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Could Nazi planners of gas exterminations have possibly been unaware of this ad and what it reveals?  Not likely.  Zyklon-B was a dangerous substance for its handlers as well and required rigorous training, including reading and testing, for all

Actual advertisement for Zyklon-B used in German pesticide literature to acquaint potential customers with possible uses of this superb product. Zyklon-B had already been used worldwide since the 1920's, especially by the US Public Health Service to fumigate ships. The railroad delousing tunnel shown in the lower left was typical of similar large chambers used in major eastern European cities. Instead of fumigating empty cattle cars after Jews had disembarked, the same cattle cars with Jews inside could have been “gassed” just as easily before they disembarked. And yet, these wonderful devices were never used for, or even implicated in nazi “exterminations” anywhere.

This image is based on an SS construction drawing in Pressac's book online page ------
(click on image to view full-size)

Cyanide Gas Chambers to keep Jews ALIVE in Auschwitz-Birkenau – Only 200 feet from the center of the infamous unloading ramp, where Mengele supposedly made “selections,” are two T-shaped delousing stations. Here new arrivals entered the “dirty” side and undressed before being examined medically and showering. Their clothing and personal articles were fumigated with Zyklon-B (which released cyanide) in gas chambers in the meantime. There was no secret about these “gas chambers"– they are clearly marked as such on all relevant German construction drawings for example. Eventually, (after about an hour) all fumigated articles and clothing were returned to the new arrivals who would dress and leave from the “clean” side, and enter the camp proper.

Nowhere is it even claimed that the delousing stations or their gas chambers were ever used for murder. Those real, life-saving gas chambers gave rise, no doubt, to false claims long afterwards about non-existent, “genocidal” gas chambers in the crematorium buildings at the extreme end of the ramp as shown. “Selections” were routinely made because of the limited capacity of the delousing stations, and people were “sent to the gas chambers” but not to be gassed themselves; – they were sent there ONLY to have their clothing and personal effects fumigated so that they would stay healthy and alive in the camp, and wherever they were eventually sent, afterwards.


The BLUE Walls of Birkenau's Delousing Stations–a visual refutation of the hoax

The above photos were all taken by F. P. Berg in 1988 and are not enhanced or retouched in any way. The blue staining of the stucco and bricks in these photos is merely a subdued approximation of the extremely intense blue staining which is actually there.

In reality, the blue staining matches the intense color of Prussian blue pigment which is a well-known, synthetic dye made by reacting hydrocyanic acid with iron oxide. The same chemical process has obviously taken place here between the cyanide gas used in delousing and the iron oxide in red clay bricks. The staining of the stucco on the interior walls follows the outlines of the underlying bricks behind the stucco. Because of the erratic quality of the bricks, some bricks yield far more prussian blue pigment than others–hence the disparity in the intensities of the staining from brick to brick. What is especially surprising is the fact that the exterior walls show the same staining even after more than forty years of weathering. And, what is even more surprising and important is the fact that just a hundred yards away at Kremas 2 and 3, the exact same brick shows absolutely NO trace of blue staining anywhere--even in the cellar room remains where supposedly cyanide was used on a vast scale for mass murder. There is absolutely NO blue staining there anywhere. This is indirect but enormously powerful evidence for the fact that there really were no homicidal gassings there either.

These conclusions based purely on visual evidence are supported by chemical analysis of samples of the brickwork collected over the years by a number of revisionist researchers–including Fred Leuchter and Germar Rudolf. The best in depth analysis of the results is provided by Germar Rudolf who is a highly qualified chemist as well as leading revisionist. Those who will, no doubt, insist that there is something wrong with the revisionist arguments in this regard should conduct an even more intense chemical investigation of probes made deep into many more of the actual bricks that are still there today in abundance. This will not happen because the powers that be–and especially in Poland–know perfectly well that their mass gassing claims are rubbish. Nazi gassings never happened! Without those outrageous and false gassing claims–the continued possession of the land and property stolen from millions of innocent Germans at the end of WW2 by Poland will be too difficult to sustain.

Less than a year after this picture appeared in LIFE, Americans were murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese women and children with napalm and eventually, nuclear bombs.  Is there a connection to this picture and others like it?  If not, why not?  Isn't dehumanizing the intended victim, one of the first steps to murdering him, or her.
“Arizona war worker writes her Navy boyfriend a thank-you for the Jap skull he sent her.

LIFE magazine, May 22, 1944, page 35—full-page “PICTURE OF THE WEEK” with the following caption (on page 34):

“When he said goodbye two years ago to Natalie Nickerson, 20, a war worker of Phoenix, Ariz., a big, handsome Navy lieutenant promised her a Jap. Last week Natalie received a human skull, autographed by her lieutenant and 13 friends, and inscribed: ‘This is a good Jap–a dead one picked up on the New Guinea beach,’ Natalie, surprised at the gift, named it Tojo. The armed forces disapprove strongly of this sort of thing.”

