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1999: Walter Bernhard LaGrand, a German (born in Augsburg) gassed to death in America in violation of international law

“Before the executioner switched the lever to initiate a chemical reaction between cyanide pellets (KCN) and sulfuric acid (H2SO4) the inmate was given his last words. Walter LaGrand said: To all my loved ones, I hope they find peace. To all of you here today, I forgive you and hope I can be forgiven in my next life. This date’s gassing with hydrogen cyanide (HCN) took 18 minutes until the heart of Walter LaGrand stopped beating. While the execution took place witnesses left the room nauseated.”

This gas execution on March 3, 1999 was almost certainly the last gas execution anywhere in the world. LaGrand had deliberately prolonged the agony of his own death to protest the inhumanity of the death penalty and especially gas executions. LaGrand had refused to assist his executioners by taking a deep, final breath on a signal from the warden in order to quickly ingest a lethal dose of cyanide. In his agony filled process of heroic resistance, however, LaGrand also undermined the holocaust hoax in which as many as 2,000 people at a time, 6,000 per day, had supposedly been gassed to death, also with cyanide, in just three minutes per gassing. That claim had been made by self-proclaimed “eyewitnesses” Vrba and Wetzler and widely publicized in the infamous War Refugee Board Report of mid-1944—even in the NY Times. That claim was simply a big LIE and technically impossible. A simple phone call in 1944 to any number of prison wardens in the US with gas chamber experience would have told anyone that the claim was absolute rubbish. But, not to worry about minor details—after the war, suitably prepped and tortured witnesses were found to support the BIG Lie! And, it goes on and on still today.

The execution of LaGrand in 1999 was also a flagrant violation of international law. The US decided shortly after an international court's ruling in this regard that it would not be bound by international law. “In 2005, facing multiplying challenges from death-sentenced foreign nationals similarly denied their rights under the VCCR, the Bush administration formally withdrew the United States from the ICJ’s oversight for such cases.” America is truly exceptional—but we knew that already! LaGrand had been murdered by the State of Arizona and the federal government had done nothing to intervene.

Jimmy Lee Gray


Jimmy Lee Gray may have taken forty minutes to die in the Mississippi gas chamber in 1983 according to Dan Lohwasser of UPI whose story appears at length in the Anchorage Times. That story and others seem far more credible than the official account which claims Jimmy Lee Gray died in something more than eight minutes when the witness area was cleared out by the warden. No official time of death seems to even be available:

Anchorage Daily News, Gadsden Times, Milwaukee Journal, The Pittsburgh Press, The Montreal Gazette, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, The Lewiston Daily Sun.

Note how the prison officials lied about the execution, claiming death came much faster than it in fact did. The facts about real gas executions totally undermine the Jewish LIES about their so-called holocaust.

Self-assisted Holocaust HOAX! by Friedrich Paul Berg

Testimonies on the Duration of Auschwitz Gassings from CODOH

Cyanide concentrations and durations of US gas executions from CODOH

Scientific References on Corpse Color from CODOH

Richard Green and the Toxicology of Auschwitz from CODOH

42,000 Holocaust Ghettos and Camps

Rather than "concentrating" Jews in a few key locations prior to exterminating them in just six so-called “killing centers,” it seems now--contrary to one of Raul Hilberg's major themes--the fiendish Nazis were "dispersing" the Jews as widely as possible to make it almost impossible to exterminate them, ever. This is so amazing!

The Rematch DEBATE between Roberto Muehlenkamp and Friedrich Paul Berg of Friday, February 15, 2013 on the Deanna Spingola Radio Show is over. Recordings of the show are at the following links:

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The wicked hoax is broken! No doubt, Jews and other anti-German racists will continue to push their pack of lies wherever and whenever they still can, indefinitely—but any “scholarly” basis for their claim that people were killed in gas chambers, the core claim of the hoax, has been shattered forever by the evidence which appears on this webpage. That evidence cannot be brushed over with hype and Hollywood. The logo at the top of this webpage tells much of the story already. The very same people who tried to heap shame and guilt on Germany forever are now themselves exposed as the greatest liars and swindlers and racists. They deserve no sympathy or reward: ONLY contempt! They deserve no part of Palestine either.

The Day Hitler Saved the World

Holocaust on Wall Street

Since 2007. the US has imposed a crippling form of socialism upon itself to protect, NOT its own people generally, but a handful of the most thoroughly corrupt criminal organizations in the country: Wall Street “investment” banks and other institutions such as AIG and Goldman-Sachs. That the most prominent of these are Jewish-dominated is no coincidence—and the response is no coincidence either. Capitalism works when it lets businesses that have mismanaged their affairs collapse. As painful as it is for shareholders, that is what makes capitalism work whenever it occurs. After such a collapse, shareholders may only get back 5 cents on the dollar of their original investments--but at least they get something back with which to invest again, perhaps more wisely, in new and better enterprises. That is the key to the success of capitalism. Collapse actually makes lots of capital available for something better. And, the people in charge of that fresh capital have learned through their pain to be much wiser and more careful also. The system cleanses itself when one has something like real capitalism. However, what is emerging in the US and elsewhere is protectionism for Wall Street kleptomaniacs and their followers whose unbounded greed and dishonesty got them into big trouble. They deserved no bailouts or sympathy, even if they were Jews. But the new reality in the US is that the crooks and their greedy followers are also enormously dominant politically--and one of the keys to their power is holocaust propaganda. Why should Jews suffer any pain at all, even if only financial pain? Who would dare begrudge the little darlings whatever they can steal after all they supposedly endured during that other holocaust under Hitler and national socialism? Bernie Madoff got sent to jail because he stole from Jews--shame on him--but the others are not even facing any kind of prosection as Lanny Breuer (Jew and Federal prosecutor) explained so nicely on Front Line.

What an ironic twist of fate that America is being destroyed today by the same people who destroyed Nazi Germany. The lies and liars that destroyed Nazi Germany are finally destroying America as well!

The Corpses would have been RED — all of the “eyewitnesses” lied!

If any holocaust gassing claims were true, vast numbers of bright, cherry RED corpses would have always been present among the victims. Not necessarily all of the corpses would have been red--but certainly large numbers, probably the vast majority, would have been intensely red in appearance from cyanide or carbon monoxide and would have been remembered that way long after the war. That intense red coloring would have appeared within minutes of death, in the hypostasis and even in the pre-hypostasis condition, and would have remained present for several days at least. This is, however, contrary to nearly all of the statements from self-described “eyewitnesses” to those alleged gassings or of the supposedly huge piles of stark naked corpses. A-L-L of those "eyewitnesses" LIED: — they claimed the corpses were either “blue,” or “bluish” or “unremarkable!Reference 1, Reference 2, Reference 3.

Human nature being what is is, the prurient interest alone in seeing huge piles of thousands of dead, stark naked women and men would have driven many “eyewitnesses” to stare very carefully at the bodies. “Hey, look at her--WOW! Check out this guy...etc.” The ghoulish scenes we are programmed to believe in are beyond anything from Dante's Inferno. The day to day perpetrators and corpse handlers, willing or not, would have become callous and cynical about what they were doing and seeing. How else could they have possibly dealt with such day to day horror? But no one except for Henryk Tauber noticed any RED coloring in any of the “extermination” camps. How is that possible if there were any truth to the gassing claims? The “eyewitnesses” reported a wide variety of other details about the corpses—but NO red or pink coloring for any “extermination” camps except for Auschwitz-Birkenau for which Tauber concocted an elaborately contrived tale (at least he got the color right for some alleged cyanide victims but his tales about cremation capacity brand him as a fantastic LIAR).

The exceptional, rare cases of “eyewitnesses” claiming to have seen red or pink corpses anywhere within German-occupied Europe are false for other reasons. A vast subculture of unbounded lying emerged among the Allies, especially among Jews led already by people like Samual Untermyer as early as March. 1933 —and that is the true basis for the so-called “holocaust.” Anti-German atrocity mongering had become a kind of patriotic “moral” duty, a home grown cottage industry, especially for Jews—and that continues to this day as the tales from self-described “holocaust survivors” still prove more than sixty years after the war—especially for naive American schoolchildren. (Does anyone dare ask how they “survived” if their Nazi captors had really been trying to kill them over many months, or years?) This was all supported with the sadistic torture and murder of hapless German prisoners during and after the war to manufacture “confessions.” The victors and "holocaust scholars" had, and still have, nothing better—like autopsies or incriminating documents. Germany and Austria today imprison “holocaust deniers.” Their people are still the victims of “Stockholm Syndrome,” slavishly buckling to the demands of those who are themselves the worst war criminals in all of human history. The Allied victors, including the Jews, had deliberately r-o-a-s-t-e-d countless innocent victims to death—women, children and babies included—as many as they possibly could. If the Germans had used gas chambers, that would have been humane by comparison.

For the holocaust lunacy to persist, all forensic pathology textbooks must be rewritten. The greatest examples of death from carbon monoxide in all of human history supposedly occurred in the Aktion Reinhardt camps and Chelmno in Poland at the hands of the evil Nazis and Germans. Nearly two million Jews as well as countless non-Jews (who really cares how many of them were killed?) were ALL supposedly murdered with carbon monoxide.

So, the medical textbooks and references must simply be wrong! Clearly, they must ALL be rewritten—even books written as long ago as the nineteenth century. Alternatively, they must be edited or censored and their related websites shutdown just as revisionist literature is censored or banned in order to protect the Jews. Why not? Such a small price to pay to perpetuate Jewish lies and domination! The lengthy list of authors and editors for the Textbook of Maritime Medicine should all be contacted by email so that they can begin to rewrite their otherwise excellent book as quickly as possible. If they fail to comply or even dare to resist, toss them in jail for "holocaust denial," or Volksverhetzung, or whatever—just as revisonists are tossed in jail for as long as five years for merely disputing the holocaust lunacy. And then, after these "doctors" have served their time, take away their medical degrees and ruin them and their families. That'll teach 'em to never again mess with Jews!

Hitler appreciated a joke, even a bad joke, as much as anyone. The claim that corpses from carbon monoxide poisoning would have been “blue” based on the endlessly referred to “Gerstein Statement” is as dumb and laughable as anything imaginable. Corpses from cyanide or Zyklon-B poisoning would NOT have been blue either. They would have been bright cherry RED! This has been spelled out in every medical reference book on these subjects for more than a century. A major development in recent years, however, has been the availability of excellent color photographs of corpses—especially in the last decade because of digital technology and the internet.

Medical science refutes the holocaust hoax. The “holocaust scholars” and historians made fools of themselves.

Jesus loves holocaust hoaxers but they must give back the money!
Did Jesus turn“blue?” Did Jesus turn "blue" as he was dying on the cross? Crucifixion is essentially a process of slow asphyxiation as the hanging victim weakens and gradually fails to keep the lung cavity open. But no one has ever claimed that Jesus turned "blue," Well, that just shows, once again, what scurrilous LIARS today's Jews really are when they repeat the supposed “eyewitness” testimony of Kurt Gerstein and others who claimed the gassing victims were "blue." OK already, so maybe Jesus' toenails and lips became cyanosed—but they n-e-v-e-r turned BLUE!

“ ‘Cherry red’ lividity of the hand as the expression of lethal carbon monoxide poisoning — livor mortis is bright red in cases of carbon monoxide or hydrocyanide poisoning. Red discoloration of the skin is not limited to the livor mortis of fresh corpses, but appears in the still living victim’s body as the mechanical result of carbon monoxide being absorbed by the bloodstream. Image (left) and text (above) are from “The Soul is Bone.” The fingertips appear “blue” because of the bright blue LED light that was certainly used to illuminate the subject—see image and text below. In other words, the fingertips have been deliberately distorted in appearance to more easily identify cyanosis.


Skin discoloration caused by carbon monoxide poisoning – Reality vs. Holocaust eye-witness testimony by Thomas Kues


The image below is an enlarged view of cyanosed fingertips that appear "blue" from the distance to the casual viewer when surrounded by normal-colored skin — but when enlarged many times and NOT surrounded by normal-colored skin, the true brown-grey or pink-grey coloring is obvious. There is NO blue present at all. Anyone can do this for themselves by simply enlarging a cropped portion of any cyanosed area of a victim using Adobe Elements 6.0 as I did here, or any number of other programs which are universally available today. This is all done without any adjustment to the color. But it must be done on subjects that were photographed in normal light and NOT, as seems to be common today, with some of the special bright blue LED lights that are currently being used to identify cyanosis in many hospitals today. The original image (apparently photographed in normal light) from which this is an enlargement appeared in Wikepdia under "cynosis" [sic. They did not even spell "cyanosis" correctly.] See also: "Clinical Observation" at http://www.ihea.org.au/files/HospEng_Autum_2007Midolo_n_Sergeyeva.pdf

See also: http://www.changizi.com/colorclinical.pdf . In other words, if you think you might be looking at an example of “blue cyanosis,” just enlarge any cyanotic or “blue“” area with all non-cyanotic areas cropped out and view the enlarged image again, preferably on a full screen.” The blue will vanish completely. The blue illusion only works with small areas surrounded by warm coloring. Any "blue" appearance of an entire corpse is impossible.

The Eyewitnesses Lied by FPBerg based on G. Austin Gresham's Color Atlas of Forensic Pathology

The claims that diesel exhaust was used to murder the vast majority of gassing victims is now being abandoned, albeit very quietly, by the “scholars” because of decades of research and writing by this webmaster. The holocaust hoaxers must now try to cover their tracks by insisting that their earlier diesel claims had never been that important anyway. The simple truth is that the so-called holocaust scholars had never done the most basic kinds of homework to support their monstrous claims. Some idea as to just how maniacally passionate these quacks were can be seen in some posts on a link to the Axis History Forum from just a few years ago—before the memo from central holocaust command was distributed. .

Soviet massacre site exhumed in western Unkraine--the Germans had been blamed, of course!


[Jewish and] “American Atrocities in Germany” by Judge Edward L. Van Roden

This damning expose of the sadistic torture of German POW's by mostly Jewish prosecutors and captors in Dachau at the end of WW2 had some postive consequences. Senator Joe McCarthy brought the facts to public attention. However, he paid a heavy price later for having dared to help expose the monsters responsible for the horrific crimes which Van Roden had discovered. Worst of all, however, was that those horrific crimes had been the primary means for manufacturing nearly all of the “holocaust evidence” which is still used today, more than ever. Van Roden's work, contrary to what he had imagined, was soon forgotten and the torturers moved on without any punishment to lucrative careers. After all, they were the “greatest generation.” The holocaust hoax is still being taught throughout the country, even to school children.


Paul Eisen and the Hayward Thesis

Auschwitz Survivors Raped by their Saviours

Poland mobilized its Army already in March 1939, six months before outbreak of WW2 Erika Steinbach: „Ich kann es doch nicht ändern, dass Polen [März 1939] mobil gemacht hat.“ Wenn man solche Wahrheiten nicht mehr offen aussprechen könne, „dann leben wir nicht mehr in einer Demokratie“

“How Hitler Tackled Unemployment
And Revived Germany’s Economy”
by Mark Weber

As good and useful as the linked essay by Mark Weber is, it understates the truth about what should be described as the “greatest economic miracle in all of human history.” Germany's economic miracle was achieved in spite of a world wide great depression and in spite of a world wide boycott of German merchandise. See further information on this subject below. To ward off today's impending economic disaster and depression, Americans should look to Nazi Germany for guidance and for their salvation. Since that is almost impossible for obvious reasons, America's decline and collapse are almost inevitable.

“Two Times Dachau” by Ingrid Weckert

The following quote appears in the above essay by Ingrid Weckert. It is from the diary of Gert Naumann, a German Luftwaffe captain imprisoned by the Americans in May of 1945. The American "liberators" taught the Germans all about the Christmas spirit--no Santa Claus for those "evil" Nazis.

“Two more days until Christmas. We must line up outside in front of the barrack on this side of the fence. The sky hangs with deep dark gray clouds above the camp. The prisoners of the other barracks of the special camp are also called outside. We stand in three long rows behind each other, with short distances between the barrack groups. For a while, nothing happens. The two guards outside on the camp street throw snowballs at each other. It is a peaceful picture. We wait behind the fence feeling chilly. Several of us who are getting too cold 'sneak' backwards, back into the barracks; the guards notice nothing.

A jeep comes up the big camp alley--with a trailer behind! Bags with mail are recognizable! And parcels! We stretch our necks and push forward. The jeep comes toward us and stops just beyond the fence. Three American soldiers jump off, run to the back, turn over the trailer: the mail lies in a big pile in the snow. An American goes to the front, gets a can of gasoline out of the jeep and pours it over the pile of our mail. The other American puts his lighter to the pile, snap! The yellow flame blazes, blazes, blazes -- we stand in shock. The burning pile gets smaller. The wind blows away a few partially burned pieces of paper. All turns to ashes. 'Everyone, get back into the barrack!'

“Orderly and Humane?” by R. M. Douglas

“The Historical Impact of Epidemic Typhus” by Joseph M. Conlon

How British PIGS Tortured German POWs during and after WW2 Are America's interrogators in Guantanomo today any better? Were the victorious torturers of WW2 so empowered by their successes and crimes at that time that they can repeat such outrages forever? Why not? Who will stop them?

British Government urged BBC and Clergy to help spread anti-German LIES

Amazing World War 2 Graffiti Uncovered

NEW Jerzy Ulicki-Rek and the International Red Cross Report NEWNo Evidence Of GenocideOne of the most important aspects of the Red Cross Report is that it clarifies the true cause of those deaths that undoubtedly occurred in the camps toward the end of the war. Says the Report: In the chaotic condition of Germany after the invasion during the final months of the war, the camps received no food supplies at all and starvation claimed an increasing number of victims. Itself alarmed by this situation, the German Government at last informed the ICRC on February 1st, 1945 ... In March 1945, discussions between the President of the ICRC and General of the S.S. Kaltenbrunner gave even more decisive results. Relief could henceforth be distributed by the ICRC, and one delegate was authorised to stay in each camp ...’ (Vol. III, p. 83).” See image of page 83 to the right.

NEW How Jews tortured innocent Germans to make Holocaust Evidence NEW



Benjamin Netanyahu (image left) is obviously outdoing even the mythological Hitler in gross nastiness with Israel's continuing oppression of the Palestinians. But unlike Hitler, Netanyahu has infinitely more power over the western press than Hitler could have ever dreamt of having. The cartoon left appeared in the British Sunday Times but within days of its appearance, Rupert Murdoch apologized for it.


Nazi Interrogation used Kindness rather than Torture

DARK LEGACY The Coup d’etat that murdered JFK and then—covered it up, successfully, to this day. The linked video may be the best and most revealing yet. The JFK murder and coverup are enormously important. They show that conspiracies are not merely possible, they do occur, probably all the time —even in almost full view of the American public with the aid of a worthless press and media and compliant public officials. How many grand books have been written about the Kennedys and “their legacy” with even the slightest suggestion that JFK was murdered by more than one person? The answer is: very few and their impact is nil. They simply do not resonate or bring the public out of its easy chairs. The American public is assured, again and again, that all of the JFK “conspiracy theories” are devoid of any real merit. The exact opposite is the case as the Zapruder film and the wounds to JFK's skull clearly prove. But worst of all, if people stop believing the anchor men from America's media networks, they might NOT believe in the holocaust hoax either.

US Taxpayers to pay B’nai B’rith pensions—it's election year and Obama needs every Jewish vote. Gotta keep bailing out all those poor suffering Jews—not just the ones at AIG and Goldman-Sachs! Everyone else should pay and pay and pay. The goyem masses are far too stupid to ever catch on anyway.

B'nai B'rith, also called the "Anti-Defamation League (ADL)" is responsible for pushing “Holocaust Studies” into nearly all public schools in the US as well as many, if not all, institutions of higher learning. Far from promoting “anti-defamation,” it has consistently done the exact opposite. Even the Armenian holocaust was blamed in large part on the Germans by the ADL (the Germans supposedly supplied the transport). The ADL has done more to d-e-f-a-m-e innocent people. especially Germans, than any other group outside Hollywood.

Abe Foxman, a self-described Polish-Jewish holocaust survivor, has been the driving force for this evil Jew organization. But it was and still is, supposedly, a private organization, albeit tax-exempt. Contributions to the ADL have been deductible from taxable income for many decades. And now, the pensions of 500 or so professional hatemongerers will be paid--by the US taxpayer to the tune of up to $54,000 per year per pensioner indefinitely. Is that another Jew scam, or what? Any guesses as to who really rules this insane country?

Holocaust in British hospitals today

NEW Viktor Frankl, world-famous Jew Psychiatrist exposed as another Holocaust LIAR! NEW

Frankl was in Auschwitz (for six days only) and was n-e-v-e-r registered there before being sent on to other camps. In other words, he was NOT exterminated but survived long beyond the war to pursue a great career as a world class psychiatrist. The fiendish Nazis never tried to kill him in the first place--on the contrary, they not only kept him alive but even used him to help keep other Jews alive. Go figure! The original essay on CODOH which led to Furtherglory's eloquent essay is here.



Why do Innocent People CONFESS in Japan?




It is a well-known adage in German military thinking that the party who is truly responsible for a war is NOT the one who fires the first shot--but the one who makes that first shot inevitable or unavoidable. How many more RED lines will the US cross with non-violent “Acts of War” (like “sanctions”) before the Iranians strike back with a violent act of war? When the Iranians do strike back, that will make the real war criminals (the US and its European stooges) oh-so happy. Their vast brain-dead electorates can then go to war against people who are no real threat to them and still feel as self-righteous and morally superior as ever. The only real beneficiary will be Israel.

Katyn Massacre and its Cover-Up by the US Government

AP Exclusive: “Memos show US hushed up Soviet crime”

REUTERS ---- ATLANTIC --- French Wartime Film

The German Wartime Report on the Katyn Massacre (343-pages in German). The German exhumations at Katyn were and still are a model for what forensic exhumations of mass murder sites should truly be. Compare the quality of the objective information in the German Report with the garbage the Soviets put together about “gas vans” in Kharkov and Krasnodar later in 1943 when they were obviously trying to counter the German revelations about Katyn with anti-German atrocity tales of their own. Who could possibly fail to see the vast differences? The "discoveries" of Father Patrick Desbois in recent years about alleged Nazi mass shootings are of the same disgraceful, stupid quality. The US coverup of Katyn until just recently and the fact that a Polish airplane carrying many of Poland's highest officals crashed “by accident” killing everyone just two years ago just after an official ceremony at Katyn commemorating the terrible crime shows how sensitive both the US and the successors to the KGB like Putin still are to the truth. Could there be even more shocking layers to this story?

Franciszek Herzog, 81, a Connecticut man whose father and uncle died in the massacre expressed frustration at the official US story. "There's a big difference between not knowing and not wanting to know," Herzog said. "I believe the U.S. government didn't want to know because it was inconvenient to them." Yes, indeed! The most bizarre holocaust claims against the Germans are officially sanctified by the US and German governments even though they are ALL based on the flimsiest evidence imaginable—while a real massacre by an American ally for which there truly was “undeniable hard evidence” was suppressed for seventy years. How many more people were murdered by the Soviets and their successors because of American complicity in this monstrous hoax and crime—only one among, no doubt, many other monstrous hoaxes and crimes? Shame on America! Shame on the REAL War Crminals!

Hitler's WAR—What the Historians Neglect to Mention

Some Unknown History leading to WW2 and the Holocaust HOAX

Visit HolocaustDenier.com

RODOH Discussion Forum for genuine Open DEBATE -- Join in the debates at RODOH. Avoid CODOH which stifles debate and yet pretends it is for "open debate." CODOH lies! NEW

South African Reserve Banker Admires Hitler's Economics

Stephen Goodson on the Deanna Spingola Radio Show

Hitler, the “monster,” in pictures—all carefully staged, of course!

The almost famous radio DEBATE between Roberto Muehlenkamp and Friedrich Paul Berg with discussion is on Index Page 2 with a link to the actual debate

An outright but essential LIE from Roberto Muehlenkamp: “Believing is for people who have no evidence to support their notions of the historical past. And that is Fredo's problem, not mine.” The true fanatics must insist that there is absolutely “no evidence” to anything holocaust revisionists have ever had to say. Would revisionists ever be so desperate and foolish as to lie the same way about holocaust believers? Of course, not! But many holocaust believers know that their national pride as Americans or Brits or Jews is at stake and so, they must maintain not only the hoax itself but the even more indefensible notion that revisionists are consistently wrong and lie about everything.

Rudolf Reder's Belzec by Thomas Kues


Mark Weber MUST Go!spread the word: NO support for Weber or the IHR

John Demjanjuk (91) has died in Germany

Holocaustleugnung ist Menschenrecht (Holocaust Denial is a Human Right)

  • KOMPAKT 23 Februar 2012
       Die Quersumme – Kolumne von Hans Püschel

„Im Rahmen der 102. Tagung des Menschenrechtskommitees der Vereinten Nationen (11. – 29. Juli 2011 in Genf) hat die Abteilung Menschenrechte der Vereinten Nationen klipp und klar entschieden, daß insbesondere das Bestreiten des Holocaust als zu   s c h ü t z e n d e s   R e c h t s g u t der freien Meinungsäußerung gelten müsse und nicht verfolgt werden dürfe!“

Das Kommitee faßte für alle Unterzeichnerstaaten der UN-Menschenrechtskonvention, also auch die Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Österreich und Schweiz, folgenden verbindlichen Beschluß:

„Gesetze, welche den Ausdruck von Meinungen zu historischen Fakten unter Strafe stellen, sind unvereinbar mit den Verpflichtungen, welche die Konvention den Unterzeichnerstaaten hinsichtlich der Respektierung der Meinungs- und Meinungsäußerungsfreiheit auferlegt. Die Konvention erlaubt kein allgemeines Verbot des Ausdrucks einer irrtümlichen Meinung oder einer unrichtigen Interpretation vergangener Geschehnisse.“      (Absatz 49., CCPR/C/GC/34)

Das Kommitee bezieht sich hauptsächlich auf das Bestreiten der Holocaust-Lügen, denn es verweist eindeutig mit der Fußnote 166 extra auf das französische Holocaust-Verfolgungsgesetz (Lex Faurisson): „Die sogenannten Erinnerungs-Gesetze wie im Fall Faurisson gegen Frankreich, Nr. 550/93.“ Zur Erläuterung für diejenigen, denen Professor Faurisson kein Begriff ist, sei gesagt, daß er sich seit Jahrzehnten wissenschaftlich mit der These des Vergasens von Menschen in NS-Konzentrationslagern befaßt hat und zu dem Ergebnis gekommen ist, daß dies ein Lügenmärchen sei. Für Interessierte im Internet alles leicht zu ergoogeln.

Für Deutschland bedeutet dies, daß das 1984 unter Bundesminister Engelhard eingeführte  „Gesetz gegen die Auschwitzlüge“  durch Neufassung des Paragraphen 130 nunmehr Makulatur ist.  Es verstößt gegen grundlegendes Menschenrecht! Tausende Deutsche wurden verurteilt und inhaftiert wegen § 130!

Diese 102. Tagung des UNO-Menschenrechtskommitees ist ein ein großer Schritt für Freiheit und Recht des einzelnen Menschen in Europa! Gegen Meinungsdiktatur und Verfolgung Andersdenkender! Ebtsprechende Verfassungsgerichtsurteile müssen revidiert, aufgehoben werden wie das entsprechende Gesetz überhaupt. Tausende Verurteilte müssen rehabilitiert, sogar entschädigt werden.   Inhaftierte freigelassen.

Das Rehabilitieren der von der DDR-Diktatur Verurteilten hatte man ja gern und schnell gemacht Anfang der Neunziger. Da konnte man ja verdeutlichen, wie böse die Kommunisten waren und wie freiheitlich-demokratisch man selber ist. Und nun? Geht’s jetzt auch so schnell? Oder ist’s nicht doch furchtbar peinlich, für die in Deutschland Regierenden,  von anderen gesagt zu bekommen, was Freiheit, Recht und Menschenwürde bedeuten, im wahren Leben?

Ahmadinejad is Right! America is Wrong!

Mahmud Ahmadinejad is absolutely right in saying the “holocaust” is a hoax. No doubt, that is a major reason for why his country must today endure sanctions and may even be attacked militarily by either the US, or Israel, or both. No doubt, that is a mjaor reason for why the entire world is facing a new world war.

For the depraved leaders that western nations have today, including Germany—Ahmadinejad's denial of the holocaust is proof that he and other leaders of Iran are insane and incapable of handling nuclear weapons responsibly. But a nuclear armed Israel is tolerated and not even worth discussing. For my part, I sincerely hope Iran acquires and/or develops nuclear weapons technology as quickly as possible. All nations within a thousand miles of Israel should also get nuclear weapons to defend themselves and deter the most thoroughly racist and aggressive nation on the planet, namely Israel. Ahmadinejad and the Iranian leadership are among the few sane leaders anywhere in the world today. Ahmadinejad is a hero; he dares to tell the truth!

Defiance - HD by thethirdcraft

A Challenge to DEBATE Any and All self-described “Holocaust Survivors!”

On any screening of YouTube, one can SEARCH for “holocaust survivors.” One will quickly get many video accounts from living “holocaust survivors.” I have begun challenging them in the YouTube comments sections to debate me personally with the text below. The question I put to them as loudly as I possibly can is: “If the Nazis had really been trying to kill them, how did they possibly survive?”

There are still today hundreds of thousands of so-called “holocaust survivors” including many thousands who spent time in Auschwitz. ALL of them are, in fact, living p-r-o-o-f (not merely “evidence”) for the simple fact that there was absolutely no attempt by the Germans to exterminate the Jews of Europe. All were kept alive by the Germans with food, water, shelter, medical care, clean clothing (free of lice), security and more. If the intended victims had simply been denied any of those essential ingredients, they would have died without any need for gas chambers or mass shootings. The "survivors" had in fact been treated rather well by the Nazis under the horrific circumstances that the Allies had imposed on everyone in German-occupied Europe.The Nazis and Germans had fed the “survivors” and provided them with shelter, medical care and clean lice-free clothes, security, and so much more as best they could in spite of a terrible war in which their own country was being turned into a crematory oven by the criminally insane Allies.

So, to all “holocaust survivors”—stop lying and whining!

Let's have a debate about it—with me and not just with brainwashed, innocent school children. Surely, the Phoenix New Times can help arrange such a public debate with sufficient police security and wide public interest in this enormously important subject. There are limits to how many challenges I can post myself. Perhaps others will post similar challenges--publicly as well. If people simply copy and paste the above challenge (with or without my name), that is fine with me. Friedrich Paul Berg

10 Trick Questions for “Holocaust Survivors”

Holocaust survivors are like zombies. After all, that's how they survived—right? If they look like zombies even sixty years after the war, like Elie Wiesel, all the better. It makes their horror tales all the more compelling. They are still human, at least partially—but they have been programmed to lie with great skill omitting inconvenient facts in order to boost the holocaust mythology. And of course, avoid serious questioning by people who are not totally sympathetic and programmed themselves. How dare anyone ever doubt their stories. It all brings them endless rewards. It also excuses the crimes and real atrocities of their fellow Jews, especially in the Middle East.

1. When did you enter a concentration camp or labor camp and when did you leave?

2. How old were you when you entered?

3. What job skills did you have if any?

4. What did you actually do throughout your incarceration in such camps?

5. Were you fed and how often?

6. Were you given shelter?

7. Were you given clean clothing and how often?

8. Were you ever too ill to work and were you given medical care?

9. For how long were you ever unable to work?

10, Why do you believe the Germans had ever wanted to kill you?

The trick questions are not really tricky at all. They are simply the kinds of normal and reasonable questions that defense attorneys should always ask prosecution witnesses. However, we have all been so thoroughly programmed with holocaust propaganda that hardly anyone ever dares to ask the right questions. The zombies are like saints. The real “trick” is to simply ask the questions!

No doubt, there are many other “excellent” or even “better" questions to put to self-described “holocaust survivors” than the ten I have chosen. The trick is to actually put the questions to the “survivors.” Take their magic halo away from them.

If the holocaust “historians” were reasonable or fair, they would have to admit that their claim that ALL Jews were targeted for extermination is totally false and that huge numbers were definitely targeted for “survival.”

Holocaust survivors are like Coca-Cola. They are everywhere! When I was much younger, I believed as most people believed that only a tiny handful of Jews “survived.” To actually meet a “survivor” was like seeing that rare person who had actually come back from the dead. After the Schindler's List movie became successful, Steven Spielberg began making video recordings of “survivors.” The numbers of such recordings quickly grew into the tens of thousands—and then one began seeing statistical studies from Jews showing that the numbers of “survivors,” alive even into the twenty-first century, were well into the hundreds of thousands. Such numbers mean that the numbers of “survivors” at the end of WW2 must have been in the millions. Can one continue to believe that only those capable of hard work as slaves were allowed to survive? Of course, not!

Will Jews ever admit that there is something grossly wrong with the tale they have promoted so successfully and for so long? Will Jews ever tell the truth?

Friedrich Paul Berg


NEW The Search for WW2 Mass GravesNEW


NEW THE GAS VANS: a critical investigation by Santiago Alvarez and Pierre Marais NEW

Steve JOBS after he resigns as CEO of AppleSteve Paul Jobs has died!

1955 — 2011

Rest in Peace

Did Steve JOBS die from S-t-a-r-v-a-t-i-o-n or T-y-p-h-u-s ? The images to the left—click to enlarge—were taken in August 2011 a few days after Jobs’ resignation as CEO of Apple due to “ill health.” Jobs was clearly being reduced to skin and bone just as many concentration inmates were before they died at the end of WW2. The simple facts are that in spite of his great wealth and access to the best medical care and nutrition in the world, Jobs seemed to be dying of starvation—and it happened (shock, horror, awe) in America! Was some Nazi version of Dr. Frankenstein to blame for all this? Of course, not! The best food passed through his system without leaving much, if anything. If Steve Jobs had removed the top of his pajamas, would Jobs have looked any better than any of the “victims” of Bergen-Belsen or Dachau? Of course, not! The same can be said for thousands upon thousands of terminally ill patients in any major hospital anywhere. The denial of this simple, but extremely unpleasant, fact of life is the key to promoting the most monstrous hoax of all time—the so-called “holocaust.” Holocaust insanity in the USA today is based on the dirtiest kind of racist hate propaganda::— photos of dead and dying persons found in concentration camps where every informed person knows there were no exterminations, ever, in gas chambers—and where the real mass murderers responsible were the western Allies. Years of total blockade (deliberate mass starvation of Germany and Europe) from the first day of the war, and bombing, and strafing of civilians did have their effects. That is what the pictures in Atlantic monthy really show. Shame on America!

Was Steve Jobs a victim of fiendish medical experiments? One would certainly expect him to have undergone many questionable procedures with medications that are far from “proven”—but that does NOT suggest anything “fiendish” at all. It is merely good medical practice in a near hopeless situation. There are millions of cases similar to Jobs’ case every year throughout the world. A high proportion of us will look no better than Jobs when we die—from AIDS, or cancer, or any number of slow debilitating diseases. What is extraordinary is that these images of Jobs have become public. Normally, the dying person is tucked away in a hospital until the undertaker takes him to be restored to some kind of normal appearance for public display in a funeral parlor. That is normally the case unless the images can be used to make holocaust propaganda. Some people have no shame at all. Please read the discussion below on this homepage with even more images. That Jobs was alive at all in spite of his obvious deterioration is a tribute to the good care he was receiving. If his care had been of poor quality, he would have died long before his body had been reduced as it was. That simple fact suggests that victims in Belsen and other German concentration camps at the end of WW2 were treated well under the impossible circumstances imposed by the western Allies. If any kinds of “exterminations” had been occurring, those “useless victims” would have been disposed of long before they could have ever looked like Steve Jobs.

Robin GIBB of the BeeGees

To the extreme right, we have an image of Robin Gibb from the BeeGees who is quite sick. Nonetheless, for reasons about which one can only guess, he still appears publicly. Is he another holocaust victim? Why not?

Josef Kramer (the commandant of Bergen-Belsen), Dr. Fritz Klein (Belsen's chief medical officer), Dr. Josef Mengele, Rudolf Hoess (the commandant of Auschwitz) and many, many other Germans were thoroughly decent men and totally innocent of the obscene charges made against them by Allied prosecutors and, of course, the Jews who are still at it to this day. If Allied prosecutors and judges had been serious about finding sadistic, depraved mass murderers—they had only to look at themselves in any mirror. It was the cowardly but victorious western Allies who had brought about the horrible conditions, far from any ground fighting, inside the German concentration camps at the end of WW2. Regarding Dr. Josef Mengele, although there has been enormous attention on him including the revelation recently of five thousand pages of his personal correspondence, there is not one shred of any real evidence such as medical records or correspondence that he ever did anything atrocious. The r-e-a-l mass murderers were--and still are--the USA and Britain. driven, of course, by the Jews who are without any doubt in this author's mind--the greatest liars and racist hatemongers of all. WW3, nuclear and even thermo-nuclear, to make Israel “secure” and to “prevent another holocaust” (Hillary Clinton) seems inevitable. Herman Cain, the leading Reublican presidential candidate at this time, has already announced that he will attack Iran to protect Israel. The “Nazis” were the real heroes of WW2 who, in spite of their defeat, saved the world from total enslavement to communism. They continued their heroic struggle in spite of the overwhelming odds against them and long after the tragic outcome of their heroic struggle was inevitable. The “Nazis” saved us sixty years ago! Who will save us now?

Will Jews ever stop telling their horrendous lies about the Nazis and Germany? Only time will tell! Will America ever apologize for the horrendous crimes it committed during and after WW2 against civilians? Of course, not! This is an extremely sick country and a continuing menace to the entire world as America's newest wars in Iraq and Afghanistan show all too well.

NEW Commentary on Typhus Control in World War II NEW

Tyler Kent — history is repeating itself

Roughly two-thirds of all alleged Nazi gassings were supposedly carried out with carbon monoxide or CO. According to all of the self-described "eyewintesses" to such crimes, the corpses were "blue" or colorless, or "unremarkable"— but never "red." The world's medical literature tells us that the supposed “eyewitnesses” are ALL liars. The following is just one example from that literature:

“In a-l-l of the fatalities from acute
carbon monoxide poisoning in which the
victim was found dead at the scene, a
conspicuous finding was the characteristic
pink or cherry red post-mortem
lividity of carboxyhemoglobin in the
skin of the dependent portions of the
body. These suggillations are readily
distinguishable, because of their color,
from ordinary post-mortem lividity.”

from: American Journal of Public Health, March 1952, page 262.

Contrary to what people believe, even within revisionist circles, most holocaust gassing victims were murdered with CO (carbon monoxide) supposedly and NOT with cyanide (HCN) or Zyklon-B at all. In Treblinka, Belzec, Chelmno, Maidanek and in the so-called "gas vans" in Russia, the killing agent was always CO, supposedly—perhaps from gasoline engines but perhaps from diesel engines, take your pick. Nearly two million Jews and countless non-Jews (no one really cares how many) were all supposedly murdered in this way. In countless war crimes trial beginning already in Russia in 1943 (Kharkov and Krasnodar) and continuing even to this day (Munich), countless "eyewitnesses" testified under oath about what they supposedly saw--but NONE have ever claimed that the victims were pink or red. There is not even one such example from any of the testimony or in any of the countless books on the subject.

The CO gassing stories are clearly a monumental LIE! The "holocaust" hoaxers blundered about the most basic and most easily recognized feature of any CO gassing victim: the dramatic and "conspicuous" color of the corpse. There are many other essays from the medical literature that have essentially the same message about CO fatalities (elsewhere on this homepage) but the above paragraph from New York City may be the clearest and most dramatic of all. Jews as a people and holocaust promoters in general owe the German people the most profound apologies and lots of money. American support for Israel and America's eagerness to “prevent another Holocaust” (Hillary Clinton) should be thoroughly reconsidered before America's current Middle East wars become nuclear or even thermo-nuclear.

So, where did all those dead RED Jews go?
Did they turn white?
Did they turn blue?
Did they turn to vaporware?
No--oh No! They were never there!

NEW “Skin discoloration caused by carbon monoxide poisoning – Reality vs. Holocaust eye-witness testimony” by Thomas Kues NEW

from: D.A.L. Bowen "Medical Investigations in Cases of Sudden Death," British Medical Journal, 1 April 1967, page 35:


The possibility of poisoning must be considered when apparently healthy persons are found dead at home without signs of injury. Carbon monoxide poisoning may be diagnosed easily, because its inhalation in lethal quantities produces a characteristic cherry red coloration in the areas of hypostasis. A similar reddish hue is seen in cases of cyanide poisoning.”

Although nearly two million Jews were supposedly murdered by the Nazis with carbon monoxide, ALL of the "eyewitnesses" on whom this allegation is entirely based failed to ever mention any RED coloring of even one of the victims. Wouldn't those huge piles of naked RED Jewish corpses have been rather sensational? Perhaps the "eyewitnesses" all lied--and the accused Nazis are totally innocent! Since there is absolutely NO physical evidence of such alleged gassings either, or documentary evidence--the logical conclusion is inescapable:-- the CO gassing claims must simply be an extremely dirty HOAX!. Nothing about those gassing stories is credible!

from: "Poisonous Gases in Submarines," The British Medical Journal, May 1, 1915, page 769.

“The symptoms of poisoning by CO in most cases may be said to be quite sudden unconsciousness without any preliminary manifestations, because, as a rule, the victim is suddenly exposed to a somewhat concentrated gas; the
chief point about this unconsciousness is that the victim retains an exceptionally bright colour, due to the fact that
COHb has a bright cherry-red tint, which, when seen through the skin, merely strikes the observer as a high
colour. Unless aid is speedily rendered, this unconsciousness is verv rapidly followed by death---so rapidly, indeed,
that sudden unconsciousness and death constitute practically the whole picture. The records of cases of more
gradual poisoning come chiefly from explorers in coal mines after an explosion who have met with the gas as
the principal part of " after-damp." In these cases the symptoms described are those mainly of buzzing in the
head and throbbing in the neck, coupled with the very important symptom of great muscular weakness (preventing
or hindering escape), mental activity with confusion, and difficulty of connected attention. This stage
may last, perhaps, a few minutes, during which the weakness increases, and then, if nothing is done, insensibility
supervenes as in the sudden cases. In the air that is being respired a percentage of 0.17 is highly dangerous,
and of 1 almost inevitably fatal.

The essential treatment is removal to fresh air (this at times seems for a moment to increase the symptoms),
where artificial respiration should be performed. Strychnine hypodermically, or oxygen inhalations with a mask,
should be tried in addition; the trouble is that COHb is a very stable compound dissociated with difficulty.”

The victim described above in the highlighted text is still alive but unconscious and has a "bright colour"--but still not cherry red.


HOLOHOAXED Videos: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.

NEWEST Holocaust Survivors who Tell the Truth NEWEST


NEW LBJ killed JFK according to Jackie and Madeleine Duncan Brown. The linked essay presents stunning evidence—some old, some new—regarding a pivotal moment in modern history. The official version of events, that Lee Harvey Oswald had acted alone, was an elaborate hoax with its own coverup conspirators including Chief Justice Earl Warren and many of America's most prominent citizens. That such a hoax succeeded as long as it did should open the minds of readers to that other, even greater hoax which is the focus of this website: the Holocaust HOAX.

The JFK assassination conspirators had gathered at the home of Clint Murchison the night before the assassination and included many of the wealthiest and most powerful people, not just in Texas, but in the US generally—including J. Edgar Hoover and Richard Nixon. JFK's murder the next day allowed LBJ and the US military to greatly expand the Vietnam War which JFK had been wisely trying to shut-down. The JFK assassination also allowed the Israelis to blackmail the US prior to and during Israel's 1967 war of aggression—the so-called: “Six Day War”—in which Israel acquired the Sinai desert, the West Bank territory and east Jerusalem as well as the Golan Heights of Syria. Those conquered territories except for Sinai are still the basis of the most dangerous military confrontations on the planet—that may well bring about a nuclear world war. LBJ's fear of the Israelis and their information about his role in the assassination, no doubt, allowed Israel to also attack the USS Liberty during that war on June 8, 1967 and murder 34 Americans with impunity. The USS Liberty had somehow failed to get the memo to stay clear and let the Israelis do whatever they wanted which included murdering countless Egyptian POW's in the Sinai. The Israeli attack on the Liberty was NO accident. The assassination of Bobby Kennedy in June, 1968—supposedly by a Palestinian, of all people—and Martin Luther King also in 1968 occurred within one year of the attack on the USS Liberty. Ted Kennedy was not assassinated but merely marginalized by the Chappaquittick incident.

Cord Meyer was a Jewish CIA agent, and probably the real "Deep Throat" who destroyed Nixon and admitted his role prior to his death in 2001. The Cord Meyer family had grown rich developing the so-called "Cord Meyer" section of Forest Hills in Queens, New York. Many of the eventual residents were Russian refugee Jews and the area became especially valuable because of the very rich Jews who filled the area with well-kept mansions. Cord Meyer seemed to have had a deep and legitimate grudge against JFK for Kennedy's affair with Meyer's wife, and that was why LBJ confided to him also on the day before the assassination. Whether Cord Meyer was actually part of the plot is far from certain—but obviously, Meyer knew about it. Was he at the home of Clint Murchison the day before the assassination? LBJ had probably been gleefully shooting off his mouth to lots of people about what he expected would happen the next day in Dallas. In any event, Meyer knew about the conspiracy and who the real man behind everything was, LBJ, and probably passed it to the Israelis who would have used it just a few years later to be sure of American neutrality for their 1967 war of aggression against Egypt, Syria and Jordan. A few years earlier, in 1956 when the Israelis had also invaded Egypt together with Britain and France—Eisenhower had told them all to get the hell out of Egypt which they did, reluctantly of course. For the 1967 war, the Israelis needed American acquiescence and more. They also needed LBJ to cover up the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty which has to be one of the most amazing betrayals since Benedict Arnold. The Israelis had the goods on LBJ to be certain of his compliance. How deep had Secretary of Defense McNamara been involved as well? Even if the Israelis did not have enough to prove LBJ's guilt, they had enough to destroy him politically in America. LBJ declined a second term, in any event. If LBJ had sent aircraft to fire back at the Israelis, they would have connected him to JFK's murder just as years later, they hamstrung President Clinton with what they knew about Monica Lewinsky. Barack Obama must beware of the people around him

The large wound at the back of JFK's skull was a typical “exit wound.” The bullet that caused such a wound must have hit the front of JFK's skull first, probably in the right forehead as the Zapruder video seems to show although it is hard to be absolutely sure about that. But the huge exit wound at the back of the skull which caused a large chunk of the skull to fly to the back of car (clearly visible) with Jackie Kennedy lunging to the back of the car to try to capture it is dramatic and undeniable evidence that one of the assassins must have been in front of the vehicle. Two shooters means there was definitely a conspiracy. But, in addition to the conspiracy to murder the president, there has also been an elaborate conspiracy to coverup the truth about the assassination. Chief Justice Earl Warren and many other high l;evel officials including General Curtis B. LeMay who witnessed the autopsy were all part of it. No doubt, JFK was murdered because he was seen as being soft on communism. Both conspiraciers have succeeded. As part of the coverup, Bobby Kennedy was also assassinated with the blame put on a Palestinian (guess why). Teddy was neutralized by Chappaquittick. One lesson from all this is that elaborate conspiracies of the foulest kinds occur with collusion at the highest levels. The holocaust hoax is another example—and that hoax continues with collusion from the US government and a thoroughly corrupt press and media.

President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech version 2    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhZk8ronces 
 John F Kennedy's bodyguards being told to stay away from JFK    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFpPjjKdUds&feature=related    
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Deathbed Confession of E. Howard Hunt    laying the deed at the doorstep  of lbj    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHZl91gN63g&NR=1  
   E Howard Hunt Hidden Messages: JFK Assassination Confession    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUecqrHoj3I&NR=1  
   Ruby: "It was Johnson"    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-L5xYwb2ls&feature=related    
 RFK to JFK: "You're going to be assassinated"    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO8bo8eOdAs&NR=1   
   RFK to LBJ: "Why did you have my brother killed ?"    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijBqqbSzq_Y&NR=1   
LBJ to Hoover: "The only way we can stop 'em....."    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTjWcWgczQg&NR=1
"Johnson wants Jackie to ride with him"    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVdangf91BQ&NR=1   
 Jackie: "They've murdered my husband"    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6tMG6_wMAE&NR=1

Auschwitz: The Comedy (YouTube video)

Rupert Murdoch's Deeply Hidden Jewish Roots from an essay by Christopher Bollyn

Murdoch “became an American citizen for business reasons,” according to Richard H. Curtiss, editor of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. Keith Rupert was born in Melbourne, Australia, on March 11, 1931. “Rupert’s father, Sir Keith Murdoch, was a newspaper publisher, and his mother an Orthodox Jew,” Curtiss wrote, “although Murdoch never offers that information in his biographies.”

Murdoch’s father married Elisabeth Joy Greene, daughter of Rupert Greene in 1928. They had one son, Keith Rupert and three daughters. Later in life, Keith Rupert chose to use “Rupert,” the first name of his Jewish maternal grandfather.

The young Keith Rupert was educated at Australia’s fashionable Geelong private school, and went on to the elitist and aristocratic Oxford University in England, according to Candour (UK) magazine.

