lifted from the website of a courageous young lady who has discovered what all of the public historians from John Lukacs on down to Martin Gilbert dare not see. And she brings it all to our attention on her own website. One of the many flaws in the anti-Hitler propaganda that fills our society is that it denies Hitler as a firm believer in Christ as a socialist revolutionary rather than as a mere faith healer and God on a visit..

Christianity is a Weltanschauung!

Hitler lectured Wagener on the subject of Christ as centrum of his National Socialism. He said:

“Socialism is a Weltanschauung!

“But in actual fact there is nothing new about this Weltanschauung. Whenever I read the New Testament Gospels and revelations of various of the prophets and imagine myself back in the era of the Roman and late Hellenistic, as well as Oriental, world, I am astonished at all that has been made of the teachings of these divinely inspired men, especially Jesus Christ, which are so clear and unique, heightened to religiosity. They were the ones who created this new worldview which we now call socialism, they established it, they taught it, and they lived it! But the communities that called themselves Christian churches did not understand it! Or if they did, they denied Christ and betrayed Him! For they transformed the holy idea of Christian socialism into its opposite! They killed it, just as, at the time, the Jews nailed Jesus to the cross; they buried it, just as the body of Christ was buried. But they allowed Christ to be resurrected, instigating the belief that His teachings, too, were reborn!

“It is in this that the monstrous crime of these enemies of Christian socialism lies! With the basest hypocrisy they carry before them the cross—the instrument of that murder which, in their thoughts, they commit over and over—as a new divine sign of Christian awareness, and allow mankind to kneel to it. They even pretend to be preaching the teachings of Christ. But their lives and deeds are a constant blow against these teachings and their Creator and a defamation of God!

“We are the first to exhume these teachings! Through us alone, and not until now, do these teachings celebrate their resurrection! Mary and [Mary] Magdalene stood at the empty tomb. For they were seeking the dead man! But we intend to raise the treasures of the living Christ!

“Herein lies the essential element of our mission: we must bring back to the German Volk the recognition of those teachings! For what did the falsification of the original concept of Christian love, of the community of fate before God and of socialism lead to? By their fruits ye shall know them! The suppression of freedom of opinion, the persecution of the true Christians, the vile mass murders of the Inquisition and the burning of witches, the armed campaigns against the people of free and true Christian faith, the destruction of their towns and villages, the hauling away of their cattle and their goods, the destruction of their flourishing economies, and the condemnation of their leaders before tribunals, which, in their unrelenting hypocrisy, can only be described as blasphemous. That is the TRUE FACE of those sanctimonious churches that have placed themselves between God and man, motivated by selfishness, personal greed for recognition and gain, and the ambition to maintain their high-handed willfulness against Christ’s deep understanding of the necessity of a socialist community of men and nations. We must turn all the sentiments of the Volk, all its thinking, acting, even its beliefs, away from the anti-Christian, smug individualism of the past, from the egotism and stupid Phariseeism of personal arrogance, and we must educate the youth in particular in the spirit of those of Christ’s words that we must interpret anew; love one another; be considerate of your fellow man; remember that each one of you is not alone a creature of God, but that you are all brothers! This youth will, with loathing and contempt, abandon those hypocrites who have Christ on their lips but the devil in their hearts, who give alms in order to remain undisturbed as they themselves throw their money around, who invoke the Fatherland as they fill their own purses by the toil of others, who preach peace and incite to war!

“If we see to the reasons for any war, we need only glance at the measures taken by the victor after the suppression of his adversary and to which, usually with hypocritical mien, he gives the name of ‘peace treaty’! By this, too, we can judge his Christianity! …These are the Christians whom it is important to unmask…” (Wagener, pp. 139-141)/

Friedrich Paul Berg


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