Life was probably the most popular magazine of that era in the US. If anything remotely similar had appeared in any German publication, large or small, the holocaust promoters would have found it and would use it as proof of German depravity. One can be absolutely certain that nothing so despicable ever appeared anywhere in the German, or Japanese, press. Try to imagine a comparable picture showing a German girl of that era admiring the skull of a departed “good” Jew after nicknaming it “Isaac” or “Elie.” It never happened in Nazi Germany–not even in Julius Streicher's Der Stûrmer. And yet, Streicher was hung at Nuremberg for his publication while Life is admired in the US as an example of great American journalism.


The real DR. STRANGELOVE was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. When FDR died on April 12, 1945, less than one month before the end of the war in Europe, it shocked most Americans. The facts are that FDR had been an extremely sick man, mentally as well as physically, long before his complete demise. Hardly anyone saw his actual remains–the casket was not open for public viewing as is customary in the US even though the casket was paraded through Washington, DC as part of a great national ceremony. All of America's make-up artists and cosmeticians could not make his corpse presentable. No doubt, if his remains had been tossed in with the dead from Bergen-Belsen, there would have been little if anything to distinguish him from the rest. His cause of death had nothing to do with any alleged Nazi bestiality but only with some of the afflictions which cause all people to die eventually–and it happened in America. C'est la Vie.

The fact that FDR had been a hopeless cripple for years had been successfully hidden from the American public by a cooperative press. For years he had to be carried from his bed into a wheelchair–his legs had become totally useless. There certainly had been an elaborate cover-up for fear that Americans might realize how totally unfit FDR was to send healthy, brave, young men to war and possible death for any cause–and especially, for an obscene cause which had nothing to do with American security.

This was the second time in less than thirty years that America was led at the end of a world war by a man who was thoroughly incompetent, mentally as well as physically. Woodrow Wilson was far too weak and incompetent, mentally and physically, at the Versailles Conference in 1919 to prevent the British, French and others from imposing surrender terms on Germany which clearly violated the very Fourteen Points which Wilson had formulated as the basis of the November 1918 Armistice agreement. End result, upheaval throughout central Europe–and World War 2 just twenty years later.

"Gas Generators in War and Peace" was the lead essay for September 25, 1940 (the Air Battle of Britain had just begun) of the most important technical automotive journal in Germany during the war. ATZ is one of the best technical automotive journals anywhere, even to this day. The essay was written, still rather early in the war, not by an automotive journalist but by one of Germany's highest public officials – Undersecretary of State Major-General von Schell and General Plenipotentiary for the Automotive Industry. In the essay Schell makes a desperate plea to the entire automotive industry to switch-over to producer gas as rapidly as possible so as to allow liquid fuels to be available to the greatest extent possible for military use. How ironic that the “gas” which the generators made was also extremely poisonous; how ironic that there has never been any suggestion, not even from the most ardent Holocaust promoters, that Schell or anyone else involved with this technology had anything to do with exterminations even though this “gas” would have been ideal for just such a purpose (far, far more toxic than diesel exhaust, for example). The entire text in German.



At Auschwitz, the results of medical experiments on human beings supposedly "were published as theses." Which theses have ever appeared of such atrocious medical experiments? None at all--ever!


The real victims of racial extermination were and still are the German people and the German nation—and not the Jews at all. Jews were among the most vocal proponents of policies of extermination toward the Germans. Two examples were Theodore N. Kaufman (Germany Must Perish, published in March, 1941, nine months before Pearl Harbor) and U. S. Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau Jr. (infamous for his Morgenthau Plan and his book Germany is Our Problem, Harper & Brothers, 1945). Holocaust propaganda is merely a continuation of the same racist madness against the Germans by less violent means—even sixty years after the war.

American universities are thoroughly infested with the same anti-German, genocidal madness. Long before Alan Dershowitz and that ultimate cookoo Daniel Jonah Goldhagen (Hitler's Willing Executioners, Vintage Books, 1996) appeared at Harvard University, there was at least one other cookoo on the faculty. Earnest A. Hooton, Professor of Anthropology was most famous for his Apes, Men and Morons, published in 1937. According to Wikepedia, it was Hooton who “established Harvard as a center for physical anthropology in the United States.” From 1936 to 1938, Hooton was also president of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists.