“Rupert’s father Sir Keith Murdoch attained his prominent position in Australian society through a fortuitous marriage to the daughter of a wealthy Jewish family, née Elisabeth Joy Greene. Through his wife’s connections, Keith Murdoch was subsequently promoted from reporter to chairman of the British-owned newspaper where he worked. There was enough money to buy himself a knighthood of the British realm, two newspapers in Adelaide, South Australia, and a radio station in a faraway mining town,” Candour wrote in 1984. “For some reason, Murdoch has always tried to hide the fact that his pious mother brought him up as a Jew.”

While Murdoch may have “tried to hide” his Jewish roots, he has been quite forthright about his support for extreme right-wing Zionists, such as Benjamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon.

Commentary by this webmaster: The Murdoch empire includes Fox News (nominally conservative) and the Wall Street Journal. But Ron Paul, for example, with his isolationist views regarding America's criminal wars in the Middle East will never get a fair shake there even though he is extremely popular, and brilliant, and as politically conservative as almost anyone. But, Ron Paul is NOT “neo-conservative” which is really just a synonym for Zionist.-In several revealing videos, the British actor Hugh Grant courageously discusses the deep incestuous ties between the British government, the tabloid press and the British police. Can anyone seriously believe that the British press during World War 2 was any less corrupt than it is today? It seems all too clear that the Allied press was motivated by the basest kinds of sensational, fraudulent journalism—then, just as today. Microphone monitoring of German prisoners in their cells was common.The absurd charges made during the Belsen Trial, for example, all served their interests extremely well.

Zelda GORDON: the Irene Zisblatt of Treblinka

In the above video, Zelda GORDON (6 mins to 12 mins into the video) describes how she backed out of the Treblinka Gas Chamber …

“I can say that a quarter of those people in that synagogue just dropped dead. . . . It took seconds for people to disappear.

It is another fantastic tale, reminiscent of Irene Zisblatt's pack of lies about Auschwitz and her five precious diamonds being ingested and expelled many times over for several years. But Zelda's tale has some important truth in it nonetheless. Obviously, all of the Jews and Jewesses that went to Treblinka were NOT killed at all.  At least 100 Jews according to Zelda's own account re-boarded a train and went on to other camps. Some even went on to live very comfortable lives into the 1990's in charming places like Beverly Hills, California.  Those dirty Jewish "holocaust historians" have been caught lying again.  Will the Jews ever give back all of that money?

This video and many others like it, prove that Treblinka was indeed a “transit camp” as revisionists have always claimed and NOT an extermination camp.  Many people, including Jews, arrived from various places, and after a brief stay—which included a shower, a medical exam, a change into clean lice-free clothes, and a meal—departed for other places such as Lublin and Maidanek to the south where they worked like normal people usually do, even during wartime.   The holocaust hoaxers are proven completely wrong, once again. If the Nazi motive had been to simply kill or torture the Jews, such train stops as at Treblinka and other Aktion Reinhardt camps would have been pointless; those evil Nazis could have simply by-passed the transit camps, and let the Jews suffer and die on the trains—no pit stops, or rest stops—as they continued on their long journeys to the east, or wherever.  Clearly, the purpose of Treblinka was to help keep Jews alive and healthy. Zelda has, of course, embellished her tale with the most sinister accusations against the Germans and yet, her story contains much which seems true and believable and thoroughly undermines the holocaust hoax in general. Thank you Steven Spielberg for making a permanent video record of Zelda GORDON's story.

Is a major motion picture likely—perhaps with Angelina Jolie playing the role of Zelda to help teach everyone in the world about those horrific AR camps? Will Steven Spielberg ever tell the truth about anything?


In the above video, Maj. Gen. Lev Sotskov ignores the all-important fact that the Molotov–Ribbentrop pact of August 23, 1939 did NOT necessarily mean war at all, not even in its secret additional protocol. After the pact was signed, there was still time (at least seven days) for Poland to come to its senses and negotiate with Hitler regarding Danzig. Danzig was the real tinderbox, a so-called "free state" under international protection, but whose citizens wanted by an overwhelming majority (96%) to be reunited with Germany. Poland was, however, obsessed with the obscene illusion that Poland had a divine moral right to incorporate Danzig and even much more German territory into Poland, even if that meant going completely against the will of the effected peoples. The Molotov–Ribbentrop pact was a desperate attempt by Hitler to undermine the efforts of Britain, France, the USA, Poland and even the Soviet Union made over many months in the spring and summer of 1939 to strangle Germany without war and crush Germany militarily in the event of war. Everyone knew that was the trap being set for Germany. Hitler's negotiations to escape the trap were brilliant and entirely admirable.

The problem was that Poland, foolishly, still wanted war even after the Molotov–Ribbentrop pact was announced, even after the first day's fighting showed that Poland was totally outclassed militarily, and even after Hitler offered to pull all German troops out of Poland and pay reparations to Poland for the damages caused by the German invasion—if Poland would negotiate the return of Danzig with England as mediator with a road therough the corridor. The incredibly generous terms Hitler offered Poland are spelled out in Adolf Hitler by John Toland (1976), page 573 and in Origins of the Second World War by A. J. P. Taylor (1962). The real culprits were the Poles who remained convinced, in large part because of US Ambassador William Bullitt and the anti-German lunatics (many of whom were Jews) in the USA, that war would bring Poland some great victory. The Poles did ultimately win but the price was staggering. Read also “Was Stalin to blame” by Tom Segev in Haaretz.com.

If the so-called “western democracies” had really cared about peace and democracy, they would have supported Hitler and his entirely legitimate efforts to return economically ruined Danzig to Germany peacefully. Reunion with Germany was what Danzig also wanted. Except for an access highway to Danzig, no loss of any Polish territory was necessary. Hitler was the great man—brilliant, inciteful, entirely reasonable and extremely generous. That he is still villified today merely shows that the same people who truly wanted WW2 are still in near total control—except for this and certain other websites.

Stalin's world ambitions are spelled out in many revisionist works over the years including a book review by Daniel Michaels of a major work in German by Wolfgang Strauss.

From those Wonderful People who brought you the Inquisition. This lengthy link is quite relevant for what it has to say about WW2. The horrors of witch burnings are tame, however, compared to the deliberate mass incinerations of totally innocent civilians by the US and Britain in response to the pious prodding from Jews and others, including some of the world's leading Christian clerics and theologians.

BREAKING NEWS Dominique Strauss-Kahn was in handcuffs (it was so cruel and humiliating!!) when he appeared before the judges this week for the whole world to see—but, Jews in Auschwitz-Birkenau, supposedly on their way to the gaschambers and extermination, had NO shackles or personal restraints on them at all. They were strolling, and resting, and picnicing, and snacking along the way as the pictures from Yad Vashem clearly show.

DSK and ObamaHolocaust propaganda has empowered Jews as never before. The consequences will be disastrous for the world and especially America whose economy is already collapsing from within. No foreign army or terrorists were needed. Not that long ago, Untermenschen like DSK were not even allowed into polite society—but today, they are the “elite,” even the guardians of power, especially their own. Greenspan, Bernanke, Kissinger, Wolfowitz, Libby, Blankfein, Spitzer, Madoff are just some of the names that we have come to know so well. The "holocaust" has been the crowbar which allowed them to break in. Even a low-life con-artist like Elie Wiesel was able to scold President Ronald Reagan with a morality lecture before the entire nation when Reagan was about to merely visit a cemetery in Bitburg, Germany. In the adjoining picture—click to enlarge— DSK looks like the predatory cockroach that he truly is, and ready to pounce, whereas Barack Obama and his wife look like aristocracy. Compared to DSK, they are aristocracy!


Image Steve Jobs Holocaust Victim
The above photos of Steve Jobs were taken over the last few years. Just look at those bones beneath his skin!

To the right we have a young, handsome, healthy Steve Jobs from more than ten years ago. All the makeup and the best medical care in the world can not make him look like that today.

Steve Jobs is one of the most successful people on the planet with access to the best medical care and nutrition. He is sick with cancer but manages to "survive" somehow--and still makes public appearances to promote the great company which he manages, Apple. Investor confidence is directly tied to his presence and so he endures what must be terrible public ordeals. At today's Apple conference (June 6, 2011) some people commented that he appeared even more emaciated than before. We wish him well. The vast majority of people in his situation will simply avoid all public appearances and retire to nursing facilities.

One result is that the American public does not generally even know what sick people really look like. When they do visit a sick or dying relative in a hospital, that person is in pajamas and is well-cared-for in a well-made bed with neat and clean surroundings. When the relative dies, the corpse is scooted off to a funeral parlor where extremely well-paid, highly trained cosmeticians do their best to make the corpse appear as healthy as ever. The “departed” relative is merely asleep and at peace with the universe. Billions of American dollars are spent every year on such outright fraud and deception. And so, Americans especially, have a thoroughly false impression of what death looks like. The sad fact is that a good proportion of us, perhaps a third, will be reduced to skin and bone before our demise. Cancer, AIDS, tuberculosis are just some of the diseases that have such effects on their victims. Military combat, by contrast, tends to kill people who are healthy, even in great health, until they are killed. And so, the claims that so-called "battle-hardened soldiers" were deeply shocked by what they saw in German concentration camps near the end of the war has some credence.

Many years ago I was confronted by a Czech doctor who refused to believe for an instant that there could be any merit to revisionist claims about the "holocaust." I suggested that he let me go to the major hospital where he was a proud director and let me photograph those patients who were likely to die in the next few days--but, with the tops off their pajamas. At that point, he understood me perfectly and declined my challenge. Even with the best of care in the most modern hospitals today, people still do die and look horrible at the end. It is shocking but so true!

ImageStephen Hawking's horrible appearance to the left shows a person who is still quite functional, at least mentally, and not be the product of any gratuitous mistreatment at all. Is it conceivable that Hawking and Steve Jobs might be receiving some treatements of an “experimental” nature. No doubt, there are millions of such cases but the pictures are hidden far from public viewing--except for holocaust propaganda.

In 1945 LIFE magazine to the right discussed America's horrible medical experiments on its very own citizens--shock, horror, awe! No doubt, any German who had dared educate the victors as to how similar scenes arose in German concentration camps would have merely put his or her neck in a noose or would have been shot outright.

It was the cowardly British who had been trying to starve all of Germany to death from the moment they declared war on Germany in September of 1939. When the British actually did have a chance to "fight" the Germans in April and May of 1940, they quickly ran away, literally—first from Norway, and then from France and Belgium. By the end of the war, however, with the help of the US, their cowardly strategy to murder and starve as many Axis civilians as possible had to a great extent succeeded. So long as the victims were merely German women, children, babies, old men—there was no moral problem at all. But, the discovery that some of the victims were Jews was so embarrassing. What to do, already? Well, just blame the Germans! The victors do write the history books.

Rock Hudson AIDS Victim The grossly misused photographs of the sick and dying in the concentration camps are the real basis for belief in the "holocaust" and they deserve far more of our attention. Some well-known Jews who looked as if they just returned from Bergen-Belsen are Elie Wiesel (today in his 80's) and J. Robert Oppenheimer (just look at those forearms)—image lower right—in the fullness of his success just after the war. Should America be condemned for not having done more for such people? Why not?

OppenheimerThe real mass murderers and ultimate genocidal maniacs were, and still are, the Allies—especially the Americans. Holocaust propaganda is the continuation of their insane war against countless, totally innocent people--especially the Germans.Will Steve Jobs, Stephen Hawking or Elie Wiesel look any better when they die than Rock Hudson, image upper left, after he died—or any better than the dead in Bergen Belsen? Of course, not! Countless people die every day in America and look not one bit better than the dead in Bergen-Belsen in 1945. Just take their clothes away and show them as they are. C'est la Vie!

We have all seen photos of some of the 18,000 people who died in Belsen before the British too over. We are, however, NEVER shown photos of the 14,000 people who died in Belsen a-f-t-e-r the Brtitish took over. Why? Can anyone seriously believe that the victims in the first group looked any worse than the victims in the second group? Truth was not an object of the British propaganda regarding Belsen at all. Today, if one speaks the truth in Germany about Belsen, one is imprisoned for supposedly “inciting racial hatred.” Why? Obviously, truth is a terrible threat to German “democracy.” and even to Europe generally.

NEW Zion Crime Factory NEW

HELL: The Physical and Cultural Destruction of Germany

Rare Moments of the Third Reich (video)

German Auschwitz Records, May 1940 - December 1944

The Revisionist Workshop with Discussion Forum

For something really stunning, see the discussion, column right: Cremation and Incineration in Kremas 2 and 3 with POISON GAS from Coke The fiendish Nazis cremated Jews with clean carbon monoxide (from coke) but supposedly used something else (cyanide) to gas the Jews to death--in the same buildings. And they used the garbage incinerators, also in the same buildings, to only burn garbage--but not bodies. Go figure??


The End of the Diesel Gassing HOAX as explained by Dr. Achim TRUNK (auf Deutsch)

Norwegian MP loses party support for Holocaust Denial

Get the book!

Les Visible’s Big Ticket item

FPBerg on the Deanna Spingola Radio Show (audio)


Mountains of Brilliant RED Corpses from CO and Cyanide! So, where were they?

Carbon monoxide was supposedly used to murder two million Jews in places like Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor. So where were the piles or pits of RED corpses? The “eyewitnesses” never, ever, even mentioned such unforgettable spectacles.
CO discoloring

The image right is from the Textbook of Maritime Medicine . "Fig. 10.9.2: Bright red lividity on the dorsal side of the body as the expression of lethal carbon monoxide poisoning. Livor mortis is bright red in cases of carbon monoxide or hydrocyanide poisoning (or in cases where the corpse is kept in cold storage). Carbon monoxide is a colourless and odourless gas that arises, for example, from incomplete fuel combustion. Thus it is always necessary – primarily for self-protection – to consider or exclude carbon monoxide poisoning, particularly when bodies with bright red lividity are found in engine rooms, after engine room fires (automatic carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system!) or in boiler houses." 

Many large piles of corpses have been shown repeatedly since the war to condemn Germany—but, it has NOT even been claimed once that any of the corpses were RED in color. So what about all those “eyewitnesses” to alleged mass gassings of millions of Jews with carbon monoxide (from diesel or gasoline engines) in the Reinhardt camps (Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor)? Wouldn't those “eyewitnesses” have noticed that spectacular coloring?  Of course, they would have been stunned by that coloring. They would have certainly remembered it years later during any of countless anti-Nazi war crimes trials if they were not simply lying their heads off for those trials. 
CO treated meat

It seems so unlikely that these “eyewitnesses” would have simply been given a brief peek-a-boo at the red corpses shortly after death in the gas chambers and then shunted far away from the dead bodies. The “eyewitnesses” spent a great deal of time at those camps according to their own accounts. So where is testimony like: “the naked corpses were or turned cherry-pink after being piled up for burning” or “the naked RED corpses could be seen for miles in spite of the camouflage around the camp?”  The fact is there never was any testimony even remotely like that in any of  the trials or accounts by self-described “eyewitnesses.”  Clearly, the “eyewitnesses” lied bigtime!  .

An important essay showing the nearly perfect correlation between intense RED coloring in corpses and fatal carbon monoxide poisoning is originally from Austria based on examinations of 182 corpses of people who died from CO. Clearly, nearly all of the evidence about the supposed deaths of more than 2 million Jews in the Reinhardt camps is absolute rubbish. All of the “witnesses,” from Kurt GERSTEIN on, lied about the most obvious kind of evidence for such claims! The “holocaust” really is a monumental Anglo-Jewish HOAX of epic proportions! Another essay from CBS News shows how CO maintains a bright RED color in meat even when it is held at room temperature for more than five days.

NEW Hitler demands liberty and independence for Palestine (video) in April 1939. Hitler in this brilliant, rapid-fire speech reminds Roosevelt that the Palestinians were not at all concerned by possible Nazi aggression but wanted to be free of British military occupation and Zionist terror instead. NEW

“Henker Erzählen - Todestrakte in den USA (Executioners Talk - Death Scenes in the USA)” (video) The narration is in German but the underlying testimony from professional American executioners is in English, clear and understandable. In Part 2 of 5, see the testimony of Donald Cabana from the beginning until 3 minutes 20 seconds. In Part 3 of 5, see the testimony of Donald Cabana from 7 min and 58 secs. to about 9 mins. and 35 secs.

The following quote about Ameriican Gas executions is from: http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/descriptions-execution-methods#gas

The prisoner is instructed to breathe deeply to speed up the process. Most prisoners, however, try to hold their breath, and some struggle. The inmate does not lose consciousness immediately. According to former San Quentin, California, Penitentiary warden, Clifton Duffy, ‘At first there is evidence of extreme horror, pain, and strangling. The eyes pop. The skin turns purple and the victim begins to drool.’ (Weisberg, 1991) Caryl Chessman, before he died in California's gas chamber in 1960 told reporters that he would nod his head if it hurt. Witnesses said he nodded his head for several minutes. (Ecenbarger, 1994) ....At postmortem, an exhaust fan sucks the poison air out of the chamber, and the corpse is sprayed with ammonia to neutralize any remaining traces of cyanide. About a half an hour later, oderlies enter the chamber, wearing gas masks and rubber gloves. Their training manual advises them to ruffle the victim's hair to release any trapped cyanide gas before removing the deceased. (Weisberg, 1991).”

Consequences of Allied Atrocity Propaganda: The Mass Murder of German Civilians in Prague, May 1945 (video)

Stalin's Holocaust in the Baltic States

Little Grey Rabbit's Historical Skepticism Blog

Dresden -1945

The Last Days of the Big Lie (video)

Zionism's Holocaustianity - The Big Lie (video)

How to Fight Back against Riot Police!

Mark Perry, author of Partners in Command, and the “howling mob” of deserteurs and rapists—the American army in northern France before Bastogne (video). “The German army never surrendered.”Bengal famine of 1943


Bengal 1943

The image to the right shows some of Churchill's 2 million victims from the famine in Bengal in 1943. That holocaust had been caused by the diversion of shipping normally used to bring food to Bengal. The shipping was used instead to bring military supplies to the British army in North Africa in 1942. See: Churchill's Secret War by Madhusree Mukerjee (2010).


“Nazism and the German Economic Miracle” by Henry C. K. Liu. The greatest economic miracle of all time was achieved by Hitler from 1933 to 1938 during a world depression and in spite of the worldwide anti-German boycott by Jews. Click the unemployment graph left for an enlarged view. If America ever intends to seriously deal with its own economic disaster today, it must first learn from Adolf Hitler.

The chart appears in Burton Folsom's excellent new book: New Deal or Raw Deal? on page 243. One can see that in 1932, the year before Hitler and Roosevelt both came to power, Germany's unemployment rate was 30.1% and America's was 24.9%. But within just five years, Germany's unemployment rate was reduced to only 4.6% (1937) and dropped even further to only 2.1% a year later. By contrast, FDR in 1937 still had 13.2% unemployment which actually rose to 19.8% a year later. Hitler was the clear, unmatched winner in terms of economic management. No doubt, the fiendish Nazis must have been in league with the devil himself to pull off this economic miracle which is unmatched in all of human history. Hitler's achievement becomes all the more stunning when one realizes that America was, and still is, a vast country with vast resources whereas Germany was a small country with coal as its only resource. Germany had been defeated in a terrible war which America won and to whom almost the entire world was deeply in debt financially. Germany was also the target of a worldwide Jewish economic boycott and had no gold reserves whereas America had an abundance of everything—except leadership. The name of Germany's leadership was: ADOLF HITLER!

Hitler also achieved a social miracle almost overnight by ending the bitter class divisions within Germany and lifting German workers to the highest levels anywhere in the world—and all of that without the bloody revolution that communists insisted would be needed. It was small wonder that the German people admired Hitler and pledged their eternal loyalty to him. Postwar American psychiatrists and social planners for Germany (many of them Jewish like Erich Fromm, of course) were, and still are, totally incapable of understanding any of that. Other “scholars” like Raul Hilberg or Harvard's Daniel J. Goldhagen insisted that there was something seriously wrong with the Germans generally going back centuries. How else could the Germans have possibly followed Hitler as they did? They must have been driven by some deep-rooted flaws within their very beings. Supposedly, they wanted and even needed someone to follow “blindly.” Therefore, the Germans had to be “reeducated” and “cured” somehow—and occupied and monitored indefinitely just as they still are today (see linked video auf Deutsch) .

In his highly influential Origins of the Second World War (1961), British historian A.J.P. Taylor gave the Nazis credit for creating widespread prosperity, concluding on pages 104-05; “The Nazi secret was not armament production; it was freedom from the then orthodox principles of economics. Government spending provided all the happy effects of mild inflation; while political dictatorship, with its destruction of trade unions and rigorous exchange control, prevented such unfortunate consequences as a rise in wages, or in prices.” Hjalmar Schacht, who was temporarily head of the German central bank and a defendant in the Nuremberg Trial, summed it up thus… An American banker had commented, “Dr. Schacht, you should come to America. We’ve lots of money and that’s real banking.” Schacht replied, “You should come to Berlin. We don’t have money. That’s real banking.” Hitler's miracle was comparable to Jesus “feeding the multitudes” next to the Sea of Galilee except that Hitler's performance was far more spectacular— and it was real. Hitler did NOT just feed a multitude of 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fishes--he fed tens of millions with nothing at all. That was a real miracle!

Can America ever admit that it might learn something, anything at all, from Hitler–that supposed “madman”–or the Nazis in order to solve the mess it is in today? Of course, not! The “holocaust” will blind America to real solutions and so, indirectly, it will pay an astronomical price for the holocaust mytho-mania which it has embraced and promotes as a nation. In the meantime, the Jewish wizards of Wall Street and high finance will

Anne Frank story EXPOSED by “Furtherglory”

Inconvenient History

NEW UK Forensic Archeologist Sets Out To Refute Treblinka “Deniers” by Thomas KUES. The important question is whether the supposed “archaeologists” and other scientists will dare to publish negative results that undermine the holocaust allegations. More than likely, they will not publish anything that undermines the prevailing mythology. However, by their silence one can infer that they found NOTHING to support the gassing hoax. NEW

Exposing the Holocaust HOAX Archive You thought the “6 Million” number got its start in WW2. You thought the number was based on careful statistical analysis of “demographic” evidence including Nazi documents.Think harder! According to the NYTimes for March 25, 1906, the Russian government had a "studied policy for the 'solution'of the Jewish question ..[using] systematic and murderous extermination." Why does that seem so familiar? See PDF. Clearly, the magic number of “6 million” has a political life of its own and is NOT based on any serious demographic evidence.

NEW So you want to hang someone legally but you have no real evidence? All those corpses in Bergen-Belsen and Dachau are of people who died from disease and, unfortunately, NOT from poison gas at all. The victorious Allies couldn't get a single autopsy showing that anyone died from poison gas. Oh-my, what to do already? It's no problem if you simply get an elaborate CONFESSION! It's actually so easy, e-v-e-n without physical torture. Now, just imagine if the helpless prisoner being interrogated was an “evil” Nazi involved with concentration camps. “Innocence is NOT its own defense.“A self-validating mentality that invalidates all of the evidence.”They confessed out of FEAR!” See also the essay by Robert Faurisson on just how Rudolf Hoess was physically tortured by Bernard Clark (Jewish) and others. Compare also the two confessions of Josef Kramer in Appendix D of Arthur Butz's The Hoax of the Twentieth Century. See also: “Why False Memories Sometimes Feel Like They Are Absolutely True.” See related discussions on the CODOH Discussion Forum including the following discussion from 2004. NEW

Viktor SUVOROV's four-part presentation to the US Naval Academy on October 7, 2009:

Part 1/4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7zVLf...
Part 2/4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qh_iN...
Part 3/4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0BdQn...
Part 4/4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IilUns...

This is National-Soialism by the Lindgrenn (YouTube video) “When you were born, you were a national-socialist ....”

Lectures on the Holocaust — 2nd Rev. Edition by Germar Rudolf (2010) PDF

NEW Video--Must See Holocaust Debate with DAVID COLE Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7 NEW

The MYTH of the Soviet T-34 tank in WW2

IGOR BUNICH describes Stalin's Plan to invade west in July of 1941, less than one month after Hitler actually pre-empted him with his own attack on the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941. That pre-emptive attack ultimately saved western civilization even though it led to Germany's defeat and destruction. Hitler's gamble and Germany's self-sacrifice saved our asses!

RED Corpses and Big Lies about BLUE Corpses.

It was generally accepted until about twenty years ago that the vast majority of alleged Nazi gassings had been done with diesel exhaust in Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor. Since then, that story has been shelved by many holocaust “scholars,” perhaps because of the research and essays of your webmaster. Many “scholars” now simply avoid choosing beteen diesel exhaust or gasoline engine exhaust as the source of deadly carbon monoxide for the alleged mass murder of nearly two million Jews.

“Holocaust Controversies” is a website for a group of exterminationists who have been backing away from earlier claims .about mass gassings with diesel exhaust. These newer exterminationists suggest that the killing gas might have been gasoline exhaust instead or that it may not even matter, one way or the other.Either way, the killing ingredient i is carbon monoxide (CO). The major problem for the new gasoline exhaust theory is that the corpses, with only few exceptions, would have been a very dramatic RED in appearance already at the moment of death, and even before death. The onset of the reddish appearance occurs when the carboxyhemoglobin in the blood exceeds 30% regardless of when that occurs. Many people will remain alive with carboxyhemoglobin levels as high as 70% and display the typical intense red coloring. The older claims that the corpses were BLUE instead (from SS Leut. Kurt Gerstein, for example) are a monumental blunder in holocaust mythology, for the new gasoline theory as well as the older diesel theory, Victims of asphyxiation (from hangings, for example,either suicidal or execution) are NOT Blue either until many hours after death, if ever—except for small areas of cyanosis which can only be recognized with some medical expertise.

Exterminationists fight as hard as they possibly can on these issues. For them, ithese are existential issues. They must grasp at straws—because every “eyewitness” to the alleged CO gassings except one, Dr. Leidig, claimed the corpses were either “BLUE or "bluish" or unremarkable in color. Dr. Theodor Friedrich Leidig had testified about an alleged experimental gassing in Sachsenhausen resulting in RED corpses—but, not at any of the alleged "extermination camps" For all of the major camps, the "eyewitnesses" have clearly undermined the holocaust hoax.. Nearly two million Jews had supposedly been murdered with CO at the major camps as Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor —far more than with cyanide or Zyklon-B, at Auschwitz, for example.

The leader on the color issue for the exterminationists is Roberto Muehlenkamp. He and I have debated informally many times on RODOH and elsewhere.. He is definitely a nut case with an anti-Nazi agenda.. He insists that any reddish coloring would have ONLY appeared l-o-n-g after death had occurred based on the meaning of the words: livor mortis. His linked essay is the most bizarre piece of pseudo-scholarly gibberish I have seen since Charles Provan published his farce about "Blue Coloring...” The authors of the Risser et al essay repeatedly stressed the direct and “immediate” relationship between color and carboxyhemoglobin levels; but they simply used a different meaning for livor mortis. The words ”immediate” or “immediately” appear twelve times in the essay, even in the title itself, and they mean exactly what normal people understand those words to mean. When Risser et al referred to the reddish coloring as livor mortis, it was definitely NOT the typical, purple-grey color that corpses generally acquire only many hours, even days possibly if temperatures are low, after death Fatal CO poisoning is different from other causes of death because the CO gas source may persist and release more gas near the death scene..The authors were eager to promote an “immediate” response to a danger threatening all living people near the death scene. See the essay by Thomas Kues also. "If the COLOR does not fit, you have to acquit! If the COLOR does not fit, the “eyewinesses” LIED bigtime! Without credible eyewitnesses, without corpses, without documents, without even a plausible theory as to how the gas chamberrs worked---the holocaust gassing claims are rubbish. Without the gassing claims, there is no uniqeness to the “holocaust” at all. Without even mass graves with victims of mass shootings, what is left to sustain the HOAX except the ruthless fanaticism and bigotry of the many believers? They are the real “deniers!___________________________________________________

POPULAR MECHANICS magazine in 1922, page 595, describes how huge “Poison-Gas Chambers Disinfect Freight” with cyanide gas. Oh, my-oh my! “One of the largest houses, located in El Paso, has three five-car units, each of which measures 225 ft. in length, 12 ft. in width, and 16-1/2 ft. in height. Four locations along the US-Mexico border had a capacity of 60,000 railcars per year. (Click images to enlarge) Could those same gas chambers, using Zyklon-B or plain cyanide gas, have been used to gas Mexicans or Jews as well? Why not? Didn't the Jews travel to Auschwitz, Treblinka, etc, on railroad trains anyway? Instead of gassing them to death a-f-t-e-r they stepped off the train, do it all before they get off the train and not-to-worry about any escapes or turmoil.

American railcars are substantially larger than European railcars. If 100 Jews had been trapped in each railway car, 6 million could have been killed in just one year at the Texas-Mexico border. It would have been technically achievable. It never happened because there was no desire to do anything like that in Texas, or in Europe. The holocaust gassing claims really are a monstrous Jewish hoax!.

Early History of U. S. Cyanide Fumigation from Clemson University
"Fighting Our Insect Enemies"

1886 — Hydrocyanic acid gas (HCN), one of most deadly gases known, discovered as fumigant for insect control purposes,. 1887 —Pot generation of HCN gas developed for fumigation purposes,.1894 — Hydrocyanic acid gas (HCN) first used for control of insects in greenhouses,1898 — Hydrocyanic acid gas first used for control of insects in homes,1904 — Potassium cyanide powder advocated for control of ants,1905 — Hydrocyanic acid gas advocated for control of cigarette beetle,1912 — Hydrocyanic acid gas used for ship fumigation, Hydrocyanic acid gas adopted by U. S. Public Health Service as standard fumigant, 1915 — liquid hydrogen cyanide first tested for insect control purposes, 1917 — Hydrocyanic acid gas fumigation methods developed for control of insects affecting greenhouse ornamental plants, First railway car fumigation houses erected at Brownsville, Laredo, Eagle Pass, and El Paso, TX., liquid hydrocyanic acid gas introduced commercially.

“HOLOCAUST DENIER“ website and discussion forum

American Atrocities in Germany by Judge EDWARD L VAN RODEN “All but two of the Germans in the 139 cases we investigated had been kicked in the testicles beyond repair. This was standard operating procedure with our American investigators.[12]

JOHN E. GORDON, M.D., Ph.D. , “Louse-Borne Typhus Fever in the European Theater of Operations, U. S. Army, 1944,” in Forest Ray Moulton, ed., Rickettsial Diseases of Man, American Academy for the Advancement of Science, Washington, D.C. 1948, pp 16-27. The Gordon essay is probably the best discussion of what was happening in the concentration camps from any Allied source.  There is no mention of gas chambers or any of the typical atrocity propaganda. The “list of contributors” page says that Gordon was Professor of Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology, Harvard University School of Public Health, Boston, Mass. Obviously, Harvard had not yet been enriched by the presence of Goldhagen and Dershowitz.

Using the Adobe Acrobat features which are on the top menu, one can, for example, search for any word or group of words. "Gas chambers" or "gassing" are NOT mentioned anywhere.  The measures recommended by Gordon and others to control the typhus epidemic at the end of the war, and even long thereafter, are essentially the exact same measures the Germans (Nazis) had been using throughout the war, albeit with DDT instead of Zyklon-B.

NEW Thomas Dalton's Holocaust Radio Debate on April 24, 2010: NEW

Dalton is the author of: DEBATING THE HOLOCAUST: A New Look At Both Sides--Michael Santomauro, Editorial Director - Call anytime: 917-974-6367
ReporterNotebook@ Gmail.com http://www.Debating TheHolocaust. com

Before Americans kwetsch (“complain” in Yiddish) about Nazi atrocities, they should look at their own history carefully. In the American Civil War, for every soldier who died from wounds sustained in combat, more than two soldiers died from disease alone—without any wounds. According to the official Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion, 44,558.Union soldiers died from diarrhea and dysentery. That is far more than died from combat at Gettysburg, Antietam and iall the major battlefields combined. This is discussed in my essay: Typhus and the Jews. The victims of diarrhea or dysentery or any number of other diseases, even in the Union Army which had an abundance of food and supplies generally, looked no better than the worst “victims” of supposed Nazi barbarism. Today's victims of cancer or AIDS look no better either when they die. The Union soldier to the right had been a prisoner in Andersonville (click to enlarge) where conditions had been horrible just as in northern prison camps—but about which it is agreed there had been no extermination program or policy of deliberate abuse. Gross overcrowding had indirectly been the great killer which allowed disease to spread rapidly—even when adequate food was available . But, when one dies from diarrhea or dysentery, regardless of where, one looks like the individual to the right if one is put on display as this person obviously was to make anti-Confederate propaganda. The appearance of “starvation” is no indication of eliberate starvation.

The following linked essays explain what happened in German-occupied Eastern Europe far better than all of the “holocaust” literature put together. E. W. Goodall (1920), Melville D. Mackenzie (1942), J. C. Snyder (1947), K. David Patterson (1993). See also “Fumigation with HCN” (1937)., “The Absorption of Hydrocyanic Acid through the Skin” Journal of Hygiene, (1934), “Procedure for the Disinfection of Railway Coaches” Am Journal of Public Hygiene, (1909).

In Typhus and the Jews the following German references in footnote 35 are most revealing:: Franz Puntigam, “Hygienische Gesichtspunkte bei der Auswahl des Platzes für ein zu errichtendes Durchgangslager mit Entlausungseinrichtungen für ausländische Arbeitskräfte (Hygienic Consideration in the Site Selection for a Transit Camp with Delousing Facilities for Foreign Workers),” Arbeitseinsatz und Arbeitslosenhilfe (Berlin: Feb.-Mar., 1942), Heft 3/6, pp. 274,- Hucho, “Die Durchgangslager für ausländische Arbeitskräfte (The Transit Camps for Foreign Workers),” Arbeitseinsatz und Arbeitslosenhilfe (Berlin: Nov.-Dec., 1943), Heft 21/24, pp. 124-7,- H. Kayser, “Ärztliche Erfahrungen bei der Planung, dem Bau und Betrieb von Durchgangslagern für ausländische Arbeitskräfte (Medical Experiences in the Planning, Construction and Operation of Transit Camps for Foreign Workers),” Arbeitseinsatz und Arbeitslosenhilfe (Berlin Nov.-Dec., 1943) Heft 21/24, pp. 127-9. The most detailed discussion with many construction plans was given in: Franz Puntigam, “Die Durchgangslager der Arbeitseinsatzverwaltung als Einrichtungen der Gesundheitsvorsorge (The Transit Camps of the Labour Supply Administration as Facilities for Protecting the Public Health),” Gesundheits-Ingenieur, Vol. 67 (1944) Heft 2, pp. 47-56.

The “holocaust” is a grossly obscene misrepresentation of humane German measures to subdue a typhus epidemic and keep people alive, including Jews. That epidemic was only one of many that ravaged eastern Europe throughout its entire history. Typhus broke out in Poland again at the beginning of WW2 and spread—even to Germany by the end of the war. German measures to keep typhus away from Germany failed by the beginning of 1945. At that time, millions of Germans and many others, including Jews, from eastern Europe fled into Nazi Germany where they overwhelmed German measures of quarantine and hygienic control. German efforts to keep people alive were undermined by the war itself, by paranoia stoked by anti-German propaganda, and especially by the almost unopposed fury of Anglo-American terror bombing and strafing as the war approached its end. The mortality spiked in the winter months of 1945 following the usual pattern for typhus in times of social chaos when masses pf people huddled together for warmth and protection—peaking in late winter and subsiding with the onset of warm weather when people were more willing and able to change their clothes and wash themselves..There was NO extermination program or policy!

Zyklon-B was the infamous substance supposedly used by the Nazis at Auschwitz to murder millions of people. To understand Zyklon-B, its properties, and its limitations — there is no better source than the U. S. Public Health Service which used it widely long before WW2 and reported on it in its Public Health Reports as follows: G.C.Sherrard (1927) pp. 3071-75, C.V.Akin & G.C.Sherrard (1928) pp. 2647-70, G.C.Sherrard (1928) pp. 1016-22, C.L.Williams (1929) pp. 443-76, J.G.Townsend (1929) pp. 2847-2912, John D.Long (1930) pp. 2880-87, J.R. Ridlon (July 3, 1931) pp. 1572-78, J.R.Ridlon (July 10,1931) pp. 1623-36, C.L.Williams (1931) pp. 1680-94. See also: C.L.Williams (1932) Am J Public Health Nations Health. To expedite your reading, you can use the pdf search engine to find and track important keywords such as “Zyklon” or “HCN.” Click for an enlarged view. In the image to the right, note the large size of the granules which would have clogged any shower piping or spray nozzles.

Until the introduction of DDT in 1944, there was no better substance than Zyklon-B to keep people alive and healthy in lice-infested Eastern Europe, especially Poland. The Nazis, using Zyklon-B, saved the lives of countless Jews. Although Zyklon-B certainly could have been used for mass murder, its special properties and limitations would have required measures totally different from the Rube Goldberg quackery given in the holocaust literature. Circulation fans and appropriate ductwork would have been the simplest kind of common sense features for mass gassing but they are totally absent from the holocaust methodology we are given. Supposedly, the mythical “fans” were only turned on afterwards. Many other common sense features are totally absent as well.

From 1924, we now have a good insight into what must have really been happening at the so-called Aktion Reinhardt camps (Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor) where nearly 2 million Jews were supposedly murdered by the Nazis with diesel exhaust during WW2. Revisionists have long insisted that these camps were nothing more than “transit” camps for processing and delousing Jews and others prior to continuing their journeys to the East. The railroad cars had to be cleaned up also for the delousing of the passengers to make any sense. Simply letting clean passengers re-board railroad cars which were still infested with lice and other vermin would have undermined the entire exercise.


Gas Chambers for Fumigating and Delousing Railroad Trains

An essay by P. G. Stock in Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine tells us on pages 26 and 27 that:

“The method [fumigation with hydrogen cyanide] has been used to a large extent, and with successful results, for the destruction of lice in clothing, in baggage and in railway carriages on the Russo-Polish border. In 1920 the local authorities in Warsaw constructed a chamber or tunnel which could be hermetically closed, large enough to contain several railroad cars (fig. 17). The cyanide for the fumigation is obtained from poison gas shells which were left in Poland in 1915. After fumigation the gas is withdrawn from the chamber by means of fans and passed through a stove where it is burnt. [Admirers of Robert Faurisson and Fred Leuchter should note that these cyanide gas chambers did NOT simply explode!]

At nearly all quarantine stations on the Russo-Polish frontier there is a cyanide chamber which, it is claimed, has given more satisfactory results than the other methods formerly in use. The process is not considered to be expensive, and all baggage, clothing, bedding, &c., of refugees has been treated in this way.

Cyanide chambers are also used at the Quarantine Station, New York.”

Click the image above for an enlarged view and notice the skull and crossbones above the doorway.

The primary facility within the Quarantine Station complex in NY harbor was Ellis Island.(see also the discussion below). It should be obvious that railroad cars can be fumigated almost as easily with people trapped within them as when the cars are empty. But, such a method for mass murder has never even been suggested anywhere in the holocaust literature. Please see the discussion of Nazi railroad delousing tunnels below and take the “Sanity Test.” For a discussion of the early history of railroad delousing tunnels to control typhus epidemics after WW1 see Melville D. Mackenzie (1942) pp. 12-16.

From Mackenzie page 12 we have the following: “...The size of the work may be gathered from the fact that at one centre alone Baranowice, on the Polish-Russian frontier in 1921 we were for a long time disinfesting each day 10,000 refugees returning to Poland from Russia. The method of disinfestation varied according to the country and the apparatus available. In Poland, steam and cyanide were often used, the latter being employed on an extensive scale on the frontiers. At Baranowice, where the refugees arrived chiefly by train, a tunnel was built, into which hydrocyanic gas could be introduced. On the arrival of each train, all the passengers were given a blanket and told to strip, leaving their garments and all their belongings on the train. Each person was then bathed in hot water with soft soap and paraffin, while the train was backed into the tunnel, the engine uncoupled, and cyanide gas liberated in the tunnel. When the bathing of the refugees was completed, the train was pulled out of the tunnel by means of a rope attached to a locomotive and was allowed to air. In due course the passengers dressed, gave up their blankets, and continued on their journey.

The advertisement to the left (click to enlarge) was placed by DEGESCH on the cover of the1939 issues of Anzeiger für Schädlingskunde, a German technical journal for pest control. The advertisement begins with words saying “We are blocking the entry of destructive insects.” Superimposed on a map of Germany one can clearly see three large railroad delousing tunnels The purpose was to save lives—but the same technology could have certainly been used to kill Jews trapped inside locked cattle cars.

The advertisement by DEGESCH is grossly mistranslated and misused by David Dorado Romo in his book Ringside Seat to a Revolution, (2005), page 242 where Romo falsely claims the ad says: "To repulse this threat, disinfection camps should be erected at every border crossing.'' The ad makes absolutely NO mention of, or suggestion about, erecting “disinfection camps” anywhere. Romo was obviously concocting a sinister but utterly false connection to “concentration camps”and alleged “extermination camps.” That would have made some sense if the Nazis had been interested in exterminating people—but it is a connection they never made. No one has even claimed that railroad delousing tunnels were used for mass murder although they certainly would have been ideal technically for such a purpose. That railroad delousing tunnels existed in many strategic locations in Europe, and would have been well known to people who had simply seen the pictorial advertisements for cyanide delousing actually undermines the holocaust gassing claims in general. Instead of mass murder in large, superbly designed, cyanide gas chambers (such as the railroad delousing tunnels), we are obliged to believe the Nazis and SS murdered people with Zyklon-B in makeshift gas chambers which could not possibly have worked as alleged.

Budapest Gas Chamber for cyanide fumigation of railroad trainsThe great expert on Zyklon-B was Dr. GERHARD PETERS. After the war, he was tried for war crimes but was acquitted unlike Dr. BRUNO TESCH who was also an expert who was actually convicted and hung. Peters was by far the most prolific author of many superb technical essays promoting and explaining the use of Zyklon-B. Those essays provide a powerful, albeit indirect refutation to the techno-lunacy which permeates the holocaust hoax. The Budapest gas chamber to the right could have easily been used for mass murder as anyone with the least bit of technical common sense can recognize, but—and this is so stunning, folks —nothing like this superb gas chamber has ever been implicated anywhere in the vast mythology of holocaust pseudo-technology.

The three images to the right (click images to enlarge) are all from a single essay:: Dr. Gerhard Peters, “Eine moderne Eisenbahn-Entwesungsanlage [A modern railroad disinfection plant],” Anzeiger für Schädlingskunde, August 15, 1938,. Heft 8, pages 98-99. The captions in English are: “Figure 1 [above right]. Railroad fumigation plant in Budapest (empty with open door).”

Budapest Gas Chamber interior with large circulation blower and ductwork



“Figure 2. Interior view of the chamber with a three-part, gas return [suction to the blower] duct and a supply duct (on the floor)--on the backwall, a powerful blower for mixing and distribution of the gas and for [subsequent] ventilation with fresh air.” For the English text of the Peters essay (pictures will NOT match) see my essay: “Typhus and the Jews -- Appendix A





double can opener for Zyklon-B

“Figure 3. Two Zyklon gasifiers (Zyklonvergaser) in the equipment room connected directly to the circulation ductwork (Kreislaufleitung).” This arrangement for opening the Zyklon-B cans, by simply turning the crank handles while the cans are safely enclosed, shows essentially the same arrangement used in the standard DEGESCH fumigation chambers later on. Anyone familiar with the Zyklon literature would have known this. That in turn makes the alleged use of so-called “Zyklon introduction mesh columns”(Drahtnetzeinschiebvorrichtung) totally absurd and ridiculous. Note that this long compound German word does not include “Zyklon” at all and referred in reality to something totally different. Here we see just how several cans at a time could be opened, easily and safely, with the cyanide going directly into the circulation ductwork (Kreislaufleitung) with the help of forced air for quick distribution throughout the entire gas chamber. The alleged “Zyklon introduction columns” (see discussion on this webpage below) would have merely had convection—a very slow process, indeed—to disperse the cyanide gas among the tightly packed crowd of several thousand Jewish victims with, supposedly, all fans turned off until the gassing was complete.. It would seem (if the gassing hoax were true) that the Nazi fiends never even read their own literature nor heeded the advice of their own technical experts. Using forced air to drive cyanide gas out of the Zyklon-B granules was a standard common sense feature that one tried to employ whenever possible, especially in permanent, high capacity fumigation chambers. But, the alleged cyanide gas chambers in which millions of Jews were supposedly murdered contained no such feature. Can one really believe that the designers of the most infamous gas chambers in human history were that technically stupid?El Paso railroad delousing gas chamber


The largest cyanide gas chamber anywhere in the world? Perhaps!. And it was built in America, no surprise there.What is most remarkable about this gas chamber is that it straddles three railroad tracks so that it could fumigate fifteen railroad cars, five on each track, simultaneously .All other RR gas chambers known to this author outside of Texas could handle only one track at a time. The image to the left (click image to enlarge) shows the railroad delousing tunnel in El Paso, Texas as it appears in Romo, David D. Ringside Seat to a Revolution (El Paso, Texas: Cinco Puntos Press, 2005) page 241. The image and the surrounding text are all originally from the German essay: Peters, Dr. Gerhard, “Durchgasung von Eisenbahnwagen mit Blausäure [Fumigation of Railroad Cars with Hydrocyanic Acid]" Anzeiger für Schädlingskunde, (1937), Vol. 13, Heft 3, page 40. Peters was tried as a war criminal after the war and sentenced to five years imprisonment for his connection to the alleged gassings of the Jews. At least he wasn't hung like Dr. Bruno Tesch.  Peters certainly knew about the El Paso railway gas chambers since he described them in some detail, even  with photos in 1937--but, and this so amazing once again, it never seems to have occurred to him or anyone else in Germany to use any of the large railway gas chambers that were already there, in strategic locations at major railyards, throughout eastern Europe.  WOW!  I guess the "holocaust" must be a dirty Jewish hoax after all!

David D. ROMO and Alexander COCKBURN ( “Zyklon B on the US Border”) connected this gas chamber to the alleged later use of cyanide and Zyklon-B by the Germans and Nazis for mass murder. That is a logical connection since this huge gas chamber certainly could have easily been used for mass murder of people trapped inside cattle cars—but, but, but and this is so enormously all important—that logical connection was never made by the Germans or Nazis, ever! Nowhere in the vast holocaust literature has it ever been claimed that anything like a railroad delousing gas chamber was used for mass murder. And, that is all the more reason to reject the holocaust gassing claims as absurd and false. Surely, if David D. Romo and Alexander Cockburn are clever enough to see this logical application. the highly trained, but fiendish German technicians would have seen this logical application as well! The Germans failed to see it because they were not at all interested in gassing anyone. There is NO other explanation. Corpse-filled railroad cars could have been brought to a brick kiln or lime kiln and reduced ash easily enough. Within the Bible there is actually a precedent for such extremism. See: Samuel 2, Chapter 12, Verse 31 regarding the treatment of the Ammonites by the victorious Jews under King David: “And he brought forth the people that were therein, and put them under harrows of iron, and under axes of iron and made them pass through the b-r-i-c-k-k-i-l-n and thus did he unto all the cities of the children of Ammon."

German Wartime Cyanide Concentrations from Zyklon-B in Gas Chambers

LEFT: with circulation orKreislauf” throughout the chamber. RIGHT: without circulation—the gas must find its own path.

The heavy lines represent concentrations in the center of the chamber whereas the other lines represent concentrations in each of the four corners of the chamber. With circulation, the cyanide levels range from 8 to 12 grams per cubic meter throughout the chamber within less than half-an-hour and then gradually drop off as the cyanide is absorbed. But without circulation, ONLY one of the cyanide levels reaches 8 grams per cubic meter in the corner nearest to the Zyklon granules–and for the rest of the chamber, the cyanide levels remain much lower for the entire four-hour period. (original source: DEGESCH as given in Blausäuregaskammern zur Fleckfieberabwehr by Puntigam, Breymesser and Bernfus, Sonderveröffentlichung des Reichsarbeitsblattes, Berlin 1943, page 33.)

Cyanide Dispersal in Real gas Chambers The two figures show the way cyanide disperses throughout a small,. filled gas chamber over a four-hour period. On the left, the gas concentrations increase rapidly because of circulation or Kreislauf of the gas. Warm air is driven through Zyklon-B granules near one corner of the chamber. The gas mixture is continually withdrawn from the opposite side of the chamber and returned after being driven through an external circulation blower. In effect, the blower drives the entire process. On the right, we see how slowly the cyanide concentrations increase when there is no circulation or Kreislauf.

Without circulation or Kreislauf, the heavy line in graph (above right) shows us that even after half-an-hour, the cyanide level only a few feet away in the center of the chamber has risen to only about 1/10 of a gram per cubic meter. In other words, the concentration gradient in the chamber is about 100 to 1 without circulation. This means that whatever HCN concentration would have been lethal for any individual would of necessity have required that one hundred times that concentration would have been required near the source of the HCN. A more inefficient and wasteful way to disperse HCN is hard to imagine—but such nonsense is just what one is expected to believe. By merely applying some basic, common sense HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) to this problem using a blower and suitable ducting, the problem would have been easily solved. But that is not what is claimed by the hoaxers at all. What we are given instead is a thoroughly absurd theory about “Zyklon introduction columns” (Drahtnetzeinschiebvorrichtungen) which, in reality, would have only made the dispersal of the gas much more difficult. The simple answer (obvious to any German engineer) would have been to simply modify the existing ventilation ductwork with a much larger blower and a sheet metal opening somewhere in the ductwork to allow a basket of Zyklon-B granules to be placed into the air stream–and removed afterwards.