Hooton photo
Hooton cartoon


Professor EARNEST ALBERT HOOTON (1887-1954)

— an American “Dr. Strangelove”

To the question of “What Are We Going to Do With the Germans?” Hooton proposed::“to break the vicious cycle of interaction between a militaristic state and the predatory tendencies of its citizens, the former must be destroyed and the latter neutralized or bred out.” PM Magazine, January 4, 1943, pages 2 and 3. Was this racism, or a call for extermination, or what? Was Hooton totally blind to the history of America, his own country, or of Britain or France? If Hitler had written the following about the Jews or Poles or any other ethnic group (just replace the word “German” with any other ethnicity), the holocaust scholars would be jumping for joy to finally have proof that Hitler really wanted physical extermination for the Jews or Poles, or whomever. What else do “destroyed and . . . neutralized or bred out” really mean if not mass extermination? But Hitler never wrote anything like that; he was not that vile or stupid. The true racist cookoos were people like Hooton, a respected professor at America's most prestigious university. He was only one of many other Anglo-American cookoos including even more recently Margaret Thatcher, a British Prime Minister.

“GENERAL OBJECTIVE: To destroy German nationalism and aggressive ideology while retaining and perpetuating desirable German biological and sociological capacities.

MEASURES: (1) Execute or imprison for life all leaders of the Nazi party; permanently exile all professional army officers.

(2) For a period of 20 years or more utilize the bulk of the present German army as rehabilitation labor units in devastated areas of the Allied Nations in Europe and elsewhere. These laborers should not be treated as prisoners of war or convicts but as paid employees (supervised and restricted as to movement from the area of their work). They might be allowed the privilege of naturalization upon evidence of good behavior. The single men should be permitted to marry only women of the country of their abode or naturalization. The families of the men already married should remain in Germany for a period of years, but might eventually be permitted to join the fathers. The latter should not be allowed to return to Germany. The objects of this measure include reduction of the birth rate of ‘pure’ Germans, neutralization of German aggressiveness by outbreeding, and denationalization of indoctrinated individuals.

(3) Break up the German Reich into several states (probably its original component states), permitting each, after a suitable interval of supervision and government by the Allied Nations, to choose its own form of non-Fascist government. The object of this measure is to destroy the national framework of unified German aggression.

(4) During the period of supervision and occupation of the several states by armies and civilian staffs of the Allied Nations, encourage members of these groups to intermarry with the German women and to settle there permanently. During this period encourage also the immigration and settlement in the German states of non-German nationals, especially males. ”

Earnest A. Hooton

The above image is from PM Magazine, March 21, 1945, page 6. It illustrates the self-righteous, spirit of revenge and extermination that was widespread among the Allies. Next to this cartoon was a statement from the Archbishop of York in which he suggested that “master criminals like Hitler and Heinrich Himmler ...not [be] given the privilege of public trial. He urged that they be put to death by those who caught them.”

NEW Oliver Stone Apologizes over Hitler and the Jews Asked why he had focused so much of his recent documentary film on the Holocaust, Oliver Stone said: “... The Jewish domination of the media.” American Jewish Committee director David Harris would not take such brazen truthfulness lying down and responded: “By invoking this grotesque, toxic stereotype, Oliver Stone has outed himself as an anti-Semite....For all of Stone’s progressive pretensions, his remark is no different from one of the drunken, Jew-hating rants of his fellow Hollywood celebrity, Mel Gibson.” Stone is so-oh b-a-d! OMG! NEW.

NEW Goldman-Sachs has just pulled off another stunning, but oh-so-typical, victory over the stupid goyem with its “deal” to pay only 550 million dollars to get the Securities Exchange Commission off its back. The deal allows “Goldie” to continue to rob the country blind. They helped ruin the lives of millions of hardworking people with real estate scams—but, got paid billions by the taxpayers in order to keep the disaster from being even worse than it might have been. Such a deal—and so typically JEWISH. The $550 million is merely two weeks of Goldie's anticipated annual earnings—a pittance. The goyem are taken in by the apparent SEC victory, as usual—but the insiders, the Wall Street Jews are rubbing their hands with well-deserved glee and laughing their heads off. If anyone has any doubt about what I have just said—just look at today's stock market performance, July 16, 2010. Less than a day after the SEC announcement and on a day when the sock market went down 261 points with nearly all stocks, especially the financials, showing major losses—Goldie actually went up by a dollar. WOW! Those Jews are really smart. Image

Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs (left) is obviously delighted at the “deal” he just made with the SEC.. He had been so concerned that the US public might actually catch on to what “Goldie” was doing to them, every day, at the cost to them of hundreds of billions of dollars per year—but now, not to worry already! The “special relationship” is intact—Jewish vampires feeding on stupid goyem just like before all this excitement. Will they ever wake up? In NYC there are raves for Blankfein! NEW

Jews Twirling Chickens A great new blog! Be sure to click to “Go to blog hompage

Talmudic Origins of Israel's Genocidal Depravity

Cowardly US and Israeli Attack on Mavi Maramara

Holocaust Survivor—but, from the Gaza Holocaust

Truth about Israels :Last War against Palestinians

Kenneth Nichols O'Keefe's account of the Israeli attack on the Gaza flotilla Hey folks, what do you think O'Keefe's chances are of ever appearing on CNN, ABC, NBC, or CBS to tell his story to the American public directly? (click image for enlarged view) Even with the best press agents in the world, O'Keefe's chances are Z-E-R-O! Any guesses why? Too much of an accent, perhaps? Wake up, America! If you want to be a free and independent country ever again, you must put that “special relationship” with Israel in the toilet where it belongs The Palestinians are goyim, and so are we! Their fight for survival is our fight as well. We are all Palestinians! After the cleanup, O'Keefe tells us more.

Helen Thomas' LAST White House press conference. What a great, courageous lady! Shame on the groveling poodles in the Obama adminstration and the US Congress! No doubt, Jews have good reason to be proud of another stunning victory over the American public and a ninety-year-old member of the White House press corps! Is it so hard for Americans to understand that the Palestinians want their land back, that it is their land, and that it does not belong to Jews from Brooklyn, LA, Miami, Berlin or Warsaw? Are the Jews worth another world war, perhaps even a nuclear war this time around? Instead of wasting trillions of dollars and countless lives for a Jewish home on someone else's land, why not simply buy west Texas for the Jews? The Jews should feel perfectly safe there since they already have total control the rest of the country anyway. They can then visit and kwetsch with fellow “holocaust survivors” in Miami and elsewhere for mere busfare. The savings to innocent US taxpayers will be so fantastic!

NEW Making Sense of Jewish Racial Supremacism NEW

FREEGAZA.ORG No doubt, the cowardly Israeli attack at night on the Gaza flotilla was was coordinated with and approved by the US at the highest levels —and why should anyone be surprised? The Turks and Greeks are learning a painful lesson as the Israelis celebrate another stunning victory over “terrorismand violence. The lesson is that although Greece and Turkey have been closely allied with the US for fifty years, that means absolutely nothing compared to the master-poodle relationship between Israel and the US. Didn't they already know that? Hillary Clinton proudly announced that the US supports an investigation of the events conducted by (guess who?) Israel, of course—but, she graciously .allowed for “international p-a-r-t-i-c-i-p-a-t-i-o-n.” So-oh, if the Turks or Greeks have any complaints, they can politely present them to the Israelis who will then decide if they have any merit. What could be more fair than that? Does our moronic secretary of state really believe the whole world is more stupid than she is? An international investigation should include an examination of America's role in the chain of events. How much innocent blood do Obama and Clinton have on their hands? The Israelis have already destroyed every scrap of photographic or digital evidence that their “prisoners” made of the Israeli attack. Before the attack even began, the Israelis had already planned their cover-up. There is no reason to respect any Israeli investigation. Shame on America for helping Israel! Shame on America for being so spineless and stupid!

A great and noble woman has emerged from all of this. She is Greta Berlin. on the left (click image to enlarge).She was one of the principal organizers of the flotilla. I am afraid, however, that nothing short of nuclear explosions in the White House and the Capital building and the CNN headquarters will have the slightest influence on America. Did even one elected official or public figure anywhere in the US dare to criticize the Israelis for their massacre? Does the American media interview the “survivors,” even American “survivors,”of the massacre? Of course, not! Joe Meddors “survived” not only the Gaza flottila massacre but the USS Liberty massacre in 1967. In other worsds, Meddors survived two Israeli massacres in international waters. Is CNN or “60 Minutes” the least bit interested in him? Of course, not!.Why bother when they can get the Israeli Ambassador to explain everything. He wasn;t there but who cares. America really is a luxury lunatic asylum for the criminally insane and, as is so often the case with mental insitutions, the Jews are running the entire show! Turkish warships may become directly involved .in future attempts to run the blockade and bring purely humanitarian aid to GAZA! This could become serious, folks, like nuclear world war—so, stay tuned!

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The Actual DEBATE without commercials between Roberto Muehlenkamp and Friedrich Paul Berg (mouse-click on “listen” or “download”)

A two-hour radio debate on the Deanna Spingola Radio Show took place on June 22, 2012 between myself and Roberto Muehlenkamp. Mr. Muehlenkamp is well known to many on the internet as the most passionate defender of the holocaust hoax. For all his shortcomings, at least Muehlenkamp has been standing up to debate the subject matter over many years. The absurdity and utter hopelessness of his position is, however, shown by two of his own essays which are part of a huge book by Muehlenkamp and others that appears on the Holocaust Controversies Blog. The two essays are: “The Gassing Engine: Diesel or Gasoline?” and “Corpse Color.” Both essays are desperate attempts to make sense out of the almost countless lies and absurdities from self-described “eyewitnesses” to Nazi mass gassings which, in fact, never happened. The essays are like straws for drowning men. Muehlenkamp and his ilk are drowning in an ocean of lies and pseudo-science, much of it of their own making. They are also boring their readers to death.