Zyklon-B releases cyanide S-L-O-W-L-Y. The product was designed that way in order to allow far safer handling of cyanide than earlier methods such as the “pot” method. The pot method is still used in American gas execution chambers. The figure on the right corresponds to what one can expect for the alleged homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau–and it shows that those “executions” would have been a fiasco. Mass murder with Zyklon-B would have required hours of exposure and nothing like the three minutes that self-styled “eyewitnesses” have claimed. The alleged homicidal gas chambers had NO circulation; persons standing near the Zyklon B granules might have been effected in less than half-an-hour, but persons in at least one remote corner of the chamber would have only been effected hours later. But more than that, even American gas execution chambers with a rapid release and dispersal of cyanide simply cannot kill their intended victims in less than an average time of nine minutes–see links below. These simple facts are good reason to reject the anti-Nazi cyanide gassing claims as complete rubbish. The self-styled “eyewitnesses” to the alleged mass gassings lied bigtime. That postwar courts and judges accepted such “evidence” merely showed how thoroughly corrupt those courts and judges were.The absence of any better evidence for the gassing tales should persuade everyone that the homicidal gassings never happened! There simply is no credible “scientific evidence” for any of the gassing claims. By “scientific evidence” this author means objective evidence that has not been the product of corrupt judges and prosecution teams determined to convict at any cost, using methods the USofA and others still use to this very day to gain information and convictions (such methods are still common in police precincts throughout America).

The above figure shows a “Zyklon Introduction Column (Drahtnetzeinschiebvorrichtung)” as it appears in Pressac's book to support the statement of Henryk Tauber. It is not from any known German drawing. It is pure Rube Goldberg pseudo-engineering made for some of the post war trials by self-proclaimed eyewitnesses. The word itself does not fit the alleged function. There is a vast difference between “einschieben” and “fallen.”  Einschieben is translated as “shove in, push in, or slide in” and is widely used in German technical literature for its very specific meaning.  But there is no pushing or shoving involved here.

According to Pressac page 484:Inside this last mesh cage there was a removable can that was pulled out with a wire to recover the [inert] pellets from which the gas had evaporated.

One could not possibly have “shoved, or pushed, or even slid”  that removable can into the mesh column, even if one had wanted to.  It would have been like pushing on a string. One could have used the wire to pull the removable can out–but one could not possibly have used the wire to push, or shove, or slide it in.  It simply would not have worked or have even made any sense.

The Germans would have called it something like Drahtnetz-e-i-n-f-a-l-l-vorrichtung instead based on the fact that a similar stovepipe in the standard DEGESCH delousing chambers was called a F-a-l-l-rohr. See Figure 1, item #7 in Zyklon-B and the German Delousing Chambers. The strong similarity between the Fallrohr and the “Zyklon Introduction Column” suggests that the innocent Fallrohr had been the basis through misunderstanding, at best, of its lifesaving function. In Autobiography which was supposedly written by Rudolf Hoess and published by the Auschwitz Museum in 1978, German edition, we have on pages 50 and 51 the claim that holes in the ceiling were tied to a Fallrohr which allowed the granules to drop to the floor. As a mental exercise, just try to imagine calling the Fallrohr an Einschieberohr instead. Here we see how part of the hoax was constructed from a small piece of something else, which is true--but which makes no sense technically for homicidal gassings. Simply letting the basket hang a foot below the ceiling would have let the breathing of intended victims provide some air movement o-v-e-r the granules–but still NOT t-h-r-o-u-g-h the granules. Letting the granules drop to the floor would have made no sense either, and would have merely put them into a cul-de-sac with absolutely NO air circulation at all.

The technical solution is rather simple. Simply run the circulation fans (during the gassing itself, and NOT merely afterward as claimed again and again), that were supposedly there for venting anyway, with a basket of Zyklon-B granules placed in front of each circulation fan within the ductwork. The air which would have been presumably warmed already by the presence of so many naked, even panicky, Jews in the chamber would have then been forced through the granules just as in any standard 10-cubic meter DEGESCH chamber. The “Zyklon Introduction Column” story is sheer Rube-Goldberg pseudo-engineering by people who have no clue as to what would have been involved and needed—or how comparatively easily it could have been done using the exact same technical concepts as were employed every day in Birkenau with Zyklon-B to keep Jews alive. For gullible judges and others who also had no idea as to what was really needed, the “zyklon introduction column” mini-hoax was still good enough to hang totally innocent Germans.


HELLSTORM The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947 by Thomas Goodrich (Sheridan, Colorado: Aberdeen Books, 2010), 376 pages, is an excellent, well-written book about the horrors and madness that befell Germany during WW2, especially in the final months. The mass rapes and murders inflicted by the Russians are well-known. Goodrich, however, spends much time and space on the abuses, rapes, looting and murders and many other crimes perpetrated by GI's. In other words, the book is politically incorrect (PI?) but invaluable to anyone who wants to understand what was really happening, especially to ordinary Germans. The book is also notable for its absence of the now, almost obligatory repetition of holocaust atrocity propaganda. For Goodrich, it seems the GI's were not the “greatest generation” but possibly the “worst.” From page 344: “While Western leaders such as Winston Churchill expressed astonishment at the tragedy they had wrought in eastern Germany, little was said about the deliberate starvation of the rest of the Reich, and utter silence prevailed concerning the Allied torture chambers in Germany and Poland, the on-the-spot massacre of Nazi Party members and SS troops, or the death camps run by Eisenhower." Goodrich has, at the very least, helped break the walls of silence.

Haaretz: American Jewish Committee (AJC) demands more censorship in Germany , especially at Amazon.de. According to Germany's “Basic Law,” there shall be no censorship in Germany. Censorship is also a violation of basic human rights according to Article 19 of the UN Charter. But since Jews are concerned here, everything is different. They are, after all, “God's Chosen People.” “The books cited by the AJC, such as The Auschwitz Myth by Wilhelm Staeglich and a volume by convicted Holocaust denier Germar Rudolf, were available for sale on Amazon.de Friday afternoon. Denial of the Nazi Holocaust is a crime in Germany, punishable by a possible five years in prison.” GermarRudolf, Ernst Zuendel, Horst Mahler, Guenther Deckert, David Irving and many others have already served lengthy prison sentences in Germany and Austria. No doubt, Jews would like to enlarge the list of their victims to include Amazon.de as well. Is it time for an anti-Jewish revolution, or what? Should the vile hypcrisy and bigotry that is at work here go unrewarded?

Haaretz: “Stalin dragged Hitler into war to force Europe into chaos and facilitate a communist revolution on the continent.” Viktor Suvorov is right, after all —and Hitler is acquitted!

AIDS victims

Do the corpses of AIDS Victims look any better than the victims of cancer, or of typhus in a German concentration camp at the end of WW2? Well, just toss some corpses into a pile or pit and find out for yourself. As to WW2, the Germans tried to prevent typhus from occurring and/or spreading by imposing strict hygienic and sanitary controls including fumigation of all clothing and bedding, showering and shaving of prisoners and workers and soldiers--so, they should NOT be blamed for the typhus catastrophe. Who would be so vile as to blame the Germans for the typhus epidemic which occurred inspite of the extreme German control measures? Who?

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Ingrid Weckert -- German historian“Two Times Dachau” by Ingrid Weckert This courageous historian is best known for her book Feuerzeichen about the November 1938 Kristallnacht pogrom against Jews in Germany: Her apartment has been raided many times by German police with countless materials including her computer confiscated for prolonged examination. Basic human rights mean nothing in the postwar Germany. During one raid, Ernst Zündel was arrested in her apartment in Munich. A former tourist guide for travel agencies, Weckert reads and speaks Hebrew fluently. She has visited Israel many times and knew Menachim Begin and other Jewish leaders personally. In 1998, she was tried, convicted and fined DM 3,500 ($2,000) for the linked essay. When she had completed several years of work and exams at the University of Munich for her Ph.D. in history, she was told that she could only receive the degree after she formally renounced her prior revisionist works—“bigotry with a smile and an apology.” She refused to renounce anything! Is there a Nobel Prize out there somewhere for her? Why not? See also: Dachau according to John F. Floyd with pictures.

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NEW Assault on “German Village” The linked essay by Mike Davis underlines the criminal and cowardly nature of the Anglo-American air war against German civilians. 3-D exterior tour of German Village, and..Interior Views of German Village (click on red stars on the three floor plans)..There is no doubt that the mock-up village planned by a famous Jewish architect, Erich Mendelsohn, was totally non-industrial and non-military in nature.Drill presses and tools were NOT on the menu. It was even called a “village” so as to avoid any possible confusion as to the genocidal and cowardly intent. Besides, military targets tended to shoot back. (click image for enlarged view) Mendelsohn helped insure the accurate integration of the most ordinary civilian features such as furniture into the mix of flammable raw material. Oh, and BTW—it was the British who had begun the deliberate bombardment and mass murder of civilians, not the Germans, with at least five air attacks on Berlin before Hitler responded reluctantly with the first German air attack on any Allied civilians with the attack on London on September 7, 1940. The prior German air attacks on Rotterdam and Warsaw were aimed o-n-l-y at military targets which would otherwise have been attacked with ground artillery and with far more loss to civilians. Churchill. it seems, had been most eager to impress his good friend Roosevelt (neutral-in-name-only) with British tenacity and frightfulness. No doubt, Roosevelt was deeply impressed and soon added America's vast resources and financing to help r-o-a-s-t even more women, children and babies.

If you still salute the American flag or believe America has reason to be proud of anything, read Mike Davis, DEAD CITIES and Other Tales, (New York: The New Press, 2002). The third chapter, “Berlin's Skeletons in Utah's Closet,” pages 64-83 indicts America and Britain and brilliantly summarizes the evidence and postwar literature about the true holocaust of WW2. When one understands the crimes the western Allies committed, can one still imagine that those same genocidal monsters would conduct fair postwar trials of the people they had been trying to exterminate during the war? Surely, there is a need for far more objectivity and openess to defenders of the German people, and its leaders, and to the pleadings of revisionists..

Is it conceivable that a smart and oh-so-talented Jewish boy like Mendelsohn was somehow unaware that he was helping murder ordinary German civilians, "villagers," women and children by burning them to death? Maybe the Nazis had the right idea when they tried to expel Mendelsohn and all people like him from Germany? What do you really think, folks?

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George Galloway finally gets it right: ...the numbering of the days of the Zionist apartheid state of Israel!”

NEW Today, the US and Europe are struggling to escape economic collapse. The superficial successes of their societies since World War 2 were built with mountains of debt, so-called “sovereign debt.” Before Hitler came to power in 1933, there were 38 different political parties competing intensely in what was without much doubt one of the most "democratic" societies ever:--Weimar Germany. However, they could agree on little--not even where the borders of Germany should be or even whether there should be a single Germany rather than many separate states. The economics and world depression made everything even worse. The second biggest party in Germany was the communist party.

But, almost as soon as he became Chancellor in early 1933, Hitler began and achieved the greatest economic miracle and economic recovery of all time. Look it up. It should be in every economics textbook and nearly all of that recovery was done w-i-t-h-o-u-t military spending. From 1933 to 1939, Hitler reduced German unemployment from more than 30% to only 2% whereas FDR, (supposedly a "great American" president) over the same period, reduced US unemployment from 24% to 19%. Big Deal! (see Table 1 below-click to enlarge).And even though Germany lost WW2, it was Germany's attack on the Soviet Union in 1941 which saved the world from a total communist victory before the US had its atomic weapons.

.There is no better explanation, that I have found, of how HITLER achieved his miracle than the following short essay: Life in the Third Reich by Friedrich KURRECK (pdf).. But, because this miiracle was the achievement of Adolf HITLER and the German people (Jews had no meaningful part in making it happen), it is a taboo subject. Jews had, in fact, been at war with Nazi Germany, albeit only an economic war, since March of 1933. Today's masters of world finance (mostly Jewish, btw) are loathe to even admit that HITLER ever achieved anything. Their alternative solutions for today's depression are to impose even more debt on the US and the world (great for them, disastrous for everyone else). For all their financial creativity, they have nothing better to offer. Productive work is anathema to them. They live in a “post industrial” dream world (counting and “managing” other people's money) which is becoming a nightmare instead. The rest of the world has leared to “manage” it's own money without the Jews, or the English, or the Americans—thank you, anyway!

After Jesus CHRIST had tried to drive the money changers from the Temple, the money changers helpied kill CHRIST just as they also destroyed HITLER and Germany. By contrast, the Chinese have learned from HITLER and have achieved a national-socialist miracle of their own with the hard work of their own people and w-i-t-h-o-u-t sovereign debt..America following the foolish advice of its most brilliant Jews has “bailed-out” the money lenders (Jews also–such a coincidence) with vast amounts of taxpayer money from future generations and new sovereign debt. Can it possibly end without world war and revolution? The American dream (built on the technological loot stolen from Germany) is over! Besides, China has nuclear missiles and will not be crushed or blackmailed easily. All who deny or ignore Hitler's economic miracle cannot possibly understand the chain of events that led to World War 2.. They deserve the Great Depression Part 2 that is crushing them already. NEW

NEW Let's block Israeli ships from unloading their cargoes! Boycott Israel! “Free, Free Palestine--Don't cross the picket line” NEW

NEW . Map for the Postwar World from 1941 made by US Jews—so audacious and almost unbelievable—and far broader in scope than the map in Germany Must Perish! by Theodore N. Kaufamn from March of 1941 Be sure to enlarge the Gomberg map many times to see the proposed new world order (of 1941) in shocking detail including “Hebrewland” which ncludes not merely Palestine—but all of Jordan as well. All countires of eastern Europe including Germany and Austria, except for the Rheinland, were to be “incorporated as equal republics of the U.S.S.R.,” described as a “power for freedom and the maintenance of world peace.” Why not? Hitler did not think it was a good idea (Roosevelt did, however) and we should all thank Hitler. NEW

HERESY: The Nazis and SS shared their meager food, medicine, housing and much more with the Jews—even until the very last days of the war! The misery and deaths of thousands, Jews and non-Jews, in many of the camps at the end of the war were among the Allies' greatest achievements. Mass starvation of Germany (by naval blockade, initially) followed by disease had been among the principal goals of British, and later American, “strategy” from the beginning—and amazingly, some Jews died as well. Mass murder of innocent civilians from the air (bombing and strafing) was almost continuous during the last months of the war, weather permitting. The victors have nothing to be proud of. If Americans really want to find depraved “mass murderers,” they need only look at themselves in the mirror. Ultimately, all that holocaust propaganda and “scholarship” really proves is that when Hitler tried to expel Jews from Germany forever, he certainly had the right idea. For many people, World War 2 was the “Good War” as Studs Terkel, a typical award-winning Jew, tells us with his book of the same name. The truth is that Jews were the ultimate victors—but, what should seem more surprising is that Jews are still seen as the greatest “victims” ever. As far as what really happened to them, Jews have nothing to complain about. Some of them did die just like everyone else—and, why not? It was their war to begin with!

“After the Reich” by MacDonogh reviewed with comments

NEW Mass Murder of German Civilians in Prague, May 1945 NEW

NEW Hitler in my Heart NEW

The monumental blindness and stupidity, unmatched barbarism and sadism of America and Britain nearly brought a new Dark Age upon a world dominated, not by them, but by the Soviet Union and communism, Although the Nazis and fascists lost the war—their heroic struggle with hardly any resources against overwhelming odds allowed western civilization to survive. After 1945, it was the atomic bomb, beyond everything else, which allowed the west to survive---but before that, it was Adolf HITLER who saved us.

Even if the holocaust story were true, the war crimes and atrocities committed by the US and Britain were far worse. The US and Britain as a matter of thoughtfully crafted “strategy,” initiated the mass murder of huge masses of totally innocent women, children and babies by deliberately r-o-as-t-i-n-g them to death—and continued these sadistic and cowardly crimes long after there ceased to be any danger to the US or Britain. If the Nazis had murdered people in gas chambers, that would have been humane by comparison. In fact, however, Nazi gassings never happened! The Nazis were the “Good Guys.” The anti-Nazis, especially the Americans, were the ”Bad Guys”—and they still are. Holocaust propaganda is the continuation of anti-Nazi lunacy driven by the most rabidly racist and destructive people on the planet.

Of the many great technical and scientific achievements of Nazi Germany (some of which are spelled out on this website, lower column right) the one with the most profound consequences for the future of the entire human race is the liquid-fueled rocket engine, specifically the engine that propelled the V-2 rocket. Nearly everything mankind has learned since the war about the vast universe beyond earth's atmosphere (Hubble telescope, manned lunar landings, Mars and Voyager missions) is directly linked to that breakthrough invention—and it was an entirely German achievement made possible because of the enthusiastic support of HITLER and Heinrich HIMMLER. No one else in the world, other than the Germans, was even remotely close to developing anything like it. Even ten years after the war when America tried to launch its first satellite w-i-t-h-o-u-t the German engineers that it had in America, the result was an embarrassing fiasco:—the failed Vanguard rocket of 1957. Although Robert H. Goddard had done important pioneer work in the US before the war, he never grasped the magnitude of the technical problems. Goddard's amateurish experiments are a series of failures for which even America soon lost interest.

Was the V-2 rocket engine the greatest invention since the wheel, or what? Men could at last walk among the stars. .For the V-2 rocket engine alone, the world should rise in awe of Nazi Germany and the unmatched inventiveness and Faustian vision and genius of its people and culture. A world without the Germans would be dull by comparison. Do Americans even know that the automobile, the gasoline engine and the Diesel engine were all German inventions? Of course, not! A world without Germany.was nearly achieved bv the Jews and the Morgenthau madmen around Roosevelt. And their successors are still hard at work. Germany since the war is a false-guilt-ridden shadow of what it had been. Germany's pseudo-democratic government since the war terrorizes and blackmails its own people to appease the Jews—and proudly admits to intending to do this forever.. If Germany had won the war, there would be a human colony on the moon and probably far beyond as well. For America today, the question is why should one even bother when it can bailout AIG, Goldman-Sachs and Citigroup instead. NEW

“The Sinking of the USS Liberty” and Operation Cyanide from the BBC. Today, with five US carrier groups on their way to the Persian Gulf, the real powers in Washington want to trigger a war with Iran by provoking something so that Iran will appear to fire the first shot. The Israeli attack on the Liberty provides a playbook for how it might be done. The US Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean in June 1967 had launched nuclear armed aircraft not to rescue or defend the USS Liberty — but, to nuke Cairo instead after the presumed Egyptian attack on the Liberty, an unarmed American ship in international waters. However, since the Israelis had failed to actually sink the Liberty and murder the entire crew, the .botched operation had to be covered-up as best one could. Today, the American public must be tricked into believing that Iran is firing the first shot. There are no limits to combined US and Israeli treachery. The US Navy may pay a high price but that is what the Nazy is there for. Remember Pearl Harbor, Tonkin Gulf and the attack on the USS Maine in Havana Harbor, anyone? Just send lots of US ships into harm's way and hope for the best! Something will surely happen so that American Jews will vote democratic again in November. Democracy is wonderful!

NEW War with Poland? Why? NEW

NEW Jews Cheered as Soviets Crushed Poland NEW

JR's Books and Commentary

GI-Joe six-packs murdered German prisoners and wounded at Normandy—oh, my!! The donuts and coca-cola must have gotten lost at the beach. War is Hell! Maybe this explains Malmedy? Gen George S. Patton had actually called for killing ALL German prisoners and raping German women.. His message to kill all prisoners was repeated often and he was not alone. See: Hirshson, Stanley P. General Patton (New York: Harper Collins, 2002) p. 374. For June 27, 1943, according to Captain Howard Cry: He [Patton] said to kill and to continue to kill and that the more we killed then the less we'd have to kill later and the better the Division would be in the long run.” If such words had been scripted for a psychotic Hitler or Himmler in a Hollywood farce, they would seem perfect.. If they could be found in a Hitler or Himmler diary, the Jews would jump for joy. There is much more in Hirshson's Chapter Ten: “Atrocities amid the Triumphs, ” pages 363 through 406. On page 317 we have the quote from Patton: “We’ll rape their women and pillage their towns and run the pusillanimous sons of bitches into the sea.” :Patton had helped set the stage for the Normandy massacres with at least five well-documented, prisoner massacres of his own in Sicily.He also helped set the stage for the treatment of members of the SS, especially those who had anything to do with concentration camps—the worst of the worst—whose “voluntary confessions” became the best evidence for the holocaust hoax. On page 593, Hirshson quotes a high-ranking American officer who had told Fred Ayer, Patton's brother-in-law, that “the Americans shot four or five prisoners for every prisoner killed by a German...

The image to the left (click image to enlarge) shows Patton after he allowed someone to photgraph him deliberately peeing into the Rhine River in March, 1945—an inspiration to us all! Patton's war crimes and incendiary speeches make his views after the war all the more surprising: General Patton's Warning. Did Patton redeem himself before he was “accidentally“ killed by one of his own soldiers in December, 1945? Decide for yourself. There may even be hope for you!

NEW Polish Atocities against the German minority in Poland NEW

Friedrich Paul Berg's radio interview by Dr. Tomislav Sunic

Ernst Zundel after years of false imrprisonment for talking


German Holocaust Victims Murdered by Anglo-Americans and Jews

At the same time that they were portraying themselves as totally innocent victims of Nazi persecution and even extermination, Jews worldwide were actively promoting the mass extermination of innocent German civilians. The Germans in the above photo were murdered in their bombshelter by the firestorm air attacks on Hamburg in 1943. Click the image for more images. The deliberate carpet bombing of cities is a form of mass extermination! It was the British, and NOT the Germans, who began the deliberate bombing of civilians as early as May 11 of 1940 to which Hitler and Germany responded in kind only by September 7, 1940—nearly four months later and after five major British air attacks on Berlin. Already on August 24, Churchill had bragged to the British public that British airmen were bombing German cities almost every night. Hitler, after repeated appeals to the British for peace and sanity (NO surrender of Britain was demanded at all), had no choice but to respond with similar air attacks: nothing else made the slightest impression on the British. The nature of the German reprisals was, as expected, totally distorted by the American media which included lying journalists like Edward R. Murrow of CBS which was run by Jews (CEO: William F. Paley). The fact that it was the British who had begun the air war against civilians is still largely unknown. The first major crack in the myth about who started the air war against civilians is the most recent work of Patrick J. Buchanan: Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War, (2008). No doubt, Churchill knew perfectly well that his initiation of these cowardly air attacks would be portrayed sympathetically in the American press and that when the Germans responded in kind, they would be portrayed as monsters. He also knew President Roosevelt's thoughts and that he would support the British terror campaign..


Goodbye America! by Dr. Lasha Darkmoon Although the Middle East is not a major focus of this website, the worsening disaster there is a direct result of WW2 and the holocaust madness and terror which is actually getting worse—no doubt, as a bigotted response to holocaust revisionism. The cartoon to the left illustrates how concepts which might seem fundamental to our civilization are turned upside down. Of course, zionism is a form of racism—but so is Judaism. When Jews insist, as they invariably do, that Judaism is NOT racism—they are simply lying! The daily violence and terrorism against Palestinians is also “violence” and “terrorism”— but, is condoned by the US. American politicians know they will lose their generous funding from pro-Israeli lobbyists if they dare to say even one critical word about Israel, ever!

Adolf Hitler talks about Czechoslovakia, September 12, 1938 (auf Deutsch with English subtitles) -- on YouTube -- Part 1, Part 2.

The linked speech above may be Hitler's best. It is still relevant today because of the oppression of the Palestinians which Hitler discusses as well at the end of Part 2. Germany could not tolerate the oppression of fellow Germans in Czechoslovakia—and rightly so. Will the moslem world tolerate the oppression of the Palestinians indefinitely? Of course, not! One of Hitler's points was that the US and Britain were so selective in their advocacy of “democracy.” For them, it was perfectly OK to deny freedom and democracy to the Sudeten Germans just as it is perfectly OK for the US and Israel today to deny freedom to the Palestinians, especially those who dare to support Hamas and its election victory. A major war with Iran is far more likely than the emergence of any independent Palestinian state—even though the US has been paying lip-service to the idea of a Palestinian state for decades. Will the US even consider imposing “sanctions” on Israel? Of course, not! The US is still shackled hand-and-foot to the racist and predatory madness of the Jews, just as it was in 1938.

BREAKING NEWS Is Elie Wiesel the greatest LIAR of all time, or what? Miklos Gruner insists that wily Elie is an impostor. Gruner, himself a “survivor” of Auschwitz's Monowitz plant, spells it all out in his book: Stolen Identity (in English). Can anyone imagine a teenage runt like Elie Wiesel actually doing the heavy work that would have been required at a petro-chemical plant like Monowitz? I can't.

If there is, or ever was, a tattoo on Elie Wiesel's left arm—it is NOT visible on this image from a YouTube video nor anywhere else to our knowledge. Click the image for an enlarged view. The number A-7713 should be visible in a photograph or video somewhere. Wiesel is the Bernie Madoff of the holocaust racket and scam. It is vastly bigger than ENRON. When he isn't singing and performing at DAVOS World Economic Forums, Elie Wiesel is somewhere calling for the “imprisonment” of people who dare to challenge or deny the “holocaust.” Wiesel is a bigot with blood on his hands! No one personifies the hoax more than Elie. He is the no.1 hoaxer and hatemongerer of all time. For more images of Elie's arm, see the link at CODOH.

New evidence has emerged that Elie Wiesel was not even at Auschwitz during the war, ever, and that Elie Wiesel had simply assumed the identity of a much older relative who had been there. A recent essay by Carlo Mattogno presents the evidence casting the most serious doubts about everything Wiesel has ever claimed about his self-described experiences at Auschwitz and Buchenwald. Perhaps we now know why Wiesel never visits Auschwitz for those, now annual, liberation events in January. The evidence has emerged because of the courage and determination of Eric Hunt who is waging a great legal battle with Wiesel. Will Wiesel return his Nobel Prize money and apologize to his countless victims, especially the German people, for his hateful lies? Time will tell! There is even a new video for Wiesel fans.

Holocaust by Bombing Discussion Forum (auf Deutsch)

The Planned Mass Extermination (auf Deutsch)


To appreciate the disaster that Germany and much of Europe were dealing with, in large part due to the Anglo-American terror bombing—one should read Earth-Burial and Cremation about disease and the necessity for cremation in nineteenth century America during a long period of peace and prosperity.. In post-Civil War America until at least 1890, at least 10 per cent of America's fatalities were directly attributable to the spread of diseases from non-cremated corpses, generally through contaminated ground water and drinking water. A. G. COBB, the author, believed cremation was a necessity and that traditional burial should be banned.
One reason the “holocaust” has been sold so successfully to the public is because of the general ignorance about the public health disaster Germany dealt with during the Second World War. That disaster was compounded by the Anglo-American terror bombing and strafing of civilian targets, especially in the last months of the war. Nazi Germany should actually be lauded for its advanced crematory practices and public health measures in the concentration camps and elsewhere.

The above images are all from Ellis Island as it can be seen today, albeit only with special permission since what actually occurred in the southern part of the island, the quarantine area, is generally taboo. Ordinary tourists are NOT allowed to see these areas yet, and may never see them. Although tens of millions of dollars have been raised and spent for Ellis Island's restoration generally, the money to “restore” these areas of Ellis Island seems unavailable. The images are from the “laundry building” which also had a huge brick chimney (far larger than needed for any laundry). The images appear on the “Save Ellis Island” website. Although there are no identifying captions for these images, the image on the extreme left looks like a large crematory oven to perform at least two cremations at a time. The middle image shows what also looks like a crematory oven (on the left) for two cremations at a time. The image on the right is a typical autoclave for sanitizing laundry just as at Birkenau's “sauna” and elsewhere. If one had mislabeled these images as “images of Auschwitz,” few people would have any doubt that the images represented something “horrific” or “evil.”

Click on any of these images to see an enlarged view

The image to the right is also from Ellis Island but from the time when the island complex was actually used to process immigrants to America, and quarantine those who might be carrying any number of contagious diseases, and/or treat them as well. Note the striped uniforms that the two “patients/prisoners" are wearing and also the substantial barrier to confine these people. If someone had mislabeled this image as an “image of victims at Auschwitz waiting to be gassed,”who would dare to even doubt that it was “evidence,” or even “proof,” of Nazi bestiality. Were there also medical experiments at Ellis Island? If not, why not? New experimental procedures and medications are entirely normal for all major hospitals throughout the world.

According to Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, The Family Tree Guide to finding your Ellis Island ancestors, (2005), page 102: “If you have a relative who was born or died on Ellis Island, the event should be recorded among the New York City (Manhattan) birth and death records. The death record should tell you if the relative was cremated on the island, or if the body was removed for burial and where internment took place.” According to page 101: "Ellis Island had its own hospital, contagious disease ward, mental ward, autopsy theater, morgue, and crematory. ... Dangerous contagious diseases included trachoma and pulmonary tuberculosis. Loathsome diseases included favus (scalp and nail fungus), syphilis, gonorhea and leprosy. Those who were detained for observation or recuperation underwent daily delousing, where immigrants were stripped naked to have their clothing fumigated. During the Island's history, more than 3500 immigrants died on the Island, including some 1,400 children...

The shocking truth is that Nazi procedures at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Dachau, and elsewhere were essentially the same as those used by the United States at Ellis Island during periods of peace and great prosperity. The likely introduction of epidemic diseases into the country was a matter of life-and-death, possibly effecting millions of people and had to be taken extremely seriously. If the scene to the left from 1920 of Mexican workers being examined were repeated today (perhaps in Arizona), it would be condemned as deliberate racist humiliation, or worse. In fact, however, it was just one of the measures used by many countries to keep people alive . See the discussion with even more images on Stormfront.org.

A detailed description of the delousing procedures was actually given by the US Public Health Service in 1919. Note that the procedures are essentially the same as those used later by the Germans in WW2 except that the earlier procedures used steam to delouse clothing instead of Zyklon-B. The Mexicans had the decency and good sense to recognize that it was all for their benefit whereas the later generation of Jews turned reality on its head and made the lifesaving ordeal into the greatest mass murder hoax ever.

The lurid quackery of Jewish “scholars” and medical doctors (far too many to be even named here) regarding the “holocaust” is outrageous. Ultimately, the Jews only condemn themselves. In the meantime, however, countless Americans will die fighting in foolish wars far from America “to protect Jews from another holocaust.


SUPER threads on the RODOH and CODOH Discussion Forums — The most often referred to piece of “evidence” for the holocaust hoax is the “statement” of SS lieutenant Kurt Gerstein who insisted that he had actually witnessed homicidal gassings in August 1942 and had tried afterward to alert the world, even the Pope, but without any success. He seemed extraordinarily credible because he was not simply some irate Jew, or a Polish terrorist, but a German SS officer—even a “righteous gentile” according to the Israelis. A play “The Deputy” (Der Stellvertreter) by Rolf Hochhuth about Gerstein achieved international success. The RODOH thread shows how Kurt Gerstein confabulated his hoax about diesel gas chambers for Treblinka and Belzec over several years beginning at least as early as March 1943, initially without the diesel feature or blue corpses. We are now able to look into the mind of one of the principal holocaust hoaxers and see how his ghastly tale evolved.

The CODOH thread shows that one can indeed commit mass murder with diesel exhaust but, and this is so astounding, the lethal factor is the heat of the exhaust and NOT any toxic ingredient such as carbon monoxide, or carbon dioxide, or reduced oxygen or any combination thereof.. “Diesel exhaust temperatures normally range from 120 to 720 °C for non-turbocharged systems and 100 to 600 °C for turbocharged systems.” from page 897 of the referenced essay. Such temperatures will kill anyone. The time needed to reach these temperatures in a chamber will vary widely depending on the speed with which the gas is generated and on the amount of cooling before the gas enters the chamber. From a typical 1500 HP Soviet submarine engine, heating will be quite rapid especially at “fast idle.” If the holocaust hoax persists, one should rename the chambers that supposedly used diesel exhaust as “h-e-a-t chambers” rather than as “gas chambers.” Of course, to use diesel exhaust for heating is absurd when any controlled fire that is large enough would give the same result without any engine at all. For intense heat combined with extremely concentrated CO, nothing would have been better or simpler than the producer gas generators (Holgas-generatoren) on wheels that were ubiquitous throughout wartime Europe—see the discussions below and elsewhere on this website.

Kurt Gerstein's March 1943 Statement to J. H. Ubbink of the Dutch resistance

Click the images above for enlarged views. For the text in English, check the RODOH link given above.

In the transcription above by J.H. Ubbink of Gerstein's story as of early 1943, there is NO mention of a diesel engine, or “blue” corpses, or Professor Wilhem Pfannenstiel, or the stopwatch that Gerstein supposedly used to time the entire process (32 minutes), or the lengthy delay of nearly three hours (2 hours 49 minutes) because the diesel would not start. Those details should have been just as well-known to Gerstein in 1943 at the time of this early “statement.” Those details were added later and put into his five statements made in 1945. In the 1943 statement, the entire killing process occurred “within an hour” and there was NO mention of any delay because the engine, diesel or gasoline, failed to start. Clearly, the 1943 “statement” was still a “work-in-progress” (hoax-in-progress) with many more revisions to come. The five 1945 “statements” contain substantial differences also as shown by Henri Roques in The Confessions of Kurt Gerstein.

One should also look at the tale of Yankiel Wiernik and how that may have inspired Gerstein.. If there were any truth to Gerstein's claim that 700 to 800 people were packed into a space of only 25 square meters (the same space as Wiernik claimed in his chapter 5 for only 450-500 people), most of those people would have surely been dead long before the engine (from a Soviet tank according to Wiernik—Chap. 5), even started. It was later in 1943 that the first public mention of diesels for mass murder in gas vans occurred in the Soviet show trials at Krasnodar and Kharkov described in The Verdict. In general, revisionists including Thomas Kues and Henri Roques, have not taken the Ubbink account seriously enough. Although the provenance is not as pristine as one might like, such perfection is too much to expect when one is mind-reading. The Ubbink statement has little to do with what was happening in Poland—but everything to do with what Gerstein was concocting in his head, and when.

See also: Diesel Gas Chambers; Ideal for Torture—Absurd for Murder
Part 1 -- Introduction with Toxicology of CO
Part 2 -- Producer Gas
Part 3 -- Conclusions and Notes

George Carlin Philosophy (Part I) — “CTD (Circling the Drain) and Meaningless Choices ”. At 5:05 into this YouTube video : “You don't need a formal conspiracy when interests converge....They have like interests. They don't need to call a meeting. They know what's good for them and they are getting it... ”

Tales of the Holohoax from 1988. Simon Sheppard and Steve Whittle, are currently in jail in Britain http://www.heretical.com for distributing Tales of the Holohoax which is a scholarly comic book ridiculing the holocaust claims. The same liberal media which says cartoons about Mohammed are protected as examples of freedom of expression is totally silent about freedom to criticize the holocaust tales, or even supports the imprisonment of two brave young men who foolishly thought they had human rights also. When Sheppard and Whittle fled to the USA seeking political asylum in the USA (the freest country on the planet??), they were arrested instead and after many months of imprisonment returned to Britain where they were put in prison once again. Obviously, criticizing Mohammed is quite different from criticizing Holocaust stories. Click the image above-left for an enlarged view.

Nazi Shrunken Heads

David Duke's Video Critique of INGLORIOUS BASTERDS

Thomas Blatt and the genocidal Diesel for Sobibor It took up to 40 minutes for those inside to die. We heard the whine of the generator that started the s-u-b-m-a-r-i-n-e engine which made the gas that killed them. I remember standing and listening to the muffled screams and knowing that men, women and children were dying in agony as I sorted their clothes. This is what I live with," he said.All submarine engines since WW1 and through WW2 were diesel engines. The diesel mass murder hoax is still alive even if the hoax promoters are now uncomfortable with it.

Manufacturing Testimony against Demjanjuk in Germany (auf Deutsch) If Samuel K. is a “good boy” and helps convict Demjanjuk, Samuel K will avoid prosecution for his own involvement at Sobibor, go home, and die in peace. But if Samuel K. is uncooperative, he will spend what remains of his life in prison or in court. Such a deal we got for you, Samuel K!

The SANITY Test (On CODOH) Can YOU pass the Test?

Revisionism for Our Time from 1966 by Murray N. Rothbard

Juergen Rieger — An Attorney for Germany Support the NPD for freedom of thought and for Human Rights—even in Germany! No one has the right to imprison anyone for expressing their opinions—even if Jews are offended.

Platterhof Speech from May 1944

Third Reich Research

Hitler's Platterhof Speech of 26 May, 1944 is enormously important because with this speech Hitler reveals many of his secret thoughts and feelings just days before the Normandy invasion and before Germany's war became hopeless. Although the speech has been used by historians such as John Lukacs, its contents have been withheld for fear they will not serve the interests of the victors of World War 2. By publishing this carefully translated text, Clark and Heink have ripped away the curtain of secrecy. This book is a must read for serious students of the war and the anti-German psychosis which continues to this day. List Price with contribution = $35.00 in paperback.

"As Hitler shook my hand, a picture was taken. That was the happiest day in my life. For the first and last day in my life, I was treated as a human being. I could enter the front door of a bus seat in the front and talk to Germans. The American Olympic Committee forbade me to show the picture. As I was back in America, I was not invited to the White House to celebrate the Olympic medals". ~ Jesse Owens


To see how the Germans and Nazis built real gassing installations with
real gas chambers
, look at the following from Jean-Claude Pressac about the beautiful reception building and connected gassing facility with 19 ten-cubic meter DEGESCH gas chambers:

The image above is from Google Earth. Today, one can visit Auschwitz-Birkenau from one's own PC — and see it all. Look at the linked image to see the entire reception building at trhe Auschwitz Main Camp.

Note the s-e-p-a-r-a-t-i-o-n between the huge, odd-shaped reception building and the gassing facility (almost square). I did not know that this extraordinary building even existed any more—but there it is today, thanks to Google Earth surrounded by a parking area for the employees. It is NOT on the tour given to visitors although the reception building definitely is. No doubt, it would be far too difficult to explain that the SS used gas chambers to keep people alive. “Oh NO, how could that be possible?” Keep those tourists as stupid as possible, and for as long as possible. That beautiful reception building is the first building tourists visit today to get their personal tour guides, and brochures, and to eat in the basement cafeteria.


In Drawing 2 above, from page 34 of Pressac, one can see the 19 stalls for standard DEGESCH gas chambers. Those chambers were each equipped with separate internal heaters and fans for thorough forced fumigating and venting. One can also see that the entire building had NO walls between the support columns so that the gas chambers, and clothes racks, were open to as much natural venting as possible as well afterward. What's more, the building used a "patio" arrangement so that carts could sit for as long as desired in fresh air before the clothing would be given back to the owners, or inmates of the camp.


The drawing above is from Photo 8, page 37 of Pressac. Carts with dirty clothes would enter the "dirty side" (Unreine Seite) of the building, (via roofed but open passage way, lower right) and be brought to the interior center of the building, and then pushed into the gas chambers. After fumigation and forced venting were all completed (one hour), the doors on the opposite side of the gas chambers would be opened so that the carts could be pulled out to the "clean side" (Reine Seite)and parked in the open patio areas for some additional natural venting. The carts would then be wheeled back into the reception building (via roofed but open passageway, lower left)—and the clothing returned, lice-free, to its original owners.

For some super, actual wartime photos of this stunning gassing facility, see: http://veritas3.holocaust-history.org/a ... 0038.shtml

BTW, that was how the SS and the Germans did things. The reception building and the gassing facility are probably, still today, among the most beautiful buildings one can find anywhere, especially in Poland. They are both awesome. By contrast, Poland—still today—is generally a horrible, third-world dump, really! The design and orderly flow through the delousing station also shows the great care that was taken, and needed, to protect people inside the reception building. There is nothing remotely like that for the Kremas and alleged homicidal morgues/gas chambers at Birkenau or Auschwitz 1. At Kremas 2 and 3, there is NO s-e-p-a-r-a-t-i-o-n between the alleged homicidal morgues/gas chambers and the rest of the Krema structures.

The Nazis and SS shared their food and medicine and much more with the Jews—even until the very last days of the war!

The horrible food shortages in Germany, long before 1945, were the direct result of the British blockade made much worse by the United States, even before Pearl Harbor. German farmers working in their fields were seen as “legitimate” targets by cowardly American airmen such as Chuck Yeager as he explained in his autobiography (Yeager, pp 79-80.). It was so much safer to strafe German farmers (for freedom and democracy, of course) rather than soldiers who had a nasty tendency to shoot back. Almost everyone was starving in Germany during the war. That was the major result of the typical British strategy from the very beginning, of their “Sitzkrieg” strategy. The fiendish Nazis could have dramatically eased their desperate food situation by “exterminating“ worthless, non-productive Jews like Anne Frank, Elie Wiesel and Ada Bimko and many others—but they did nothing of the sort. They were accused of that after the war—but, in fact, they had shared what little food they had, even with the Jews. The Jews were NOT gassed or mowed down as German prisoners had been by Patton's murderous thugs. In the historic video below, Ada Bimko explains that the Nazis had taken the choocolate out of the Red Cross packages intended only for them (apparently, they left the rest). Oh, my—such fiends! If that story has any truth, perhaps some of the Nazis had indeed felt it was high time that Jews shared some chocolate with them, and rightl;y so.

The following image is from the US Government film: "Nazi Concentration Camps" which used only official military photographs and film footage gathered by the US Department of Defense for the war crimes trials. See: http://www.archive.org/details/nazi_concentration_camps


Although there were many thousands of dead at Belsen when the British took over the camp through a negotiated transfer with the SS, and although there were many thousands of sick and dying—there were also many prisoners who were quite healthy, some even fat and overweight. The most remarkable of these was probably ADA BIMKO (Hadassah Rosensaft). Her appearance in the film begins 50:00 minutes from the start of the film and continues for exactly three minutes. She was so upset that the SS had removed the chocolate from the inmates' Red Cross packages. A bit less chocolate might have helped keep people alive. No doubt, there must be many International Red Cross records for the prisoners, including signed receipts from Jews, for all of the German concentration camps. Otherwise, the Swiss would have been helping the German war effort by feeding German guards and soldiers.

Mengele's “New Way of Killing”

The following text is from the New York Times, October 8, 1997: “Hadassah Rosensaft, 85, Dies; Saved Auschwitz Inmates.

In 1945, Dr. Rosensaft was an important witness for the prosecution at a war crimes trial before a British military court in Luneburg, Germany, of former commandants and staff members of the Nazis’ Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps, where she had spent a total of 20 months. Her tattooed concentration camp number visible on her left forearm, she stood and identified 15 of the 45 defendants, who were charged with mass murder.

Hadassah Bimko Rosensaft studied medicine at the University of Nancy in France, received her doctorate as a dental surgeon there in 1935 and practiced dentistry in her native city of Sosnowiec in southern Poland from then until August 1943, when she was sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp along with her parents; her first husband, Josef Preserowicz, and their 5 1/2-year-old son, Benjamin.
All but she soon died in the gas chambers there, but, as her son recalled, ''because of her medical training, she was assigned to work in what was called the Jewish infirmary at Auschwitz, and in that capacity she saved hundreds of Jewish women'' from the gas chambers.
He recalled that since sick inmates were sent to the gas chambers, she would do things like tell camp officials that the ill inmates were actually healthy, or get the sick women dressed and send them out of the infirmary.

In testimony at a United States Senate subcommittee hearing in 1985, she described the death of one inmate under the foot of the notorious war criminal Dr. Josef Mengele. She said that late in 1943, while she was working in the Auschwitz infirmary, a young woman was late for roll-call outside her barracks. Dr. Rosensaft said Dr. Mengele “ordered her to come forward” and “knocked her down with his booted foot,” then put his foot on her chest. He hummed an “aria from ‘Madame Butterfly’ and kept his foot there until the woman was dead” from suffocation, Dr. Rosensaft testified. “He showed the SS men a new way of killing.”

The above text is from page 2 of the NYT obituary at: http://www.nytimes.com/1997/10/08/nyreg ... mates.html . The incredible anecdote about Dr. Mengele humming an aria from “Madame Butterfly” as he killed a prisoner was almost certainly concocted to feed the interest in Dr. Mengele in 1985. There was no mention of anything like that in her testimony at the Belsen Trial in 1945. For the US Senate in 1985, however, there seems to have been no problem at all with that absurd story. Aside from what her anecdote tells us about the gullibility and stupidity of the NYT and a US Senate committee, it also establishes Bimko-Rosensaft as a pathological liar.

Ada BIMKOHolocaust “superstar,” racketeer, perjurer and founding matriarch of USHMM. Although Ada-Hadassah Bimko-Rosensaft is no longer with us, her glorious work is continued by her devoted son Menachem Z. Rosensaft (born in Bergen-Belsen, of all places, in 1947). Rosensaft continues the family business of hate and lying for profit and vast influence. If Menachem's claim that his mother had actually dressed up sick inmates and sent them out of the infirmary is true, then she contributed mightily to the spread of disease, especially typhus, inside the camps. For people infected with typhus (a reconvalescent disease), there are daily periods of several hours at a time without fever or chills when the vital signs seem quite normal to the casual observer. If one uses such periods to disguise the underlying presence of typhus, one is assuring the spread of the disease and the deaths of countless other victims. When the Nazis put such monsters as Ada Bimko into concentration camps, they certainly had the right idea. That the SS used people like Bimko to actually care for the sick shows just how desperate they were in the final months of the war. From the image left—click image to enlarge—it is obvious that Hadassah never lost her appetite for chocolate. She and her husband "Yossi" also had an enormous appetite for black marketing and the fabulous riches it brought to them—even before “liberation.” Liberation by the British made everything so much easier. Instead of “evacuating” Bimko to the west with hundreds of thousands of other Jews from Auschwitz, the SS should have left her in Auschwitz to be gang-raped by the Russians. See also the essay by Mark Weber from 1995.

The image left appears at the Bergen-Belsen Museum today with deaths for the early months of 1945. The death rate corresponds quite well to the increasing intensity of the Anglo-American terror bombing and strafing in the late winter and early spring of 1945—and NOT at all to conditions within Bergen-Belsen generally. The same kind of graph can be shown for any of the western concentration camps.

The following notable letter appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association (J. A. M. A.) in the "Foreign Letters" section on page 220 for May 19, 1945. The war had just ended.

Typhus Causes a Truce

By negotiations between British and German officers, British troops took over from the S.S. and the Wehrmacht the task of guarding the vast concentration camp at Belsen, a few miles northwest of Celle, which contains 60,000 prisoners, many of them political. This has been done because typhus is rampant in the camp and it is vital that no prisoners be released until the infection is checked. The advancing British agreed to refrain from bombing or shelling the area of the camp, and the Germans agreed to leave behind an armed guard which would be allowed to return to their own lines a week after the British arrival. The story of the negotiations is curious. Two German officers presented themselves before the British outposts and explained that there were 9,000 sick in the camp and that all sanitation had failed. They proposed that the British should occupy the camp at once, as the responsibility was international in the interests of health. In return for the delay caused by the truce the Germans offered to surrender intact the bridges over the river Aller. After brief consideration the British senior officer rejected the German proposals, saying it was necessary that the British should occupy an area of 10 kilometers round the camp in order be sure of keeping their troops and lines of communication away from the disease. The British eventually took over the camp.

According to Ben Shephard, After Daybreak: the Liberation of Bergwen-Belsen, 1945 (2005) although 18,000 inmates died in Belsen before “liberation” by the British on April 15, 1945, as many as 14,000 inmates died a-f-t-e-r “liberation” over several months in spite of the general abundance of food and medical care and DDT. Did the internees who died before "liberation" look any worse than those who died afterward? Of course, not—but, there simply was no interest in photographing and publicizing the photos of those who died under British care.


Gas Executions in the USA

In preparation for the gas execution of David Lawson in 1994, one of the last gas chamber executions anywhere in the world, the following diagram was published to explain the procedure to the general public. It appeared in The News & Observer, Raleigh North Carolina, 11.6.1994, page14A. Lawson had even offered to let his execution be televised live on the “Phil Donahue Show” on nationwide TV.

For a more detailed discussion of Lawson's execution please see: Self-Assisted Holocaust Hoax and also Der selbstassistierte Holocaust-Schwindel (auf Deutsch)

Please note that the anticipated time to death was 10 to 14 minutes. The actual time to death was 17 minutes because Lawson deliberately held his breath in order to make a spectacle of his own execution. After the execution, the chamber was to be neutralized chemically with ammonia for 15 minutes and then vented for an additional half-hour before prison staffers, wearing gas masks, could actually remove Lawson's corpse. Readers should contrast this real scenario with the fantastic holocaust scenarios where thousands of people were supposedly murdered in as little as three minutes with the manual removal of the masses of corpses beginning immediately thereafter—without any comparable safety precautions. Some of the specially-assigned Sonderkommando were supposedly even eating and smoking as they removed the corpses—obviously, without even wearing gas masks. But there are many other monumental problems with the holocaust scenarios as well. The gassing claims really are a monstrous Jewish HOAX

NEW General Jaruzelski: Poland's population Explosion after WW2 NEW



The following is a translation of three paragraphs from the extremely important German essay in Polskaweb NEWS (links above) entitled “Jaruzelski: Mysteriöse Bevölkerungsexplosion in Polen.” The numbers thoroughly undermine the holocaust hoax generally.

“To this day I fail to understand how 24 million Poles could have been counted after World War 2 when already by the next census in 1970 there were suddenly 14 million more Poles. Then, as if hit by lightning, the population explosion ended and fluctuated at a level of about 38 million inhabitants which is still unchanged to this day. Obviously it was a strong aphrodisiac which had led to the birth of X-millions of new Poles because in the grocery stores there had been only vinegar and millions had died even after the war” according to the former Polish president [General Wojciech Jaruzelski] as he spoke to the amazed journalist of the daily newspaper “Iswestija.”

Clearly, the well known official growth of the Polish population in the postwar years is very mysterious and differs from the figures given by Wojciech Jaruzelski by “only” approximately 6 million persons. According to the ex-president who is regarded as an honorable person in spite of his history, there were in 1946 only 24 million people left over from a population of 37 million people in the late 1930’s. Consequently there were 13 million missing Poles of whom 5.9 million had supposedly died during the war, including almost 2.9 million Jews. The fate of the remaining 7 million Poles is still unexplained. The numbers from official Polish statisticians (GUS) give 23.6 million for 1946 and 32.7 million for 1970 which is 5.8 million fewer than in 1990 after the fall of communism and after which there were 38 million Poles.

Since the end of communism, the birthrate in Poland is only 1.3 children per woman–the population growth rate, even 20 years after 1990, is at 0.00 percent. However, according to Jaruzelski the birthrate had already been stagnant since 1970. By which gigantic leap must the birthrate have climbed already shortly after the war in order to make Jaruzelski’s statement plausible? A population of only 23.6 million Poles produced according to official (GUS) statistics 312,000 children in 1946. From these 72,500 died during or shortly after birth. But it was not just the child mortality that was enormously high in 1946, it was high generally . In addition, several million men in the best years of their lives had died during the war also. Bigamy was strictly forbidden, illegitimate children were denounced as “bastards,” and “in the grocery stores, there was only vinegar” as General Jaruzelski admitted to “Iswestija.

NEW Poison Gas: Another Fuel for Motor TransportNEW

The online book linked above is actually entitled Producer Gas: Another Fuel for Motor Transport. I changed the title slightly here because this fuel was also extremely toxic. It would have been ideal for mass murder. The book itself speaks of CO concentrations ranging from 18-25% on page 50. The German technical literature, however, from the war itself makes it clear that in Germany, levels as high as 35% were common. Producer gas or poison gas, take your pick as to the terminology, was used to propel at least 500,000 vehicles throughout German-occupied Europe as well as countless other stationary engines—in factories and workshops, for example. See pages 17 and 18. For a thorough discussion of the producer gas technology one should, however, read at least some of the vast German literature on this subject in wartime technical journals such as ATZ Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift (especially from 1940 and 1941) A serious deficiency in the linked book is that the bibliography fails to include even one German work on this subject. The most comprehensive book on the subject anywhere, ever, is Generator-Jahrbuch 1942 edited by Ostwald, 1943, (496 pages) and published with the special consent of Reichsminister Albert Speer and the Zentralstelle für Generatoren. A superb new book in German is: Eckermann, Erik. 2008. Fahren mit Holz: Geschichte und Technik der Holzgasgeneratoren und Ersatzantriebe. Bielefeld, Germany: Delius Klasing Verlag, (392 pages).

Nearly two million Jews as well as countless non-Jews were all supposedly gassed to death (in Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor) with the carbon monoxide, not in producer gas, but in diesel engine exhaust. Diesel exhaust contains hardly any carbon monoxide (far less than 1/2%), but producer gas contains between 18% and 35%. The vast majority of civilian motor vehicles in wartime German-occupied Europe were, in fact, driven with extremely lethal concentrations of carbon monoxide and yet, if one believes the holocaust legend, it never ever occurred to the fiendish Nazi scientists to use producer gas to kill anyone, ever. If the diesel exhaust gassing claims persist, one should also add that the Nazis were the most technically stupid mass murderers of all time. What kind of fuel did the fiendish Nazis use to run their homicidal diesel engines? Producer gas, perhaps? Why not? “Hey Demjanjuk, why not use the producer gas (the fuel itself) to kill those Jews and skip the diesel engines (or gasoline engines) entirely?” Why not, indeed? The simple answer is that there obviously was no desire or plan to murder the Jews in the first place or else the Nazis, who were otherwise extraordinarily advanced technically, would have certainly used it for mass murder as well. The “holocaust” really is a dirty Jewish hoax!

Key Reference Works and Links

“A case of suicidal carbon monoxide poisoning by car exhaust inhalation is described [from gasoline engine and, therefore, far more toxic than diesel exhaust]. It is unusual in that the subject at the beginning of the incident switched on a tape recorder and recorded his dying sounds.” (from page 117 of linked essay below by Flanagan et al)

“Last sound heard at approximately 20 minutes tape running time.” (from page 119 of l.inked essay below by Flanagan et al)

Flanagan, Wootton, Smith & Goff: “An Unusual Case of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning"

Griffin, Ward, Terrell, Stewart::“Diesel Fumes DO Kill: A Case of Fatal Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Directly Attributed to Diesel Fuel Exhaust . . ." (pdf) Audio Commentary on the essay by FPBerg(click icon, left, for audio commentary) NEW

Holtz, Elliott: The Significance of Diesel-Exhaust-Gas Analysis (pdf

Danto: The Man with a Red Face

NEW Eric Hunt Sues Holocaust LIARS NEW


NEW Einstein the Humanitarian by Dr. Stephen Sniegoski NEW

NEW Michael Jackson: “The Jews do it on purpose” NEW

Let's Go West with the Nazi Mass Murderers

Scriptorium Archive (English and German)

Ursula Haverbeck: Was ist der Holocaust? auf Deutsch

Cremation versus Holocaust Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 — modern cremation process Part 1, Part 2

John Denson — Six Months that Changed the World

NEW The Great Holocaust Trial 3/7NEW

Generalmajor a. D. Gerd Schultze-Ronhof „Der lange Weg zum Zweiten Weltkrieg (auf Deutsch) (Schultze-Ronhof is author of: 1939–Der Krieg der viele Väter hatte)

NEW Hitlers Krieg? Was Guido Knopp verschweigt 1v10 NEW

NEW Extermination through Assimilation and Conversion NEW

F. P. Berg on the Michael Collins Piper Radio Show(24.9 MB file size— high speed internet connection and patience for fifteen second download are recommended)

F. P. Berg on the Patriot Dames Radio Show(75 MB file size — high speed internet connection and patience for one minute download are recommended)

Herman Rosenblat would LIE Again

Bishop Richard Williamson YouTube interview

NEW German Air-raid Shelter Technology NEW (auf Deutsch)


THE AUSCHWITZ ALBUM: Jews Strolling to the Gas Chambers with Rest Stops and Picnics along the Way

PRISONERS ON WAY TO GAS CHAMBERS” is what we are told in the CIA aerial photo from 1944 above. Now just imagine Dr. Josef Mengele at the ramp, or one of his evil henchmen, instructing a group of Jews marked for “extermination” on how they should actually get to the gas chambers—
more than 1/4 mile in the distance

Just walk about four hundred yards, and then go through that open gate---way down there. See that gate far in the distance, folks, near that chimney belching all that smoke? Trust me, it's there. And then go to the end of the partially-buried structure, and down the stairway to the undressing room."

"Oh, and by the way, just ignore totally any shouts of advice from the thousands of residents in those barracks along the way.

Surely, those directions would have been very confusing for anyone–especially for new arrivals to Auschwitz. So, where are the tour guides or the armed guards with dogs and sub-machine guns that would have been needed to coax the victims to their tragic destiny? They are not there, anywhere, because the story we have been given really is an obscene hoax. And there was no smoke, not even a whisper of smoke, from any Krema chimney to guide them either. Real objective evidence such as photos taken at the time totally refute the elaborate lies of people like Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler, and many other “eyewitnesses.” What might be called “snapshots of the mass murder process” totally fail to show what should be there if there had been any mass gassings.

NAZI Railroad Delousing Tunnels for Public Health or Mass Murder!

Prof> Robert Faurisson and his followers insist that gaschambers such as this one could NOT POSSIBLY have been used for mass murder because the corpses would have been impossible to ventilate.  He is simply wrong--but even worse is the fact that he wilfully suppresses one of the strongest arguments against the hoax.When I first discovered these images in 1982, I thought I had discovered the most dramatic evidence imaginable to undermine the hoax--but I was naive.  For many people, I merely made myself into a kind of pariah for suggesting that the facts did NOT support either of two extreme positions; that the gassing claims were self-evident and therefore valid, or that the gassing claims were categorically impossible technically (Faurisson).  

The above images show the Budapest gaschamber for delousing and fumigating entire railroad trains, several railroad cars at a time, in Budapest, Hungary. This facility was already in operation before the war and would have been well-known to anyone reading the extensive German technical literature for the use of Zyklon-B and cyanide gas, to keep people alive. This facility, and many others like it, would have been ideal for mass murder but they have never been implicated, ever, in the holocaust gassing claims. Several hundred thousand Hungarian Jews, who were destined to be gassed in 1944, were never gassed here—but were shipped by train instead to Auschwitz-Birkenau, supposedly, to be gassed in cellar rooms with a few holes in the ceilings, without forced ventilation (Kreislauf) or any of the other special features that this Budapest gas chamber contained. Read more. If the holocaust hoax persists, the holocaust believers should accuse the Nazis of monumental clumsiness and inefficiency as well.

Could Nazi planners of gas exterminations have possibly been unaware of this ad and what it reveals?  Not likely.  Zyklon-B was a dangerous substance for its handlers as well and required rigorous training, including reading and testing, for all

Above is the actual advertisement for Zyklon-B that was widely used in German pesticide literature to promote their superb product and its possible applications. . Zyklon-B had already been used worldwide since the 1920's, especially by the US Public Health Service to fumigate ships. The railroad delousing tunnel shown in the lower left was typical of similar large chambers used in major eastern European cities. Instead of fumigating empty cattle cars after Jews had disembarked, the same cattle cars with Jews inside could have been “gassed” just as easily before they disembarked. And yet, these wonderful devices were never used for, or even implicated in nazi “exterminations” anywhere.

This image is based on an SS construction drawing in Pressac's book online page ------
(click on image to view full-size)

Cyanide Gas Chambers to keep Jews ALIVE in Auschwitz-Birkenau – Only 200 feet from the center of the infamous unloading ramp, where Mengele supposedly made “selections,” are two T-shaped delousing stations. Here new arrivals entered the “dirty” side and undressed before being examined medically and showering. Their clothing and personal articles were fumigated with Zyklon-B (which released cyanide) in gas chambers in the meantime. There was no secret about these “gas chambers"– they are clearly marked as such on all relevant German construction drawings for example. Eventually, (after about an hour) all fumigated articles and clothing were returned to the new arrivals who would dress and leave from the “clean” side, and enter the camp proper.

Nowhere is it even claimed that the delousing stations or their gas chambers were ever used for murder. These real, life-saving gas chambers gave rise, no doubt, to false claims long afterwards about non-existent, “genocidal” gas chambers in the crematorium buildings at the extreme end of the ramp as shown. “Selections” were routinely made because of the limited capacity of the delousing stations, and people were “sent to the gas chambers” but not to be gassed themselves; – they were sent there ONLY to have their clothing and personal effects fumigated so that they would stay healthy and alive in the camp, and wherever they were eventually sent, afterwards.



The BLUE Walls of Birkenau's Delousing Stations–a visual refutation of the hoax

The above photos were all taken by F. P. Berg in 1988 and are not enhanced or retouched in any way. The blue staining of the stucco and bricks in these photos is merely a subdued approximation of the extremely intense blue staining which is actually there.

In reality, the blue staining matches the intense color of Prussian blue pigment which is a well-known, synthetic dye made by reacting hydrocyanic acid with iron oxide. The same chemical process has obviously taken place here between the cyanide gas used in delousing and the iron oxide in red clay bricks. The staining of the stucco on the interior walls follows the outlines of the underlying bricks behind the stucco. Because of the erratic quality of the bricks, some bricks yield far more prussian blue pigment than others–hence the disparity in the intensities of the staining from brick to brick. What is especially surprising is the fact that the exterior walls show the same staining even after more than forty years of weathering. And, what is even more surprising and important is the fact that just 400 yards away at Kremas 2 and 3, the exact same brick shows absolutely NO trace of blue staining anywhere--even in the cellar room remains where supposedly cyanide was used on a vast scale for mass murder. There is absolutely NO blue staining there anywhere. This is indirect but enormously powerful evidence for the fact that there really were no homicidal gassings there either.

These conclusions of mine, based purely on visual evidence, are also supported by chemical analysis of samples of the brickwork collected over the years by a number of revisionist researchers–including Fred Leuchter and Germar Rudolf. The best in depth analysis of the results is provided by Germar Rudolf who is a highly qualified chemist as well as leading revisionist. Those who will, no doubt, continue to insist there is something wrong with the revisionist arguments in this regard should conduct an even more intense chemical investigation of probes made deep into actual bricks that are still there today in abundance. This will not happen, however, because the powers that be–and, especially in Poland–know perfectly well that their mass gassing claims are rubbish. Nazi gassings never happened! Without those outrageous and false gassing claims–the continued possession of the land and property stolen from millions of innocent Germans at the end of WW2 by Poland will be too difficult to sustain.

The holocaust hoax is anti-German racism gone wild. Essentially, the “holocaust” never happened because no one was ever killed in gas chambers, or made into soap or lampshades by the Nazis, and there was NO program to physically exterminate all the Jews of Europe or the world. As to mass murder or “mass extermination” by other means such as mass shootings, all Americans and Brits should look at themselves in the mirror. The primary forcus of this website is the claim that the Nazis used gas chambers for mass murder. Those gas chamber claims are pure rubbish for countless technical reasons, many of which are given here. But the claims of mass shootings in Russia by “Einsatzgruppen” units and others should be regarded with the greatest possbile scepticism also because of the total absence of exhumations and forensic examinations or autopsies of the supposed victims, even more than sixty years after the war.

The “real” mass murderers and the ultimate genocidal maniacs were, and still are, the United States and Britain. During World War 2, the US and Britain deliberately murdered well over a million totally innocent civilians, mostly women and children, by deliberately “roasting” them to death (Curtis LeMay loved that terminology) with massive, incendiary air attacks. America even used napalm–and eventually nuclear weapons as well to deliberately “roast” women, and children, and babies to death. Mass gassings by the Nazis, those mythical crimes, would have been humane and merciful compared to what the US and Britain actually did and about which there is no dispute. Men fight men; cowards and moral perverts murder civilians as a matter of deliberate strategy. The worst war criminals in all of human history were the Americans in WW2. Holocaust propaganda is the continuation of the same racist madness against the German people. It was the Germans who against all odds, and in spite of their own inevitable military defeat, continued to fight heroically in order to save most of the world from total enslavement to communism and the Jews.

It was the British who began the cowardly air war against civilians, not Germany, in 1940–with encouragement from the US even though the US was technically still neutral. In spite of having the largest empire in human history and the support of the United States with its nearly total domination of the entire western hemisphere and vast human and material resources, the mass murder of Axis civilians was widely recognized and accepted as an essential part of Allied strategy because Allied ground forces were simply no match for the small German army and its few allies. But instead of even trying to make peace, the cowardly western Allies resorted to terror. The Allied demand was for total “unconditional surrender.” Terrorism is firmly embedded in American and British modern military performance and that, in turn, makes the current furor about al-Qaida atrocities laughable. America and Britain have simply been given a small taste of their own medicine. 9/11 was “blowback” for America's criminally insane support for racist Israel in spite of countless violations of UN resolutions and international law by Israel.

The US and Britain have continued their racist madness, especially against Germany, with elaborate show trials in violation of international law to try to perpetuate their wartime atrocity claims forever. The brazen strategy has been to use the anticipated verdicts and conclusions of the trials as justification for the illegal means, including torture, needed to conduct the trials. Such show trials are no better than those of the medieval Inquisition. Accused Nazis, and now revisionists or mere doubters as well, are the newest heretics and witches. Ultimately, the hoaxers will fail because of the overwhelming evidence against the holocaust gassing claims. Where, for example, are the bodies—not just bodies of people who died from disease or American strafing and bombing, but bodies of people who actually died from poison gas or poison? There are none.
Instead of Hess, a true hero, being offered the Nobel Peace Prize--it went instead to one of the most scurrilous liars of all time, Elie Wiesel.
RUDOLF HESS: Prisoner for Peace. In May of 1941, HESS flew alone from Germany to Britain to prove with his own physical presence that Germany's offers of peace with Britain were sincere and not mere propaganda. For this heroic, Christ-like act HESS was rewarded with life imprisonment, most of it in solitary confinement–until he was actually murdered in Spandau Prison by a British assassin in 1987 at age 93. No man ever deserved the Nobel Peace Prize more than RUDOLF HESS.

I regret nothing.  If I were to begin all over again,
I would act again as I did—even if I knew that what
awaited me in the end was the stake at which I was
to be burned alive.  It makes no difference what men
may do to me.  One day I shall stand before the
judgment seat of the Eternal.  To Him I shall answer;
and I know that He will pronounce me innocent. 

When Robert Wolfe was still the director of the Military Branch of the National Archives in Washington, DC, he held a small conference in 1978 attended by this webmaster in which Wolfe admitted that, contrary to what people generally believed, the real “evidence” for the holocaust “fits into a small shoe box.” He then reached into a small pile of papers from which he took one version of the famous “Statement of Kurt Gerstein.” That ridiculous piece of “evidence” is still the best evidence there is for the “holocaust.” Since that small conference in Wolfe's office, a huge holocaust museum has been constructed in Washington, DC a short distance from the National Archives–but that gargantuan structure contains nothing better than the papers Wolfe held in his hand years earlier. The US Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) in Washington, DC is a monument to mountains of non-evidence, and stupidity, and fanatical racism on the part of the creators of that museum, mostly jewish, only a few feet away from many of America's most cherished monuments. Let those who insist otherwise identify even a single name from a German wartime document anywhere showing that the person named was killed by the Germans in a gas chamber. Let those who insist otherwise identify even one photo of a corpse found in any German concentration camp of someone who (no name or identity necessary) was killed in a gas chamber, or with any poison based on any kind of forensic examination of the human remains.

The Holocaust HOAX is like the tale of the the Emperor's New Clothes. Only people who are blind or demented, psychically and morally, could possibly fail to recognize the “undeniable” truth. In the childrens' fairytale, only people who were stupid and/or unfit for their positions could possibly deny seeing the Emperor's beautiful new clothes. A single child was apparently unintimidated by the possible loss of his government position and was the first to say the emperor was totally naked.

Evidence for holocaust gassings is minuscule and false. But, the ongoing campaign to make such evidence appear “overwhelming” and “undeniable” is awesome. The campaign is also quite ruthless as shown by the imprisonment and ruination of many, entirely non-violent people who have merely expressed disbelief in the “holocaust.” The people targeted and most clearly hurt by the holocaust accusations, namely the Germans, are denied the most basic human rights of any accused person, or people, which is to protest their innocence. Holocaust propaganda is “overwhelming”–but NOT the evidence for gassings. There are indeed “mountains of German wartime documents” in various archives but they are nearly all totally irrelevant. The documents which would be most likely to reveal the total innocence of the Nazis are still hidden in places like Arolsen and Moscow and even Auschwitz, far from all critical examination except by the most carefully screened few. The “holocaust” in general is a big lie repeated many, many times–with officially sanctioned terror as an essential tool for persuasion in many countries, including Germany and Austria. By contrast, the fairytale Emperor imprisoned no one, as far as we know, for doubting the existence of his marvelous, new clothes.

The “holocaust” is a hoax in the same way that religions are hoaxes. One does not require conspirators who knowingly concoct a pack of lies. One simply needs people who want to believe something so fervently that they blind themselves to all contrary evidence. The emperor's tailors certainly were “hoaxers” in the classic sense of the word. But their dishonesty would have amounted to little without all those people who wanted to believe the emperor really was wearing beautiful clothes. Intimidation and penalties against “non-belief” are helpful as well.

Although photos like this are used endlessly to brainwash the public into believing in Nazi gassings, it has long been conceded that no one was gassed at Bergen-Belsen.  There simply are no photographs anywhere that are seriously presented as photos of gassing victims.  The US Holocaust Museum has more than 6.000 photos available on-line, but not one picture of a supposed victim of gassing with diesel exhaust or Zyklon-B, or any other gas--not even one.
America's Murderous Handiwork: Victims of disease–generally typhus–at Belsen, a direct result of the Anglo-American terror bombing and strafing of axis civilians and civilian targets. The Germans are still falsely blamed. General Dwight D. EISENHOWER had even forced thousands of German civilians to walk past the dead as if they were somehow responsible. He should have looked at himself in the mirror, instead. Belsen was the handiwork of American and British genereals just like himself. Such horrors were also the handiwork of all of America's and Britain's leaders, from the highest to the lowest. Just what did they expect to find after years of bombing and strafing every conceivable target from entire cities to unarmed farmers in their fields? The real horrors of the so-called holocaust, in pictures that everyone should look at, were America's own doing. Don't be shy, don't deny—take pride in your achievement America! You did it! But, instead of embracing their own achievements, they actually believe they were the “good guys.” They continue to blame the Germans, especially those “fiendish” Nazis, for what they themselves had caused. They themselves were the true fiends and genocidal criminals. But they won the war. And EISENHOWER, instead of being hung as the depraved, cowardly war criminal that he truly was, actually rose to become president of Columbia University and later the United States–an American “hero” and an inspiration for future generations!

The best discussion of what really happened at Bergen-Belsen was given by Dr. Russell W. BARTON and Ernst Zuendel after Zuendel's 1988 trial in Toronto. Dr. BARTON had testified there on Zuendel's behalf. BARTON as a young British medical officer was assigned to Belsen just a few days after the British took over at the camp. Barton's explanations of what really happened and what he actually witnessed had shocked British audiences years earlier when he first published an article about his experiences. The discussion appears on YouTube in three parts as follows: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

The above picture of one of the mass graves at Bergen-Belsen and countless others like it are also used to support the gassing claims when, in fact, the people who generally do this know perfectly well that not even one of the bodies shown in any photo, anywhere, is of someone killed with poison, or poison gas of any kind. Dr. Charles P. Larson, an American pathologist, was just one of the doctors specifically assigned to search for forensic evidence of deaths from poison or gas— and they all found nothing!

Assigned by the US Army's War Crimes Branch to find forensic evidence of Nazi atrocities, Larson had to admit that he found absolutely no evidence of gassings.Although Larson believed there had been exterminations with cyanide gas and that “only a relatively few of the inmates I personally examined at Dachau were murdered in this manner” (page 61), he also admitted that when he had sent the organs from “30 or 40 bodies” to a laboratory in Paris for analysis, the “reports came back negative.” He was part of War Crimes Team 6823 which gathered evidence for the subsequent war crimes trials. See also the essay by Theodore J. O'Keefe.

During the American Civil War, the Union army lost more than twice as many men to disease alone as from wounds. Near the end of World War 1, the United States lost roughly half-a-million people to the Spanish influenza without even one enemy bomb having been dropped on the USA–and without any serious food shortages either; the death rate from war-related disease alone exceeded the death rate from wounds by a factor of ten. In September 2005, for example, the entire world witnessed the human disaster following Hurricane Katrina–not in defeated Germany, but in the richest country on the planet and in peacetime. New Orleans had become Bergen-Belsen on the Mississippi. Many thousands of people die of diseases such as cancer in American hospitals every day; their undressed remains look no better than any of the dead at Bergen-Belsen. Just line up those near death and take off the pajamas and covers and open your eyes. Americans should bite their tongues regarding Nazi Germany and the German concentration camps. They should look at themselves in the mirror instead. Shame on America!


ANNE FRANK was also among the dead at Bergen-Belsen. She died there from typhus even though she had spent many months in Auschwitz in 1944. She had later been evacuated to Bergen-Belsen and died there just two weeks before the camp was turned over to a British medical team on April 15, 1945 as part of a negotiated truce which had been initiated by the SS. It was the British who had delayed the actual transfer of the camp for several days, perhaps even weeks, because of special security demands they had put upon the SS. See footnote 34 of my essay “Typhus and the Jews.” Anne Frank and countless others had “survived” Auschwitz because the Nazis had wanted them to “survive.” If the Nazis had wanted them to die, they certainly would have been able to arrange it–but they, obviously, had no desire to kill her even though Anne Frank's usefulness to the Nazi war effort would have been close to nil. They fed her, and clothed her with clean lice-free clothing, and provided shelter and security and much more as best they could in spite of the war. If they had simply left her out in the cold winter, she would have died quickly from exposure--but they had kept her warm and alive instead.

British and American terror bombing and strafing ultimately murdered Anne Frank–NOT the Nazis! Her unburied remains were probably still there when British troops entered the camp and may even be identified someday in a picture such as the one above. Of course, the Americans and Brits had not murdered her intentionally–Anne Frank's death was merely the kind of collateral damage that “happens.”  If she had merely been any German girl of the same age, there would be nothing to talk about.   For example, 140 German girls named “Anna” were murdered in Würzburg on March 16, 1945 by the Allied bombing in which 7,000 innocent civilians were murdered. To the suggestion that Anne Frank would never have died if the Nazis had not imprisoned her, the fact is that America had been sponsoring underground terrorists throughout Europe for years and the Franks were involved. If the Germans did not shoot likely partisans outright, they had to incarcerate them. The Nazis had good reason to incarcerate the entire Anne Frank family because of the close relationship they had with the Dutch underground which actually built the famous hideaway. Shame on America for its sponsorship of terrorism which also led to Anne Frank's death.


There is much more on Index Page 3 regarding these life-saving shelters with gas-tight doors and peepholes. This was a double-door to a basement operating room in a German hospital to permit surgery during air raids. Peephole as required was right half of door. Were they planning to gas the patients--of course, NOT!  

(click on image right to see enlarged view) 

Steel, gas-tight bombshelter doors with peepholes for safety–typical of tens of thousands of identical doors throughout German-occupied Europe. At the US Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, the only piece of physical evidence on display was a similar door with a peephole. It proves absolutely nothing when one understands what was really happening. Peepholes were required in all such bombshelter doors according to the German industry standard: DIN-Vornorm 4104. For more about German bombshelters, especially the gastight doors, see Index Page 3

Real Holocaust victims, which is what these victims were, look far worse than the dead at Bergen-Belsen.
German civilian victims of Allied terror bombing found inside a Hamburg bombshelter. The British dropped the actual bombs, but America, ever since the start of Lend Lease in March 1941 and long before Pearl Harbor, provided the financing for these true atrocities. The British had begun the deliberate bombing of civilian targets in WWII already in May of 1940. The German response in kind only began after much restraint on September 7, 1940–more than three months later after five separate air attacks on Berlin, and only after numerous German peace proposals were totally rejected by Churchill. The Allied war criminals responsible for this monstrous kind of warfare should have been burned at the stake after the war; that would have been a proper learning experience for such criminals, and an important lesson for all future world leaders everywhere.

Uncensored German Film made after the 1943 Air Attacks on Hamburg

Hamburg Victims of Allied Terror Bombing

NEW Holocaust by Bombing Discussion Forum (auf Deutsch) NEW

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German Hospitals Destroyed by Allied Terror Bombing

Dresden Memorial March—February 14, 2009


The Go-anywhere CO Poison Gas Generator on wheels , or on skids, is shown to the right. Click for an enlarged view. This was the device that would have made sense for mass murder if the fiendish Nazis had really wanted to gas people with carbon monoxide. For fuel it burned ordinary woodchips. Note the Anfachgbläse (startup blower) on the right which was always present to force ventilate the fire in the generator during start up or anytime later when more gas was needed. That blower with the mere addition of a few feet of stovepipe or hose could have blown highly concentrated and toxic CO gas almost anywhere. For a discussion see: Eckermann, Erik.2008. Fahren mit Holz. Bielefeld, Delius Klasing Verlag, page 277.

A real GAS VAN.  When I first saw this photograph in the German automotive literature from the war, my last doubt about the revisionist position ended.  This was a gas van--but quite different from everything that was alleged.
A typical, self-propelled, poison gas generating bus (with up to 35% CO)—never implicated in mass gassings!! Thousands of these vehicles were in daily operation in Austria and Germany already before the war. In German, they were called Holzgaswagen. In English, they were called “producer gas vehicles.” They burned wood chips with a restricted air supply. The result was a highly-combustible gas, principally carbon monoxide, which was also highly toxic. Producer gas is poison gas! Holzgas ist Giftgas!

The establishment historians were, and probably still are, totally unaware of this wide-spread, poison gas technology.
Poison Gas to Go. One of more than 500,000 self-propelled, poison gas generators in German-occupied Europe. The poison gas (with as much as 35% CO) was a necessary alternative to the liquid fuels, mostly synthetic, which were reserved for combat vehicles and aircraft. HITLER approved! Each producer gas vehicle could have been easily adapted for mass gassing if there had ever been any such intention. Each generator was equipped with its own start-up blower (Anfachgebläse) which normally blew some of the generated gas only to atmosphere–but which could easily have been connected to a hose or stovepipe to fill a jail cell, or barracks, or gas chamber.

Was this artistic logo intended to promote the mass gassing of Jews or anyone in order to make Germany strong?  Of course, not!
Strength through the use of Gas. The logo to the right was used to promote voluntary use of producer gas in early years of war for as long as possible. However, it was already by September of 1942 that all medium and heavy vehicles including all buses throughout German-occupied Europe had to, by law, use only producer gas as fuel. By September of 1943, Reichsminister Albert SPEER made producer gas use compulsory for all civilian motor vehicles as well, including all trucks and buses. Liquid fuels were prohibited except for military and emergency services. Diesel and gasoline engines at all concentration camps were also driven with the highly toxic, producer gas! The resulting engine exhaust, from diesel or gasoline engines, was harmless in comparison to the fuel itself—and one more reason to reject the "Holocaust" gassing claims. The engines (diesel or gasoline) supposedly used in Poland at the Aktion Reinhardt camps (Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor) to make toxic carbon monoxide for mass murder could have used the fuel instead which was far more toxic than any engine exhaust. That gaseous fuel was even recommended by the government so that liquid fuelds could be conserved for the military. Even in America which was literally swimming in gasoline compared to Europe, liquid fuels were strictly rationed to help the war effort.

500,000 Poison Gas Generators on Wheels. The Germans actually used poison gas as a fuel for nearly all civilian motor vehicles as well as many military vehicles–throughout the war in all of their occupied territories including Russia.. The best evidence of this is the German wartime literature–but, a recent book Alte Technik mit Zukunft from 1986 summarizes the wartime history of the German producer gas technology. One key sentence appears already on its back cover: “More than 500,000 suction-gas-driven trucks and cars were driven until the end of the Second World War in nearly all european countries...” The term “suction-gas-driven” refers only to producer gas (Holzgas) vehicles. The primary ingredient in producer gas is carbon monoxide which is highly combustible as well as toxic. For the Nazis to have used diesel exhaust, or even gasoline engine exhaust, as a source of toxic carbon monoxide when the actual fuel they were most likely to use to drive their diesel engines, or gasoline engines, was itself far, far more toxic–containing from 18% to 35% CO–is simply too unbelievable. It never happened! Click on image for enlarged view.


The Startup Ordeal for every Producer Gas Vehicle


Figure 3 - Adding charcoal prior to startup, Figure 4 - To hollow out the space for the wood, a rod is pushed through to make room

Figure 5 - Igniting the charcoal with a match, Figure 6 - Testing the gas for combustibility at the test pipe opening

The above images are from: “Feste heimische Kraftstoffe für Generatoren (Solid domestic energy sources for Generators)” by Damaschke in ATZ Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift, 1940 Heft 18, page 456. The same images also appear in Erik Eckerman, Fahren mit Holz (Bielefeld: Delius, Klasing & Co. KG, 2008) pages 126 and 128.

The “test pipe opening” (Gasproberohr) is connected directly to the start-up blower (Anfachgebläse) which force-ventilates the entire system at least until the engine starts and force ventilates the system with engine vacuum instead. At that point, the electrically-driven blower is simply turned off with a switch on the vehicle dashboard. However, the blower can be turned on, or off, at will to also blow highly-toxic producer gas through the test opening and on through some hose or stovepipe into any jail cell, or basement, or gas chamber to kill whoever is there. No diesel or gasoline engine would have been needed. Just gas the Jews with the fuel, producer gas–and forget the engine completely.

"Vergiftungsgefahr!" means Danger of Poisoning!Because of the toxicity of producer gas–all drivers and people who worked with this technology were repeatedly warned about the dangers. The poster to the right (originally in color) was widely used to tell everyone involved: “Attention – carbon monoxide Danger of Poisoning! The bottom of the poster goes on: Do not start the generator except in the open or else vent gases to the outdoors! Do not refill in enclosed spaces.Purchase of the above Safety Poster (Unfallverhütungsbild) in DIN A2 format was recommended in Der gewerbliche Kraftverkehr, 1943, Heft 11/12, page 147 for a price of 0.25 RM from the Reichsverband der gewerblichen Berufsgenossenschaften, Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Nikolsburger Platz 4.

In the German technical journal ATZ Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift, 1941 Heft 18, p. 449-50 we have an essay entitled: “Die Gefahr der Kohlenoxydvergiftung beim Generatorbetrieb (The Danger of CO poisoning through Generator use).” The essay tells us there were 17 fatal cases of CO poisoning in Sweden between December 1939 and March 1941. Ten of those fatalities occurred when generators were started inside closed garages. Four fatalities occurred when the drivers were sitting in their truck cabs as the generator blowers were running. This led to special, strict regulations to ventilate garages, enforced with penalties.

The most comprehensive discussion (5 MB file-slow download) anywhere appeared after the war in 1954 in German written by Sigyn ALMGREN about Sweden's wartime problems with CO toxicity from producer gas. From the Almgren essay (page 101) we learn there were 41 fatalities in Sweden from 1939 through 1944 and all this in a country which (page 97) had a total of only about 100,000 producer gas vehicles. For 1942 alone in Sweden (page 101) there were 1106 cases of acute producer gas poisoning and 2858 chronic cases. Within a short time, producer gas poisoning had become the most common industrial illness in the country.

Producer Gas is Poison Gas with 18% to 35% carbon monoxide!!

Guidelines for Safety with Gas-generating Vehicles. Each truck driver of the hundreds of thousands of producer gas vehicles in German-occupied Europe was required by law to know just how potentially deadly his fuel was–and was required by law to keep the guidelines (left) with the vehicle registration papers on the vehicle. See full text with translation. The safety of each vehicle and its cargo, which was often munitions, as well as the driver's own survival depended on strict adherence to the technical guidelines and rules that were also spelled out in numerous publications related to these vehicles. The fuel was potentially explosive as well as toxic. The dangers of explosion are easily controlled, however, since the initial high concentration is diluted instantly below 12% (the explosive lower limit) as soon as it enters a large enough space.

Guidelines for Mass Murder? All one needed for mass murder with CO was well-known to literally hundreds of thousands of people throughout Europe. Would the Nazis involved with diesel or gasoline engines for mass murder at Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor not have known this as well?

Today, one can find thousands of discussions for the keyword Holzgas with Google “search.” However, hardly any of the discussions since WW2 even mention the toxic hazards, ever. By contrast, the German WW2 guidelines for the use of Holzgas already begin with a concise description of the toxic dangers and give a stern warning. The first two sentences tell any would-be mass murderer all he needs to know. The first two sentences explain that Holzgas contains as much as 35% carbon monoxide–and that already as little as 0.1% can kill; Vergiftungsgefahr! And yet this technology has never been implicated in any Holocaust claims. The fiendish Nazis were far more concerned about the toxic dangers of producer gas than anyone else before, during, or since the war–but never, ever used it to kill even one Jew, or gypsy, or anyone. Supposedly, they murdered millions of people with the exhaust of Diesel engines instead. That is unbelievable!

click to see enlarged image— and then enlarge again

In addition to producer gas, the Germans had the world's most advanced coal gasification technology. One of the first steps was to produce carbon monoxide which be used either as fuel or as an intermediate raw material in the synthesis of other products. The amounts of carbon monoxide generated were enormous. Please note in the above figure the words “PLUS CARBON MONOXIDE” which show that the CO in combination with hydrogen was one of the basic feedstuffs for the Fischer-Tropsch plants to make diesel and motor fuels, or to make methanol and many explosives. The figure is from German war economy: the motorization myth edited by W. Victor Madej, 1984, page 119 based on the United States Strategic Bombing Survey, The German Oil Industry. The following postwar statement by some of America's leading experts on German industry summarized the situation:

"War-time Germany was an empire built on coal, air and water. 84.5% of her aviation fuel, 85% of her motor fuel, more than 99% of all her rubber, 100% of her concentrated nitric acid – the base substance for all military explosives – and 99% of her no less important methanol were synthesized from these three raw materials. Coal gasification facilities, where coal was converted into producer gas, were the body of this industrial organism." from: U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey, Oil Division Final Report, War Department,Washington, D.C. 1947, page 1.

Because of Germany's isolation from adequate sources of petroleum and natural rubber, she had already converted much of her industry during World War One to use coal as a substitute source of hydrocarbons for making synthetic liquid fuels as well as a vast assortment of chemical substances, including synthetic rubber. Millions of tons of carbon monoxide were produced as part of this technology and would have been more than enough to kill the entire population of Europe many times over. Auschwitz's Monowitz plant could have easily provided almost unlimited amounts of CO to Auschwitz-Birkenau through a small pipeline--but, CO has never been implicated in any murders there. Cyanide and Zyklon-B were supposedly used there instead.


Manufactured Evidence as a result of Torture. The above appeared after the “Forward” in the 1960 (hardcover) first edition of Auschwitz by Dr. MIKLOS NYISZLI. Although the signature with title and rank of RUDOLF HOESS may well be genuine, the text of his outlined “confession statement” is in English and clearly in a different handwriting. No doubt, United Press International was quite proud of itself when it distributed this “scoop” world-wide to its wire service subscribers. Here was all the proof needed to convince the world that HOESS had “personally arranged on orders received from Himmler in May 1941 the gassing of two million persons between June/July 1941 and the end of 1943 during which time I [Hoess] was commandant of Auschwitz.” This “voluntary evidence” from March 1946 was obviously manufactured so as to condemn HEINRICH HIMMLER as well.

For more info about the torture of Rudolf Hoess see the work of Joe Bellinger and the discussion on the CODOH Revisionist Forum. See also the essay by Robert Faurisson on just how Hoess was tortured and by whom.


The “confession” (left) from May, 1946 expands on the earlier “confession” of March, 1946 by adding 1/2 million more who were killed by other means. But here is also the additional claim that the 2 million who were supposedly gassed were Jews. The earlier “confession” while in British custody merely mentioned “persons.” Josef B. Maier who witnessed the May confession and signed the bottom of the page was Jewish and an active member of the so-called “Frankfurt School” of extreme leftist Jewish fanatic emigrés which included characters like Herbert Marcuse (OSS during the war and CIA after the war). Maier's signature is followed by his title: “Chief, Analysis Section Interrogations Division, Office of U. S. Chief of Counsel.That office was overwhelmingly jewish and the results of their “investigations” are precisely as one should expect: Jews, far above all others, were the victims of the alleged Nazi genocide. But the “proof” amounted to essentially nothing more than “eyewitness testimony” and manufactured “confessions” such as the ones above .

For more information about Marcuse and Maier, please see the discussion on the CODOH Forum. For the connections of Maier to peculiarly jewish political causes already before the war, see the essay by Judith Marcus. Just as Arthur Butz and others have shown, the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg was far from “international” but rather, it was a carefully stacked and staged Jewish tribunal of the hapless German defendants and the broken German nation. In hindsight, the trials themselves show that when the Nazis had put creatures such as Maier and Marcuse in concentration camps, they certainly had the right idea.

The great depth of Jewish involvement at the most critical levels of the Nuremberg Trials was a major point in Arthur Butz's The Hoax of the Twentieth Century which included many revelations about Col. David (Mickey) Marcus. Butz's work and conclusions regarding Marcus are supported by a Wikepdia essay about Marcus' life. That Jewish involvement would be comparable to trying to conduct fair trials today of alleged Serbian war criminals with Bosnian muslims in all the key organizational positions for the trials. Judge Charles Wennerstrum's nearly suppressed attack on the Nuremberg proceedings in Case 7 seems appropriate in general. It appears on pages 26 and 27 of Arthur Butz's excellent book.


Why True Democracy will always Fail!





The purpose of this website is to discredit and disprove many of the most cherished beliefs of the Jewish community and modern society in general about the so-called “holocaust.” This effort is, however, NOT driven by any attachment to, or respect for, any religion. Religion is bunk regardless of whether it is Judaism, Christianity, Islam. Mormonism, Scientology or anything else that people want to believe without solid rational evidence. Holocaust-belief is merely another religion. There is NO intrinsic merit to any of it. The Christian belief, for example, that ingesting the body of Jesus during so-called “Holy Communion” followed by the drinking of “his blood” is asinine (even “disgusting” and “ghoulish” if one dares to think about it) and is typical of the lunacy pervading that entire religion. The Kosher slaughter of animals by Jews which is also practiced by Islam is monstrous and morally indefensible.

As shabby and stupid as the “evidence” for Nazi gassings and the “holocaust” is, that evidence is still far superior to the evidence for any of Jesus’ miracles or for his resurrection. If holocaust revisionists should ever succeed generally, that should also help end the specially protected (even subsidized) status of religious institutions which allows them to perpetuate their collective lunacy and terrorize the world. Damn them all!

Simple Reasons for Rejecting the Holocaust HOAX

People believe wrongly that the “Holocaust” is based on an enormous body of “irrefutable evidence.” Those who deny it happened must be either insane, or nearly insane—and driven by only the foulest of motives. The exact opposite is the case. It is the holocaust claims which are, in fact, driven by a fanatical Jewish campaign of systematic and wholesale lying—and hardly any evidence at all. What little “evidence” there is turns out to be bogus or totally irrelevant. Holocaust revisionists are the true “whistleblowers” who deserve the greatest respect for what they continue to endure in their pursuit of Truth. America pretends to care about “human rights” but has no problem with the imprisonment of revisionists in Germany and elsewhere, even of revisionists who were in the US seeking political asylum for merely speaking against the most monstrous hoax ever.

What is not addressed in any depth here is the major reason for why people believe in the hoax. My guess is that people believe the hoax because they want to believe. It fills some deep emotional need—perhaps to overcome a sense of inferiority compared to the Germans, or to somehow join the dominant group in society. The exact answer is beyond any understanding of this writer—but it is an enormously important question nonetheless in the same way that one should try to understand why people believe in religion. Holocaust belief is a kind of new religion—as irrational and ridiculous as any other religion but enormously appealing. For those who have not totally lost their minds, the following reasons for rejecting the hoax may have meaning.

1) There are NO autopsy reports of any Nazi gassing victims from any western doctors. Although there were many thousands of corpses available in German concentration camps by the end of the war and although at least 1,000 autopsies were performed, none showed any evidence of death by poison gas or poison. Dr. Charles P. Larson made those autopsies to find proof of gassings but found nothing. No other western doctors ever claimed to have found any forensic medical evidence of gassings either. So, what indicators of gassing were the doctors looking for? Larson gives no answer but the simple fact is that if there had been gassings with carbon monoxide or cyanide, the indications would have been extremely dramatic and readily visible. The corpses would have been bright cherry RED. The Soviets had supposedly performed autopsies (on red corpses from CO) to support their diesel gas van claims at the Kharkov and Krasnodar trials in 1943—but those trials were such obvious shams that almost no one takes them seriously today.

2) Except for two poor qualtiy photographs allegedly taken near Krema 5 at Birkenau (see Pressac), there are NO photographs that are even alleged to be of corpses of Nazi gassing victims from any German concentration camps. Both photographs were obviously retouched and clumsily, especially one naked female in the foreground with flailing arms. They also fail totally to show any signs of hypostasis. Some darker areas should have been evident even in black-and-white photos.

The photographs that are endlessly shown from Belsen, Dachau and elsewhere—and misused deliberately—have nothing to do with gassings. The captions for those photos from any number of news or government sources clearly fail to even claim they are of gassing victims. For nearly everyone else, however, those photos are “undeniable proof that the holocaust really happened, even with poison gas.” The evidence from trials and confessions is largely unknown by comparison. The deaths shown were caused, in nearly all cases, o-n-l-y by natural causes brought on by the Allied terror bombing and strafing of civilians and civilian targets. One example of the catastrophic Allied bombing was the attack on the electric power station that powered the water supply to Bergen-Belsen shortly before the camp was taken over by the British at the request of the Germans. Without water for drinking or bathing, people suffer terribly and cannot possibly wash lice feces from their bodies either. The ongoing typhus epidemic with its episodes of fevers as high as 105 degrees Fahrenheit was made far worse because of the lack of water to rehydrate victims after their fever episodes. The inevitable dehydration caused, no doubt, many of the deaths. Similar horror pictures of emaciated corpses or sick people can be taken in any hospital anywhere in the USA today—even without the addition of terror bombing. Just remove the pajamas and bedsheets of those who have died. A pile of naked victims of cancer, or AIDS, or hepatitus or any number of other diseases looks no better than a pile from Bergen-Belsen.

Was FDR starved and tortured before he died on April 12, 1945? He died less than one month before the end of the war that he had done so much to bring about. Although his funeral casket was paraded through Washington with a great outpouring of public sorrow, his corpse was totally hidden from view. There are NO pictures of his remains. Why? No doubt his naked remains would NOT have looked any better than any of the corpses at Belsen. FDR could have been tossed into any of the open pits without drawing any attention at all. From the pictures we have of FDR at the Yalta Conference in February of 1945, he was little more than skin and bone already at that time, two months before his actual death. FDR died in America after receiving the best medical care and nutrition available anywhere. Poetic justice? Yes, of course!

3) There are NO German documents to identify any gassing victims. For those who think otherwise, let the USHMM, or the ADL, or anyone else provide such a document.

4) For “overwhelming” holocaust evidence, what one is given aside from photos of people who died from natural causes is anecdotal rubbish. So-and-so was last seen being sent to the “left,” or “right,” (it doesn't even matter) usually by Dr. Mengele (with a “conductor's baton” and wearing a “monocle” according to Elie Wiesel: Night, page 29 in Bantam paperback—just like Erich von Stroheim) and never seen again—but, some time later (half-an-hour, or so) smoke was seen rising from the chimney of the crematoria just down the road and, therefore, darling so-and-so must have been gassed. That is as good as it gets, folks. An inconvenient fact for the Jewish liars who told such tales is that according to a CIA report,“The Holocaust Revisited,” Feb 1979, page 11: “Although survivors recalled that smoke and flame emanated continually from the crematoria chimneys and was visible for miles, the photography we examined gave no positive proof of this.“ That is an understatement because the CIA had more than fifty high resolution photos from large format negatives taken by US reconaissance aircraft when gassings were supposedly most frequent, every day during the summer of 1944 (4 April through 13 September 1944). The CIA experts could NOT find the slightest trace of smoke from any crematoria. Clearly, the “eyewitnesses” LIED.

5) There are NO German documents that speak of gassing. For those who think otherwise, let the USHMM, or the ADL, or anyone else provide such a document.

6) Elie Wiesel and many tens of thousands of Jewish “survivors” c-h-o-s-e to leave Auschwitz and go west by January of 1945 with the very same people who had supposedly been murdering them by the thousands every day for years. How is that possible if Auschwitz had been any kind of “extermination camp?”

According to Night, just before Auschwitz was to be “liberated” by the Soviets, both Elie and his father trekked west with the Nazis in a terrible winter on foot by their own choice. They had both chosen, in effect, to c-o-l-l-a-b-o-r-a-t-e with the Nazis and work (no free ride waiting in a Gasthaus) to defend the Reich. Some of Wiesel's exact words in Night, paperback edition (Bantam Books, 1960) page 78 are:

The choice was in our hands. For once we could decide our fate for ourselves. We could both stay in the hospital, where I could, thanks to my doctor, get him [the father] entered as a patient or nurse. Or else we could follow the others. ‘Well, what shall we do, father?’ He was silent. ‘Let's be evacuated with the others,’ I told him.

7) Claims about how Nazi gas chambers functioned are wild, fantasmagorical speculation based on torture, intimidation and perjury, especially by Jews—and not on any German documents, or scientific evidence, or on any other gassings ever in the entire history of the world. As to the use of torture on German defendants—Rudolf Hoess, former commandant of Auschwitz, who appeared as a "witness" at Nuremberg was definitely "tortured" and his Jewish torturer Bernard Clarke even admitted it later in the book LEGIONS OF DEATH by Rupert Butler, pages 236-38.