An all-important essay of mine from 1984 which Muehlenkamp referred to (his Reference #1 under “The Gassing Engine...”) but for which he failed to provide a link is: “Diesel Gas Chambers: Myth within a Myth.” Contrary to the blatant lies Muehlenkamp packed into the last two paragraphs of his “Gassing Engine” essay (he actually accuses me and others of “hypocrisy” and “dogmatism”), I certainly did deal with the fact that exterminationists seemed to be switching from diesels to gasoline engines as the source of carbon monoxide, already in 1984. In my 1984 essay I wrote:

The new "revised" version of the holocaust story is actually more absurd than the old version. Although it might be remotely possible for an engineer to have mistaken a gasoline engine for a Diesel engine, how could anyone possibly have mistaken "red" for "blue"? Perhaps they were all color blind - we will just have to wait and see. No doubt, we will see many more attempts by desperate men to hold together a crumbling patchwork of lies.

The Diesel gas chamber claim is rubbish - apparently some of the exterminationists themselves recognize that now. However, the alternate claim that gasoline engine exhaust was used instead is rubbish also.

Contrary to what Muehlenkamp et al want to believe, I have never been “demonstratively opposed,” or opposed in any other way either, to what they regard as a “proper revision of history.” I am absolutely thrilled that they are digging an ever deeper hole for themselves. They have trapped themselves with the utter stupidity of their own revised, false claims and anemic arguments. They are revising themselves into oblivion.

Please be sure to also read this homepage as well as the latest version of my essay about Diesel Gas Chambers on this website:

Diesel Gas Chambers;
Ideal for Torture — Absurd for Murder

Part 1 -- Introduction with Toxicology of CO
Part 2 -- Producer Gas "Gaswagen"
Part 3 -- Conclusions and Notes

Although I had debated Mr. Muehlenkamp on the internet many times over the last ten years, I was nonetheless stunned by his gross ignorance during the radio debate as to just how desperate Germany was for liquid fuels for motor vehicles. Muehlenkamp insisted several times during the debate that in 1942 there was no shortage at all. WOW! Muehlenkamp was also totally unaware of the fact that Germany had made 85% of its liquid fuels synthetically from coal--and at enormous expense. He seemed quite certain that I had simply made up that fact and challenged me to cite the source. The source for the "85%" number is:

U. S. Strategic Bombing Survey, Oil Division Final Report, War Department, Washington, D.C., 1947, p. 1.

A link to the entire text is: http://orbat.com/site/sturmvogel/ussbsgensum.html . The first paragraph alone shows that Germany's fuel situation was truly desperate. The essay is entitled "An Empire built on Coal, Air and Water." That same title also became the title for one of the subsections of my 2003 essay: "Diesel Gas Chambers: Ideal for Torture--Absurd for Murder." http://www.nazigassings.com/dieselgaschamberc.html

From "An Empire built on Coal, Air and Water," we have the following description of Germany's dilemma after a brief description of the situation at the beginning of the war:

“Germany never recovered from this precarious position, and throughout the war her oil stocks, particularly critical items like aviation and motor gasolines, were so tight that her whole military effort would have collapsed like a pricked balloon in three or four months had her oil supply been dried up.”

The most foolish error made by Muehlenkamp was his insistence that the bright cherry RED coloring of the corpses from carbon monoxide poisoning could only be recognized by trained medical doctors—requiring (M's thoughts in this regard are a complete muddle) an examination of the actual “liver” of the deceased; after all according to M that is where the term l-i-v-o-r mortis comes from (30:25). Rubbish! The color is dramatic and can e-a-s-i-l-y be recognized by anyone who is not color blind. The evaluation of the color is another matter. An ordinary person might erroneously think the victims had spent too much time lying naked on a beach along the Vistula River—but they certainly would not have had any difficulty seeing the RED color. The complete absence of any mention or hint of such a dramatic feature regarding any of the supposedly hundreds-of-thousands of CO victims clearly shows that ALL of the “eyewitnesses” to alleged CO gassings at ARC camps simply lied. It is that simple! They lied about the most dramatic and stunning feature which is used universally to distinguish cyanide and CO-caused fatalities from nearly all other causes. The “eyewitness” testimony used to frame and execute countless Germans, even all of Germany in a sense, was m-a-n-u-f-a-c-t-u-r-e-d and rather clumsily by ignorant prosecutors in Poland and elsewhere. In other words, the mass-murder-by-gasoline-exhaust-theory is no more credible than the much older, now largely abandoned, claim that diesel exhaust was the source of carbon monoxide for mass murder.