8) The most thoroughly stupid gas chamber claims were those that insisted Diesel exhaust was the source of carbon monoxide to murder nearly two million Jews in the so-called Aktion Reinhardt Camps (Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor), and in “gas vans” in Russia. This writer can take credit for the fact that those claims are finally being abandoned (very quietly, of course) by some leading “holocaust scholars,“ at least in Germany:—Achim Trunk and Peter Witte.

The final straw for the mass murder by diesel HOAX may have been an essay in the Journal of Forensic Science, September 2008 entitled Diesel Fumes Do Kill." On page 1206: “Lastly, an extensive literature review produced no scientifically reported cases of fatal CO poisoning attributed to diesel fuel exhaust. ...in the medical examiner arena, lethal CO poisoning from inhalation of diesel fumes from any make or model of on-road vehicle is virtually unheard of and contemporary literature foes not report it.” Although the report concludes that the authors had discovered one case of such poisoning, their research was critically flawed by their failure to properly treat the blood chemically to counter the effects of decomposition which had occurred in the corpse. The fact that death from diesel exhaust is possible has never been denied by this author. The report shows, however, that diesel exhaust as a source of lethal concentrations of CO is absurd for exposures of less than several hours. A recent Filing before the US Court of Appeals explains the medical issues on pages 14-20 and 32. It seems the Kentucky court had prior to this ruled wrongly against the trucking firm and the truck manufacturer more out of a desire to protect Kentucky institutions than anything else.

CO discoloring

The emerging alternate claim that gasoline exhaust was used instead of diesel exhaust is even more stupid. Deaths from gasoline engine exhaust would have definitely been from carbon monoxide because of the extremely high percentages of CO present before the advent of catalytic converters and environmental concerns. But for the so-called “holocaust,” the “eyewitnesses” ALL failed to even mention any of the stunningly bright cherry red coloring that appears on nearly all corpses of people who died from carbon monoxide or from cyanide. Were the “eyewitnesses” all color blind? Of course, not. They simply lied—ALL of them!

There is one important exception, however, and that is a Dr. Theodore Friedrich Leidig of the Kriminal Technisches Insititut (KTI) who supposedly claimed to have seen an experimental gassing of Russian POWs in a gas van at Sachsenhausen resulting in red corpses. Such a story would have also been perfectly consistent with earlier Soviet claims made in 1943 during the Kharkov and Krasnodar show trials (with red corpses from CO) about homicidal gas vans but with diesel engines. By the end of the war, the Soviets had simply moved their homicidal gas van hoax to Germany itself. Leidig was smart enough to know, apparently, that any competent forensic doctor could not possibly be so stupid as to claim such corpses (from gasoline engine exhaust) were anything but red. No doubt, there were some accidental gassings from the widespread use of producer gas vehicles (18% to 35% CO) throughout the war and that is what probably was involved here—if there is any truth to Leidig's claims at all and nothing more sinister than that. A forensic pathologist like Leidig would have been expected to determine the cause of death precisely. After the war, such incidents were so useful for supporting the hoax and Soviet propaganda, especially in connection with Sachsenhausen which was under Soviet occupation in East Germany. Why would the Soviets change their story about how the Nazis committed mass murder? It had worked so well for them before. Just drive the same message with some “evidence” from Leidig. The Sachsenhausen gassing van claim was essentially the same Soviet claim as had been made by the Soviets in 1943.

9) The numbers of “holocaust survivors” are enormous—even today. The numbers are well into the hundreds of thousands even sixty years after the war. In 2003 an Israeli demographer, Sergio Della Pergola, stated in an official Israeli report that there were 1.092,000 Jewish holocaust survivors alive in the world in 2003. Those huge numbers imply that there were many millions of Jewish “holocaust survivors” alive at the very end of the war. Moreover, many YouTube videos from “survivors” give personal details about how fiendish Nazis kept multitudes of Jews alive for many months, even years inspite of a supposed policy of extermination. Why would the Nazis have done that if they were trying to “exterminate” the Jews? Did they want hundreds of thousands of Jewish “eyewitnesses” to help hang them after the war? The alleged crematoria-gas chambers at Birkenau, for example, were in full, open view of nearly every inmate there. Why even bother with concentration camps if the goal is to exterminate people?

10) The “six million” number itself is pure Jewish mythology—with a life entirely of its own. The number had been used repeatedly long before Hitler. Read the research from Eric Hunt and Don Heddesheimer. The magic number had been used repeatedly already in the nineteenth century—as early as October 31, 1869—as a metaphor for perceived or future persecution of Jews by the Czar, or whomever.

11) Carbon Monoxide was used throughout German-occupied Europe as an inexpensive, alternative fuel (Holzgas or Generatorgas--"Producer Gas" in English) to drive more than 500,000 motor vehicles. It was made from woodchips and scrap wood, dead branches, twigs, etc. (available almost everywhere including the remotest backwoods of eastern Poland) by burning the wood with a restricted air supply in special gas generators, usually mounted at the backs of trucks and buses. The performance was terrible but at least the vehicles could function—and the cost of the fuel was minimal. The concentration of CO produced in this way varied from 18% to 35% and was extremely lethal. It was also flammable, even explosive. Its use required careful training and licensing and safety precautions by the drivers of all such vehicles. The gas would have also been ideal for mass murder since it was far more deadly than gasoline engine exhaust (only 7%--12% CO). Ironically, this technology has never been implicated in any of the holocaust gassing scenarios anywhere. Any danger of explosion in a likely homicidal gas chamber would have been easily eliminated by simply running water through the shower nozzles which the gas chambers also contained, supposedly.

Given the desperate shortages of fuel and raw materials thoughout the war, especially in German-occupied Europe, the use of diesel or gasoline engines as a source of carbon monoxide should be seen as one of the dumbest ideas imaginable. No doubt, people do dumb things but surely after a few gassings with engine exhaust, someone would have tried to find something better. The diesel engines even had trouble starting, according to Kurt Gerstein, and that supposedly influenced Rudolf Hoess to use Zyklon-B instead in Auschwitz. Well, why use an engine in the first place when the fuel everyone was urged and eventually even required to use by law as an alternative to gasoline or diesel fuel was itself far more toxic—and as cheap as dirt? Why, indeed? If the engine exhaust for mass murder claims persist, one should also condemn the Nazis for being the most technically ignorant mass murderers in all of human history. Can anyone who knows the facts about what was happening in technology during the war, really believe the Germans were that dumb? Are historians capable of recognizing the inherent technical absurdity of the gassing claims, especially for the so-called Aktion Reinhardt camps? Probably not!

12) Cyanide gas from Zyklon-B was used ONLY to keep people alive. It had been used worldwide, even in the US in New York City of all places, since the 1920's to fumigate ships, railroad cars, buildings and everything that might be harboring dangerous pests such as rats and lice. Its lifesaving use in German concentration camps such as Auschwtz was and still is marked by the brilliant Prussian Blue staining of the brick walls near to where it was used—even on the exteriors of the exterior brick walls which have been subject to more than half a century of weathering. But, but, but—where people were supposedly gassed to death by the thousands with the same substance every day, there is NO trace of blue staining at all

Cyanide escapes from Zyklon-B granules s-l-o-w-l-y unless the gas is forced out, preferably with warm air. Zyklon-B was made to work that way. Since no such forcing of cyanide is even alleged, (the fans were supposedly turned ON o-n-l-y after the victims were all dead) the ONLY way that anything like the mass execution times of as few as three minutes could possibly have occurred (Vrba-Wetzler Report of 1944) would have been by using enormous amounts of Zyklon-B, at least ten times more than the amounts needed to simply kill the victims over several hours. Such huge quantities of Zyklon-B would have given at least as much opportunity for cyanide to penetrate the surrounding stucco-covered brick walls as at the delousing stations. For people familiar with Zyklon-B and how it was actually used, the solution to the dilemma would have been obvious. Simply insert a mesh basket with Zyklon-B granules almost anywhere into the warm air ductwork which the mortuaries all had--and turn ON the blowers to force warm air through the granules and through the mortuaries during the actual mass execution. That is how standard DEGESCH Zyklon-B fumiagtion chambers worked in Dachau and in hundreds of locations throughout German-ccupied Europe. In this way, at least 90% of the Zyklon-B would have also been saved—and the deadly cyanide gas would have been dispersed quickly to all parts of the gas chambers. Pockets of cyanide-free air where victims might crouch to escape the deadly gas would have been impossible. The hoax defenders are trapped by the fact that all of the self-described “eyewitnesses” claimed the fans were turned ON only a-f-t-e-r everyone was dead. The “eyewitnesses” obviously LIED and the Zyklon-B gassing stories are rubbish!

13) The use of crematoria in German concentration camps is portrayed as shameful, even criminal, when, in reality, it is no more deplorable than the use of crematoria anywhere in the USA today. From page 78 of the linked source, left: “The average time for a cremation cycle of newer retorts is around 2 h or less, not counting the preheating of the chamber or the cooldown.” Cremation is, in fact, the recommended way to dispose of corpses generally to prevent the spread of many contagious diseases through ground water. If the purpose had been to merely dispose of evidence of mass murder, cremation makes no sense at all since one of the main purposes of cremation is to r-e-c-o-v-e-r at least a small portion of cremains to be returned to family members in urns. For disposal of bodies without any recognizable cremains, i-n-c-i-n-e--r-a-t-i-o-n as applied to ordinary garbage is far more effective since any human cremains will be thoroughly mixed with other waste. The fuel required is also far less. In Auschwitz-Birkenau, for example, large incinerator ovens were located in the crematory buildings also but it has never even been alleged that those ovens were ever used to incinerate corpses. Cremation was also used on Ellis Island and delousing chambers were used on nearby Hoffman Island.

14) Large Zyklon-B gas chambers for fumigating entire railroad trains, several railroad cars at a time, were strategically located in eastern Europe. Some known locations are Posen and Budapest, More than likely, Auschwitz-Birkenau also had such a gas chamber for railroad cars but there is no known proof of this yet. In any event, all such gas chambers would have been ideal for mass extermination. Intended victims trapped inside cattle cars could have easily been pulled into such chambers. The railroad cars after gassing could have been removed with corpses and disposed of in any number of ways later on. But, although such a technology would have been obvious to anyone familiar with Zyklon-B and how it had historically been used worldwide to fumigate hundreds of thousands of railroad cars, even in the USA—it has never been implicated anywhere in the holocaust mythology. How could the fiendish Nazis not have thought of applying this superb technology?

The unbearable Truth for Americans, Brits and Jews

Before anyone blames the Germans for the horrors of Belsen and other German camps, they should look at themselves in the mirror. The Americans, Brits and Jews were the real monsters. After their humiliating military defeat in France in 1940, it was obvious that British soldiers and generals were pathetic compared to the Germans, especially Germans led by their enormously popular and brilliant leader—Adolf Hitler. That became obvious to Americans as well regarding American soldiers and generals compared to the Germans. So, what to do? Well, why not do what depraved cowards often do? Kill enemy civilians instead. Murder as many German women and children as you possibly can, turn entire cities into crematory ovens, and destroy everything needed to sustain life. The horrors of Belsen and other camps by the end of the war are the only persuasive evidence for the so-called “holocaust”—but those true horrors were the handiwork of the Americans and Brits and Jews.

The Germans and Nazis had kept camp inmates alive and healthy, including Jews, as best they could. No one had been gassed. Americans and Brits with enthusiastic support from their Jewish masses had tried to turn all of Germany and much of Europe into a kind of Bergen-Belsen for years. By the Spring of 1945, they succeeded. Such a surprise, already! That those same cowardly monsters deny all responsibility for Belsen is hardly surprising. Were they about to suddenly stand up like heroes and admit they had done anything wrong? Tell the truth for a change? Of course, not! To this day, they blame the Germans for what they had done all by themselves. They should pray there is no God.

In 1978 I met a young Hungarian man who had survived the American bombing of Budapest about which I had not known anything. He assured me that Budapest had indeed been bombed by the Americans—and that the American bomber crews were “extremely cowardly” because they deliberately avoided the small, but heavily defended, military targets and bombed the vast, undefended, residential areas of Budapest instead. Some of the American bombers were shot down, however, and some bomber crewmen managed to parachute to the ground. Local Hungarians killed many as soon as they hit the ground but others were rescued by Hungarian gendarmes who took them to POW camps. My Hungarian acquaintance insisted that the American airmen should have been tied instead to stakes near to where their bombs had fallen and then been burned alive. When I expressed my shock at his horrible suggestion, he looked straight back into my eyes and said: “but, that was what they were doing to us.”

That brief conversation has been seared into my conscience and I have thought about it many times. Could I have lit a fire to incinerate any of those cowardly airmen—perhaps just the officers, or high-ranking generals, or political leaders like Churchill, or FDR, or Truman? Certainly, it would have been a learning experience which they truly deserved and which others might heed as well. As a warning to future generations, it would have saved many innocent lives. The purpose of this website is not merely to acquit the Germans of the obscene charges against Germany—but to also condemn the victors, especially the Jews, for being the pious monsters that they truly were—and still are.

The most important Photograph

Carbon monoxide was supposedly used to murder two million Jews in Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor and elsewhere—more than twice as many as were supposedly killed with cyanide from Zyklon-B . So, where were the piles or pits of bright Cherry RED corpses? Corpses of CO poisoning are well known to be bright Cherry RED with only rare exceptions. But the supposed “eyewitnesses” never, ever, even mentioned such unforgettable spectacles. On the contrary, they insisted that the bodies were either “blue” (Kurt Gerstein, for example) or “unremarkable.”
CO discoloring

The image left is probably the best of many available today showing what corpses from cyanide and carbon monoxide poisoning look like. It is also used in the logo for this website. This stunning image is from the Textbook of Maritime Medicine . "Fig. 10.9.2: Bright red lividity on the dorsal side of the body as the expression of lethal carbon monoxide poisoning. Livor mortis is bright red in cases of carbon monoxide or hydrocyanide poisoning (or in cases where the corpse is kept in cold storage). Carbon monoxide is a colourless and odourless gas that arises, for example, from incomplete fuel combustion. Thus it is always necessary – primarily for self-protection – to consider or exclude carbon monoxide poisoning, particularly when bodies with bright red lividity are found in engine rooms, after engine room fires (automatic carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system!) or in boiler houses." 

Piles of corpses have been misused to condemn Germany—but, it has NEVER been claimed in any western trials that any of the corpses were RED in color. So, what about all those “eyewitnesses” to alleged mass gassings of millions of Jews with carbon monoxide (from diesel or gasoline engines) in the Aktion Reinhardt camps (Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor) and even Chelmno? What about those piles, even mountains, of naked corpses that countless people were supposedly able to see? Wouldn't the “eyewitnesses” have noticed that spectacular coloring?  Of course, they would have been stunned. They would have remembered it years later for any of the countless, anti-Nazi war crimes trials if they were not simply lying. What they “remembered” at best were simply the black-and-white photographs that we are all programmed to remember. Readers should confirm for themselves the dramatic coloring by Google-searching on the internet for “images” linked to “cherry red lividity.” Were all of the “eyewitnesses” color-blind? Of course, not! They were simply telling whatever came into their heads, even the clumsiest of lies, to support the hoax and completely exonerate themselves, if possible. They knew what was expected of them. Although the reference materials of that era made it clear (text without color photos) that corpses from cyanide or carbon monoxide poisoning would be “cherry red,” that had no effect in the countless, farcical trials of NS era defendants. What mattered was that the hoax be embedded on paper and that the Germans as a people be guilty forever. It was like “original sin”with an anti-German twist. Nonetheless, those clumsy lies also carried within them the time bombs for the hoax's total destruction today. The victorious Allies, and especially the Jews with their age-old traditions of hate and mass murder and lying, have convicted themselves instead. They were and still are the real monsters, the natural-born killers, the genocidal maniacs, aliens from another world of lies and hatred for everything that is not Jewish. For the rest—for the depraved victors of WW2—holocaust propaganda is merely a less violent continuation of their own racist wars against those hardworking and uppity Germans.

An Essential American Hoax that preceded the Holocaust Hoax

Until about twenty years ago, there was a widespread belief in America that gas executions were quick and easy and almost painless if done right. Cyanide gas executions work quickly as advertised ONLY when the prisoner assists in his own execution. The prisoner's assistance is the essential key to a successful American gas execution versus a botched execution. If the prisoner cooperates by inhaling deeply just as the cyanide vapors rise to his nostrils from below his chair, he may be able to ingest a lethal dose of cyanide into his body quickly and die in about five minutes. Ideally, he should exhale as completely as possible before he takes that last, final breath. But, if he or she refuses to assist in the execution—by breathing fresh air deeply just before the cyanide salt eggs drop into the pail of acid and/or by taking only short breaths thereafter—the execution is likely to take fifteen to eighteen minutes and be an excruciatingly unpleasant spectacle for the witnesses. That is NOT supposed to happen! That is certainly NOT what state authorities and advocates for the death penalty generally want at all because it undermines their hoax about quick and painless gas executions. Many YouTube videos available today (search for: “gas executions” or “executions”) and the public records of actual gas executions in the United States make this clear today. However, for more than fifty years from the earliest gas executions various government institutions in the US deliberately mislead the American public in order to make such executions acceptable to the public. The public was thoroughly brainwashed to believe that cyanide executions were quick, “almost instantaneous,” and at least relatively “painless.” Even Fred Leuchter, an American gas chamber “expert” and a prominent revisionist unwittiingly contributed to the hoax by repeatedly saying in 1987 that executions with cyanide were quick and painless if they were “done right.” He never seemed to have mentioned that the prisoner's assistance was essential if it had even occurred to him. Leuchter later admitted that he had never seen an actual gas execution.

That thousands of Jews would ever have assisted in their own executions is unimaginable. And yet, we were told in the famous Vrba-Wtezler Report of 1944 which was widely distributed by the War Refugee Board at that time that “After three minutes everyone in the chamber is dead.” Those three minutes have been increased over the years. Rudolf Hoess claimed in his supposed confessions of 1946 and 1947 that it took “ten minutes.” Today there are many “holocaust survivors” who travel to countless schools across the country telling young children that it took “half-an-hour.” These coached “survivors” are definitely not speaking from their own experience but from carefully prepared scripts they are given by the United States Holocaust Memoral Museum and others. The facts are that even half-an-hour is unlikely to have worked because the alleged source of the cyanide gas was not a rapid chemical reaction but only a SLOW release of cyanide from Zyklon-B granules. Zyklon-B had been formulated specifically to release the deadly gas SLOWLY to allow its safe handling by trained experts around the world. DEGESCH had provided detailed information which showed just how slowly the gas escaped (on this website) which in turn also shows just how impossible the holocaust cyanide gassing claims are. As one expert, Robert Grubb, from the American Cyanimide Company (the US distributor of Zyklon-B) told me many years ago: “one would have needed something to drive the cyanide out of the granules.” That “something” would have been the forced blowing of warmed air through the granules just as was done routinely in hundreds of standard DEGESCH delousing gas chambers throughout the world including the four “disinfection gas chambers” that everyone can visit today in the former Dachau concentration camp.

Here is a page of links about the narcotic effect of carbon monoxide which is totally absent with cyanide gas:
http://search.babylon.com/?mntrId=34c9fff2000000000000001fe25ba094&babsrc=SP_ss&tt=270113_9106&tl=270113_9106&affID=118360&q=carbon+monoxide+%22narcotic+effect%22 (new window)

Cyanide gas causes intense excruciating pain and convulsions. CO causes headaches and little pain, if any. The differences are enormously important to understanding and unraveling the holocaust lunacy. When people inhale smoke from their cigarettes deeply, they often get 3-1/2 % CO and they enjoy the taste—even though such a CO concentration would certainly kill them eventually. The well known ease with which people killed themselves in their cars from CO gave support to the false idea that the same thing must have occurred with cyanide gas in Nazi gas chambers. After only a few minutes in a Nazi gas chamber, a guard would supposedly announce: "Alles schlaeft!" Cyanide gas is, however, totally different as the true horrors of gas executions in the US have proved again and again. It is all the more reason to reject the holocaust hoax. Carbon monoxide suicide attempts in cars can be terminated easily if the victim simply opens the car door or window but thousands refuse to even make the effort;—the pain, whatever pain occurs, never seems to be all that unbearable. If the gas involved in such suicide attempts were cyanide instead, the pain would be unbearable and the intended victim would terminate their own suicide attempts. Are there any known suicides with cyanide gas? Not with cyanide salt or liquid but with cyanide gas? I can only doubt it.

How the Holocaust Hoax really Works

How do you feel about r-o-a-s-t-i-n-g people to death? Since you probably believe it would have been terrible for the Nazis to murder masses of people in gas chambers, how do you feel about r-o-a-s-t-i-n-g women and children and babies to death? That was precisely what “the greatest generation” of Americans did either directly or indirectly during the war, as many as they possibly could —and with NO noticeable regrets or apologies since the war? Where have the clergy been on this subject? If the actual numbers of totally innocent people murdered by r-o-a-s-t-i-n-g did not reach the mythical “six million” number, it was NOT for lack of trying by the US and Britain.. If you still think roasting people was OK due to the special circumstances of the war, or whatever—there is no point in going any further on this website.

The “holocaust” is a monstrous Jewish hoax, not unlike Judaism itself, packed with fantastic self-serving lies based on anecdotes, at best, and no valid scientific evidence at all. By endless repetition throughout the societies which they dominate—in public schools and with intense political pressure, even terror—Jews have elevated their shabby hoax to hallowed levels. Elie Wiesel, a brazen liar and bigot who has repeatedly called for imprisonment of holocaust “deniers,” even managed no to get himself a Nobel Peace Prize in 1986.

There are NO autopsy reports of Nazi gassing victims. There are NO autopsy reports that show even one body found anywhere was of someone killed with poison gas by the Nazis or Germans. Many thousands of bodies were found in German concentration camps by the end of the war, (they clearly had NOT all gone up in smoke at all) and at least a thousand were autopsied—but, none of the autopsies indicated poisoning by any substance. This simple fact should already undermine anyone's belief that the “holocaust” story is supported by “overwhelming evidence.” Please see the discussion, column left, of Dr. Charles P. Larson's forensic medical examinations in Dachau and elsewhere. The British at Belsen seemed to have recognized early on (based on their own autopsies?) that there had been no gassings there either but, nonetheless, made the gassing charges central in their famous Belsen Trial (Sept. 17—Oct 16, 1945). See also The Belsen Trial in pdf format which allows any reader to jump to keywords in the text such as “gas.” for example. Those gassing claims pertained, however, entirely to what had supposedly occurred in Auschwitz to which British judges, prosecutors and staff were denied access by the Soviets until many years later. The gassing claims and even the descriptions of Auschwitz are based entirely on the “testimony” of self-described “eyewitnesses” and NOT on any incriminating documents or physical evidence. It is as if people had been tried and executed for witchcraft hundreds of years ago—in a remote foreign country to which even the inquisitors had no access..

There are NO German documents identifying any gassing victims. The belief that the gassing claims are supported by German documents is pure myth. There are NO German documents describing any gassings, anywhere. The German documents that are most frequently used, for example of Zyklon-B disinfection gas chambers and crematoria, are in fact evidence of structures and equipment designed and used to keep people alive--in other words, for precisely the opposite purpose from what is alleged.

Claims about how Nazi gas chambers functioned are wild speculation. The alleged gas chambers bear absolutely NO resemblance to any real, known gas chambers such as those widely used in the USA for the execution of criminals where it still takes as long as 18 minutes to kill a single prisoner as opposed to the fictitious Nazi gas chambers where thousands were supposedly murdered in as little as three minutes. Nothing like the alleged Nazi gas chambers have ever appeared anywhere else in all of human history. What is more important, they could not possibly have worked in anything like the manner alleged in any of the holocaust-related war crimes trials. Gassing someone to death, even one person, is a complicated, messy process that takes as long as eighteen minutes in the USA—even wiuth a quick release of a lethal amount o9f cyanide gas.

There are NO photographs of corpses of Nazi gassing victims. The cheap, dirty trick which really makes the hoax succeed is the wilful misuse of pictures of countless sick and dead in the camps at the end of the war—none of which are of people killed in gas chambers—but which are repeatedly shown to give the false impression that millions of people must have been murdered in gas chambers. There really is no direct connection--but for the more than gullible masses, the connection is “undeniable.” The people who show those pictures are all in on the trick. They all know perfectly well that the pictures are of people who died of other causes such as typhus—but they use the pictures anyway for their powerful psychological effect to precondition their audience for the gassing and mass extermination pitch which inevitably follows. The pictures are irrelevant except for their enormous shock value. Pictures of countless healthy prisoners in the same camps are generally not shown for reasons that are all too obvious. This delibeerate misuse of photographs is rather widespread and illustrates the collective eagerness of many people (the “hoaxers“ or co-conspirators in the hoax), especially in the American media, to throw whatever they can find against the Nazis, SS and Germans generally just like spiteful children. They want to believe in the hoax.

Aside from the underhanded misuse of pictures of sick and dead in camps at the end of the war, the best evidence of the monumental hoakiness of the holocaust hoax comes from the Jews themselves. The following website shows many Jewish “survivors” with links to their personal accounts and more: http://isurvived.org/TOC-III.html . In the very first pictures from Dachau we actually see many healthy, robust inmates. Can anyone really believe the Nazis could have possibly failed to kill any of the people in the website linked above if they had ever really wanted to kill them? If so, which one? And yet, we are all supposed to believe, beyond the slightest doubt, that the fiendish Nazis were definitely out to murder every Jew on the planet. But somehow--because of their strong will to live, or religious faith, or whatever—so many "survived" nonetheless. The simple fact is that the fiendish Nazis wanted them to “survive” and went to extraordinary lengths to make them “survive” even by forcing them to do things they did not want to do such as take showers and get haircuts. If the Nazis had wanted any of them to die, that could have been so easily arranged by letting them stew in their own filth, or be kept out in the cold without shelter, or clean clothing, medical care, or food. No need for gas chambers or mass shootings.

In all my years of looking at anti-Nazi atrocity photographs, I have never once come across even one photo that is alleged to be of someone gassed to death. The standard explanation is that ALL of the gassing victims were cremated shortly sfter gassing so that nothing remained. But how can anyone be so certain? How can anyone be certain that some hapless victim appearing in an atrocity photo was NOT gassed? The answer would have to be that one cannot be absolutely sure unless there was a forensic medical exam and/or an autopsy—and yet, the people who present the photos whether it be a government institution or the USHMM seem to be totally convinced . They are all in on the trick and use it again and agin, shamelessly. And why would the fiendish Nazis have cremated ALL gassing victims while allowing tens of thousands of victims of disease and possible abuse to remain for Allied cameramen? Would gassing victims have been anymore of a shock to viewers than victims of disease? Of course, not!

Americans are not accustomed to seeing death even when it occurs around them every day. Only rarely will the hoax promoters make the mistake of actually alleging that they have a picture of someone killed in a gas chamber. They know better but misuse the pictures anyway. This deliberate misuse of pictures already shows the sinister and widespread hoakery which makes the hoax so successful. Who even reads courtroom testimony of self-described “eyewitnesses?” Who even reads the writings of Elie Wiesel? It is the pictures that grab the hearts and minds. For most people, when they see the pictures what else matters? The accused are guilty, guilty, guilty! By contrast, pictures of the vastly greater numbers of Germans or other Axis civilians murdered by Allied terror-bombing and strafing or from disease or starvation (also caused by the Allies from the very start of the war) are almost impossible to find. Why? Why bother? The goal is not understanding or historical truth. The goal is total, fanatical belief, even by children—with no tolerance for those who dare to disbelieve or even question the new religion

The really “incriminating” evidence consists entirely of “eyewitness accounts” (lies) and “confessions” (lies extracted under torture) and a few documents which provide nothing more than a vague context for wild speculations. For example, the mere existence of concentration camps in Germany is already seen by many as “undeniable proof” of the great crime. The truth is that the existence of concentration camps merely shows that the Germans intended to keep certain people alive albeit under tight control. For mass murder, there is no need for concentration camps unless one wants countless eyewitnesses.

The fascination with crematoria in German concentration camps shows how incredibly desperate the hoaxers are to find anything that looks remotely like “evidence.” The Kremas used normal crematoria ovens designed to cremate only one body at a time consistent with normal cremation practice throughout the world in order to recover at least some portion of clean ash to give to family members in urns. The insistence that there was anything sinister about those crematoria is inexcusably stupid. The German use of crematories helped keep people alive! For simple mass disposal of corpses (evidence?), cremation makes no sense at all. For mass disposal of corpses, incineration with co-mingling of ash from many corpses and other refuse is far more logical, and efficient, and faster. The Germans had large incinerators for garbage, in some cases in the very same Kremas where crematory ovens were also used–but NEVER allegedly used those garbage incinerators to dispose of any corpses.

The hoaxers insist that multitudes of dead were also disposed of in outdoor flaming pits when there were not enough crematory ovens. Elie Wiesel begins his book “Night” with a vivid description of an outdoor mass burning into which little children and babies were also tossed (live?) by the fiendish Germans. Elie Wiesel, it seems, would have marched directly into a flaming pit himself except for the fact that: “Two steps from the pit we were ordered to turm the left and made to go into a barracks” When Hitler's own body was burned at his insistence to deny the victors any of his remains, some of his most loyal followers used 50 liters of gasoline (a huge amount that late in the war). For all the skill they might have acquired at disposing of corpses in the lost war, they still failed (according to Russian accounts) to destroy the skull and the teeth which are the most revealing parts of any corpse. So where are the remains of gassed Jews? There aren't any, anywhere. As I write this today in December, 2011 there is a shocking story in the press of the cremated remains of about 200 American servicemen having been discarded in waste-fill garbage dumps. The simple fact which is thoroughly hidden from the public is that most cremated remains (“cremains”) from ALL cremated corpses are normally discarded in this way. Only a small portion of ash from any cremated corpse can possibly fit into the small urns which are given to family members. The rest, including possibly substantial bone fragments, are discarded. So where are the mountains of ash from Jewish holocaust victims? There are none, anywhere.

The most thoroughly stupid part of the holocaust myth is the claim that the Germans committed mas murder with diesel exhaust. Nearly two million Jews and countless non-Jews (no one really cares how many) were supposedly murdered in diesel gas chambers in Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor and in the so-called “gas vans” in the German-occupied Soviet Union with the carbon monoxide in the exhaust. This is roughly double the amount of those who were supposedly murdered with cyanide and Zyklon-B. Most people simply cannot get past the smell. Although the US and Germany are technically advanced nations, hardly anyone except for this author and Patrick Buchanan have ever dared to challenge this ridiculous claim publicly. Everyone else, no matter how knowledgable, is too intimidated. Diesel exhaust smells terrible but that has absolutely nothing to do with toxicity. The only toxic ingredient is carbon monoxide which is actually odorless. A room filled with pure carbon monoxide would smell just fine but would kill everyone, almost immediately. The general non-toxicity of diesel exhaust will be domonstrated later. A team of forensic pathologists recently (2008) went through all records it could find over many years and could find absolutely no records of any accidental deaths from diesel exhaust even though many hundreds of thousands of truckers, for example, sleep in their closed vehicles with their diesel engines running all night long. The great danger with diesel exhaust is that the temperature of the exhaust from even an idling diesel is still about 200 degrees Fahrenheit which certainly will cause death when introduced into a small space. But that has nothing to do with toxicity or carbon monoxide. The purest ocean air could also kill if it were simply heated to the same temperature.

Holocaust-bigotry is the other side of Anglo-American Guilt

Even if the holocaust hoax were true, the war crimes and mass atrocities committed by the US and Britain were far worse and far more cowardly than anything the Nazis are even accused of committing. The US and Britain murdered as many people as they possibly could—women, children, babies included—by deliberately r-o-a-s-t-i-n-g them to death with massive incendiary air attacks and firestorms (“strategic bombing” and “area bombing”), with incendiary bombs including napalm, and even with nuclear bombs. If the numbers murdered by the US and Britain did not exceed the mythical “six million” number, it was not for any lack of trying. The Americans and Brits turned entire cities into crematory ovens—for victims who were still alive. The magnitude of those horrors grew to biblical proportions just as the end of the war grew near and the dangers to the US and Britain diminished to nothing at all. Shame on the cowardly victors! Shame on America! Shame on Britain! And, lest anyone is still totally decieved, it was the British—with encouragement from the US—who began the deliberate mass murder of civilians with their attacks on Germany in 1940 as Patrick Buchanan has explained. It was the British who bombed Berlin five times in August and September of 1940 before Hitler responded, reluctantly as he explained on radio, with the first German air attack on any British city, London, on September 7, 1940. If the Nazis had murdered people with poison gas, that would have been humane by comparison to Anglo-American firebombing.. When the victors were no longer able to simply murder Germans or “Japs” because the war had ended—they were still able to spread the most outrageous lies about the Germans, and that continues to this day. Who is left to stop them? Who dares to even try? Today there is officially-sanctioned terror against holocaust revisionism and the so-called “far right” with five years iimprisonment for merely “denying the holocaust” even though this clearly violates basic human rights guaranteed under the UN Charter. Jews are also driven by their need to rationalize their racist state of Israel and its crimes. The “holocaust” enslaves the Germans and empowers the Jews as Golda Meir explained during the Eichmann Trial::“we have the right to do everything.

Belief in the holocaust hoax is not surprising in itself considering the continuous barrage of propaganda—but, the fact that so many Americans want to believe, even passionately, reveals something much darker. That passionate faith in the hoax may come from deep-rooted inferiority and racial prejudice and jealousy vis a vis the Germans—perhaps for German technical and scientific superiority and achievements, at least until the end of WW2, as compared with America. How many Americans from the president on down have any idea that the automobile, for example, was NOT an American invention but a German one? Such truths are more than they can bear. If America's vast ignorati didn't have the holocaust hoax to boost their self-esteem compared to the Germans, they would have to invent something else. It looks like good old racism albeit in a less obvious form—not black versus white as in the past, but another form which is politically correct especially to the Jews who are America's real masters. The facts and counter-arguments of holocaust revisionists are an intolerable nuisance. How dare anyone say it didn't happen? Faith in the hoax gives the brain-dead mobs of democracy that righteous hatred which they really want, especially as they prepare to destroy new enemies. A new world war is emerging, this time with Iran. One major reason for that war is that the Iranian leadership rejects the holocaust hoax. They must be insane and Ahmadinejab must be another Hitler—right? As Hillary Clinton has explained: “we must not let another holocaust happen.” No doubt, we will soon have an actual war against holocaust revisionism—but it is a war that the US and Israel will ultimately lose because the revisionist case cannot be destroyed by bombs, or war, or even stopped indefinitely by outright terror as in Germany. Even the Germans are waking up!

Perhaps a call to punish the Anglo-American perpetrators of mass murder during WW2 would help. But what punishment? A Hungarian survivor of the American bombings of Budapest in 1944 told me in 1978 how the “cowardly American” bomber crews avoided the small but heavily defended military targets (defended with intense anti-aircraft fire) by dropping their bombloads instead on vast, undefended residential areas causing widespread fires and loss of life. He was appalled that when some of the bombers were shot down, any surviving crewmen were actually protected by Hungarian gendarmes from irate local people who were intent on killing them. He insisted that any captured bomber crews should not have been protected; they should have have been tied instead to wooden stakes near to where their bombs had fallen—and then burned a-l-i-v-e ! In other words. they should have been burned to death just as witches had been burned during the Middle Ages. When I expressed my shock and horror at such an inhumane suggestion, he looked back into my eyes and said: “that was what they had been doing to us [civilians].” I can never forget this handsome young Hungarian man, somewhat older than I was at that time, and his blue-gray eyes as he told me his story. As horrible as his proposed punishment would have been, it would have been no worse than what those happy-go-lucky airmen of the “greatest generation” truly deserved. That would have been a valuable “learning experience.” Certainly, America's and Britain's military and political leaders deserved such punishment. For its horrendous crimes during WW2, America deserves a thousand 9/11s. Americans should pray there is no god.

It would seem unimaginable that human beings could ever watch such fiery executions—and yet, precisely such horrors, on a far greater scale, were part of “American entertainment” for many years in the 1950's on prime time television. Two of America's most popular shows, ever, were CBS's Airpower and Twentieth Century with Walter Cronkite as narrator. More than likely, it was those shows that made Walter Cronkite into a great icon of American television. A decade later during the Vietnam War when Cronkite expressed scetpicism about the Vietnam War, LBJ thought he had lost America. Repeatedly, the shows included lengthy footage of German and Japanese cities burning from end to end—not on late night television but at 6:30 pm on Sundays. In other words, they were shown to millions of Americans just when they were likely to be enjoying their Sunday dinners after a day of church-going, and praying, and rest. As a young high school student at that time, my entire class had been told to watch all of these shows in order to discuss them later in class. Of course, all of those horrible scenes of entire cities burning were routinely excused by Cronkite as a response to alleged prior crimes of the Axis nations. Cronkite lied again and again just as another CBS colleague, Edward R. Murrow, had lied again and again in 1940 and 1941. The fact is that it was the British who had begun deliberate attacks on civilian populations and NOT the Germans. If German civilians had been watching motion picture footage of Jews being murdered by the thousands, repeatedly, over many years—they would be condemned as fiendishly depraved and rightly so. But the Germans and/or Nazis were never so depraved. Such insanity was never part of German or Nazi life; it is, however, perfectly normal in America. Even within the most secret archives of Nazi Germany, there were never any photographs or films of people being murdered in gas chambers.

For that minuscule proportion of Americans who have a conscience, holocaust-belief may be necessary for their own survival. How else can Americans of conscience possibly live with themselves? How else can they resist the moral imperative to suicide that drives so many guilt-ridden American veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan today? The “greatest generation” can never morally excuse their own crimes without the “holocaust”—and, in an informed age as we may be entering thanks to alternative media, Americans cannot simply deny their own crimes either. They can only rationalize the unprecedented horrors and war crimes that they committed, either directly or indirectly—by falsely insisting that the Germans, or Japs, or other Axis allies were even worse than they were. For such pious monsters, holocaust-belief is necessary for their national psyche, for their own survival. Americans who have any conscience at all—need the “holocaust” and must hold on to it as a drowning man hangs on to anything. As more revisionists debunk the entire myth, Americans must deny, deny, deny that there is any possible merit to any revisionist arguments or evidence. Although America cannot legally throw revisionists in jail because of deeply-rooted protections for free speech in America, it does nothing to even criticize other countries that do throw revisionists in jail. As American leaders travel the world, they rarely miss any opportunity to lecture about human rights—but say and do nothing about the human rights of holocaust revisionists. What they have done has been to aid and abet the imprisonment of revisionists such as Ernst Zuendel and Germar Rudolf in foreign countries such as Germany today—even when those revisionists had been living in America to avoid such violations of their basic human rights.

Of course, Jews are more than willing to give Americans all the holocaust-therapy possible because it also serves Jews and Israel—and is fabulously profitable as well. On the one hand, Anglo-American guilt for true atrocities is excused by holocaust propaganda and then expiated with total commitment and support for Israel, for ever and ever, financially and militarily. After meeting with President Obama in March 2012, Israel’s Prime minister Netanyahu displayed two historic documents from mid-1944—1) a Jewish organization’s letter asking the US to bomb Auschwitz, and 2) a response from the US War Department explaining why it was opposed to that idea. The not so subtle message was that the US should have done so much more back then—which is all the more reason to bomb Iran today. America's guilt for its supposed “indifference to Jewish suffering” during WW2 is now used to start a new war with new atrocities! America's crimes in WW2 are mis-used to bring about new crimes in the Mideast today and for many years to come. When will this madness end, and how?

The Total Number of Jews Gassed by the Nazis is: ZERO!

The grand total number of Jews, Poles, Gypsies and others killed in Nazi gas chambers is ZERO! There was a kind of “holocaust” in German concentration camps, especially in the last months of the war, from disease and starvation. However, the culprits responsible for those horrors were the Allies, especially the US and Britain, using blockade, bombing and strafing of civilians—and NOT the Nazis at all. The Nazis had been trying to keep their concentration camp inmates alive and healthy as best they could under impossible circumstances. If the Nazis had merely wanted to exterminate prisoners, there would have been no need for concentration camps to begin with. The real mass murderers were the Americans and Brits. The “Greatest Generation” was, and still is, the worst generation ever, anywhere, in all of human history. Even though the USA was far removed from the actual conflict and never in any real danger, it gratuitously chose to employ mass murder by incineration of civilians as its key strategy for victory. The USA and Britain deliberately roasted women, children and babies to death—as many as they possibly could. There were well over a million victims of these cowardly and horrific crimes. If Americans ever want to “hunt down” real mass murderers and war criminals, they need only look at themselves in the mirror.

Holocaust-belief is a kind of modern superstition, not unlike superstition in the Middle Ages when Jews were sometimes falsely blamed for plague and severely persecuted. But today, it is the Jews who are blaming and persecuting gentiles, especially Germans, for the many deaths from disease at the end of an horrific war which they themselves had done so much to bring about. They were screaming for war against Germany already in March of 1933, in huge demonstrations on the streets of New York and elsewhere. They were continuously agitating for war against Germany until their wishes actually came true in September of 1939. The horrible deaths from disease in German concentration camps were a direct result of the cowardly air attacks on German civilians which Jews themselves had encouraged. The German people are routinely portrayed as having been morally defective somehow and, therefore,worthy of mass murder. In the process of murdering German civilians, many Jews died also—how ironic! Holocaust-believers totally ignore the deep involvement of Jews with the communist revolutions and the horrors which necessarily followed in order to try to make those revolutions work. Anti-Semtism was a natural and entirely reasonable response to the Jewish role in extreme leftist causes, including Soviet style communism where mass murder of any and all opposition was accepted as entirely normal to advance the "glorious" revolution. If Jews or any other ethnic group were as closely connected to Al Qaeda and the horror of 9/11, most people would understand perfectly. The horrors of communism already in the 1920's were far worse.

Samuel T. CohenFor all their cheering about “democracy” and “freedom,” the “real Nazis” were, and still are, the Americans. The “real terrorists” were, and still are, the Americans. The ultimate racist fiends and genocidal maniacs were, and still are the Americans. Next in line are the Israelis and Jews generally. If Americans and/or Jews wish to see or confront “pure evil,” they can spare themselves the airfare to faraway places like Germany, Iraq or Afghanistan and simply look at themselves and their own history. A recent book by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano entitled: Lies the Government Told You (2010) reveals many of the dirty secrets that Americans deny about themselves. From its earliest days when George Washington mutilated his own slaves until now when even the Obama administration tortures prisoners, America's true history is so foul that it has no moral standing to lecture anyone about human rights–or anything.else. As to evidence for the genocidal depravity of Jews, one should simply read the Old Testament. Samuel T. Cohen, the inventor of the neutron bomb, “stated that his only regret ...was that the bomb hadn’t been ready in time to be dropped on Germany. This was a feeling shared by many Jewish scientists, Cohen wrote.” Although Germany was spared the nuclear nightmare, what the western Allies actually did to Germany was bad enough. The following is from Cohen's book: F*** You. Mr. President, page 31:

This was particularly true for most Jewish scientists, and there were a lot of
them, including Oppenheimer. Many of them were refugees from Hitler, whose
friends and relatives had suffered hideously at his hands, and who harbored
precious little affection for the Nazis. They had a vindictive and even barbaric
compulsion to complete the project in time to bomb Germany. Of course, this
never happened and when we finally had a couple of bombs to drop, Germany
had surrendered.
Trying to throw a little logic into this emotionally supercharged equation, I
might say that even if we had finished in time to drop a couple of bombs on
Germany, it’s far from clear it would have made any real difference on the
outcome of the war. By this time, the allied bombing and shelling of German
cities had reduced most of the country to rubble and it was just a matter of time,
a very short time, before the Nazis would have given up. It had become clear to
practically everyone but Hitler that the jig was up. Most Germans were in no
mood to fight to the bitter end, as many were predicting the Japanese would do.
So what might have happened if the atomic bombs that burst over Hiroshima
and Nagasaki, had landed on Zilchburg and Hinkledorf? I’d say: What
Undoubtedly nuclear bombing Germany would have made many scientists
at Los Alamos, especially the Jews, including myself, deliriously happy....

From the moment Hitler became chancellor of Germany in 1933 six years before WW2 started, intense Jewish agitation against Germany became well known to everyone.Such activities included boycotting of ALL German goods to the United States. The following images are from The Jewish War Veterans Story by Gloria R. Mosesson (1971) but there are many more sources if one examines the pre-war literature in America. Click images below to enlarge

  • Organised Jewry fired the first shot already in March 1933 in the war against Germany.
  • The Germans in 1933 were behaving reasonably by defending themselves from the enemy within by introducing anti-Jewish legislation.
  • The Jews are unashamed, congenital liars. There was no plan to exterminate them.
  • When the fighting war began, the Germans were perfectly within their rights to protect themselves by placing Jews in concentration camps.
  • Jewish scheming led to WWII. Jews should be very grateful the Germans treated them so humanely during the period 1933-1945.
The Anglo-American Holocaust in Belsen and Dachau

The real truth about the “holocaust” is far more than Americans can bear. They will not be able to handle it because it is they, the Americans and Brits, who are the chief culprits—the real “holocaust perpetrators.”

Those horrible photographs of Belsen and Dachau and other German concentration camps from the last two months of the war are enormously important. They are the real basis, the “undeniable evidence” for the “holocaust” as far as nearly everyone is concerned. By contrast, the “evidence” from war crimes trials and the arguments of scholars, even revisionists, are largely unknown and even incomprehensible to nearly everyone. But, instead of showing how horrible war truly is in general, the images are grossly misused to condemn the very people, the Germans in general and the SS and Nazis in particular, who had gone to enormous lengths to prevent such horrors. The real mass murderers were the Americans and Brits.

When historians and journalists insist that the scenes from Belsen and Dachau are aberrations from a more acceptable kind of the warfare, they are the greatest liars. They are simply massaging the egos of their depraved patrons, the victors of World War 2. Those misused scenes show essentially the same horrors that abound in nearly every war going back to siege warfare from our earliest human history. For WW2, the horrible scenes in Belsen and Dachau were the direct result of the cowardly blockade beginning the moment Britain declared war on Germany and the deliberate bombing of civilians (begun by the British on May 11, 1940) and the strafing of civilian targets throughout most of the war. Even Germany's water supply had been proudly bombed by the British in 1943 —the Dambusters Raid http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:wIgvfuhMbPcJ:news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/may/17/newsid_3623000/3623223.stm+Germany+ -- with obvious consequences; it was biological warfare. Eventually, with America's involvement and overwhelming air power, those clever strategies achieved the horrible results that one could see throughout Germany. The immediate cause of death for the vast majority of genuine victims in German concentration camps was disease, especially the kinds of disease that waste the entire human body (typhus, typhoid, tuberculosis, diarrhea, dysentery)—and the Anglo-Americans knew that perfectly well since they had studied and ruthlessly employed that same strategy many times in the past, even for the period after the 1918 Armistice to force Germany to sign the Versailles Treaty six months later against its will after 500,000 German civilians had died from disease and starvation from the blockade. But after WW2, rather than admit that they had inadvertently also killed thousands of Jews with their cowardly strategy, the embarrassed Americans and Brits blamed the Germans instead. They had, after all, won the war and could get away with anything.

The horrors that the US and Britain inflicted upon civilians would have been bad enough if WW2 had been the end. But such horrors continued--even with the deliberate roasting to death of more than a million totally innocent women, children and babies as in Korea and Vietnam. In Iraq, the US sanctions strategy may have killed half-a-million children which Madeline Albright assured Americans was OK on "60 minutes." Israeli sanctions against the people of Gaza are essentially blessed and funded by the US. And there is no end in sight. If Americans or Brits want to hunt down and punish real perpetrators, real “killers,” real mass murderers —they need only look at themselves in the mirror and then hang themselves from the nearest tree.

The NAZI's Kept the Jews A-L-I-V-E !

.On YouTube there is a fascinating new video which is drawing some interest--including comments from me:


Take a look, not just for the story of 106-year-old Alice Sommer but also for the revealing footage of life in Theresienstadt. If that was all staged by the Nazis, then they deserve some Oscars for "direction." Two other Czech Jewesses, not quite as old, also appear in this video. They ALL "surivived!"

It is time to say "THANK YOU" to the Nazis! Obviously, Alice Sommer's wartime ordeals. whatever they were, had no adverse effect on her longevity. Obviously, the Nazis took very good care of her as well as all of the others..That is the real lesson of this story. The Nazis did NOT exterminate them. Alice Sommers is clear evidence that the "holocaust" story really is a monstrous Jewish hoax for which ALL Jews should apologize. Jews have nothing to cry or whine about--and they should give back all the money they swindled out of the German people, their victims.

The Nazis kept the Jews alive! Alice Sommer and the other Jews in this video could have been killed so easily. Did they "survive" because of their religion, or music, or because of some inner strength? Of course, not! They ALL "survived": because the Nazis protected them and kept them alive just as they kept most of the Jews alive. The so-called "survivors"--and there were 1,092,000 of them still alive in 2003 according to Dr. Sergio DellaPergola--are all evidence that the "Holocaust" really is a monstrous Jewish hoax. The real killers of most of the Jews who did die on German-occupied territory were the Allies, especially the British and Americans, who strafed and bombed refugees and evacuees and civilians generally throughout the last months of the war--and disease, especially typhus, brought on largely because of the failure of the Germans to hold on to places like Auschwitz.

Auschwitz served the exact same purpose as Ellis Island in NY harbor: to keep disease out of the country with medical exams, forced bathing, quarantine, gas chambers and crematoria just as in Auschwitz. When the Germans evacuated Auschwitz and abandoned it to the advancing Russians in mid-January 1945, the dam broke (the Cordon Sanitaire) and disease, especially typhus, entered Germany with a vengeance that had not been seen since the Thirty Years War.

The Germans still tried to confine the medical disaster to the concentration camps with horrible results that made excellent visual propaganda for the true genocidal maniacs: the Allied victors of WW2--and especially the Jews. If the Germans had not tried to confine the typhus outbreak to concentration camps such as Dachau and Bergen-Belsen, the consequences would have been even worse just as the victors discovered quickly enough for themselves.  The death rate at Bergen-Belsen actually increased after the British took over the camp and quickly spread beyond the camp until the British re-imposed tight security on all of the camp inmates.

The real reason Alice Sommer and the others "survived" is that the Nazis never tried to kill her, or any of the others, in the first place. That should be rather obvious. She NEVER was under any kind of "gallows." Instead, the Nazis kept her alive, fed her, provided her with housing, medical care and safety as best they could while millions of people around her, including millions of Germans who were and still are the real victims of videos like this one, were being killed and even burned alive in the war that Jews had done so much to bring about. Alice's "story" is essentially a Big LIE! When the Nazis tried to expel her and others like her from the new, saner Europe that they tried to build, they certainly had the right idea.


Holocaust propaganda, regardless of its historical merit, is used to justify the real atrocities and mass murders by the viictors of WW2 which were far more horrific than anything the Germans or Japanese supposedly committed. But, from the prevailing American point of view, those horrors—especially the mass incinerations of women, children and babies—were merely unfortunate but morally necessary measures to achieve “peace” with democracy and freedom. .America consistently externalizes its own problems. All the moral problems for which America went to war against Japan and Germany were rampant in the USA—and still are. If America and its allies could recognize that the holocaust story is indeed a monstrous Jeiwish hoax, then perhaps America and the world could also avoid the headlong stampede to bigger wars and, ultimately, obliteration in a themro-nuclear world war, the ultimate final solution..

Many tens of thousands of Jews were indeed victims of an “extermination program” from the air during WW2—but, Jews were not the target, they were merely some of what is now called “collateral damage.” All of the treks west by millions of civilians to escape the Russians were potential “death marches.” The real targets and the real victims of an extermination program were the Germans. So long as the women and children murdered by American “heroes” like Chuck Yeager were merely Germans—no need to apologize afterward. But, when many of them were Jews, that had to be explained differently even if just to avoid lawsuits for generations to come. Hey, why not blame the Germans? What America actually did during WW2 was truly monstrous–but that such a country, even sixty years after the war, continues to strut on the world stage as a symbol of righteousness is beyond insane. Don't these folks have any conscience at all? America in WW2 committed the most despicable and cowardly rampage of mass murder in all of human history. If there were a God who gave a damn about punishing evil-doers, he would surely destroy America from sea to shining sea with flamethrowers. Americans should pray there is no God.

The holocaust story is a monstrous hoax for four important reasons: 1) no one was ever killed in gas chambers by the Nazis, 2) the numbers of Jews who died in German-occupied Europe is minuscule compared to what is alleged, 3) forensic medical or scientific evidence to support the holocaust gassing claims is non-existent, and 4) Jews were rather well-treated by the Nazis compared with other minorities such as blacks, Hispanics or American Indians in the USA—or non-whites by the British Empire, or Palestinians by Israel.  In general, Jews as a group, or as a people, or as a race (take your pick) have no reason to complain about their treatment by Nazi Germany before or during WW2. They had been actively driving the world toward war against Germany since March 1933—and hey eventually got their war. So, stop whining!That Jews were interned in concentration camps by Germany and that by war's end some tens of thousands of Jews were also among the dead and the sick, and among the ashes to which Germany had been reduced should surprise no one. So, stop whining! What should be surprising is that any Jews “survived” at all. In fact, at least five million Jews “survived” as the work of Sergio DellaPergola and others confirm.

So, what really happened? Nearly everything that Americans regard as “overwhelming evidence” or “proof”of Nazi genocidal barbarism is actually “evidence“ if not outright “proof” of Anglo-American barbarism.. The real perpetrators of “indescribable horrors” that the world shold never forget were the Americans and Brits themselves. The “ugly truth” about themselves is, however, far more than they can bear, or tolerate. They are in “deep denial.” They are the real “holocaust deniers” and they are bigots as well.Merely to say that Anne Frank was murdered by the Americans or Brits will bring imprisonment in Germany and no criticism from the US or Britain. So, why bother to even try to tell the ”ugly truth?” There will be no Pulitzer prizes or book or movie contracts. How can anyone possibly profit from telling it? If one tries to tell the “ugly truth” however,.one might help save the world from the real war criminals, the Americans and Israelis, who are unleashing themselves upon te world once again. They will destroy everything!

The “evidence” that Americans are most taken in by are the photographs of sick or dead people in the German concentration camps. The overwhelming numbers of healthy “survivors” are rarely shown, but the pictures are easy enough to find if one looks for them. The real mass murderers of many tens of thousands of Jews were NOT the Nazis, or the SS—but, the western Allies themselves as they proudly bombed and strafed the vast and unending columns of desperate civilians trekking west to escape the Soviet army. The refugees and “evacuees” including Jews were fleeing west to find safety and protection but found something else instead. The Allied intent was, of course, not to kill Jews—but only Germans. But, who could separate them; who could tell the difference between Jews on a so-called “death march“ (an obscene misnomer) or on a train even with open flat cars, or Germans, or eastern Europeans.. How could anyone tell the difference, even if they wanted to? So, what to do? Kill 'em all? A careful documentation of the numbers murdered in this way is probably impossible. The masses of dead in German cities such as Dresden included countless Jews also. Who can possibly tell how many? And as far as the concentration camps, the deaths there were another, generally indirect result (but not always as Gardelegen shows with its napalm victims) of the rampaging air campaign against all German civilian targets. Retreating German military were, by contrast, far less appealing targets for the cowardly air men. German soldiers had a nasty habit of shooting back and could with some lucky shots even from an ordinary rifle bring down Allied airplanes, and often did.. Unarmed civilians—women, children, and old men, often half-starved—could not. It was so much safer to promote freedom , democracy and world peace by killing lots and lots of civilians “They were all Nazis anyway, right

The “holocaust” is anti-German racism gone wild. It is not history   If historians and holocaust educators and the USHMM (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum) and the US and German governments were really interested in the “holocaust” and its history—they would surely spend a great deal of time and space on those super extraordinary weapons of mass murder: the gas chambers.  But that is not what one finds.. In the vast literature that can now be called “holocaust literature,” there is hardly any information or discussion about the gas chambers or the extermination process. Too horrible?  Why bother when most people are thoroughly convinced already?  Clearly, the purpose is not to understand the subject in depth.  The purpose is to simply make more and more pro-Jewish propaganda and crush the Germans again. Since two world wars failed to exterminate the Germans, perhaps the Germans can be persuaded to exterminate themselves? What holocaust propaganda really proves ultimately is that Hitler's policy to expel Jews from Germany was entirely reasonable and appropriate. Hitler was right!

The word “hoax” in its harshest sense applies to what was done. Although there may have never been a formal meeting to hatch the hoax, that was not even needed. There certainly was an incredible meeting of minds, a consensus — mindreading by a far-flung bureaucracy” (words lifted from Raul Hilberg) among the victors, and especially among the Jews.. The tale of the six million was to be a huge dead albatross around the necks of the entire German people (not just the Nazis) to “keep them down” forever. .Whether the hoaxers actually believed their own propaganda and outright lies hardly mattered. The Germans, the most civilized and most highly educated people on the planet, had to be “re-educated” and ”democratized” by people who had themselves committed far worse atrocities than anything the Nazis were ever accused of committing. Those same victors also continued to hold hundreds of millions of people in virtual slavery and misery. The hoax has succeeded perfectly. Germany which had contributed far more to human enlightenment in its brief period of independence than any other country from its founding in 1871 until 1945—was reduced to making expensive automobiles and machinery, and enslaved with guilt and endless payments and apologies to people who were never exterminated to begin with..

.What people find most compelling are photographs of dead and sick people within concentration camps at the end of the war—none of whom had been killed in gas chambers.  The so-called “scholarship” of historians is by and large irrelevant, and unreadable, and amounts to little more than nibbling around the edges of the real subject of mass extermination.  When ordinary people say the evidence for the holocaust story is “overwhelming,” they are telling us what they.have been programmed to believe. They believe what is drummed into their heads from morning until night by the press and media. However, when historians tell us the evidence is “overwhelming”—they are lying.  

People who do occasionally try to defend the gassing claims have no idea as to what they are talking about, or writing about. They provide revisionists endless opportunities to show how thoroughly stupid and baseless, even impossible, the gassing claims are.  So, do not even talk to holocaust deniers.  Avoid and even prevent any possible discussion of the gas chambers or else you too will surely fall into their trap.  Do not look at this website unless you are truly vile and evil. Belief in the holocaust is far more important than the basic human rights nearly all nations of the world are pledged to protect. For the holocaust and its beneficiaries (“God's Chosen People”) everything must be different—and, of course, it really is different. Holocaust-belief is the new religion. We should all bow down and worship at its many altars (16 holocaust museums in the US already). We should do all we can to perpetuate the divine message—and support Israel, and prevent another holocaust. If that also means mass murder of countless moslems, so be it. It is all part of the same message.

The Nazis and SS shared their food and medicine and much more with the Jews—even until the very last days of the war! The misery in many of the camps at the end of the war was the Allies' doing. Ultimately, all that holocaust propaganda and “scholarship” really proves is that when Hitler tried to expel Jews from Germany forever, he certainly had the right idea.

DEMJANJUK: Scapegoat for Jewish Madness

The ongoing trial of JOHN DEMJANJUK in Munich, Germany is another anti-German horror show to appease the victors of World War 2, especially the Jews. Demjanjuk can no longer be accused of operating a genocidal diesel engine in Treblinka but perhaps he can be convicted of something else. Perhaps he operated a genocidal diesel engine in Sobibor. Perhaps he was merely a guard. In any event, the Jews are clearly obsessed with blood lust and must punish Demjanjuk for something, one way or another. In the good old days just after the war, it was so easy for prosecutors to find people like ADA BIMKO (Jewish) to lie for them under oath: “Yes, your honor, I actually saw Demjanjuk kick a dozen Jews to death when they refused to wipe his boots fast enough.” If nothing else worked, testimony like that was still good enough to hang any Nazi or SS member. “Eyewitnesses,” just like Bimko, were so easy to find among the anti-Nazi fanatics, especially Jews, in the former camps. That was, after all, precisely why many of them had been put there in the first place—and rightly so. But today, the prosecutors cannot simply trot out “eyewitnesses.” The possible “eyewitnesses” seem to all be dead. Demjanjuk has outlived them all.

The new (and probably last) Demjanjuk trial, this time in Germany (no other country would touch the case), is a farce. Where one might expect some new insights into whatever happened at Sobibor, one gets nothing. From a recent Reuters story about the Demjanjuk trial, one can not even tell whether the deadly mixture of carbon monoxide and (now) carbon dioxide was from a diesel engine, or a gasoline engine, or any kind of engine.

But, why bother with such details? Everyone knows it happened! To have any doubt about the crimes is a horrible sin. To actually express doubt, openly, is punishable with imprisonment—and rightly so according to Elie Wiesel. It is not any yearning for historical truth or understanding (Vergangenheitsbewältigung) that motivates these German prosecutors and judges. Their purpose is simply to appease the Jews who monitor everything. The trial is a form of national groveling at the feet of Germany's true masters. For the Jews, the trial is about revenge against a helpless old man who escaped their hangman in the past, a symbolic anti-Semite or scapegoat. It is another media op to vent more hatred and lies. Appeasing Hitler was evil---appeasing Jews is moral and good! We must give those pathological Jews everything they want---forever, and ever. That is the great “moral” lesson being taught in Germany today.

Consider how much is unknown about those engines (diesel or gasoline) that supposedly made the gas that killed millions. Those engines are surely the most spectacular devices for mass murder in all of human history. Who made those engines? Was it Mercedes-Benz, or Deutz, or GM, or Ford, or who? When were they purchased, and installed, and by whom? Who serviced or repaired the engines. Supposedly, there was a two-hour and 49-minute delay (measured with a stopwatch) in the diesel gassing witnessed by KURT GERSTEIN because the diesel would not start. How was such an embarrassing problem corrected? Imagine how profitable it would be for the Jews if they could only show—somehow—that the genocidal engines were made, or installed, or repaired by any of the large corporations that are still out there today. Those corporations could be blackmailed and bled white for years. Such an opportunity!

Surely, to fight global terrorism and protect Jews from “another holocaust,” we must understand how automotive engines were used to commit such crimes during WW2. Perhaps we should simply ban all such engines. If we really care about the “holocaust” as much as we pretend, then surely we must take such questions seriously. If the next al-Qaeda terrorist kills some Jews in America with diesel exhaust or gasoline engine exhaust, it will be so embarrassing. Heads will roll at homeland security. How big and powerful were those murderous engines in Nazi Germany? What fuel was used? Was producer gas the fuel? If not, why not? At what rpm or speed? Was there any external load on the engines? Are there any records at all for these marvelous murder weapons? Is there any scientific, forensic or medical evidence or literature anywhere to show how these engines might have actually killed masses of people? Although there are some anecdotal claims made after the war about the engines, they are so contradictory and vague that they are worthless even by the shabby standards of holocaust historiography. They are hardly mentioned in the holocaust literature any more. Every snippet of info from one “eyewitness” is contradicted by at least one other snippet from another “eyewitness.” Many “witnesses” merely heard that such and such had happened. Was the engine really from a Soviet T-34 tank as was sometimes claimed, or from a Russian submarine as EICHMANN seems to have claimed? The anti-German prosecutors and holocaust promoters can't keep their lies straight—and, they have nothing better.

Surely, if the evidence really were “overwhelming,” we.would at least know something—but we know nothing at all! Was the engine a diesel engine as was almost universally claimed by the “holocaust scholars” until recently—or what? Nothing is known about those genocidal engines because the gassing story really is rubbish. It never happened!

There are no German documents showing that even one person was ever gassed in Sobibor, or anywhere else. There are no exhumed corpses with autopsies showing death from gas in Sobibor, or anywhere else. There are no cremains (bone fragments after cremation) in Sobibor, or anywhere else showing death from poison gas or any other kind of foul play. There is not even an extermination methodology that makes any sense forensically or technically.

The Historians have Blood on their Hands

The wildest, pseudo-scientific conspiracy theory imaginable has been blindly embraced by historians.. As a social class, historians are far too lazy to do any real research beyond their ivory towers. They pander to those in power which means, in our age, to the Jews. Until a few hundred years ago, people believed in “overwhelming evidence” about witchcraft and contacts with the devil—but, it was all bad evidence manufactured in superficially fair, legal proceedings by skilled fanatics. It was all about “eyewitness testimony” and “confessions.” The anti-German, anti-Nazi gassing claims are the same phenomenon. The fanatics are still at work even if the story line has changed. Although there were tens of thousands of corpses in German concentration camps at the end of WW2, and many more outside the camps—there is absolutely no forensic evidence from autopsies to show that even one person was ever killed by the Nazis with poison gas or poison. The holocaust is a “pseudo-event,” concocted and promoted by the worst war criminals in all of human history, namely the victors of World War 2. Holocaust-belief is a form of collective insanity driven by the ravings of unhappy Jews.

As to those horrible photographs of thousands of dead and sick in concentration camps at the end of the war, is it really so hard to recognize that those scenes were the end product of the cowardly Anglo-American air war against civilian targets in Germany? And, by the way, that air war against civilians was begun by the British in 1940 and not by the Germans. It is extremely hard for the victors to look at themselves in the mirror. So, blame the Germans instead! And, if the Germans even dare to protest—the victorious Allies can destroy Germany again.

Hitler had superb, cyanide gas chambers–but they were used ONLY to keep people alive. Those gas chambers were used in many strategic locations throughout eastern Europe to fumigate entire railroad trains, for example, with cyanide gas from Zyklon-B. Other superb gaschambers were used in hundreds of POW camps and concentration camps, including Auschwitz, to fumigate and delouse everything from clothing to furniture, also with cyanide gas from Zyklon-B. Those superb gas chambers certainly could have been used for mass murder as well. But none of those real gas chambers have ever been implicated in any of the holocaust gassing claims. Instead, the Nazis supposedly used diesel exhaust and Zyklon-B–but, here is where it gets really crazy, the Zyklon-B was simply dumped, supposedly, through small holes in the roofs of cellars–without the warmed, forced air and circulation that was routinely used in all of Germany's most highly-advanced gas chambers. See my essay: “Zyklon-B and the German Delousing Chambers.”

The gassing hoax has succeeded in part because of the widely held, but false, belief that murder with poison gas is almost childishly easy, and quick–and even painless. That false belief has actually been fostered by official practitioners of gas executions in the US, the government itself, in order to disarm critics of the death penalty. By American law, legal executions must NOT be cruel. Even the American execution expert and holocaust revisionist FRED LEUCHTER believed that if I do my job properly, death will be quick and painless.” When he said that in 1988, he had never actually witnessed even one gas execution. He was a qualified expert in a field where gas executions had not been carried out for decades. It has only been in the last decade that an enormous body of evidence from actual gas executions has emerged (see the links at the bottom of this page, column left) which show that even where only one person is gassed to death, the killing process is far from easy, quick or painless. Death by gas is in fact slow, rather complicated technically and excruciatingly painful. The best results occur when the victims assist in their own executions by inhaling deeply after the poison gas enters the gas chamber. But such a claim, especially about Jews, is too absurd to be believed. See my essay: “Self-Assisted Holocaust Hoax.”

In the summer of 1988, I made a three-day trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau. I visited nearly every corner of the camp and tried to photograph everything. I was struck by how well the camp had been designed and built—not for mass murder at all, but rather to keep people alive and healthy. I remembered what Franz Boyen, a German in-law of mine and a former Wehrmacht intelligence officer had told me years earlier about his visits to Auschwitz during the war: “there was absolutely nothing wrong with the place.”.

From my own visit, I could see that the camp had been carefully constructed with drainage ditches, a superb water treatment plant, solid well-insulated wooden barracks with efficient heating systems, flush toilets and delousing stations for showering and fumigating clothing and other personal articles. The crematories were obviously constructed to cremate o-n-l-y one body at a time, and to recover the ashes separately from other ashes, rather than simply incinerate masses of bodies as one would expect in an industrial factory for mass murder.

I was especially struck by the intense blue staining of the brick walls, on interior and exterior surfaces, of the two delousing stations only about a hundred yards from Kremas 2 and 3 in Birkenau. As an amateur artist I recognized the blue as that distinct blue called Prussian Blue. There is no other blue that comes even close to that special intense, almost "electric" blue. My own Kodachrome camera film could only capture a vague approximation of the intense blue that was there. Clearly, Fred Leuchter who had been there only a few months prior to my visit had been quite correct in connecting this staining to some kind of chemical reaction between hydrocyanic acid from Zyklon-B and the red iron oxide in the poor quality, red bricks themselves. When one looked at, or into, the remains of the alleged homicidal gas chambers where the same gas had supposedly been used every day for years to murder hundreds of thousands of people—there was, and still is, absolutely NO trace of blue staining, anywhere. Even though the bricks were apparently the same as those used in the delousing stations, there was absolutely no trace of any blue anywhere. Here was clear and dramatic evidence that undermined the legends of mass murder. I was quite stunned by what I saw then with my own eyes and I am still amazed that the hoax persists!

A professional chemist named Roth foolishly and falsely testified that cyanide could NOT have penetrated brick and stucco more than just a few millimeters at most. The simple fact is that brick must be porous in order to allow good bonding between it and the mortar cement. Otherwise, one would have the relatively weak bonds that occur between mortar and granite (non-porous) for example. The porosity of brick allows the moisture in wet mortar to escape through the brick and, in effect, allows the mortar to adhere (temporarily) to the brick by suction even before the mortar has dried.

As to the porosity of brick and stucco, there is a simple test anyone can make. Take one or more pieces of brick and stucco and weigh them separately and dry. Then weigh them after they have been soaked in water, preferably overnight. The differences in weight will be due to the water absorbed and the porosity which is substantial. Water molecules of H2O are slightly heavier and larger than cyanide molecules of HCN based on their molecular weights. One of the reasons why cyanide, according to the German literature on Zyklon-B, was such a good fumigant is that the molecules were physically so small that they could penetrate even extremely small, microscopic openings. Since water can easily penetrate brick, cyanide must be able to penetrate also—right? To prevent losses of significant amounts of cyanide in their fumigation chambers, the German literature stressed the need for impermeable coatings on the gas chamber walls to prevent the cyanide from seeping out of the gas chambers. I imagine that even linseed oil-based paints would have been quite effective at reducing such losses. At the Birkenau delousing stations, the cyanide clearly had penetrated the double-brick walls from a clothes rack holding area a short distance from the actual gas chambers—and blossomed as Prussian Blue on the exterior walls where they remain for everyone to easily see with their own eyes in spite of fifty years of weathering. In some of the pictures of the blue staining on the stuccoed interior walls of the delousing stations, one can clearly see outlines of the bricks behind the stuccot. Some bricks absorbed cyanide far more readily than others. Please see the images on Index Page 2

The Jews were still alive

The simplest reason for rejecting the Holocaust story in general is that the vast majority of European Jews were still alive at the end of World War 2. Professor ARTHUR BUTZ, the author of The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, made this claim nearly thirty years ago–and he was absolutely correct as the following quote from a credible, recent Jewish source shows.

The Jewish Week 11-28-2003
Two new studies to determine the location of Jewish Holocaust survivors, for use in making future allocations to the most needy, differ widely on the number of survivors worldwide, The Jewish Week has learned. Sergio DellaPergola, a demographer for the Institute of Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, found 1,092,000 survivors worldwide. Jacob Ukeles, a policy researcher in Manhattan, found 688,000. The Ukeles survey, an update of one he prepared in 2000 for the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, found only minor differences from his previous effort. Lawrence Eagleburger, chairman of the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims, commissioned both surveys. Eagleburger had hoped to use the figures in determining how to distribute $13.2 million annually in humanitarian funds for needy survivors worldwide.

If someone had produced a video showing JFK speaking to an audience months after his “alleged” assassination in Dallas—holding a newspaper with text showing the newspaper was clearly published long after that date, we would all know there was something seriously wrong with the story we have been told. Any number of “alleged” events could be debunked in the same way if they were false events. The “holocaust” is just such a false event because of the stunning evidence that we have today.

1,093,000 Jews in 2003SERGIO DELLAPERGOLA's amazing discovery of 1,092,000 Jewish holocaust survivors alive in 2003 is thoroughly discussed in his 2003 report. Clearly, the numbers of “Jewish holocaust survivors” alive more than fifty-five years after the war are so enormous that one should wonder if any Jews at all perished during World War 2. Any conservative and reasonable statistical analysis of population decline over the post-war years would surely conclude that there were more than five million Jewish “holocaust survivors” alive at the end of the war. No doubt, some innocent Jews were killed–but, there is no good reason to believe Jewish deaths were statistically unusual for a long, horrific war in which many tens of millions of innocent civilians were killed of all nationalities. On the basis of numbers alone–the generally accepted story is a monumental hoax. The continued worldwide acceptance of that hoax, even in Germany, is a tribute to the enormous power and influence of the supposed victims and the Jewish community in general. The uniqueness of the mass gassing claims has also appealed to the darker sides of human imagination and gullibility.


The above table is from page six of DellaPergola's report. (click to enlarge)

One profound shortcoming in the DellaPergola report is that its “intermediate extensive” approach (see page 13 of the report) includes only “Jewish persons who are alive today” (meaning 2003) which obviously excludes people who had been Jewish during WW2 but who had “converted” or assimilated during the war and abandoned their earlier attachments to judaism–and who are NOT Jewish today. The numbers of people who fit into this category can only be guessed at by this author–but it does seem reasonable to imagine that the numbers are quite substantial. To escape the real, or perceived, dangers to their survival, many jews would have certainly dropped their religious attachments just as Germans after WW2 abandoned their earlier attachments to national-socialism. One might even call this the Madeline Albright phenomenon. Ms. Albright supposedly only learned of her family's prewar Jewish-Czech identity after she herself had been raised as a Roman Catholic in the U.S. and had risen to become Secretary of State. Although her parents had come to a supposedly religion tolerant society, they did not resume their jewish identity and raised their daughter as a Christian instead. Any other living Jewish relatives of Ms. Albright apparently remained silent or out of contact as well.

A similar shortcoming of the DellaPergola report is that it does not include people who had been Jewish during WW2 but who abandoned any Jewish identity in the fifty-eight years since the end of the war, for whatever reasons, which might simply be intermarriage—or, outright rejection of religion in general as one would expect in communist eastern Europe. To ignore the postwar pressures to conform to an atheistic world view would be like taking the difference in censuses of Christians in eastern Europe, before and after communism—and then concluding that the difference represented the number of “Christians exterminated under communism.” Accusations of rabid anti-Semitism under postwar communism have been rather frequent and, therefore, one should expect the pressures to conform to have significantly reduced the Jewish population in the postwar period as well.

In view of real, or perceived, dangers to their survival, why would any sane Jewish person want to remain Jewish? Are Jews more fanatical about their religious beliefs than other people? What this all means is that the true numbers of Jewish “holocaust survivors” alive at the end of the war must be significantly greater than the millions implied by the DellaPergola report directly. The true numbers of “surviving persons of wartime Jewish identity” are, in any event, enormous and are the clearest and most dramatic refutation of the hoax. The numbers of additional “wartime Jews” who abandoned their jewish identity after the war make the case against the hoax even more dramatic.

The archives at Bad Arolsen are becoming available and contain more than 50 million pages of documents about people who were in German camps during the war. By some accounts, those archives provide extensive documentation of Nazi atrocities. But, a recent letter from Bad Arolsen shows otherwise: unfortunately, we cannot reference a single document listing the death of a detainee due to gassing by Zyklon-B. As a rule, the Nazis gave other causes of death for inmates, who perished in the concentration camps. With kind regards,

U. Jost Archival Manager

Almost needless to say, they could not provide any evidence of gassings with carbon monoxide, or diesel exhaust, or gasoline engine exhaust either–or else, they would have been more than delighted to provide it.

The implications of the following essay are enormous: http://www.ejpress.org/article/35149
One might well ask if there is some kind of extermination process at work today. In the USA, out of 100 Jews during the general post war era, there are supposedly, according to the essay, only three left four generations later. The essay also supports my view that the vast majority of “missing” Jews at the end of WW2 had NOT been killed at all but had simply discarded their jewish identities. And, why not? No doubt, many “converts” restored their jewish identities after the war—but many others did not. How many is the important question. Judging by the willingness of Jews to discard their “jewishness” since the war based on the linked essay above, the numbers of Jews who did so during the war must have been at least as great.

We should begin to speak of a holocaust through conversion and collaboration—and NOT of physical extermination at all. So, what to do about it, if anything? Should anyone in their right mind even care? I think not, except to unravel the holocaust insanity in general. Holocaust-belief is a kind of collective insanity. It has already become a new religion which one must believe, without question, or be condemned as an “evil” heretic–even imprisoned as in Germany, or Austria, and ruined as well, as happened to David Irving and Bishop Williamson. “Guilt for the holocaust” has come to replace “original sin” for which all except the Jewish victims themselves must “bear responsibility” or suffer severe consequences.

The Nazis could have done It – the Technology for Mass Murder was there

Mass gassings were technically possible–and the Germans were more than capable technically of committing such deeds, just as all modern industrial nations are–but NOT by using the absurd and clumsy methods alleged in the Holocaust literature. Even with the most generous allowances for “errors” (major, as well as minor) on the part of self-styled “eyewitnesses”–the gassing claims, including those involving so-called “gas vans,” are simply impossible. There are no exceptions.

The diagram above shows the standard DEGESCH gas chamber of which hundreds were used in many POW camps and concentration camps including Dachau and Auschwitz. They all used Zyklon-B and cyanide to keep people alive. The technical literature and structures which still exist show us what the Germans were actually thinking and how they used Zyklon-B and cyanide. For more, see my essay. Ironically, those German facilities and the cyanide handling technology which existed and which could have been used for mass murder has never been implicated in any way by the accusers.

Throughout German-occupied Europe poison gas was also used as fuel (producer gas or Holzgas with as much as 35% CO) to propel nearly all civilian motor vehicles in order to conserve gasoline and liquid diesel fuel for the military. However, every historical work on the subject of alleged Nazi gassings, even on World War 2 generally, is totally oblivious to the existence of that enormously important technology. Producer gas was a major feature of German survival throughout the war–and yet, it would have also been ideal for mass murder.

In addition, the Germans also had huge, superbly designed gas chambers in strategic locations such as Budapest and other major cities in eastern Europe for fumigating entire railroad trains with cyanide and Zyklon-B. Those facilities were vitally important to prevent typhus-infected lice from being shipped to the west with returning soldiers, or workers, or Jews. Typhus was endemic in many parts of eastern Europe, especially Poland. However, those gas chambers would have also been perfect for mass murder–but, they are never even mentioned in any of the tales of mass gassing. Also, hundreds of thousands of German civilian bombshelters were “gas-tight” by law and would have been ideal for suffocating victims trapped inside—even without any poison gas, although gas could have been added easily enough. The existence of all such facilities was widely and openly discussed in great detail in the German technical literature of that period and is readily available today in major libraries throughout the world–but the “historians,” including those who specialize in “holocaust studies,” have simply not bothered to use it if they are even aware of it.

The availability of the large, railroad delousing tunnels and also the widespread use of producer gas or Holzgas to drive most motor vehicles (to be discussed here later) lead to only two possible conclusions: either (1) the Nazis and Germans were the most clumsy, inefficient and technically stupid, mass murderers in all of human history, or (2) the “holocaust” is a monumental hoax as alleged by revisionists. Since the “fiendish” Nazis were certainly far from technically stupid, only one possible conclusion remains.

The heart of the hoax--DIESELS

Even among the most ardent proponents of the WMD theories about SADDAM HUSSEIN, or even among the Israelis, or the most extreme neo-conservatives—no one has ever suggested that the exhaust of Iraq's many hundreds of thousands of diesel trucks or diesel tanks might have been used for mass murder. If they had, they would have been laughed at–and rightly so. And yet just such an insane theory is still at the very heart of the Holocaust legend. Two million of the alleged three million Nazi gassings of Jews were supposedly committed with diesel exhaust (the vast majority in Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor). The fact that most people do not even know of the importance of diesels to the “Holocaust” suggests that the hoaxers themselves know just how thoroughly stupid the diesel claims truly are–otherwise, they would have certainly made much more of that part of the story. Nonetheless, when one reads the works of the Jewish holocaust “scholars” (HILBERG and GILBERT, for example) it is clearly spelled out that two million Jews, as well as countless non-Jews (no one really cares how many) were all supposedly murdered by the Nazis with diesel exhaust in gas chambers or gas vans–whereas only about a million were supposedly murdered with Zyklon-B and cyanide. The most often referred to “eyewitness” to any gassings anywhere was KURT GERSTEIN, an engineer, who claimed he watched the entire process with a stopwatch in his hands. As recently as 1999, the U. S. government was still trying to deport JOHN DEMJANJUK for his alleged involvement in the alleged mass murder of 200,000 people in Sobibor with diesel exhaust.

For people who have ever been behind a fully loaded bus during rush-hour as it pulls away from a bus stop at peak acceleration, the smell is overwhelming and it is easy to imagine that diesel exhaust must be extremely toxic. The truth is quite different, however. Diesel exhaust smells bad, it may even look bad, and it may cause cancer.  But, as a source of a toxic gas, specifically carbon monoxide, for killing anything in half-an-hour, diesel exhaust is thoroughly impractical even under heavy loads.  The smell is due to small amounts of certain chemical components which are totally harmless except for some possible long-term effects. Carbon monoxide, the real potential killing ingredient, is completely odorless and is only present in trace amounts less than 1/2% by volume; at idle the amounts are less than 1/10 of one percent. The presence, or absence, of carbon monoxide has absolutely no relation to the smell of diesel exhaust.

For any conceivable diesel gas chamber—the real danger is heat and nothing else, except at extremely heavy loads which are not even suggested by any of the holocaust scenarios. By contrast, gasoline engines produce lots of toxic CO (much more than any diesels ever could) with no oxygen left over either. With diesel exhaust the great danger, and it would have been quite lethal, would have been the temperature of the exhaust—especially if the engine had already been warm and/or idling at high rpm. With diesel exhaust, the danger from CO or reduced oxygen would have been essentially zero from any idling diesel—but the temperatures, well above 200 degrees Fahrenheit, would have killed everyone eventually—and probably in less half-an-hour. In other words and contrary to PS-501 (forged letter from Becker to Rauff), there would have been NO “Erstickungstod (death from suffocation)” or “Einschlaeferungstod (death from CO).” The same argument applies to all alleged diesel gassings a la Kurt Gerstein.

Diesel exhaust might be useful for torture–but certainly not for murder. In 1957 a British scientific study on hundreds of living animals showed that five hours of continuous exposure to full-strength, diesel exhaust from an idling diesel (two separate tests) failed to kill even one of the test animals. Each test used 4 rabbits, 10 guinea pigs and 40 mice. There has never been any refutation of those results–before, or since.. Nonetheless, the gassing claims including those involving diesel exhaust persist through endless repetition by a hopelessly corrupted and wilfully blind media. See the Color Graph for Toxic Effects of Low Carbon Monoxide Levels

See Graph #1 in the essay about diesel exhaust toxicity.

From The Gas Vans by Alvarez and Marais, pages 26-28

Surprisingly, this finding of the general unsuitability of Diesel engines for a swift and efficient mass murder was recently confirmed by an orthodox anthology on the Holocaust, where the toxicologist Achim Trunk (biochemist and historian) writes in a paper entitled “The lethal gases” (Morsch, Günter, Bertrand Perz, Astrid Ley (eds.), Neue Studien zu nationalsozialistischen Massentötungen durch Giftgas, Metropol Verlag, Berlin 2011, pp.35f.)

“It can be derived from the animal experiments that it is possible in principle to murder human beings with Diesel exhaust gases –even many simultaneously. In order to generate highly toxic exhaust gases which kill within a maximum of 20 minutes, however, Diesel engines in the facilities for gas murder would have had to be operated under heavy load, i.e., they had to be slowed down. [Incorrect: they did NOT have to be “slowed down” at all if someone simply stepped on the fuel pedal] Such a slowing [sic] power-consuming device (such as a dynamometer) was much less simple and cheap to obtain than the large engine from a destroyed vehicle wreck. Slowing down a powerful Diesel inside a gas murder facility would have meant moreover that the engine would have become much noisier and would have vibrated much more intensively. Its exhaust gases would have contained a lot of soot. Whether such features have been observed (or whether clues to power consuming devices exist) is no longer a question to toxicology but rather to the sources and source criticism. According to this author’s knowledge, no clues in that direction exist. A different explanation is more likely, according to which the murder weapons were all gasoline engines. […] That gasoline engines were indeed deployed in the extermination camps of the ‘Aktion Reinhardt’ derives from reliable sources. Rudolf Reder, for instance, one of the very few survivors of the Belzec extermination camp, spoke of an engine fueled with gasoline located in a smal lroom next to the gas chamber. It is said to have consumed 80 to 100 liters of gasoline daily. For the later-day extermination camp Sobibór, where one could apply the experiences gained in Belzec, exact statements by the perpetrators exist that the murder device was a gasoline engine; […] In the case of Treblinka, which was the latest of the extermination camps of the ‘Aktion Reinhardt’ to be built (and the biggest), science has so far assumed that a Diesel engine was used. This raises the question why, from the point of view of the murdering institution, a successful method should have been replaced by a different, technically much more difficult.”

It is worth noting in this context that Reder, in his testimony about Belzec, expressly and in various ways stated that the engine’s exhaust gases were not used for murdering the victims. The other crown witness of orthodox historiography for the alleged exhaust gas mass murders in Belzec, the mining engineer Kurt Gerstein, speaks repeatedly of a Diesel engine providing the poisonous gas.17 He as a mining engineer certainly knew to tell a Diesel from a gasoline engine. However, contrary to what Trunk wants us to believe, neither Reder nor Gerstein are reliable witnesses, as both their testimonies are riddled with absurdities andimpossibilities (for details see Mattogno 2004a). I may mention in passing that it is not at all trivial to run a stationary gasoline engine, as they– in contrast to Diesel engines – tend to overheat quickly. They require special cooling devices to be kept operational. Trunk’s last sentence quoted above about the anachronistic reversal to an imperfect method is of course valid. It also applies to the gas van issue. Here the first generation of gas vans consisting of a mixture of makes, models and equipments with usually undefined engine types, some of which may have been gasoline engines, are said to have been replaced with a more sophisticated “second generation” of vans driven by – Diesel engines. This fact is glossed over by Trunk who erroneously or deceptively writes (Morsch/Perz/Ley 2011, p. 37):

“Reports about the killings with gas vans explicitly give gasoline engines as the source of the lethal gas.”

Trunk is definitely disingenuous when he writes (ibid., p. 37):
“The claim by revisionists is wrong that it is impossible in principle
to commit mass murder with Diesel engines.”

Trunk, who quotes Fritz Berg’s 1984 paper on Diesel gas chambers (his footnote 27, p. 33), hence knows about Berg’s work, has used many of the sources and arguments from Berg’s various papers, yet he has failed to acknowledge that Berg’s claim is not that mass murder with Diesel exhaust engines is impossible, but rather that it is extremely cumbersome and absurd, especially when considering the available alternatives – just as Trunk has concluded.

Comments to the above by FPBerg: Obviously, Trunk's grasp of automotive technology is NOT what it should be; it is pathetic. He is totally unaware of the purpose of a simple fuel pedal, or of a typical brake dynamometer which, contrary to Trunk, certainly can impose a wide range of loads at high speeds as well as low speeds. That is the entire purpose of brake dynamometers. Obviously, the editors of the book failed to find a competent technical person or engineer to support their shabby theories--even when the subject is as serious as the alleged mass murder of millions of people. And yet, just such a crackpot as Trunk must be taken seriously in Germany and Austria for fear that one might otherwise be imprisoned for “holocaust denial” or “defamation.”

On page 37 of “Die todbringenden Gase (The lethal Gases) ” by Achim Trunk in Neue Studien zu Nationalsozialistischen Massentötungen durch Giftgas edited by Morsch and Perz, 2011 Metropol Verlag, Berlin we have the following carefully crafted, concluding sentence regarding the toxicity of diesel exhaust:

Dass jene Zeugen in diesem einen Aspekt einem Irrtum unterliegen, erscheint nicht asugeschlossen; die Angaben über den Ablauf der Tötungen durch Motorenabgase, die den Quellen zu entnehmen sind, lassen sich technisch und toxikologisch am besten damit erklären dass zur Erzeugung der tödlichen Gase ausschließlich Benzinmotoren eingesetzt wurden. (That these witnesses made a mistake in one aspect, is possible; the statements from the sources regarding killings with motor gases are best explained technically and toxicologically by the use of gasoline engines exclusively.)

That is NOT true at all, Mr. Trunk. Another explanation which is even better is that the “winesses” simply lied. The absence of any mention of bright, cherry red coloring of the corpses or of any reddish coloring at all is further strong evidence that the “witnesses” simply lied. The inherent absurdity in using gasoline-powered gasoline engines to begin with when carbon monoxide in producer gas was readily available and at practically no cost al all. makes the entire gasoline exhaust mass murder theory unbelievable.

Achim Trunk personifies the gross techno-stupidity which pervades the holocaust historiagraphy. Trunk's work is such a muddle that one cannot even be sure whether he himself believes or is simply hedging his position as best he can. As bad as Trunk is, he really is the best they have. Years ago, an even worse techno-crackpot appeared named Mathias Beer ("Die Entwicklung der Gaswagen beim Mord an den Juden" in:Vierteljahreshefte. für Zeitgeschichte 35, 1987, pages 403-417.) who also attempted to refute my work. In both cases, there is only the barest mention, if any, of me or the actual essays I had written for fear, no doubt, that some readers might actually take the trouble to read my essays. By such pseudo-scholarly shabbiness, religions are made--and the “holocaust” is certainly becoming the new religion, even the official religion. Although it certainly is “possible” to commit mass murder with diesel exhaust (something I have always conceded, even as early as 1983), when one understands what would have been required as well as the readily available alternatives such as producer gas (Holzgas)—such mass murder claims become ever more unbelievable. The diesel gassing claims are totally absurd and NOT credible at all. Has anyone in the world ever committed murder of even one person with diesel exhaust—aside from the “holocaust?” Of course, not!

An Extraordinary Suicide with Carbon Monoxide

Although the importance of the diesel engine to the holocaust legend is quite strong and consistent, some holocaust believers are now backpedaling and suggesting on their own website and blog that it must have been gasoline engine exhaust instead. The two major problems with that revised holocaust theory are that (1) it still takes a long time to kill many people with gasoline exhaust, and (2) the corpses would almost invariably appear a bright, distinct RED or cherry-red which is contrary to ALL of the known witnesses for Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor. Only one witness Dr. Leidig did claim corpses were RED after an experimental gassing in Sachsenhausen. All of the other witnesses claimed either nothing about the appearance of the corpses as far as color or that the corpses were either BLUE or BLUISH.

An extraordinary case of suicide with gasoline engine exhaust reveals that even with gasoline engine exhaust–death is far from quick. But how quick? A British essay by Flanagan et al examines the case of a 36-year old man in good physical health who had a taperecorder running during his suicide. The taperecording provided that rarest kind of information about any automotive suicide–a timeline. The last sounds recorded occurred twenty minutes after the victim turned his car's gasoline engine on. A reconstruction of the suicide showed that the CO levels had increased steadily over that period reaching nearly 5% before the victim ceased making any sounds. Death came even later. .

If the engine had been a diesel running under a heavy load, the maximum CO concentration would have been only 0.5% (only 1/10th the concentration of the Flanagan case). If the engine had been a diesel running only at idle–which is the most likely comparable running condition–the CO concentration would have been less than 0.1% (only 1/50th of the Flanagan case). What it all means is that death from diesel exhaust would have taken far, far longer than the 32 minutes claimed by KURT GERSTEIN and every other self-proclaimed “eyewitness” to such alleged diesel gassings. All of those “eyewitnesses” are liars. Nearly 2 million Jews had supposedly been murdered at Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor and in the so-called “gas vans” with diesel exhaust. The evidence shows that those alleged gassings never happened because they were technically impossible.

In another case, this time in Japan, a 27-year old man committed suicide with gasoline engine exhaust. Most unusual was the fact that the victim made handwritten notes as the exhaust entered the vehicle. His last entry was made 17 minutes after the gas began entering. In another words, when the time until death is known, it becomes obvious that death with carbon monoxide is quite slow even when the CO levels are vastly greater than one would ever have in diesel exhaust.

Homicidal Gas Vans

In 1943 the Soviets held show trials to convince the world that the Germans had been using gas vans to murder Soviet citizens with the exhaust gases from diesel engines. The proceedings at Krasnodar and Kharkov are described in The Verdict. From the indictment for the Krasnodar trial on page 49 we have the following:

Medico-legal experts who exhumed and examined bodies found in an anti-tank ditch near Krasnodar stated in their postmortem findings on 29th June, 1943: “The skin, skeletal muscles and mucous membranes of lips, stomach, intestines, pericardium and peritoneum were either a pale pink or bright cherry colour, also noted in some cases in sections of internal organs such as the kidneys, lungs and heart. Spectroscopic and chemical examinations of the blood and portions of organs removed for biopsy showed that in 523 cases out of 623 bodies, death was caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.” As established by the investigation similar “gas lorries,” which were nicknamed “murder vans,” were used by the Germans for murdering peaceful Soviet citizens not only in Krasnodar but also in Kharkov. These vans, as testified by the German defendants in the present case and also by witnesses who witnessed the crimes committed by the Germans, are large closed trucks of dark grey colour, driven by Diesel engines. The vans are lined inside with galvanized iron and have air-tight folding doors at the back. The floor is equipped with a wooden grating under which passes a pipe with apertures. This pipe is connected to the exhaust pipe of the engine. The exhaust gases of the Diesel engine, containing highly concentrated carbon monoxide, enter the body of the van, causing rapid poisoning and asphyxiation of the people locked up in the van.

Diesel exhaust contains hardly any carbon monoxide, even under heavy engine loads. If the engines had simply been idling (no load on the engine) with the vehicles parked as suggested by the infamous unsigned letter from Becker to Rauff in Nuremberg File PS-501, the carbon monoxide levels would have been practically nil and the exhaust gases would have been harmless except for the heat. Death, if it occurred, would NOT have been from carbon monoxide at all. The Soviet, purported “medico-legal” investigations could have only been a sham.

RED Coloring of Corpses versus Blue

The self-styled “eyewitnesses” invariably described corpses after gassings as either “blue,” or “bluish,” or normal in appearance, and even “green.” People killed with carbon monoxide or cyanide appear, with rare exceptions, as a distinct “red” as soon as they are dead, even before death, because of the intense, bright-red coloring of the blood itself. See the discussion of this important topic on the CODOH Revisionist Forum and see also the two images on this page at the bottom, column left. Such dramatic errors in the testimony of key witnesses undermine the entire holocaust story–but, in reality, they have had no impact on the courts or on the acceptance of the holocaust myth in general. Defendants and their counsels rarely if ever want to challenge the myth in general and so, the holocaust myth persists. How can “eyewitnesses” possibly mistake red for blue or green unless they are all liars?

The most important essay showing the nearly perfect correlation between intense RED coloring in corpses and fatal carbon monoxide poisoning is originally from Austria based on the examinations of 182 corpses of people who died from CO. The answer to the question posed by the title of the essay is YES–and that means that nearly all of the evidence about the supposed deaths of more than 2 million Jews in the Reinhardt camps is rubbish. All of the “witnesses” from GERSTEIN on lied about the most obvious kind of evidence for such claims.The linked essays which follow help refute the claim that Germans would have ever used diesel exhaust for mass murder. Nearly two million Jews were supposedly murdered in Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor with diesel exhaust. Although there are some rare, occasional deaths from diesel exhaust—any murder method based on diesel exhaust is preposterous and unbelievable when one understands what would have been needed. And yet, the claim that nearly two million Jews and countless others were supposedly murdered with diesel exhaust persists. The US government was still making this claim with regard to Sobibor just a few years ago in its never ending hounding of John Demjanjuk, the Ukrainian who had supposedly operated the diesel engine at Treblinka.

“However, in the medical examiner area, lethal CO poisoning from inhalation of diesel fumes from any make or model of on-road vehicle is virtually unheard of and contemporary medical literature does not report it.

See page 1206 of the linked Griffin et al essay which follows:

Griffin, Ward, Terrell, Stewart: “Diesel Fumes DO Kill: A Case of Fatal Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Directly Attributed to Diesel Fuel Exhaust . . ." ( pdf)
Audio Commentary on the essay by FPBerg
(click icon, above, for audio commentary)

“Under light load the [diesel] engine produced highly acrid fumes. Five hours’ exposure caused no deaths, but seven hours’ exposure did so.”

See page 55 of the linked Pattle et al essay which follows:

Pattle, Stretch, Burgess, Sinclair, & Edginton: “The Toxicity of Fumes from a Diesel Engine under Four Different Running Conditions” (pdf)Audio Commentary on the essay by FPBerg(click icon, left, for audio commentary)

The greatest danger from diesel exhaust is from the temperature of the exhaust which can be 200 degrees Fahrenheit at idle.  If that is introduced into only a small space with people, death will follow eventually. But temperature is not a form of toxicity. Diesel exhaust is only marginally toxic for short exposures if the diesel engine is operating at or near its maximum load rating.  That means it must be operating with a substantial load on the engine--and that is quite inconceivable for any of the diesel gassing scenarios that appear in the holocaust allegations, anywhere. One critical essay regarding diesel exhaust temperatures is: “Diesel engine exhaust gas recirculation––a review on advanced and novel concept” by Ming ZhengCorresponding Author Contact Information, E-mail The Corresponding Author, a, Graham T. Readerb and J. Gary Hawleyc

Another important essay which illustrates the same nearly perfect correlation is: Thomsen, Asser H. and Gregersen, Markil, “Suicide by carbon monoxide from car exhaust-gas in Denmark 1995–1999,” Forensic Science International 161 (2006) pp. 41-46. From page 44 we learn that of the 388 car exhaust-gas suicides during the period in Denmark, the “characteristic pink livor mortis was found in 353 (93.6% of those with livor mortis) victims. Nine (2.4% of those with livor mortis) victims had normal colored livor mortis; three of these had survived more than a day after the poisoning. The color of livor mortis was not described in 15 (3.9%) victims.” For 11 (2.8%) of the victims, putrefaction or burns had been so extensive that livor mortis was impossible to find.