The abandonment of the old diesel gas chamber theory, which was shared by all holocaust scholars until about ten years ago, is of enormous significance. It means that for more than fifty years, minimum, the holocaust scholars did not even know what the most important murder weapon was for “the most thoroughly documented event in the entire history of the world.” It is equivalent to a new Warren Commission admitting that one of the bullets which killed JFK hit the president's skull from the front as the Zapruder film shows--and blew out the back top of the president's skull. In other words, the huge wound at the back of JFK's skull was an “exit wound.” That's why it was so huge. Jackie is clearly seen lunging to the back of the car trying to catch the skull fragment flying to the back of the car. Muehlenkamp might say: “OK, so the older Warren Commission got the direction wrong for one of the bullets—big deal!” But it is a big deal and it should have enormous political consequences! What it means is that JFK was murdered by two shooters and that there was, indeed, an elaborate conspiracy which murdered JFK, and Bobby later on —and then covered it all up successfully afterward. Yes, children—elaborate hoaxes do occur especially when the stakes are high enough, and when the hoaxers are as powerful and self-righteous as the victors were after WW2.

In general, Muehlenkamp's enthusiastic and unashamed reliance on courtroom testimony is reminiscent of the mindset used to convict witches and heretics just a few centuries ago. Why would anyone ever lie under oath, ever? The judges and prosecutors in the witchcraft trials were well-meaning credible people who tried, I am sure, to evaluate “eyewitness” testimony fairly as some of the courtroom transcripts seem to show--—but they wore blinders to sustain their delusional, false reality. Today, with DNA evidence in the USA, more and more death row inmates are being set free and many convictions based on eyewitness testimony are being totally overturned. No doubt, it is hard to even imagine that anyone, especially if they are Jewish or Polish, would ever commit perjury—but, competent trial attorneys do know that it happens all the time, every day, everywhere. If one wants to find devils, people like Muehlenkamp need only look at themselves in the mirror.

One point that I regret not making is that there are no photographs of alleged victims of gassing—anywhere. There are lots of atrocity photos and Muehlenkamp uses a large collection of his own--but not even he pretends to have any pictures of gassing victims. His collection is incomplete. The people who present atrocity photos seem to know that perfectly well—but they also know that their photos of victims from other causes still help further the gassing myth. Another oddity is that in the Auschwitz Album one sees many people strolling casually to the gas chambers, without any physical restraint, and supposedly to their own destruction--but no pictures of the people after they had been gassed. Surely, the German photographers would have included some after-gassing photos as well to impress their friends and/or superiors including Himmler and Hitler.



Holocaust belief is a form of blind, collective lunacy–a new, modern-day, official religion with the usual penalties, sometimes rather severe (especially in Europe) for non-believers. The revisionists are supposedly not merely wrong–they are “evil” as well. Whatever one does to thwart them is perfectly acceptable.

Some important lies frequently used to support the great hoax should be recognized here. The first of these supporting lies is that:–the “Holocaust” is proven by an “overwhelming” amount of evidence. In reality, the “proof” amounts to a small pile of pieces of paper that fit into a typical shoe box as Robert Wolfe, former director of the Military Branch at the US National Archives, explained on more than one occasion in his office in Washington, DC. Another supporting lie is that there is no merit to any of the revisionist arguments. And finally, as far as major supporting lies is concerned is the insistence that:–the revisionists lie continuously about the evidence, and just about everything else as well

The purpose of these supporting lies is to stop any critical discussion of the holocaust claims. The recent fuss over David Irving's possible appearance on C-Span in response to Deborah Lipstadt shows how this all works. Lipstadt's supporters went so far as to organize a petition with signatures of hundreds of academics with impressive credentials demanding that Irving NOT be given any air time at all. What the petitioners really showed was what truly wretched bigots they themselves are. They and people like them dominate Hollywood and the media generally. By repeating the same racist, cliché-filled pseudo-history often enough, they have convinced the masses that the Germans were not only monsters–but that today's revisionists, including a backslider like Irving, are also evil. And worst of all by their pseudo-logic, any kind of real public debate would serve no purpose except to pave the way for some kind of repeat Holocaust against the Jews. Elie Wiesel even insisted that the revisionists were killing the victims a second time–in other words, the revisionists are mass murderers also. In Germany, this obscene fantasy has succeeded—let us pray for the small chance that they fail in America which for all its shortcomings is still a haven for freedom of thought and expression.

The most important feature of the great jewish hoax is the claim that Jews were gassed. That feature alone gives Jewish suffering uniqueness above and beyond that of everyone else in the entire history of the world. However, another key feature is cremation which is needed to explain the total absence of any hard evidence for the gassing claim. There is no physical or forensic evidence to support any of the gassing claims. What evidence there is amounts to nothing more than a few pieces of paper (documents??) and “eyewitness” testimony. All of that evidence fails to support any kind of credible, technical theory as to how the supposed gassings were actually carried out. This total absence of real evidence is explained away by cremations.