The RED coloring appears b-e-f-o-r-e death and continues long after death. It arises when the blood carboxyhemoglobin (COHbG) level is greater than 30% in any white person, l-i-v-i-n-g- or d-e-a-d. The coloring (cherry-red, bright red, or pink) occurs because the blood itself, just below the skin surface, becomes intensely bright red from the presence of the COHbG. If death is involved, the COHbG certainly did not jump above 30% upon death, or anytime thereafter–but rose gradually, while the victim was still breathing, above the threshold well b-e-f-o-r-e death occurred. A person can still be quite healthy except for that coloring if he is in good physical condition generally. They may not die until his or her COHbg level rises above 70%. In a sense, the red coloring is not livor mortis at all since the coloring does not mean a person is even dead; so, don't bury the victim just because he looks like a cherry. The victim might still be alive and breathing normally. The coloring is merely a sign of a high level of CO in the blood. It is an excellent indicator of extreme CO poisoning – but no proof of death.

THOMAS KUES wrote two important essays recently which discuss the same evidence. The first essay is on CODOH and the second essay appears on pages 3 and 4 of Smith's Report for April, 2009.

Clearly, the “eyewitnesses” to mass gassings with engine exhaust (diesel or gasoline) in German camps are all liars. Since there is no other evidence of mass gassings for any of those camps, the related extermination claims should be dropped.

Green coloring of a corpse is an indication of putrefaction. According to Francis E. Camps editor, Gradwohl's Legal Medicine, Third Edition, 1976, page 88: “The first sign of putrefaction is a greenish discoloration of the lower abdominal skin which appears about the second or third day after death....Gradually the colour spreads over the whole abdomen, thence on to the chest, and by this time a putrid odour becomes apparent. By the end of the first week most of the trunk is discoloured, some areas being greenish and others more purple.

From the deposition of Henryk Tauber given on May 24, 1945 as it appears on page 489 of Jean-Claude Pressac's Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers :We found heaps of naked bodies, doubled up. They were pinkish, and in places red. Some were covered with greenish marks and saliva ran from their mouths. Others were bleeding from the nose. There was excrement on many of them. I remember that a great number had their eyes open and were hanging on to one another. The bodies were most crushed together round the door. By contrast, there were less around the wire mesh columns. The greenish marks could only appear on corpses at least two days after death which is consistent with a morgue where many corpses had accumulated over many days and NOT at all consistent with corpses of people killed only a few hours earlier.


CO poisoning victim (still alive) from San Antonio, Texas at the link.

Figure with caption are from: Forensic Pathology--A Color Atlas on CD-ROM by Jay Dix, CRC Press (Boca Raton, Fl., USA), page 111.

Figure with caption are from: Forensic Medicine: Colour Guide (Edinburgh; New York: Churchill Livingstone, 2003) page 12.

monoxide poisoning

Victims who have been killed (not merely living patients who have been poisoned) with carbon monoxide or cyanide are, with rare exceptions, marked with a distinct, even “characteristic” red coloring over most of their bodies. The exceptions are the corpses of people, generally old and/or infirm, who died quickly before the carboxyhemoglobin or oxyhemoglobin levels could rise high enough to effect the color of the corpse. Let those who contend otherwise try to find photographic evidence from the forensic medical literature to support the holocaust claims about “blue” or “bluish” or even “green” corpses. They will find, instead, only more evidence that the holocaust story is a monumental hoax. If the holocaust is not a hoax, then surely all of the forensic medical textbooks and atlases must be rewritten to include the “overwhelming” evidence from the holocaust. We may as well turn science on its head. Why not?

The most important essay showing the nearly perfect correlation between intense red coloring in corpses and carbon monoxide poisoning is originally from Austria based on the examinations of 182 corpses of people who died from CO. The answer posed by the title of the essay is YES–and that means that nearly all of the evidence about the supposed deaths of more than 2 million Jews in the Reinhardt camps is rubbish. All of the "witnesses" from GERSTEIN on lied about the most obvious kind of evidence for Except for such bad evidence, there is next to nothing to support those claims. C

Click the image left for an enlarged view.

POISON GAS from Wood Chips--the Nazi Alternative Fuel

Throughout the war, Germany actually used carbon monoxide as an alternative fuel. All of the holocaust gassing claims involving diesel engine exhaust, or even gasoline exhaust, are inherently absurd for that reason. As today's fuel prices rise, can anyone imagine using poison gas to drive their car or truck? Well, in World War 2 the Germans did precisely that–and so did the people of many other countries, even long after the war.

producer gas is poison gas

Wartime German-occupied Europe was desperately short of liquid fuels which had to be conserved for military combat vehicles. To deal with this genuine fuel crisis, most civilian vehicles used neither gasoline nor diesel fuel; they used a substance called “producer gas” instead. The producer gas was made in generators mounted on the vehicles themselves, generally near the rear. Solid materials such as wood, coke, or coal were burned in the generators with a restricted supply of air to yield the producer gas, called Holzgas (wood-gas, literally) in German.This gas was then drawn into modified diesel (compression ignition) or gasoline (spark ignition) type engines at the fronts of the vehicles by engine vacuum. The principal ingredient of the gas was carbon monoxide, 18% to 35%, which burned extremely well–but, the fuel was also extremely toxic. The usefulness of the producer gas as a fuel increased with the concentration of CO–which also increased the toxicity. That gas would have been ideal for mass murder if the Nazis had ever intended to gas anyone. The gas could have simply been called “poison gas,” which it certainly was, but that would have also caused panic among the general public. Nonetheless, everyone involved with its use, either directly or indirectly, had to know for their own survival and safety that it was extremely poisonous and even explosive.

See the Holzgas Generator image.

The most shocking feature of this technology was that it was used throughout German-occupied Europe to drive more than 500,000 motor vehicles. It was practically everywhere. Every auto or truck repair shop anywhere in German-occupied Europe repaired or worked on these poison gas generating vehicles at some time or other. In addition, all drivers of these vehicles were specially licensed only after rigorous training with a heavy emphasis on safety. They were all required by law to know that this fuel contained as much as 35% carbon monoxide and that already as little as 0.1% carbon monoxide was enough to kill –albeit only in about ten hours. They all, including loading and supervisory personnel, needed to know this for their own safety and that of the people around them–and even keep written reminders (the Safety Guidelines) in the glove compartments of all of these vehicles. And yet, nowhere have any Nazis ever been even accused of employing this superb and readily available, deadly gas to kill even one person. How ironic to say the least.

Producer gas is the key to unraveling the hoax—especially regarding the so-called “gas vans” many of which were supposedly built by the Swiss-Austro-German truck manufacturer “Saurer.” “Saurer” built what were arguably the best producer gas trucks (Holzgaswagen) in the entire world. The fuel generated on such vehicles in the Imbert gas generators would have been ideal for mass murder. On the other hand, the engine exhaust from the diesel engines on the Saurer vehicles would have been practically harmless. Saurer diesel engines were possibly the most efficient and cleanest burning of that era, and decades later, became the basis for the phenomenal Volkswagen and Audi TDI diesel engines (bowl-in-piston) of today. Of course, after the war, if anyone had stepped forward to explain just how thoroughly stupid the diesel-exhaust gassing claims were because of the alternative poison gas–they would have merely put their own neck in the noose. And so, the insane claim that diesel exhaust was used to murder millions persists to this day.


There is a fraudulent connection to Saurer, however, in the stories of the “gas vans” that were allegedly used in Russia to kill prisoners. The forged document is an infamous letter from Becker to Walter Rauff (an unsigned carbon copy only) which describes a “Sauer” vehicle parked with prisoners in the van. The exhaust from the engine (diesel most likely) was then supposedly directed into the van to kill the prisoners. The simple fact is that the fuel for any Saurer producer gas vehicle would have been vastly more toxic. For more about the gas van hoax, see the work of INGRID WECKERT.

Holocaust historians such as RAUL HILBERG repeatedly claimed that the “killing centers worked quickly and efficiently” on an “assembly line basis” resembling the “complex mass-production methods of a modern [industrial] plant.” But producer gas is never implicated or even mentioned by any of the holocaust historians. Surely, if the diesel gassing claims persist, one should also condemn the Nazis and Germans for being the most clumsy and inefficient mass murderers in the entire history of the world.

Even the smallest automotive distributors, and dealers, and repair shops were intensely involved in the maintenance, alteration, and retrofitting of existing vehicles with producer gas technology. A truck pulls into a small auto repair shop somewhere in Poland and the driver complains that his truck (Gaswagen) is just not performing right—not enough power. Well, let's see—the generator may be leaking, or the flapper valves may have been knocked out of shape, or the blower may have a burned-out motor, or there may be bullet holes from strafing by a low-flying enemy airplane or from artillery fragments. Would any repair shop turn the driver away and insist that they only repaired vehicles that still operated with liquid fuels—and NOT producer gas? Of course, not.

The abundance of producer gas and its intense development by every part of the German automotive industry from major vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen–including even German subsidiaries of Ford, General Motors and International Harvesters, down to the smallest repair shops anywhere in German-occupied Europe–are all facts which thoroughly undermine the holocaust gassing claims. The intense development of this poison-gas technology is clearly spelled in the German automotive literature throughout the war; one has merely to look at almost any issue of ATZ Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift from the war to see many articles and advertisements showing the latest developments in this real poison-gas technology. However, since there is NO connection to holocaust gassings, the postwar pseudo-historians have never bothered to even look at that literature. It undermines everything!

The “Eyewitnesses” Lied

All of the self-proclaimed “eyewitnesses” to the alleged mass gassings are, in fact, easily exposed as liars. And there are many new fraudulent “eyewitness” accounts as well. If one reads a dozen accounts even for the same location, one almost inevitably finds a dozen totally different stories except for, perhaps, one or two details. There is hardly any consistency among the eyewitnesses and yet, judges have consistently juggled the evidence–a bit of one story here, added to a bit of another story there–to make the most damning judgements as to what supposedly happened. The historians, most notably RAUL HILBERG, did exactly that. They cherry-picked the evidence; they ignored and even suppressed what was obvious lunacy, and retained whatever might be believed. Prosecutors and defense lawyers are entitled to do such “cherry picking” in order to prod witnesses during a trial–but historians have no such excuse. They have time to reflect and do rigorous research free of the constraints that are inevitable in all legal trials.

The Man behind the diesel hoaxSS disinfection officer and Obersturmführer KURT GERSTEIN is still a major prop for the Holocaust myth–and yet, all of his statements are generally ridiculous. HILBERG had cherry-picked the so-called “Gerstein Statement.” as he actually explained when he was on the witness stand at the trial of Ernst Zuendel in Toronto, Canada in 1988. HILBERG's use of KURT GERSTEIN is a prime example of the shoddiest scholarship imaginable–but GERSTEIN was, and still remains, the best reference HILBERG has.

The focus of GERSTEIN's “statements” was on diesel exhaust for mass murder in Belzec and Treblinka. Although he wrote about personally delivering Zyklon-B to some of the camps, he gave no specific information about Zyklon-B gassings even though that would have been the logical focus for his expertise. As a German disinfection officer he would have been extremely familiar with the widespread German use of Zyklon-B to save millions of lives especially in the east where typhus raged throughout the war and for years after the war as well..

The statements of Dr. Prof. WILHELM PFANNENSTIEL, a world-renowned professor of hygiene, in numerous post-war court appearances are incredible also. Only the smallest portion of his testimony ever appears anywhere. The statements of second-string “eyewitnesses” such as FILIP MÜLLER (Eyewitness Auschwitz: Three Years in the Gas Chambers) or RUDOLF VRBA are even worse than that of GERSTEIN. In his most famous book Night, ELIE WIESEL neglected to even mention gas chambers anywhere in his boo



k. According to Wiesel, the Nazis committed mass murder of the Jews by simply marching the victims directly into flaming pits–in other words, there was no need for gas chambers.

Pro-Nazi Collaboration by Elie Wiesel and hundreds of thousands of Jews

Elie is upset with this website!Although ELIE WIESEL is today the poster-boy of the “Holocaust,” he clearly “chose” to collaborate with the Nazis in January 1945 rather than be “liberated” by Soviet troops advancing on Auschwitz. Although he has become a kind of rock star at Davos economics conferences with his “moral voice,” even singing Sholom Aleichem in Yiddish, he never attends the, now annual, Auschwitz liberation celebrations in Auschwitz in January. The fees are not as good, perhaps?

New evidence has emerged, however, that Elie was not even at Auschwitz, ever, and that Elie Wiesel had simply assumed the identity of a much older relative who had been there. A recent essay by Carlo Mattogno presents new evidence casting the most serious doubts about everything Wiesel has ever claimed about his experiences at Auschwitz and even Buchenwald.

According to Night, it was in January 1945, just before the first Auschwitz “liberation” event, that both Elie and his dad trekked west with the Nazis in a terrible winter on foot by their own choice and assisted the Nazis during the last months of the war. They had both, just as many tens of thousands of other Jews, chosen in effect to c-o-l-l-a-b-o-r-a-t-e with the Nazis and work (no free ride waiting in a Gasthaus) to defend the Reich. Some of Wiesel's exact words in Night, paperback edition (Bantam Books, 1960) page 78 are:

The choice was in our hands. For once we could decide our fate for ourselves. We could both stay in the hospital, where I could, thanks to my doctor, get him [the father] entered as a patient or nurse. Or else we could follow the others. ‘Well, what shall we do, father?’ He was silent. ‘Let's be evacuated with the others,’ I told him.

Elie's tale in this regard is corroborated by other “survivor” accounts including that of PRIMO LEVI. In Levi's book Survival in Auschwitz, we have his words for January 17th, 1945:

It was not a question of reasoning: I would probably also have followed the instinct of the flock if I had not felt so weak: fear is supremely contagious, and its immediate reaction is to make one try to run away.

The Jews on “Schindler's List,” just thirty miles to the east of Auschwitz, also chose to collaborate and went west eagerly also rather than hang back, or hide, or go east to be “liberated” by the Soviets. Their last months of the war were spent in what is now the Czech Republic making ammunition (all supposedly “defective and useless” by their postwar accounts) for the Nazis until they were “liberated” by Soviet troops in May of 1945. Of course, they could have been “liberated” six months earlier and put to work making ammunition for the Allies–but they had all chosen to collaborate with the Nazis instead.

The vast majority of the people who entered Auschwitz “survived” because there was absolutely NO extermination program. No one had even tried to kill them. Clearly, the Nazis could NOT possibly have been mass murderers as many of those same Jews alleged, WIESEL especially, after the war.

Let's escape to German territory!If OSKAR SCHINDLER had really been a clever savior of his Jewish workers, he could have simply found any number of places for his favorite 1,000 Jews (the chosen among the chosen) to hide from the SS for a few days until Soviet troops arrived and “liberated” them all. But he and they chose instead to flee west with the Nazis and SS, even going to or past Auschwitz just thirty miles to the west from Krakow and Plaszow. In effect, they ALL chose to collaborate instead of be “liberated” by Soviet troops who were so near. “Liberation” is what supposedly happened, after all, to the Jews who were NOT on Schindler's List. Is there any doubt about that? And those “liberated” Jews did not have to fear Auschwitz or any other horrors at the hands of the Nazis once they were “liberated” by the Soviets—right!!

We also learn from Israeli holocaust historian professor Israel Gutman that Jewish prisoners actually joined the march voluntarily. Here is testimony taken from Gutman’s book as given by Gilad Atzmon: ‘One of my friends and relatives in the camp came to me on the night of the evacuation and offered a common hiding place somewhere on the way from the camp to the factory. …The intention was to leave the camp with one of the convoys and to escape near the gate, using the darkness we thought to go a little far from the camp. The temptation was very strong. And yet, after I considered it all I then decided to join (the march) with all the other inmates and to share their fate’ from Israel Gutman [editor], People and Ashes: Book Auschwitz - Birkenau, (Merhavia 1957) page 168. In commenting about this passage from Gutman, Gilad Atzmon has said: “I am left puzzled here, if the Nazis ran a death factory in Auschwitz-Birkenau, why would the Jewish prisoners join them at the end of the war? Why didn’t the Jews wait for their Red liberators?

Isn't it rather obvious that no one in his right mind wanted to be “liberated” by the Soviets. That is just one dirty little secret that is buried in the Jewish holocaust fables. Compared to the Soviets (America's greatest allies), even the Nazis and the SS from Auschwitz (the worst of the worst?) were preferred by the “survivors” of the mass extermination of more than a million Jews. It makes no sense at all, especially when one realizes how many Soviet leaders and officials were Jews also. Millions of Palestinians fled in terror a-w-a-y from the Israelis (not toward the Israelis!!) after the deliberate murder of merely hundreds, perhaps a few thousands, at Deir Yassin and elsewhere. At Auschwitz, a million Jews had supposedly been murdered by the Nazis practically in front of the eyes of the “survivors.” And yet, those same “survivors” still preferred to endure the hardships of wartime travel in the depth of winter with, and continue to work with and for those very same Nazis—supposedly the greatest murderers of Jews in all of human history. It is unbelievable!

Did those “Auschwitz survivors” think, if they went west with the Nazis, they could at some point simply skedaddle over to the western Allies and offer themselves as witnesses to Nazi barbarism? Did they think the Nazis would really let them escape if they were worried about what these Jewish “survivors” and “eyewitnesses” might have to say? Clearly, what was happening was totally different from the horrible hoax we have been fed since the war. No doubt, the Jews went west with the Nazis because they knew the Nazis would keep them alive as best they could. The greatest danger they faced on their trek west was Allied bombing and strafing—and NOT the Nazis or SS at all.

            The Klaus Zwilsky Scam


A photograph of the happy Holocaust survivor Klaus Zwilsky reminds us that Jews were easy enough to find in Nazi Germany, even throughout the war, and even in Berlin. Smiling Klaus lived in one of the most unique and unusual safe havens in full view of the Gestapo.

Few people realize that the Nazis allowed a Jewish hospital staffed by Jewish medical personnel and Jewish administrators to operate in Berlin -- the heart of the Third Reich -- throughout the entire war. The strange reasons behind this situation are presented in Daniel B. Silver's book Refuge in Hell: How Berlin's Jewish Hospital Outlasted the Nazis.
The book details how the 800 or so Jews lived in the hospital and survived.

"We didn't know at the time," he said, that the Nazis were systematically executing Jews. "You find out all these things afterwards." Yes, folks—a-f-t-e-r the war. During the war itself and living in the very heart of the Nazi state, he never even imagined that there was any kind of extermination program of his fellow Jews. Is that amazing, or what? Soviet troops reaching Berlin in April of 1945 were so surprised to find any Jews alive in the city at all.

Klaus, the son of the hospital's pharmacist and a hospital administrator, lived at the hospital with his parents all through the war. With the collapse of the Third Reich in April 1945, Klaus Zwilsky was finally able to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah -- the first one held in post- war Berlin.
The real reason for why Klaus “survived“ is that the Nazis never tried to kill him in the first place; they clearly wanted him and the 800 others Jews to survive. But not to worry, Zwilsky's status as a “survivor” was never challenged and he spent the next five decades as a bona fide survivor with all the rewards from German taxpayers that go with such status. Is the Shoah a fantastic business, or what?

ZYKLON-B: the misunderstood Lifesaver of Millions

Colored Smoke expert RUDOLF VRBA achieved fame for his part in writing the famous VRBA–WETZLER Report of April 1944 on the basis of which many holocaust fanatics insist America should have bombed the tracks leading to the gas chambers of Auschwitz. One book which promotes this bit of lunacy is The Bombing of Auschwitz edited by NEUFELD and BERENBAUM, 2000. That book contains some of VRBA's claims on pages 242-248. According to VRBA and WETZLER, see page 244: “After three minutes everyone in the chamber is dead.” That never happened.

Anyone with any expertise on the subject, and there were many experienced experts in the US where gas executions were already quite common at that time, could have explained that gassings of the sort imagined by VRBA and others with Zyklon-B would have taken far, far longer than three minutes. At least two of the last eleven gas chamber executions in the US over the last thirty years (Walter La Grand, 1999, Florence AZ, Ricky Sanderson, 1998, Raleigh, NC) took 18 minutes to kill their victims in well-designed, cyanide gas chambers with a rapid and highly concentrated release of cyanide gas. It took 17 minutes to kill David Lawson, 1994, Raleigh NC. 

Zyklon-B  by contrast releases its cyanide so slowly that more than half-an-hour is needed for most of the cyanide to escape the granules–and then in addition, far more time (four hours–see below left) is also needed for the cyanide to disperse by convection throughout any gas chamber not equipped with circulation or Kreislauf. In addition, it takes about 2-1/2 hours for nearly all of the cyanide to escape from Zyklon-B at room temperature once a can has been emptied. That should give everyone a good general idea as to how slowly cyanide escapes from Zyklon-B–especially when compared with the pot method which releases nearly all of its cyanide within about five minutes, probably a lot less. After just three minutes (the alleged Nazi mass execution time), the escape of cyanide from the Zyklon-B has barely even begun; the vast bulk of the cyanide is still escaping regardless of how large, or small, the initial dosage of Zyklon-B granules was. Merely opening the doors after three minutes, or even 30 minutes, even with a fan running during venting will not provide good ventilation of the corpses at all since more cyanide is still escaping the granules. Unless the ventilation of the corpse-filled room continues for at least 2-1/2 hours, anyone entering the chamber without a gas mask during that time will succumb to the cyanide that is still coming out of the Zyklon-B granules.

Since there was no real “evidence” (such as autopsies or functioning gas chambers) to support the charges, the Allies did the next best thing which was to follow an old police rule which is: “if you have no evidence, try to get a confession.” The real basis of the “testimonials” cited again and again is the willful lying of self-described, Jewish “eyewitnesses” and lying on the part of some Germans under torture to either save their own lives or minimize the suffering of colleagues and family members. RUDOLF HOESS. for example, had to fear that his wife and children who had lived with him at Auschwitz would be tortured as well. The purpose of the Nuremberg trials was to perpetuate the racist propaganda against the German people forever using all the hype and hooplah possible. But even with all the sanctity of elaborate legal proceedings, with lawyers, stenographers, movie cameras, and CBS journalists in the court room–they could NOT make the nonsensical testimony any less nonsensical. The courts and torturers of the Grand Inquisitors of the middle ages could not actually make the sun go around the earth–even if everyone on earth had been persuaded to “testify” under oath that it did.  The Allied courts in Nuremberg or in Guantanomo today are no better. Throwing revisonists in jail in Germany or anywhere merely shows, ultimately, how thoroughly depraved the hoaxers truly are and that the race war against the German people continues to this day, albeit by less violent means.

VRBA and WETZLER had obviously lied about the most important feature of their atrocity tale. Even if the intended victims had been assisting the fiendish nazis by taking deep breaths of the cyanide vapors, the execution times would have been far longer because of the slow rates with which cyanide leaves Zyklon-B granules unless it is actually forced out of the granules by warm air. That forcing process (forced circulation or Kreislauf) was common in gas chambers for delousing clothing, even in Birkenau's delousing stations only a hundred yards from the crematoria—but, strange as it may seem, it has never even been alleged that such logical methods were ever used for homicidal gassings of thousands of Jews daily in Birkenau, or anywhere else. Nothing even remotely close to what would have been needed has even been suggested in any of the Holocaust gassing stories. Without the gassing angle, the rest of the Holocaust legend, even if it were all true, has no “uniqueness.”

click for enlarged view and much more

Zyklon-B was widely used to fumigate clothing and countless other items which might harbor lice–which were the usual carrier of typhus to humans. Zyklon-B gas chambers were widely used in German POW camps, and transit camps, and labor camps only to keep people alive. The Auschwitz camp was so huge that it served all three purposes.

The infamous “Vergasungskeller

A single letter from SS-Hauptsturmführer BISCHOFF dated January 29, 1943 contains the word “Vergasungskeller” and is to this day the strongest evidence for the mass extermination hoax with cyanide (see Pressac page 211 [link] ). The word has several possible translations, the most literal being a “cellar where gas is released, or generated.” It has been given the most sinister meaning possible by the exterminationists who insist that it must have been a place where people were gassed to death. But, the word is actually explained by a related letter, also from Bischoff, dated December 18, 1942 (see Pressac page 210 [link]) in which the very first sentence says: Im Monat Dezember musste wegen Entlausung und Entwesung die Arbeit an mehreren Tagen ruhen.. (During the month of December work had to be stopped for several days because of delousing and disinfestation.) It is clear enough that the fumigations were occurring somewhere within the building–or else, why would there have been any need to stop work? The work was actually stopped for days (Pressac actually mistranslated the text) and delayed completion of this urgently needed crematorium. The surrender of five million Soviet soldiers to the Germans by this time would have been a major reason for completing these Kremas as quickly as possible. But obviously, the need for “delousing and disinfestation” was even greater.

Some historians using the shabby logic of HILBERG will, no doubt, continue to insist that the words “delousing and disinfestation” were merely euphemisms for mass murder–but even Pressac insists (see Pressac page 227 [link]) that the first homicidal gassing occurred on March 14, 1943. This was just a day after the crematorium was finished–but nearly three months after life-saving fumigations had been carried out in the incomplete structure over several days. In other words, rather than being a place off mass murder, the Vergasungskeller was actually used to keep people alive. These are just some examples of how life-saving activities–shaving of hair and showering are other examples–have been turned upside down and made to appear as “evidence” of mass murder, in other words, the extreme opposite of their true function. The hoaxers have nothing better. Out of necessity, the underground mortuary rooms also served whatever other purposes seemed most important–from simple storage, or as workrooms, and even as gas-tight bombhelters (with the legally-required peepholes in their doors) and with hand-operated ventilators.

Cremation and Incineration in Kremas 2 and 3 with POISON GAS from Coke

Cremation and crematoria are mis-used to explain the fact that there simply is no forensic medical or scientific evidence (like autopsies) of any gassings. Supposedly, all of the physical evidence went up in smoke. How convenient for those who might otherwise be pressed for real evidence for their paranoid fantasy. Many thousands of dead bodies (from other causes, primarily disease) were found in the camps at the end of the war, but all of the “gassing” victims had been vaporized. supposedly.

Urns in BuchenwaldWhere one should expect huge crematory ovens, or incinerators to dispose of enormous numbers of bodies, with co-mingling of the remains and fuel ash–one finds instead, small crematory ovens designed to burn only one body at a time consistent with ordinary cremations as practiced around the world. Click image to the left for an enlarged view. The remains from corpses were put into individual urns and returned to family members. In other words, there was nothing at all like the “assembly-line killing and/or disposal of bodies” that has been alleged. To appreciate the disaster that Germany and much of Europe, especially eastern Europe, were dealing with—one should read Earth-Burial and Cremation about disease and the necessity for cremation in nineteenth century America.

Urns from NatzweilerCremation only makes sense if one intends to return a portion of the actual ashes of a corpse to the true family members; otherwise, cremation makes no sense at all. Cremation is distinguished from incineration by the fact that cremation, in the West, allows recovery of the deceased person's ashes free of the ashes from other corpses or of the fuel. The clean ash that results is totally worthless compared to the far greater costs of the coal, or coke, needed to produce it. The claim that the Nazis made fertilizer from the bones is a bad joke indeed. Crematory ovens are specially designed to allow recovery of ashes from one corpse at a time free of any other ash, either from the coal or coke used as fuel or from another corpse. Such a careful recovery of ashes only makes sense if one intends to return something from the deceased to the family. In other words, the purpose of cremation is to preserve, at least some, evidence. Click image to the right for an enlarged view. If one intended to merely destroy evidence of mass murder, incineration as is commonly practiced for garbage disposal would be many times quicker and more efficient in every respect, especially in terms of the amounts of fuel consumed. One could still gather enough ashes to fill urns and deceive family members but, oddly enough, it has never been claimed in any of the Holocaust literature that garbage incinerators were ever used for anything but garbage. Even the incinerators within Kremas 2 and 3 in Birkenau have never been implicated. The startling fact is that by practicing cremation the Nazis and the SS went to considerable lengths and expense to treat the dead with genuine respect even when many of the dead were Jews. See also Documents F1 and F2 in Pressac, page 133.

A new perspective on the problems of mass incinerations come from the foot-and- mouth epidemic in the UK in 2001. Countless articles with pictures and videos help show the magnitude of what anything like the alleged holocaust mass exterminations would have entailed. At least one video is helpful for showing the enormous clouds of smoke generated by the fires.

foot-and-mouth ipyre 2001

Click the image left for an enlarged view. The following quote describes the technique for a cattle and pig incineration in 1967:

The pyre

A trench 250 yards long was dug and lined with straw. Wooden railway sleepers were then laid across the straw followed by cows with pigs placed in between. This whole site was then covered with 2 feet of straw, sprayed with 600 gallons of diesel and lit. The fire lit the day and night sky for 2 days and at the end only ash remained.

If all one wanted to do was save space and avoid burial, garbage incinerators or lime kilns or brick kilns would have been the logical choice—NOT crematory ovens. The garbage incinerators within Kremas 2 and 3 or even larger incinerators specially built for that purpose certainly could have done the job and far more efficiently in terms of labor, equipment cost and cost of fuel. The crematory ovens from Topf & Sons at Birkenau could only cremate one normal-sized body at a time. The reasons are fairly simple. If one puts more than one normal-sized corpse into a standard crematory oven, one is likely to make contact between a corpse and the firebrick. This must be strictly avoided because of uneven heating of the firebrick and subsequent exfoliation and rapid deterioration of the expensive, refractory fire brick. The essential difference between garbage incinerators and crematory ovens is that a garbage incinerator allows co-mingling of fly ash from the fuel with the garbage residue whereas a crematory applies the external heat indirectly to keep the cremains as pure as possible. A garbage incinerator can have the coal fire directly below the grating that supports the garbage as it burns. At the end of the process, the coal ash and the garbage ashes are all mixed together. That would have been intolerable for human cremation. But, if one were engaged in mass murder, why would anyone care?

Some of the drawings from Pressac which clearly show the location of the garbage incinerator are:

 page 277 http://www.holocaust-hist...ration/pressac0277.shtml

 page 278 http://www.holocaust-hist...ration/pressac0278.shtml

 page 281 http://www.holocaust-hist...ration/pressac0281.shtml

 page 283 http://www.holocaust-hist...ration/pressac0283.shtml

 The drawings also show that there are no doorways to allow easy movement of personnel or corpses from the crematory oven area to the garbage incinerating area--except by leaving the building.  Such doorways would be rather natural to allow personnel to move to all parts of a building without first leaving the building--but, here such passage has been deliberately obstructed.  No doubt, the designers did not want any corpses to be treated as garbage, ever--an understated but clear sign of the respect with which corpses were treated, even if some of them were Jews.

From page 488 of Pressac we have the following testimony by Henryk Tauber about the Muellverbrennungsofen, garbage incinerator ovens, and how they were separated from the rest of the Krema buildings:

A prisoner mechanic worked on their maintenance. Facing the entrance gate to the crematorium grounds, in the center of the building, was a wing [27] in which rubbish was burnt in an incinerator [U]. It was called “Muellverbrennung[sofen]” (waste incinerator). It was separate, reached by going down a stairway [28, still visible in the ruins]. It was surrounded by an iron platform and was coal fired. The entrance [27a] to the waste incinerator wing faced the crematorium access gate. [The facade of] this wing had, in addition to its entrance door with a transom window over it, two windows, one on the right [27b] and one on the left [27c] of the entrance, In the left corner of the entrance, there was an opening [27d] through which, from a walled-off area on the outside [29], the objects to be burned were passed inside. The incineration hearth [or hearths?] [M] for these things was [/were?] to the left of the entrance and the firebox [G] on the right. I would point out that it was in this particular furnace that the documents of the Political Section of the camp were always burned. From time to time, the SS would bring whole truckloads of papers, documents and files that had to he burned under their control. During the incineration of these papers, I noticed great stacks of records of dead people and death notices ["Totenmeldung"]. We were not able to take any of these documents because we were operating under the close and direct surveillance of the SS. Behind the waste incinerator, at the end of the wing, was a chimney for all the cremation furnaces and the incinerator. At first, there were around this chimney three electric motors used for the draught [“Saugzuganlage / suction type] forced draught installation” ]. Because of the heat given off and the proximity of the incinerator, these motors often broke down. There was even a fire on one occasion. Because of these problems, they were later removed and the [underfloor] smoke flues of the cremation furnaces were connected directly to the chimney. A door [27e] allowed passage between the waste incinerator wing and the part where the chimney was. This part being slightly higher, it was reached by a few steps [28]. After the motors were removed some wash basins for the Sonderkommando were installed next to the chimney [30] [Dr Miklos Nyiszli speaks of “a beautiful ten-man shower made of gleaming tile” (page 60), which was certainly supplied with water heated by the incinerator], and in the other part on the opposite side looking towards the undressing room. there was a room [31] where Obercapo [chief Capo] August sometimes slept.

A Bauleitung drawing (see enlarged view below) shows the locations of the corresponding doorways and other features as indicated by the reference numbers given in the quoted test.  Any mention of human bodies being burned there is remarkable for its total absence--not only in the text above but also in the wildest anecdotes of Henryk Tauber or any other self-described "eyewitnesses."  The Nazis did not do that sort of thing and clearly built the garbage disposal area to make that as inconvenient as possible.   There was NO co-mingling of human remains with garbage, even when some of the human remains were from Jews. The Nazis really were the Good Guys!

Enlareged View of Garbage Incinerator Room

Note that room 30 (with "wash basins for the Sonderkommando") and room 31 ("where Obercapo [chief Capo] August sometimes slept") were separated from the waste incinerator by a solid partition wall without any doorways.

John C. Zimmerman and others have tried to overcome the severe technical limitations of crematory ovens by claiming the Nazis used open air burnings to dispose of an unlimited number of corpses.  No doubt, there were some open air burnings but there were also other alternatives such as garbage incinerator ovens (Müllverbrennungsofen) which have never, ever been implicated anywhere.  Both Krema 2 and 3 at Birkenau had such garbage incinerator ovens within the very same buildings--but they have never been implicated, ever.  Why? Excess corpses could have simply been brought from the crematory oven room through a doorway to the incinerator--but according to the building drawings, there was no interior doorway. Why? But in addition, the Nazis could have built or used BIG OVENS to begin with such as brick kilns or lime kilns.  As soon as one is no longer concerned about co-mingling of cremains, even with fuel ash, the technical problems become simple by comparison.  When they rebuilt the three-muffle ovens with new refractory brick, they could have been thoroughly rebuilt to burn far, far more corpses albeit with lots of co-mingling.  Also, if one no longer cares about producing esthetically pleasing white ash, one can get away from expensive coke as a fuel and use ordinary coal or even wood as a fuel.  But the Nazis used coke in the Kremas--go figure!

For a healthy dose of reality regarding cremation possibilities and absurdities, the following videos from Ernst ZUENDEL are excellent:

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDUYVO1cIC0&feature=related

Part 2:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6454kBb7QBk&feature=related

Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHzaz0mK3Ms&feature=related

Refractory brick as shown by Lagace in Part 1 is actually rather s-o-f-t and can even be cut with an ordinary saw quite easily.  Such brick is however extremely expensive ($60 per brick versus $1 for ordinary brick) in order to withstand the temperatures with its aluminum oxide and yet, it is also rather delicate--all the more reason to heat Krema muffles carefully, and slowly, and evenly--and to cool them carefully, and slowly, and evenly as well.

These videos convey the technical information extremely well, and quickly.  For all his commendable research and vast scholarship, Carlo Mattogno has not provided anything more persuasive than these videos.  Ernst Zuendel deserves enormous credit also for what he put together. A crematorium in Japan excused itself recently after the big earthquake by saying that it could only cremate 18 corpses per day to which some exterminationists suggested they must have had only muffle in their crematorium. The testimony in the Zuendel videos suggests they must have two muffles, at the very least.

During cremation there are essentially three stages. In the first stage, the corpse temperature is raised to the boiling point of water and all moisture is removed. In the second stage the corpse temperature is raised to the temperature at which the dried corpse self-ignites. Finally, the corpse consumes itself from its own fuel. During this last stage, the highest temperatures are reached which consume the bones as well. (The bones are almost totally consumed the exceptions are generally the hip, skull and teeth.) If at this time the corpse is in direct contact with the firebrick, the uneven heating of some of the bricks will cause them to crack.

A great deal of effort has been directed at determining the actual amounts of coal, or coke, or wood one would need to cremate a body. The margin of error for any such calculations has to be enormous when one recognizes that the degree to which a body is cremated can vary enormously depending on one's objective. If one merely wants to sterilize the remains so that whatever is recovered afterward is no public health danger to the water supply, then the amounts of fuel needed can be rather small. If one wants to generate at least enough white powder to fill an urn for the benefit and comfort of berieved family members, the amounts of fuel and the cremation temperatures must be greater. If on the other hand, one wants to totally destroy all trace of the body including the bones, the amounts of fuel will be greatest of all—even when larger bone fragments are pulverized as well. A hard and fast number based even on body weight is simply impossible. It would seem that if the Nazis and SS were simply trying to cremate as many corpses as possible to protect the water supply, there should be many large bone fragments available somewhere, still today.

One can check out the following: link from Wikepedia from which the following quote is taken:

Modern cremators have adjustable control systems that monitor the furnace during cremation. These systems automatically monitor the interior to tell when the cremation process is complete, after which the furnace shuts down automatically. The time required for cremation thus varies from body to body, and in modern furnaces may be as fast as one hour per 45 kilograms (99 lb) of body weight. [In other words, a 150 lb corpse needs 1-1/2 hours, and a 200 lb corpse needs 2 hours]

A cremation furnace is not designed to cremate more than one body at a time, something that is illegal in many countries, including the U.S. Exceptions are sometimes made in extreme cases, such as of a deceased mother and her still-born child or still-born twins, but in these cases the mother and child must be placed in the same cremation container.

See also the following linked essay about Human Cremation Equipment and the advertisement from Cremation Systems Equipment and the cremation times involved.

Something new which is now clear to me.is that the Auschwitz-Birkenau crematory ovens used “producer gas” which in German is known also as Generatorgas. (If the gas was generated from wood it was also called “Holzgas”--meaning “woodgas” in English) And what is Generatorgas?  It is primarily carbon monoxide (at least 18%) with a few percent of hydrogen and methane--see the discussions of producer gas in connection with its use in hundreds of thousands of motor vehicles including Gaswagons or “gas vans,” elsewhere on this website. Most important is the fact that it is also highly toxic. If that gas were cooled, as it was in hundreds of thousands of wartime trucks, and where it was used as fuel--it would also have been an ideal gas for mass murder.

Carlo Mattogno has over many years written many excellent essays and books about the crematoria in Germany's concentration camps. See, for example, "The Crematoria Ovens of Auschwitz and Birkenau" which he wrote in collaboration with Franco Deana. Where the term “coke-fired gas generator” often appears, one should also read: “coke-fired POISON GAS generator.” Mattogno and many others (including myself until recently) have totally failed to recognize this enormously important fact as best as I can tell. This simple fact makes the extermination claims even more absurd and unbelievable than they already are. The gas from the coke-fired gas generator could have been directed into the alleged gas chambers where it would have, because of the high CO content, killed any number of victims quickly and easily. The high temperature of the gas could have been reduced easily enough just as in hundreds of thousands of trucks and motor vehicles—or the temperature could have also pre-cooked the victims as well. That would have been a kind of industrial assembly-line efficiency that would have made even the most demented Nazi-fiend proud if one believes crackpot scholars like Daniel Goldhagen—but, it never happened, and it has never even been alleged.

The reason there was little to no fly ash to contaminate the cremains of corpses was that the AB crematory ovens used "coke" and NOT coal.  The producer gas generated from the coke was relatively clean, perhaps very clean.  The corpses were heated "indirectly" in the good old days, before WW2--but as time went on and the technology improved, they were able to use the "producer gas" directly just as many more modern ovens use natural gas directly.  With a clean-burning gas as fuel--natural gas, or producer gas from coke--there simply is little fly ash, if any at all, to being with. 

If the fiendish Nazis did not care about contamination, they could have used ordinary coal as fuel and saved themselves lots and lots of money.  They could have heated the corpses directly over burning beds of coal, and very efficiently. The fact the Nazis did use coke--and off to the side--shows once again that they they really did care about the esthetic sensibilities of their supposed victims' families. 

Much has been made by exterminationists of an infamous letter from SS-Hauptsturmführer BISCHOFF dated January 29, 1943 in which the term “Vergasungskeller” appears. We can now understand perfectly what that really means and it is NOT sinister at all. It simply meant the long underground room from which coke was fed into the generators of the five crematory ovens and the garbage incinerator oven. It could have been used to store some corpses in a pinch as well before the Kremas were actually completed in early 1943—so what!

Some Conclusions about the HOAX

It is error only, and not truth, that shrinks from inquiry.Thomas Paine

The holocaust hoax is anti-German racism gone wild; it is a form of collective lunacy, even a new kind of religion. The alleged gassings never happened. The myth is based on the widely held delusion, promoted in the US by the government itself, that gas executions are technically simple, quick and even relatively painless. During and after WW2, routine life-saving German measures using cyanide gas and Zyklon-B to keep people alive were deliberately misrepresented as devices for mass extermination. Actual mass murders committed by the Allies have been blamed on the Germans.

Supposedly, the Nazis used a vast network of camps and facilities as well as elaborate legal ruses to exterminate millions of Jews while at the same time never producing even a single document anywhere discussing homicidal gassings; their deliberate, euphemistic doubletalk was so highly perfected because they, supposedly, knew that it could all be used against them someday. And yet, when the war was over, many of the very same arch criminals at the heart of the mass exterminations and the elaborate coverup were supposedly “freely” and “voluntarily” admitting to direct involvement in murdering millions. How can anyone be so stupid and naive as to believe any of that?

Today, Germany is ruled by criminals. The German people deserve the same human rights as everyone else–including the right to dispute all holocaust-related claims regardless of who might be offended, even if they are Jews. The continuing imprisonment and censorship of revisionists are crimes against humanity. All of Germany's political leaders today deserve to be severely punished for their bigotry and crimes against their own people.

A variety of foul lawyers' tactics are used to rationalize censorship including the argument that holocaust revisionists can not possibly believe what they say and, therefore, the suppression of their statements does not truly amount to suppression of dissent. This is a perverse and obscene line of false argument. No one has the moral right or even legal right to imprison anyone, even in a mental hospital—for expressing doubt or disbelief in the holocaust. ANY such imprisonment is a violation of the basic human rights under the UN Charter Article 19 which has been signed by most of the countries of the world, including the very same countries which now imprison holocaust revisionists. Countries, people, or courts that imprison people for holocaust revisionism are criminals themselves and deserve to be severely punished.

Regardless of what happened during WW2—and regardless of what someone thinks revisionists might truly believe, in their opinion—everyone has the right to freely express a contrary view. No one has any moral right or legal right to force people to remain silent except during a time of war or extreme emergency. To argue that one view of history is acceptable while another constitutes “libel” against “victims” (Jews specifically), or whomever, would make almost any investigation into historical issues impossible. That applies to any subject regardless of whether it is 9/11, or the JFK assassination, or the holocaust hoax, or any other subject.. Bigots beware!

Beyond Holocaust Hoax Denial

After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, my parents were nearly imprisoned because of their active opposition to America's increasing involvement in WW2 long before the Japanese attack. My father, a mechanical engineer, was considered useful, however, to America's war effort. When I was born in 1943, it was not in an American concentration camp. As I grew up after the war with a distinctly German name, I was often the target of anti-German prejudice but I took that in stride just as people from many other minorities have also withstood prejudice against them. At least in America, one had freedom of speech, and economic opportunity, and many other advantages that gave one good reason to be thankful to be an American. But, I did not feel “proud to be American.” Just what was it that I, or any American, should have been proud of?

When I began my study of the holocaust extermination claims more than thirty years ago, my purpose was merely to unravel the anti-German claims about homicidal gas chambers. I had been turned on to the subject very suddenly in 1974 by a 28-page pamphlet entitled: Did Six Million Really Die? I was intrigued by the bizarre claim that the Nazis had supposedly used diesel exhaust for mass murder in Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor. As an experienced engineer with a degree in mining engineering and with many field trips to underground mines, it was obvious to me that the diesel exhaust theory was far too wacky to have any merit—but, my explanations became rather complex technically and, over many intervening years, I have, no doubt, bored many audiences and readers. The widespread use of poison gas or Holzgas as an alternative fuel throughout German-occupied Europe was additional graphic proof that the diesel exhaust murder accusation was too absurd to be believed, indefinitely. It also became clear, albeit very gradually, that all the other gassing claims are purest rubbish also. There was a wilful misuse of real humane German measures to keep POW's and Jews alive and to portray those lifesaving measures as part of an extermination program instead.. It is also clear now that the western Allies, especially the Americans, are in fact guilty of far more horrendous, real crimes against the Germans, Japanese, Koreans and Vietnamese. Those real American war crimes are far worse than anything the Nazis were ever accused of committing. But there is no sense of shame for those real, cowardly, despicable American atrocities. On the contrary, Americans salute their flag and pledge allegiance as if they never did anything wrong to anyone. They really are criminally insane.

The deliberate mass murder of totally innocent civilians by incineration is the great Anglo-American contribution to military science. Americans and Brits deliberately r-o-a-s-t-e-d women and children and babies to death by the tens of thousands. If the Nazis had murdered innocent people in gas chambers, such horrific, fictional crimes would have still been humane and even civilized compared to what the US and Britain actually did. The arch war ciminals of all time are, in fact, the Americans and it is they, not the Germans, who should hang their heads in shame forever.

The ultimate genocidal maniacs and exterminationists were, and still are, the Americans. They have nothing to be proud of. They have no reason to feel self-righteous about anything. DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER epitomized the American-Jewish madness and depravity when he expressed well-orchestrated shock and righteous indignation over the handful of bodies (perhaps 20 bodies, cause of death—unknown) that were proudly displayed at Buchenwald for him, and PATTON, and American reporters on April 13, 1945. Had EISENHOWER and his motley crew never seen bodies of civilians murdered in Allied air attacks? Was he really blind to what America and Britain were doing in WW2. What did he think happened when British and American air forces bombed countless German cities, like Dresden two months earlier (see the image below and click to enlarge), Hamburg and Würzburg (one month earlier)? Was Eisenhower oblivious to the fact that Allied generals and leaders like himself, aided and abetted by tens of thousands of “ordinary,” and “good” Americans and Brits had turned entire cities into crematory ovens? Was there ever a greater display of sanctimonious hypocrisy? Were these guys the most thoroughly insane and depraved creatures to ever walk the planet—or what? 9/11 was merely a taste of America's own medicine.

The air war against innocent civilians was begun by the British—NOT by the Germans. It was the British who had begun the deliberate war on civilian targets (with American approval) as early as May 11, 1940 to which the Germans reluctantly responded with their first attack on London only on September 7, 1940 (after five major attacks on Berlin) nearly four months later. It was all supported by an enthusiastic American press led by such journalistic, award-winning “giants” as EDWARD R. MURROW from CBS. CBS was led in turn by its Jewish CEO, WILLIAM F. PALEY.

Dresden -1945Today, the holocaust hoax is the continuation of America's insane, racist war against the German people and the German nation by less violent means. The Morgenthau Plan and the planned extermination of the German people would, no doubt, have actually occurred if Stalin had not frightened the Anglo-American heroes into changing their plans. The Germans were still needed to protect them and western civilization, once again, from communism. Without German troops and military genius, America's performance in Korea and Vietnam was monumentally pathetic.

No doubt, neither Britain nor America would have ever sunk as low as they did if it had not been for the vast power and influence of the most thoroughly racist people on the planet, namely the Jews. The Jews had reduced Germany to ashes just as they had supposedly reduced Jericho and Sodom and Gomorrah with the help of their racist god. At the end of WW2, the Jews found to their utter amazement that among the ashes in Germany, there were also the remains of some Jews—shock, horror, awe—for which the entire whole world must beg forgiveness and chant “Never Again! Although “historians” may not want to become “anti-Semitic” when they begin their studies of WW2, they certainly must ultimately become “anti-Semitic” if they follow the evidence to where it truly leads. Here I use the term “anti-Semitic” in the same way that Jews today use the term, meaning “anti-Jewish.” Truth itself is anti-Semitic.

The complete destruction of Germany had been the Jewish goal long before WW2 even began. “For months now the struggle against Germany is waged by each Jewish community, at each conference, in all our syndicates, and by each Jew all over the world. There is reason to believe that our part in this struggle has general value. We will trigger a spiritual and material war of all the world against Germany's ambitions to become once again a great nation, to recover lost territories and colonies. But our Jewish interests demand the complete destruction of Germany. Collectively and individually, the German nation is a threat to us Jews.” - VLADIMIR JABOTINSKY (founder of the Jewish terrorist group, Irgun Zvai Leumi) in Mascha Rjetsch, January, 1934 (also quoted in “Histoire de l'Armée Allemande” by Jacques Benoist-Mechin, Vol. IV, p. 303). The above quote is only one of many that one can find which show the almost universal jewish obsession for war against Germany—even as early as March of 1933. Is it any wonder that Jews, albeit with many exceptions, were put in German concentration camps and or expelled when the war finally arrived?

The Real Mass Murderers were the Jews themselves

In general, Jews were treated extremely well by the Nazis, and the SS and the Germans; Jews have nothing to complain about. Can anyone in his right mind seriously imagine that the Germans would not have interned the Jews? And, so what? Until the very last months of the war when the Anglo-American terror bombing had its most horrible effects on Germany, there was nothing comparable to the horrible scenes at Bergen-Belsen in March and April, 1945 anywhere, ever. The real mass murderers during WW2 were the Jews themselves. Masses of gentile soldiers did the actual fighting and dying after having been whipped up by the Jews with the vilest lies and propaganda that the human mind can conceive. No lie was too outrageous for their “Good War.” Their whining and scamming since the war is outrageous. No doubt, some Jews were shot in Russia and elsewhere by the Germans, including innocent Jews—but the true numbers are minuscule compared to what is claimed. Since the war was their doing for which they had worked so hard, they have nothing to complain about. They got their dirty war, perhaps good and hard—but if so, so what? In any event, the gassing claims are absolute rubbish.

Ultimately, the Jews condemn themselves—and vindicate the Nazis and Germans for the Final Solution policy to expel Jews from Germany and Europe forever. Today, we are on the verge of putting ground troops into Pakistan, and Yemen. We are moving ever closer to a third World War over Iran—even with thermonuclear weapons possibly in order to make Israel secure and “prevent another holocaust.” That's what it is really all about. Americans should look at themselves and ask: why?

The so-called “Death March” from Auschwitz

According to the holocaust myth : “The death marches were to stop the prisoners appearing in newsreels and recounting their horrific experiences.”

If there were any truth to that statement, why were thousands of Jews and others left in Auschwitz by the retreating Nazis and SS for the Russians to “liberate” and use for their propaganda? The number of such prisoners, including twins, left for the Russians that I have seen recently is “7,000.”

The fact is that the holocaust theory is rubbish. The so-called “death march” was NOT at all to kill the tens of thousands of Jews and others who had all “chosen” to go west. It could only have been a rather humane attempt to help these people avoid the inevitable horrors of the Soviets. No doubt, many deaths occurred along the “march” to the west from the misery of the ordeal–but, the worst killers were the Allied bombers and fighter planes, piloted by depraved cowards, who found it so much safer to murder refugees, even Jews, on the ground in trains or on foot rather than attack armed German soldiers who might shoot back and kill them instead.

But, by their HUMANE measures to bring Jews to the west safely,(for the benefit of Jews who I suspect were at least in some cases still under quarantine against typhus) the Germans and SS inadvertently helped bring about the typhus epidemics in the west in places like Bergen-Belsen during the last chaotic months of the war. It was those horrors and medical catastrophes that are the "real" (but false) basis for most people for the holocaust claims, including the gassing claims. So, by their humanity toward the Jews, the Nazis and SS inadvertently brought about their own vilification. The real mass murderers were the western Allies. The Nazis and the SS were heroes! If they had merely wanted to hide evidence of some alleged “fiendishness,” they could have done that so easily and simply lied about it afterward as the Allies had done throughout the war and continue to do to this very day.

The Jewish portrayal of the evacuation of Auschwitz as a "death march" merely shows, once again, how something that was humane and decent on the part of the Nazis and SS has been turned on its head and portrayed as the complete opposite. This is typical of the Jewish propaganda. Other examples of such gross distortion are the use of Zyklon-B and crematoria, showering and the shaving of body hair--but there so many more examples as well.

The following page http://www.air-photo.com/english/denial.html is from John Ball's Air-Photo Evidence site. Some of the highlights include:

1. U.S. and German top-level government officials talked with each other through Swiss and Irish consuls in 1944 and '45 about the condition of inmates in German-operated camps,

2. In 1944 German officials denied any intention to mass-murder inmates,

3. Germany guaranteed to evacuate inmates ahead of Soviet advance,

4. Former camp inmates confirmed inmates were being safely evacuated.

In addition, there are scans of two letters between the Allies and Germany regarding the disposition of the inmates from Auschwitz-Birkenau. The Nazis really were the "Good Guys."  Get used to it, folks!

If you get away with it, crime pays very well — and American “Success” is the best proof of that

America has been praising itself to the heavens ever since the last Great Depression—and getting away with it, in large part because it won WW2 and looted everything of value from Germany.  That loot from Germany was the basis of America's undeserved success for the next sixty years. Even before the end of the war in Europe on May 8, 1945, the USA had begun the systematic, official LOOTING of everything in Germany that could be of any military, scientific, technical or commercial value using highly trained teams of engineers, scientists, and technicians with photographers and stenographers. The stolen information about German technology—with countless chemical and mathematical formulas, for example—was put into reports which were printed, bound and available to anyone in the US, including corporations, for the minimal cost of the paper and printing of those reports. Many were available for less than a dollar. Britain did essentially the same thing with reports for its citizens. The US reports were called F.I.A.T. reports for “Field Intelligence Agency, Technical.” Others were known as C.I.O.S. (Combined Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee) and B.I.O.S.(British Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee). Major libraries throughout the country, including the Columbia University Engineering School's library which I used, were repositories of entire collections of these reports of looted technology —and open to everyone.

Germany was to be reduced to nothing more than farmland in accordance with the Morgenthau Plan—but not before everything of value was stolen. Many of the details appear in an excellent new book in German by Friedrich Georg, Unternehmen Patentenraub 1945. (Tübingen: Grabert Verlag 2008). An important document in English appears on page 53 describing the so-called “German Documents Conference” (Germans were NOT invited). More than 1600 tons of German documents had to be dealt with somehow at this special conference from October 22-25, 1945. Simply returning the documents to the rightful German owners was out of the question for the victorious criminals. The intent, clearly, was to destroy all documents which were NOT useful to the victors. No doubt, documents exonerating German defendants accused of atrocities would NOT have been useful to the victors either. An American document giving the conclusions of the “German Documents Conference” is still not available. See also John Gimbel.

With the above document, we may have an explanation here for the apparent absence of key documents relating to the so-called “holocaust,” especially to the actual resettlement of Jews in eastern Europe. To avoid the enormous possibilities for corruption and bribery, there would have been meticulous records for the disposal and/or dispersal of Jews, by whatever means—whether that meant “resettlement” or “extermination.” The absence of such record-keeping on the part of German bureaucrats, of all people, is totally inconceivable and contrary to the German national character which loves detailed record-keeping.. A cover-up, if there had been mass extermination, would have surely included a vast paper trail, somewhere, even if only a fraudulent one, to disguise an extermination program.

In the NY Times and Scientific American magazine articles appeared after the war encouraging everyone to buy the F.I.A.T reports and use the information to make products of every sort without fear of patent violation so long as the information was not protected by valid American patents. “Help yourselves folks, and corporations, to what our heroes have just stolen in Germany”— that was the message in essence. Many corporations bought entire sets of the reports and used them for decades. Since Germany was to be reduced to farmland in keeping with the jewish Morgenthau Plan, Germany would have no use for any of that “intellectual property” anyway. The “real” war criminals were, as we should all know by now, the Allies—especially the Americans.

Among the countless ideas S-T-O-L-E-N were the patents and technology for the world's first programmable electronic computers, magnetic tape recording (essential for computers for decades), jet engines, rocket propelled aircraft, the first jet aircraft, swept wing aircraft technology, operational helicopters, guided liquid-fueled missiles of every sort, electron microscopes, semiconductors and the first transistors, many pesticides, synthetic fuels, rubber and motor oils, and fertilizers from coal and even oil shale, gas turbine technology to drive ships and tanks, hydrofoil boats, infra-red night-fighting equipment, birth control pills, and on and on.

The dollar value of all that loot is incalculable but certainly exceeded 10 billion dollars in WW2 dollars based on some known negotiations after the war between the US and the Soviet Union. By contrast, Germany's portion of the Marshall Plan aid was only 1.25 billion dollars whereas Britain and France each received double that amount. What Germany received was barely enough to cover the wristwatches, cameras and other “souvenirs” STOLEN by American GI’s from German POW’s and ordinary civilians. What did America actually invent in the last century and a half, if anything? How many Americans have any idea that even the automobile, the gasoline engine, the diesel engine and the airplane were all German inventions? By countless pseudo-legal frauds, the rightful German inventors were never able to gain patent protection in the US. Today, China is doing nothing worse than what America did throughout the last century and a half.

The Nazis and Hitler put the World into Space

The V-2 rocket engine is the greatest invention since the wheel. It allowed man to “walk in space.” The German V-2 liquid-fueled rocket engine from WW2 is the basis of nearly everything the world has learned about the universe through space exploration since the war. The Hubble telescope, for example, would have been impossible without Nazi technology. No one other than the Germans was even remotely close to developing that technology. By contrast, ROBERT H. GODDARD's work in America in the 1930's was an endless series of failures with some modest succeses such as his achievement in 1937 of a 9,000 feet high missile flight. That could be matched already in WW1 with countless ground artillery shells. He had no idea as to the magnitude of the technical problems just as the US Navy had no idea when it tried to impress the world with the Vanguard rocket in 1957. The launch attempt was a fiasco.

It was WERNHER VON BRAUN and his German experts who put America into space after Sputnik. But the real basis of everything that happened in space, from Russia and the US, was the WW2, liquid-fueled rocket engine technology developed by Nazi engineers like WERNHER VON BRAUN, charismatic and brilliant, and ARTHUR RUDOLPH, and many thousands of other German engineers, scientists, and technicians. Their fantastic achievement was the product of decades of German Faustian idealism as well as the necessities of German defense and survival in WW2.

But HITLER's and HIMMLER's approval of the V-2 development should be appreciated as well.  The liquid-fueled rocket was NOT the result of a few lone geniuses working in makeshift facilities in the New Mexico desert, or on Peenemünde.  It was the result of a national committment with vast resources and support from the highest levels—and that included ADOLF HITLERHITLER could have cancelled such development, for many good reasons, for far more modest technical programs. For that technology alone, Nazi Germany and HITLER deserve the eternal respect, admiration and gratitude of the entire world.

No doubt, if WERNHER VON BRAUN had been given the recognition he deserved after 1970 for his epic achievements, we would be far closer to landing humans on Mars today; we would probably be there already with a thriving research colony! Instead, America has let itself be driven by pathological Jews like Congresswoman ELIZABETH HOLTZMANN (from Brooklyn, of course) to actually expel ARTHUR RUDOLPH (SA and NS party member) from America.

RUDOLPH had been the chief engineer for the production and design of the enormous Saturn 5 rocket which was the largest rocket the US has ever built, 363-feet high, which made all the manned lunar missions possible. Thirteen Saturn 5's were launched successfully; none failed. For that truly fantastic achievement RUDOLPH received the Congressional Medal of Honor for extraordinary services but had to give the medal back after mad-dog Jews went after him. NEAL M. SHER from the OSI branch of the Justice Department forced RUDOLPH to leave the U.S. If VON BRAUN (SS officer and NS party member) had not died as early as he did in 1977, he would have been expelled as well. HOLTZMANN and SHER and many other Jews just like them should be expelled instead. What have they ever contributed? For America's political leaders, however, nothing is more important than those Jewish votes. The Jews must be appeased! Honor, American lives, gratitude, loyalty, the attack on the USS Liberty — all mean nothing if the Jews are unhappy.

See also Operation Paperclip (video).

Shame on America!

America is a kind of luxury, insane asylum for serial mass murderers.  The deranged patients are reassured from morning until late at night that they are the “best” and “greatest”– and living in the most perfectly wonderful society that has ever existed.  They firmly believe they were the “good guys“ (even “the greatest generation” – TOM BROKAW) in World War 2. Even if the holocaust hoax were true, the actual atrocities (including the deliberate and repeated mass incinerations of totally innocent civilians with napalm) committed by the US during WW2, and in Korea, and Vietnam were far worse. If the numbers of innocent people murdered by the Anglo-American terror bombings do not rise to six million, it was NOT for lack of trying. Just what do such cowardly, depraved monsters think they have to be proud of? They live in a world of Hollywood fantasies where whatever bad things may have occurred along the way were morally necessary to achieve “peace and democracy.” They actually believe that!

America is a mentally-deranged nation, a paranoid nation.with NO comprehension of world affairs, or history, or cultures—not even its own. Of all the nations on the planet, America has had the least reason to be frightened by events in Europe or elsewhere since it has vast security moats on its west and east and passive neighbors north and south, And yet, it has foolishly meddled again and again into foreign affairs which are of no real interest or importance to the vast majority of its people—unless they can be driven by fantasies of imminent doom and horror.

WW1 and WW2 were wars of aggression against Germany. Although Germany may have technically started WW2, the stage was carefully set by the jealousy of the British and French and even America. It was Hitler who had succeeded in countering the world depression with an economic miracle which has been unmatched in all of human history. The Czechs and Slovaks knew that, as anyone with half a brain in central Europe also knew, and that was why they acquiesced—no shots were fired—when Hitler incorporated those peoples as protectorates into the Reich. But, for the mad-dog anti-Nazis, especially the Jews, the establishment of the protectorate was just one more rallying excuse for another war on Germany.

The Jews and America are a perfect combination. On the one hand, the Jews are possessed by a megalomaniacal vision, given to them by their monster God, to rule the world and fulfill his racist promises to them. On the other hand, the American people are easily the most depraved and stupid creatures anywhere on the planet who will eagerly commit mass murder of millions of others whenever their “freedom” to behave like pigs seems the least bit threatened. The success of the new film “Inglorious Basterds” shows just how thoroughly depraved the American public really is. It also shows just how determined the Jews are to continue their war of extermination against Germany.

Can such monsters possibly understand the well-deserved “meltdown” happening around them today? Of course, not! Can they ever grasp how they are enslaved by Israel and the Jews? No! It was all OK for such a long, long time. America had even persuaded a gullible world to support the American delusion; America had conned most of the world to send America its money long after WW2 and, in effect, kept the biggest Ponzi racket of all time going until very recently.  By contrast, BERNIE MADOFF is merely a small-time, grubby Jewish crook who competed to be just like the really big Jews at Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, the Federal Reserve and elsewhere. They are running the country into the ground and getting even richer in the process. American industry has been eviscerated so that American corporations could seem productive based on manufacturing overseas. “Why get your hands dirty when you can simply skim off the profits from the labor of foreigners?” America has embraced the tradional model of Jewish success; just count the money and take a big cut.

Doctor Jose Mengele

No one has been more reviled that Dr. Josef Mengele for the monstrous experiments he supposedly performed at Auschwitz-Birkenau, especially on Jews. The simple fact which I challenge anyone to contest is that there is not a shred of documentary evidence that he ever did anything atrocious. Where are the records of those “fiendish” experiments or procedures? There are none. The “overwhelming evidence” consists e-n-t-i-r-e-l-y of testimony of almost obvious liars such as Eva Kor and Irene Zisblatt. Mengele was a perfectly decent, even heroic doctor whose major shoirtcoming was his choice of a family name. The name “Mengele” already suggests to the brain-dead masses that he must have been evil. He was rather handsome, well mannered, and charming but married and faithful which suggests that his accusers, all of whom seem to be Jewish women, were driven by frustrated sexual ambitions more than anything else just as Abigail Williams was in the “The Crucible.” John Proctor, the hero of that excellent play by Arthur Miller about the madness of the Salem witch trials, was a fictional version of Josef Mengele except that Mengele escaped the hangmen. Mengele epitomized the problem all doctors face the world over from the beginnings of history:—their efforts to help people are sometimes grossly condemned even when they save people's lives. One proof of this simple fact are the almost staggering medical insurance fees docotrs must pay just to stay in business in the USA. The blood samples Mengele probably did take from inmates would have been standard, accepted medical procedures to test for such things as the Felix-Weil reaction to determine if a person had typhus versus typhoid fever. No doubt for this author at least, Mengele kept countless Jews alive as he himself insisted to a friend—and murdered no one. He himself received the Iron Cross first and second class for bravery on the Russian front where he was also wounded. He contracted typhus while at Auschwitz as his personal military file shows. He was a tragic hero who luckily escaped the lynch mobs and eventually died a peaceful death swimming in the ocean in Brazil. In a sense, he had the last laugh.

Surely, Mengele must have kept some notes and even notebooks to record data from his "experiments" but NOT one shred of such notes has ever been shown. I suspect Mengele did examine twins which is rather common to try to find features that are genetic in origin rather than developmental-- but this did not involve much more than visual inspections and possibly blood samples. No doubt, there are many records at Auschwitz and perhaps Moscow of things Mengele really did do at Auschwitz—but they will not serve the hoax and must, therefore, remain hidden indefinitely.

The published essay I have from Mengele is entitled "Sippenuntersuchungen bei Lippen-Kiefer-Gaumenspalte" in Zeitschrift fuer Menschliche Vererbungs und Konstitutionslehre 1939, Volume 23, Heft 1, pages 17-42. The essay attempts to determine the genetic significance of the separation in the lips and gums of some people, the “clefts,” even on the personality. Mengele was only one of a number of researchers who found this subject of great interest even in that same journal. From pictures of Mengele, it is obvious that he had a similar separation or cleft himself although certainly not as horrific as in some of the subjects shown in the photographs he included in his own essay on page 24. No doubt, he must have been somewhat self-conscious about this personal feature and wore a wide moustache to hide it at least in his later years. Except for that feature, he was an extremely handsome man.

Mengele was a perfectly decent, even "heroic" doctor whose major shortcoming was his choice of a family name. The name “Mengele” already suggests to the brain-dead masses that he must have been evil. He was by many accounts, even from Jews, rather handsome, well mannered, charming--but married and faithful—which suggests to me that his accusers, all of whom seem to have been young Jewish women—were driven by frustrated sexual ambitions more than anything else just as Abigail Williams was in the award-winning play “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller. John Proctor, the hero of Miller's play about the madness of the Salem witch trials had much in common with Mengele. Both had their lives ruined by a web of outrageous lies and prejudice and pettiness. The play and movie were, no doubt, a response to Joe McCarthy and the anti-communist fears of the 1950's (which were entirely justified, btw). But no one was hung because of those fears. Many totally innocent people such as Dr. Fritz Klein and Josef Kramer were hung, however, because of the anti-Nazi madness which still continues. The excellent 1996 film version of "The Crucible" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MGGhmG3-WQ&feature=related starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Winona Ryder reveals what is really behind the Mengele mythology. The real John Proctor was Josef Mengele except that Mengele escaped the hangmen.

The blood samples Mengele probably did take from inmates would have been standard, accepted procedures to test for such things as the Felix-Weil reaction to determine if a person had typhus rather than typhoid fever. Mengele kept countless Jews alive as he himself insisted to a friend—and murdered or abused no one. He himself received the Iron Cross first and second class for bravery on the Russian front where he was also wounded. He contracted typhus while at Auschwitz as his personal military file shows. He was a tragic hero who luckily escaped the lynch mobs and eventually died a peaceful death swimming in the ocean in Brazil. In a sense, Josef Mengele really had the last laugh!


Bernard MADOFF’s mistake was that he robbed many prominent Jews. If MADOFF had merely been robbing goyim, he would shine on his own TV show just like JIM CRAMER or LARRY KUDLOW, and be getting taxpayer “bailout money” like the parasites at Goldman Sachs, AIG and Citigroup. Shame on America! Click to enlarge the image to the right. Does anyone NOT see the resemblance to LLOYD BLANKFEIN from Goldman-Sachs? The satiric image is from Julius Streicher's infamous, anti-Semitic book The Poison Mushroom.. The word “Börse” means: stock exchange. “Geld” is money. If BLANKFEIN put his money into a sack, it would be vastly bigger than the sack in this cartoon. Julius Streicher was convicted as a war criminal at Nuremberg even though he never held a German government position—but, he did mock the Jews and, therefore, had to be hung.

In one of my opening paragraphs above I wrote: “Holocaust-belief is a form of collective insanity driven by the ravings of unhappy Jews." In a world where the vast majority of people are non-Jews or goyim, any group of people who are as fundamentally racist as the Jews are will always be extremely unhappy and frustrated—and extremely dangerous.

In Defense of Adolf Hitler (video)

Tears in Heaven – A Tribute to Adolf Hitler (video)

The monumental blindness and stupidity, unmatched barbarism and sadism of America and Britain nearly brought a new Dark Age upon a world dominated, not by them, but by the Soviet Union and communism, Although the Nazis and fascists lost the war--their heroic struggle with hardly any resources against overwhelming odds allowed civilization to survive. After 1945, it was the atomic bomb, beyond everything else, which allowed the west to survive---but before that, it was ADOLF HITLER who saved us.

NEW The other Face of Adolf Hitler (video) NEW

According to Sir Arthur Bryant the British historian Unfinished Victory (1940) pp. 136-144:

“It was the Jews with their international affiliations and their hereditary flair for finance who were best able to seize such opportunities. They did so with such effect that, even in November 1938, after five years of anti-Semitic legislation and persecution, they still owned, according to the Times correspondent in Berlin, something like a third of the real property in the Reich. Most of it came into their hands during the inflation. But to those who had lost their all this bewildering transfer seemed a monstrous injustice. After prolonged sufferings they had now been deprived of their last possessions. They saw them pass into the hands of strangers, many of whom had not shared their sacrifices and who cared little or nothing for their national standards and traditions. The Jews obtained a wonderful ascendancy in politics, business and the learned professions (in spite of constituting) less than one percent of the population. The banks, including the Reichsbank and the big private banks, were practically controlled by them. So were the publishing trade, the cinema, the theatres and a large part of the press all the normal means, in fact, by which public opinion in a civilized country is formed. The largest newspaper combine in the country with a daily circulation of four millions was a Jewish monopoly. Every year it became harder and harder for a gentile to gain or keep a foothold in any privileged occupation. At this time it was not the 'Aryans' who exercised racial discrimination. It was a discrimination that operated without violence. It was exercised by a minority against a majority. There was no persecution, only elimination. It was the contrast between the wealth enjoyed and lavishly displayed by aliens of cosmopolitan tastes, and the poverty and misery of native Germans, that has made anti-Semitism so dangerous and ugly a force in the new Europe. Beggars on horseback are seldom popular, least of all with those whom they have just thrown out of the saddle.”

Friedrich Paul Berg

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Article 19 of the UN Human Rights Charter explicitly states:
“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media
and regardless of frontiers.”

Countries in Flagrant Violation of Article 19


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CO discoloring

The above image is from the Textbook of Maritime Medicine . Fig. 10.9.2: Bright red lividity on the dorsal side of the body as the expression of lethal carbon

The following text from Adolf Hitler appears in a German school textbook entitled Die verlorene Insel: Das Gesicht des heutigen Englands. (The Lost Island: The face of today's England) editor unknown, published by Volk und Reich Verlag sometime after December 1940. Hitler's criticism of "democracy" is so timely because of the ongoing world-wide protests today against Wall Street and the powerful 1% over the 99% who are being impoverished and ruined--not even their homes are safe or secure. For those who still cannot read German, learn German or be patient.


„ . . . In dieser englisch-französischen Welt da existiert die sogenannte Demokratie. . . . Es heisst, dass das die Herrschaft des Volkes sei. Nun muss das Volk ja doch irgendeine Möglichkeit besitzen, seinen Gedanken oder seinen Wünschen Ausdruck zu geben. Wenn man sich nun näher dieses Problem ansieht, dann kann man feststellen, dass das Volk an sich primär dort gar keine Überzeugung hat, sondern die Uberzeugung selbstverständlich — wie übrigens überall — vorgesetzt erhält. Und das Entscheidende ist nun: Wer setzt diese Überzeugung eines Volkes fest? Wer klärt ein Volk auf, wer bildet ein Volk? In diesen Ländern regiert tatsächlich das Kapital, d.h. es ist eine Schar von einigen hundert Menschen letzten Endes, die im Besitz unermesslicher Vermögen sind und die infolge der eigenartigen Konstruktion des Staatslebens dort mehr oder weniger unabhängig und frei sind. Denn es heisst: ,Wir haben hier Freiheit', und sie meinen damit vor allem freie Wirtschaft, und unter freier Wirtschaft verstehen sie die Freiheit, Kapital nicht nur zu erwerben, sondern vor allem Kapital wieder frei zu verwenden, frei zu sein von jeder staatlichen, d.h. volklichen Aufsicht. Das ist in Wirklichkeit der Begriff ihrer Freiheit . . ."

,,... Nun müsste man doch meinen, dass vor allem in diesen Ländern der Freiheit und des Reichtums ein unerhörtes Wohlleben für das Volk bestehen müsste. Es ist aber umgekehrt. In diesen Ländern ist die Not der breiten Massen grösser als irgendwo anders. Da ist dieses reiche England: 40 Millionen Quadratkilometer werden von ihm kontrolliert, 100 Millionen kolonialer Arbeiter mit einem erbärmlichen Lebensstandard in Indien z.B. müssen dafür tätig sein. Man müsste nun meinen, in diesem England selbst da muss dann wenigstens doch jeder einzelne Teilhaber an diesem Reichtum sein. Im Gegenteil: in diesen Ländern ist der Klassenunterschied der krasseste, den man sich denken kann. Armut, unvorstellbare Armut auf der einen Seite und auf der anderen Seite ebenso unvorstellbarer Reichtum. Sie haben nicht ein Problem gelöst! Das sind Länder, die über die Schätze der Erde verfügen und ihre Arbeiter die hausen in erbärmlichen Löchern, Länder, die über die Bodenschätze der Welt verfügen und die breite Masse ist miserabel gekleidet; Länder, die mehr als genügend an Brot und an alien sonstigen Früchten haben könnten, und Millionen ihrer unteren Schichten haben nicht genug, um sich nur den Magen einmal voll zu füllen, laufen verhungert herum. Leute, die auf der einen Seite es fertigbringen könnten, eine Welt mit Arbeit zu versehen, müssen es erleben, dass sie nicht einmal mit der Erwerbslosigkeit in ihrem eigenen Lande aufräumen können!..."

„... Aber es ist auch verständlich: in diesen Ländern der sogenannten Demokratie wird ja überhaupt gar nicht das Volk in den Mittelpunkt der Betrachtung gerückt. Was entscheidend ist, ist ausschliesslich die Existenz dieser paar Macher der Demokratie, d.h. also die Existenz dieser paar hundert gigan¬tischen Kapitalisten, die im Besitz ihrer Werte und ihrer ganzen Aktien sind und die letzten Endes damit diese Völker ausschliesslich dirigieren. Die breite Masse interessiert sie nicht im geringsten. Die interessiert sie genau wie früher unsere bürgerlichen Parteien nur in der Wahlzeit. Dann brauchen sie. Stimmen. Sonst ist ihnen das Leben der breiten Masse vollkommen gleichgültig ..."

Der Führer in seiner Rede an die deutschen Rüstungsarbeiter am 10. Dezember 1940, nach dem Bericht des „Volkischen Beobachters"

Englands Aufstieg zur Weltmacht begann, als das Reich im Herzen Europas zerfiel und der Kontinent Jahrhunderte hindurch in blutigen Kriegen zerrissen wurde. Während England mit Hilfe seiner Flotte Länder jenseits der Weltmeere auf alien Kontinenten eroberte und Länder mit unerschöpflichen Rohstoffen und Stützpunkte zum britischen Weltreich vereinigte, schürte das Inselreich Hass und Feindschaft zwischen den Völkern und Staaten Europas, spielte ein Volk gegen das andere aus, um sich um so Ieichter die Vormachtstellung im europäischen Kräftespiel sichern zu können. England hat dabei nie das eigene Leben aufs Spiel gesetzt. Es hat die von ihm heraufbeschworenen Kriege immer durch fremde Völker führen lassen. Während die Völker für britische Interessen verbluteten, erschlich sich die englische Führung ungeheuren Reichtum und baute eine Machtstellung aus, mit deren zweckbewusster Anwendung einem grossen Teil Europas auch das korrupte englische Geistesgut aufgezwungen wurde. Die bequeme Führerstellung des englischen Adels, der mit Handel und Börse, Unternehmertum und Spekulanten auf das engste verwandt und verfilzt war, wurde auch dem eigenen englischen Volk gegenüber zu einem hartnäckig verteidigten Lebensanspruch. In dem kapitalistischen Zeitalter, das die herrschende britische Plutokratenschicht heraufführte, verkümmerte und verrottete der Sinn dafür, dass die Macht eines Weltreichs nur Bann auf die Dauer gehalten werden kann, wenn sie von der Kraft eines jungen, von gemeinsamen Idealen befülgelten Volkes genährt wird. Auf der britischen Insel, aus deren Geborgenheit heraus die herrschende Gesellschaftsschicht das grosse Wirtschaftsunternehmen des Weltreiches lenkte und regierte, verfiel zur gleichen Zeit die Fruchtbarkeit des breiten Landes, starb das Bauerntum mehr und mehr aus, bildete sich in den grossen Städten ein Proletariat, das kümmerlicher dahinvegetierte als in alien anderen Ländern des europäischen Festlandes.

Als in der zweiten Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts neben England neue Weltmächte heranwuchsen und damit die Alleinherrschaft des britischen Weltreiches in Frage gestellt wurde, verlor die britische Führung bald die Sicherheit des Instinktes, mit dem frühere Generationen das Weltreich aufgebaut hatten. Sie kannte nur noch das eine Ziel, mit allen Mitteln, und sei es auch mit den blutigsten und weltumspannendsten Kriegen, die jemals über die Erde dahingegangen waren, ihre Besitzungen und Stützpunkte und damit ihren Reichtum zu erhalten und zu sichern. Sie gefiel sich in der Rolle des Besitzenden, dessen einziges Ideal der Besitz selbst geworden ist, und sie vergass darüber das eigene Volk und die Völker der Erde, die auf die Dauer nicht gewillt waren, diesem Anspruch ihr Lebensrecht zu opfern.

Die englische Plutokratie hat die Zeichen der Zeit nicht verstanden. Sie will auch heute noch nicht sehen, dass die jungen Völker die Bannerträger der sozialen Zukunft der Menschheit sind. Durch einen neuen Krieg versuchte England, die Verwirklichung der Lebensrechte des deutschen wie des italienischen Volkes zu verhindern, zweier Völker, die nun ihren Existenzkampf mit der Kraft und der Zuversicht des Sieges führen. Die Heere der Achse haben England auf dem Kontinent in gewaltigen Schlachten geschlagen und vom Nordkap bis zur Biscaya eine einzige Front gegen die britische Insel aufgerichtet. In ihrem Schutz reift das neue Europa heran, wächst das Gefühl der Gemeinschaft der europäischen Völker, deren sozialer Gedanke sich deutlich abhebt gegenüber dem Herrschaftsanspruch der britischen Oberschicht. Noch ist der Kampf im vollen Gange, Schlag auf Schlag trifft die britische Insel zu Wasser und aus der Luft. Auf den Schlachtfeldern des Ostens verliert England auch seinen letzten Festlandsdegen. Die deutsche Wehrmacht vernichtet in einem gigantischen Ringen den bolschewistischen Weltfeind, wahrend sich die Herrschaftsschicht des wankenden britischen Weltreiches mit ihm verbündet und verbrüdert und damit ihr wahres Gesicht enthüllt. Unter den militärischen Schlägen im Osten und auf dem Atlantik zerbricht eine morsche, verlogene Welt. England ist eine verlorene Insel. Erschauernd ahnt das verblendete, von seinen Machthabern verführte Volk, dass sich sein Schicksal erfüllt. Wahrend die britische Macht dahinsinkt, erhellt das erste Wetterleuchten eines neuen Jahrtausends europäischer Geschichte den Kontinent.

Die Insel England ist ein von Natur begünstigtes Land. Durch seine Lage am Rande der europäischen Welt und an den Toren zum Atlantischen Weltmeer hat es Jahrhunderte lang eine beherrschende Mittlerrolle gespielt. Die Küsten der Insel sind reich gegliedert und boten Gelegenheit zur Errichtung vortrefflicher Häfen. So wurden die Engländer ein seefahrendes Volk, das aus allen Erdteilen, aus seinen endlosen Besitzungen in Übersee, grosse Schätze heimbrachte und in seiner Inselheimat einen Reichtum hoher alter Kultur in stolzen Städten, herrlichen Bauten, aber auch im Denken und Dichten schuf und erwarb. Handel und Industrie standen bis zum heutigen Tage in Blüte, und in vielen Zweigen der modernen Industrie hatten die Engländer lange Zeit eine fürende Stellung.

Und doch ist England ein armes Land! Was nützt dem englischen Volk alter Reichtum, alle Schönheit des Landes, alles Erbe alter Kultur, wenn es in seiner Gesamtheit keinen Anteil daran hat, wenn es geführt und beherrscht wird von einer kleinen Schicht von Menschen, die nur einseitig ihren eigenen unermesslichen Reichtum, ihre Macht und ihr Wohlleben im Auge haben. Ihr hartherziger, egoistischer Herrschaftsanspruch bestimmt das Bild des englischen Landes und Lebens. Es ist das Bild einer versinkenden Welt — der verlorenen Insel.

Die Insel vor Europa



„. . . In unseren Augen ist das Gold überhaupt kein Wertfaktor, sondern nur ein Faktor zur Unterdrückung und Beherrschung der Völker. Ich habe, als ich zur Macht kam, nur eine einzige Hoffnung besessen, auf die ich baute: Das war die Tüchtigkeit, die Fähigkeit des deutschen Volkes und des deutschen Arbeiters, die Intelligenz unserer Erfinder, unserer Ingenieure, unserer Techniker und Chemiker und so weiter. Auf die Kraft, die in unserer Wirtschaft lebt, habe ich gebaut. Ich stand vor der einfachen Frage, sollen wir denn zugrunde gehen, weil wir kein Gold haben, soil ich mich an einen Wahn hängen, der uns vernichtet? Ich habe die andere Auffassung vertreten. Wenn wir schon kein Gold haben, dann haben wir die Arbeitskraft. Und die deutsche Arbeitskraft, das ist unser Gold und unser Kapital, und mit diesem Gold schlage ich jede andere Macht der Welt . . .“

„ . . . Uns schwebt ein Staat vor, in dem in Zukunft jede Stelle vom fähigsten Sohn unseres Volkes besetzt sein soli, ganz gleichgültig, wo er herkommt. Ein Staat, in dem die Geburt gar nichts ist und Leistung und Konnen alles! Das ist unser Ideal, für das wir nun arbeiten und für das wir uns mit unserem ganzen Fanatismus einsetzen, es ist für uns, ich darf sagen, dies die schönste Glückseligkeit. Das ist die grösste Freude auf dieser Welt, die uns gegeben werden könnte . . .“

„ . . . Ich habe den Ehrgeiz, das deutsche Volk reich, das deutsche Land schön zu machen. Ich möchte, dass der Lebensstandard des Einzelnen gehoben wird. Ich möchte, dass wir die schönste und beste Kultur bekommen. Ich möchte, dass das Theater für das ganze Volk und nicht nur fur die oberen Zehntausend, wie in England, da ist und überhaupt die ganze deutsche Kultur dem Volke zugute kommt ...“

„. . .Wenn dieser Krieg abgeschlossen sein wird, dann soll in Deutschland ein grosses Schaffen beginnen, dann wird ein grosses ,Wacht auf!' durch die deutschen Lande ertönen. Dann wird das deutsche Volk die Fabrikation der Kanonen einstellen und wird dann beginnen mit den Werken des Friedens und der neuen Aufbauarbeit für die Millionenmassen! Dann werden wir erst der Welt zeigen, was in Wirklichkeit der Herr ist und wer der Herr ist: Kapital oder Arbeit! Und dann wird aus dieser Arbeit jenes grosse deutsche Reich erstehen, von dem einst ein grosser Dichter träumte. Es wird das Deutschland sein, dem jeder Sohn mit fanatischer Liebe anhängt, well es auch fur den Ärmsten die Heimat sein wird . . .“

Der Führer in seiner Rede an die deutschen Rüstungsarbeiter am 10. Dezember 1940, nach dem Bericht des „Völkischen Beobachters”


Dear Mr. Hitchens,    feedback@dailymail.co.uk                    

I am referring to your column “The heroes of Bomber Command deserve their memorial... unlike the butcher who led them”, which was published in The Daily Mail Online on June 30th , 2012 and updated on July 1st , 2012 and which I received today,  July 6th , 2012.

To me as a German who survived the treatment meted out by Bomber Command, it is indeed interesting to read what you, a Briton, have to say about these dreadful years although you did not live during the time of the nightly terror attacks on German cities. 

However, I am surprised about your rather polite interpretation of the events that led to the Second World War and especially to the fight between the British and the Germans. Other Britons are not so civil when, as you write, “the football crowds who crudely chant Bomber Harris’ name to tease modern Germans”. Ah, yes, “Sir Harris” the knighted war criminal, also known as “Butcher Harris”: 

“No doubt he had been brave in his time...”. Brave? Already in the early 20th century he established his reputation of a ruthless terrorist during the Iraqi uprisings against British rule. At that time he was the commander of the 45th squadron of the Royal Air Force in Iraq. Together with Winston Churchill, who was Minister of War in 1919, he expressed the idea of forcing the rebellious Iraqis to surrender to the Empire’s wishes by attacking them with bombs and gas! Churchill himself wrote: “I do not understand the opposition against the use of gas. I am very much in favour of employing poison gas against uncivilized tribes.” And: “It is not necessary for the gas to be deadly but it must cause great pain and spread extensive terror.” After a bombing raid in 1924, Harris noted: “Arabs and Kurds have begun to believe that if they could tolerate a bit of noise, they could also bear being bombarded and still be able to negotiate. They now know what real bombardment means in terms of losses and devastation. They now know that within 45 minutes a whole village can be eliminated and a third of its inhabitants killed or maimed by four or five airplanes which don’t present a real target to shoot at and which don’t give them a chance to fight like brave warriors or take flight.” Later, after realizing that the inhabitants often were running away when a British plane approached, they used time fuse bombs which killed the fugitives after their return to their houses. This is also what Sir Harris, the nobleman, and his criminal air crews did to German civilians!

Now, Mr. Hitchens, please tell me where was the bravery in Butcher Harris’ and Winston Churchill’s long and honourable military careers? There, in Iraq, they tested what they perfected in WW II on a much grander scale.

“To this day, few British people know what we actually did to Germany. We know of and are rightly angered by the Luftwaffe attack on Coventry and by the London Blitz.” 

Well, here are some more facts that are kept from you, and maybe after checking them out, you could extend your anger against Bomber Command and its criminal bosses:

September 5, 1939 the British attacked Altendeich near Wilhelmshaven with one bomb;

September 29, 1939 they attacked Vechta with one bomb;

December 3, 1939 they attacked the coast of Helgoland with 21 bombs;

December 12, 1939 they attacked Borkum with five bombs;

December 14, 1939 they attacked Sylt with five bombs;

December 18, 1939 they attacked Borkum with seven bombs, Juist five bombs and Amrum five bombs;

December 20, 1939 they attacked Hörnum near Sylt with 3bombs;

December 21, 1939 they attacked Rantum near Sylt with four bombs.

And this was only the beginning. I could go on and on. In order to not to stress your attention too much, I now will quote your own Undersecretary of State, Spaight, the foremost authority on  the law of air warfare, who wrote in his book  Bombing  Vindicated, published  in London in 1944: 

“We  began bombing  targets in Germany before  the  Germans  did  so in England. That is a historical fact that has also been publicly admitted. We sacrificed  London, because the  retribution was certain. It is not absolutely positive, but nevertheless very likely, that the  Germans  would  not  have  attacked  London and the industrial  area. Germany sought a moratorium in the bombing war whenever there seemed to be the slightest chance of  such.”   

And another British historian in Oxford, A.J.P. Taylor, wrote this:

“The British initiative (for the air war) is perfectly clear. The German bombing of Warsaw and Rotterdam was part of a military campaign, an expansion of a previous shelling of defended cities. The Blitz (the German air raids on London) began only after the British had already bombed German cities for five months.”

And to round this up, read what another British nobleman had to say:

Sir Hartley Shawcross, chief British prosecutor at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials, remarked recently on a British TV program, that at the time of the trials, he found himself wishing that the "great Allied war criminals" be put on trial. Sir Hartley has also been quoted as saying that neither Adolf Hitler nor the German people ever planned or wished for World War 2". 

Source: “Spotlight”, February 17, 1997, p. 13.

And he also said this:

“Step by step, I have arrived at the conviction that the aims of communism in Europe are sinister and fatal. At the Nuremberg Trials, I, together with my Russian colleague, condemned Nazi aggression and terror. I believe now that Hitler and the German people did not want war. But we declared war on Germany, intent on destroying it in accordance with our principle of balance of power, and we were encouraged by the ‘Americans’ around Roosevelt. We ignored Hitler’s plea not to enter into war. Now we are forced to realize that Hitler was right. He offered us the co-operation of Germany; instead, since 1945, we have been facing the immense power of the Soviet Empire. I feel ashamed and humiliated to see that the aims we accused Hitler of, are being relentlessly pursued now, only under a different label.”

Source: The British Attorney General Sir Hartley Shawcross in a speech at Stourbridge in March 16, 1984 (AP).

So, there is no reason for you and the British people to be angry at the Germans for bombing Coventry on November 15, 1940 and the “Blitz” because “you asked for it”. The attacks on defenceless German civilians and cities were planned and executed by the British. 2,050,000 German civilians died in those terror attacks according to the Zurich paper Die Tat. 

This is what your “very best, brightest and bravest young  men in Britain, the Commonwealth and the Allied countries” accomplished. Look around you, Mr. Hitchens, and you will see a world that was made possible by your “very best, brightest and bravest young men in Britain, the Commonwealth and the Allied countries. This is the England  they “fought” for. And for what? No German ever threatened you. But you, their descendants, now have to live in it with its glory of boundless crime, brought in from your former colonies, unemployment and the real Britons marginalized and afraid to go out at night. As you said: “they asked for it”. Not the Germans, no, not the Germans! “They devastated the following German cities, ”... not just [in] Hamburg and Dresden but [in] dozens of lesser cities.”  Here are a few of the “dozens of lesser cities”:

Berlin, Hamburg, Dortmund, Essen, Dresden, Frankfurt/Main, Nuremberg, Düsseldorf, Hannover, Bremen, Wuppertal, Vienna, Duisburg, Munich, Magdeburg, Leipzig, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Kiel, Gelsenkirchen, Bochum, Aachen, Würzburg, Darmstadt, Krefeld, Münster, Mönchen Gladbach, Braunschweig, Ludwigshafen, Remscheid, Pforzheim, Osnabrück, Mainz, Bielefeld, Gießen, Düren, Solingen, Wilhelmshaven, Karlsruhe, Oberhausen, Heilbronn, Augsburg, Hamm, Knittelfeld, Lüneburg, Cuxhaven, Kulmbach, Hagen, Saarbrücken, Freiburg, Graz, Koblenz, Ulm, Bonn, Bremerhaven, Wanne-Eickel, Worms, Lübeck, Schweinfurt, Kleve, Wiener Neustadt, Wiesbaden, Paderborn, Bocholt, Hanau, Hildesheim, Emden, Siegen, Pirmasens, Halle, Bayreuth, Kreuznach, Witten, Aschaffenburg, Kaiserslautern, Gladbeck, Dorsten, Insbruck, Neumünster, Linz, Klagenfurt, Reutlingen, Recklingshausen, Reuel, Regensburg, Homburg, Elmshorn, Wetzlar, Villach, Hameln, Königsberg, Moers, Passau, Solbad Hall I.T, Coburg, Attnang-Puchheim, Friedrichshafen, Frankfurt/Oder, Danzig, Bozen, Chemnitz, Rostock,  Schwerte, Plauen, Bad Kreuznach, etc., etc.

“I don’t call this a ‘war crime’ because the phrase is more  or less meaningless. As those who have actually fought in wars know, all war is crime, mixed with hell. The question is whether it can possibly be justified. Nor do I (as some liars will immediately claim) in any way compare it with the crimes of the Germans against the Jews. The two are not remotely equivalent and anyone who says so is a fool and a scoundrel.”

This is typical English pious platitude. A war crime is a war crime no matter who committed it, even if they were English bomber pilots and their masters Harris and Churchill. There is no question about it. Only the vanquished were brought to “justice” by the glorious and ever so guiltless victors. And, of course, you have to mention the so-called Holocaust. It sounds like you have to please some authorities that have impaled your  rational thinking and made you aware that your career depends on you behaving like a docile pupil. I think it is impossible for an Englishman to grasp the possibility that there was no Holocaust at all. That is the power of propaganda and you fell for it like untold millions of others. It is a pity that you as a journalist, having enjoyed an investigative training, are still incapable of seeing through a monstrous lie.

“The [their] death rate was an appalling 44 per cent – 55,573 of them gone for ever, and our ill-led, sloppy and declining country has felt their loss every day since. Heaven knows it is time their sacrifice, and the equal bravery of those who survived, was marked. A medal would be nice, too.”

For every Allied airman killed, there were 37 Germans murdered by them. Now, who has more reason to be angry? There were also Canadian bomber pilots over German cities trying their best to kill Germans. Recently, one of them boasted publicly that he killed 50,000 Germans and that he is proud of it. And there is this English nobleman, John T. Saxon, Esq., of  Lake Worth, Fla. who in his letter to the Barnes Review (May 1997, p. 31) proudly announced this: 

“... as the captain of a Lancaster heavy bomber, having witnessed the destruction of English cities, I was delighted to partake in 91 bombing missions, including the fire bombing of both Hamburg and Dresden, and I would happily go back and do the same all over again. ... Speaking of myself, and many other crews, we were delighted when the met (meteorology) boys forecast strong winds, in any direction over a major German city, and immediately changed our bomb load to one Tall Boy (a 10-ton bomb of high explosives plus two tons of small incendiary bombs, dropped at the same time.) The catastrophic results were almost guaranteed; ask the citizens of Hamburg, of whom over 2 million trudged out of the city over a period of months to get away from the firestorms. We saw them from the air, endless miles of people running away from the firestorm, and we had no sympathy for them then, or now. They started it, and we replied in kind, with far greater bombs, and better fire ignitions. I visited both Hamburg, Wilhelmshaven, Dresden, Essen and other cities we paid a visit to, after the war, and saw the destruction which the firestorms inflicted upon the German population, and I lost no sleep over it at all. ... The Germans asked for it, and we gave it o them, good and strong. In war, to achieve victory, you must be ruthless, or you will end up speaking German for a long time.”

Now, Mr. Hitchens, these were your “... bomber boys [who] did what they believed was their duty and asked few questions.”  Yes, they delighted in what they were doing, the “brightest and bravest young men in Britain”. Today, Canadian veterans of Bomber Command get riled up when it is suggested that their activities were war crimes. They need not fear; it never ever happened that an Allied war criminal was brought to justice and it will never happen. That is reserved for Germans only. And “lesser” people like Irakis, Afghans, Libyans and more.

You do not have to believe what I just wrote but you owe it to yourself to prove me wrong. Can you do it? I do not think so.


Walter Ruthard

Some Reasons to Believe the Holocaust HOAX

The best reason to believe the HOAX is that it is the safe and easy thing to do—for most people, no further reasons are needed. People want to believe what other people believe. Cowardice rules. The holocaust hoax also allows Americans and Brits to rationalize their own cowardly war crimes which were, and still are, far worse than anything the Nazis were even accused of committing.

People are afraid of the Jews—and rightly so! They are so frightened by the Jews that they dare not even admit they are frightened. Since the Jews destroyed Hitler and Germany, their immense power is undeniable. Jews were screaming for war against Germany already in March 1933 on the streets of New York in huge mass demonstrations. It took them six and half years to bring on the actual war—but they ultimately did succeed at an enormous cost to the entire world. But Jews benefitted enormously and even gained their own country which has been a disaster for everyone else. When one refutes their greatest hoax, one is in effect calling them “the greatest liars”—but that is what they truly are. Holocaust “scholarship” is merely the latest chapter in a long history of lying. Their religion or “tradition” is a pack of lies. Contrary to what Mitt Romney said in Israel recently, their “culture” is one of endless whining and wailing to feed their insatiable greed and hate. To those who believe my indictment of Jews as “the greatest liars” is too harsh (even anti-Semitic) I suggest that it is tame compared to the Jewish indictment of the German people as “the greatest mass murderers.”

Of course, when one speaks the truth about Jews, one risks ruin and punishment because Jews have persuaded countless goyim lackeys to obediently do their bidding regardless of how foul or criminal; to imprison “holocaust deniers,” to start and wage wars for Israel, even die for them as during the attack on the USS Liberty on June 8. 1967—and commit countless acts of mass murder as well. Half-a-million Iraqi children were murdered by sanctions the US imposed on Iraq--America's Jewish Secretary of State Madeline Albright saw nothing wrong with that. When Hitler tried to expel Jews from Germany forever, he certainly had the right idea—but, Hitler and Germany paid an enormous price. Was it worth the price? Today, America itself is paying a staggering price and going over a cliff because of the cabal on Wall Street and in Washington that effectively rules America and much of the world—in no small part because of the edge that Jews have as the world's ultimate victims. If they ”survived the holocaust,” we should help them with all the money, and sympathy, and power that we can possibly give them. That is the great moral lesson we are all supposed to learn, even as children—and never, ever criticize Israel either.

Jews should stop lying—and the rest of the world should stop believing or condoning Jewish lies. Disaster looms. The Jewish-inspired war of aggression against Iran, now in advanced planning by the US and Israel, will NOT be contained but will merely be the beginning of another world war—more horrible than anything we can imagine.

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