Mass gassings are certainly possible technically (contrary to what some revisionists want to believe, most notable among them being Robert Faurisson)–but, all of the holocaust gassing claims are so technically absurd that it should be obvious to people with some technical comprehension that the gassing claims are, in fact, nothing more than elaborate lies. Unfortunately, historians tend to be among the most technically ignorant people imaginable for whom almost any scrap of paper or testimony with incriminating words is more than persuasive–even if the words make no sense at all technically, and even if there is no other kiind of supporting evidence. The best example of such stupidity by the historians is the continuing belief in the homicidal gas vans based entirely on paper travesties such as the confabulated letter from Becker to Rauff in PS-501. David Irving now claims he also believes in “experimental” gassings based on his reading of some unpublished writings of Adolf Eichmann. Shame on David Irving. Sixty years of access to supposed gassing sites has produced nothing better. Small wonder that the US and Britain are in Iraq today on the trail of Al Queida and WMD–aliens from space will, no doubt, be a target someday also.

Freedom to Speak

Real discussion implies that all sides of any important issue be aired at least occasionally and that even misguided opinions and views, if that were what we represent, may still be embraced and defended in open debate, in public or private, on the internet, or anywhere else. To ruin people's careers or to imprison them (as in Europe, especially Germany) for their beliefs is despicable and cowardly–and should be condemned even if the views are contrary to that of the majority, or even if they are wrong. The perpetrators of such terror should themselves be severely punished. If the Holocaust were generally true, that would be all the more reason to listen to the revisionists at least occasionally if only to try to understand how people might be so completely wrong in the same way that it is extremely useful to listen to creationists to see why people still believe in the Bible, or Judaism, or Christianity, or Islam. Muzzling them teaches us nothing about many of our most important human failings. But, it also violates the basic human rights (UN Human Rights Convention--Article 19) which nearly everyone is legally bound to respect, even in Germany.

NAZISM is alive and thriving

If the goal of revisionism were to revive nazism as is also claimed by the hoaxers (skilled mindreaders, no doubt), revisionists could sleep easy. Most people are already Nazis without having enough brains to realize it, and nowhere is that more true than in the US. The two major political parties, Republican and Democratic, are essentially nazi parties even though their members will vehemently deny it. Both parties are extremely nationalistic. Their members will do the “Pledge of Allegiance”and sing the national anthem many times a day given any opportunity and damn anyone who suggests otherwise. Both parties are also socialist to varying degrees and will spend vast sums of tax money to support every imaginable cause from old age, to the needs of the sick and unemployed, as well as major American corporations whenever the foreign competition gets too competitive. From the number of American flags on cars, clothing, hats and houses one can hardly expect much sympathy for anything foreign or international, not even when it is as tame and useful as the United Nations.

The Crackpot Court Historians

The Holocaust hoax is supported by at least two generations of crackpot historians which include Martin Gilbert, Raul Hilberg, Christopher Browning, Michael Berenbaum, William F. Shirer and Gerhard Weinberg. They all deserve to have their academic degrees and titles taken away for the outrageous incompetence they continue to demonstrate. Their “scholarship” would be laughable if the consequences for the entire world were not so tragic. They are all oblivious to the most basic facts about their two great murder weapons: diesel exhaust and Zyklon-B

Regarding Zyklon-B,. it was recently claimed on a PBS TVspecial for which Berenbaum was a consultant that “Zyklon-B was a crystalline form of prussic acid.” That claim is false and ridiculous and shows that even forty years after Hilberg made the same claim, they have learned nothing. Prussic acid only crystallizes below its freezing point of -14° Celsius (6.9° Fahrenheit) and liquefies above that (just read any physics-chemistry handbook). Such complete ignorance of the most basic scientific facts would be simply inexcusable in any other academic venue – but alas, it is typical of the new, emerging field of Holocaust scholarship.. Regarding “gas vans,” Browning wrote at length (two entire chapters in his Fateful Months) without any idea that the fuel the Germans were using was itself a form of poison gas and far, far more toxic than any diesel exhaust, or even gasoline engine exhaust. The holocaust “scholarship” of the establishment “historians” amounts to little more than the endless re-shuffling of various Nuremberg trial documents with no sense of what was going on in the real world. They simply stoke the prejudices of the ignorant masses with their pseudo-scholarship. The technical issues are all far beneath them.

1.092.000 “Survivors”Alive in 2004

One of the best reasons for rejecting the great hoax is that at the end of WW2, the Jews were still there; they were not dead at all. This simple but valid point was made often by ARTHUR BUTZ, the author of The Hoax of the Twentieth Century. When this great revisionist classic first appeared in 1977, it shocked many people, myself included, into studying the entire subject. The evidence that has been unearthed in the intervening years is overwhelming and confirms the view that there simply was no attempt to exterminate the Jewish people, either by gas chambers, or by any other means. New evidence continues to emerge for the fact that the true numbers of Jewish dead during the war must actually be quite low. A recent issue of the International Herald Tribune, April 21, 2005 included an Associated Press story about an official Israeli government report from 2004 in which the following words appear:

At the beginning of 2004, 1,092,000 Holocaust survivors were still living worldwide, about half of them in Israel.”

Just a few years ago, I had thought that the number of 350,000 holocaust survivors alive in the early 1990's (from Steven Spielberg no less) was a large number. I even included that number in my essay: “Poison Gas Über Alles” with some pride and glee. But since then, several much larger numbers have come to my attention. The number 1,092,000 for the total alive nearly sixty years after the war in 2004 is, however, the largest yet. Even larger numbers may still appear. They should make one wonder if any Jews at all died during the entire war.

The Holocaust story is indeed a monstrous hoax–and we are all victims of its madness–but the German people has suffered the most and deserves the greatest possible compensation, and an apology. As to the Americans, they should look at themselves in the mirror.

A Challenge to Historians

If future historians wish to help us understand the greatest mass murderers in all of human history and not merely describe their alleged deeds, they must also explain why those otherwise fiendishly clever and highly technical people were so stupid as to use diesel exhaust, or even gasoline engine exhaust as sources of lethal carbon monoxide for most of their alleged mass exterminations. The German Nazis, many of whom had advanced academic degrees in science and medicine, would have surely known better. The alternative fuel for both types of engines was far more deadly, and readily available, and not at all subject to the strict rationing that applied to liquid fuels–not just in Germany where the rationing was especially strict but throughout the world, even in the USA which had most of the world's petroleum production at that time.

The diesel exhaust gassing claims are too absurd to be believed but only if one understands what was actually happening technologically in German-occupied Europe. Unfortunately, historians as a rule are technologically ignorant. They are a social class of “techno-idiots.” One can read a thousand books on the “history” of World War 2 without finding even one word about the German producer gas technology, or the railroad delousing tunnels, or the gas-tight bombshelters. So how much do historians really understand about the war? How seriously should they be taken when they accuse Germans of mass gassings for which not even one corpse has ever been found?

The general ignorance of historians as a social class was brought home to me when I tried to convince an historian that producer gas in German-occupied Europe was enormously important. He dismissed my arguments by first reminding me that he had read far more books about the war than I, and that this technology had never even been mentioned in any of his readings, therefore, it could not possibly have been more than some kind of experimental technology applied to, at most, a few thousand vehicles. The references I cited seemed to mean nothing to him since they were all technical and in German and, therefore, were neither interesting nor even worth reading. By such pig-headedness truth is often lost.

A modest leap of faith in favor of the Holocaust revisionists is entirely reasonable in view of the total lack of credible evidence to support even one of the gassing claims. There are, for example, no forensic reports of gassing victims from any of the thousands of dead found in German camps near the end of the war. There are no photos of supposed gassing victims either. Photos of concentration camp inmates who died from disease and even from Allied strafing are used instead to blind and persuade nearly everyone that the evidence of Nazi gassings is “overwhelming”– when in fact it is nil.
But perhaps, worst of all is the fact that there is not even a valid, science-based theory as to how the great murder weapons–those mythical gas chambers–actually worked. The hoax continues because people still believe, falsely, that mass murder with gas chambers is almost childishly easy when, in fact, it is far from easy–even for a country as technically advanced as the United States.

Terror against Revisionism

To sustain the holocaust mythology, terror is still applied with impunity. For the years immediately following WW2, if an SS prisoner spoke out against the allegations of mass murder–his chances of survival were minimal. Today the terror amounts to little more than economic harassment, at least in the US–but in many other countries, especially in Europe, people are still routinely imprisoned for expressing any serious disagreement with the holocaust. In Germany, Austria, France, Belgium and even Switzerland–people are still imprisoned for years merely for expressing revisionist views. The ongoing imprisonment of ERNST ZÜNDEL, GERMAR RUDOLF and DAVID IRVING are only the best known examples–but there are many others. And yet, those same countries which imprison revisionists will routinely send their highest representatives around the world to advise on human rights, freedom of speech and the importance of democracy. Such extraordinary hypocrisy does not go unnoticed. It demonstrates, for all to see, the vile methods that sustain the holocaust legend and why it is not merely false history–but is a shabby and vulgar hoax.

Is it really necessary to explain that the prosecution of Ernst Zuendel in Toronto in 1988 was itself a crime? Is it really necessary to explain that when Hilberg gave his services to the prosecution at that time, he was aiding and abetting a crime? There is also a vast difference between historians and others helping and testifying on behalf of Ernst Zuendel in that case and an American citizen going to Canada voluntarily to help the prosecution put Ernst Zuendel in jail. That ain't rocket science, folks. That is basic ethics 101. The trials of revisionists right now in Germany are also crimes. They are crimes against humanity as well as crimes against the basic human rights of the defendants.

Friedrich Paul Berg


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